IQ checklist (1)

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  1. IQ checklist:
  3. - range restriction
  4. - selection effects (Berkson's paradox or unrepresentative groups like Mensa)
  5. - differing levels of measurement error:
  7.     - comparing different constructs
  8.     - tests of different lengths
  9.     - sum scores vs factor scores
  10.     - subtests vs full-scale tests
  11. - claims of IQ changes due to environment or intervention:
  13.     - fadeout over time
  14.     - failure of test invariance: post-test factor analysis shows gains are subtest-specific or on factors other than claimed
  15.     - demand + motivational effects (non-blinded/passive control groups eg in dual n-back)
  16. - controlling for intermediate variables/'Everest regression': adding moderators/covariates which are correlated with IQ without acknowledging the (often dubious) causal model this corresponds to
  17. - group comparisons not adjusted for Flynn effect or Wilson effect (spurious gains/losses or differences in heritabilities)
  18. - lack of genetically-sensitive design while investigating causal questions
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