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  1. Final Fantasy V: The Decisive Battle (Exdeath 1)
  4. THIS track is what I would call "underappreciated". Unfortunately it hangs in the shadows of FFV's regular Boss Theme, which (IMO) is one of the weakest boss themes in the series. But THIS track is incredible on so many levels.
  6. First, the scene. Unlike almost every other FF boss past FFIII, there's some sort of human side to each of the final bosses. Kefka's crazy, but he provides early comic relief. Sephiroth was your buddy for awhile. Kuja's just an emotional mess. Golbez actually helps you in the end. But Exdeath? Exdeath is 100% pure evil. There's no room for interpretation. I think a lot of people don't like that about him, but IMO it's quite refreshing. No qualms, no exceptions, the dude wants to kill you, and you're here to stop him.
  8. So when you show up in this room to do battle with Exdeath, it's 100% business. And that's what this track screams to me. The incredible arrangement of the beating toms (the low sounding drums) while these complex and erratic themes come at you is incredible. Exdeath's theme (when you see him in cutscenes) is so perfectly referenced in this track. That crazy synth sound that shows up at 0:50 is unlike anything I've heard before, and when 1:07 kicks in with the higher synth, while Exdeath is slamming you with Gravity and slashing you for massive damage, it's so good. The layering that occurs at the end of the loop from 1:50 with the deep synth, as the toms come in again at 2:04, then the higher horn with the same theme at 2:14... I've never heard a theme so better represent the fact that you're in this weird castle, fighting the root of evil in both worlds, and you need to react and survive at all costs.
  10. This track to me is everything Clash on the Big Bridge (Gilgamesh Battle) is not. Don't get me wrong, that track is amazing as well, but it's way more lighthearted and inspiring. Decisive Battle is acrostic, angular and unsettling, in this fantastic, urgent sort of way.
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