Bastion Roster

Oct 4th, 2012
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  1. [b][size=150][color=#FF0000]Total members: 24[/color][/size][/b]
  3. [b]List in no particular order[/b]
  5. [b][list]
  6. [url=]Defaulter[/url]
  7. [url=]Valor[/url]
  8. [url=]EldredChandler[/url]
  9. [url=]bcoolface[/url]
  10. [url=]TBS[/url]
  11. [url=]NAZAHA[/url]
  12. [url=]Tiki[/url]
  13. [url=]Mr Hatter[/url]
  14. [url=]FD_GOD[/url]
  15. [url=]ExiTeD[/url]
  16. [url=]GreaseMonkey[/url]
  17. [url=]Skynet[/url]
  18. [url=]Otter[/url]
  19. [url=]NamTaey[/url]
  20. [url=]uvs[/url]
  21. [url=]Stranger[/url]
  22. [url=]Albion[/url]
  23. [url=]Rezon[/url]
  24. [url=]Paladin[/url]
  25. ----------------
  26. [url=]joejoeStinky[/url]
  27. [url=]danhezee[/url]
  28. [url=]Shocknoia[/url]
  29. [url=]Savert[/url]
  30. [url=]ReubenMcHawk[/url]
  31. [/list][/b]
  32. [size=150][b] - The Bastion Warden's - [/b][/size]
  33. [list][i]Warden's handle day to day maintenance of the group, and ensure rules/regulations are up-held[/i][/list]
  35. [img][/img]
  36. [img][/img]
  37. [img][/img]
  38. [img][/img]
  39. [img][/img]
  41. [size=150][b] - Members - [/b][/size]
  42. [list][i]The backbone of The Bastion's community, those that have been fully accepted into the group[/i]
  43. [/list]
  44. [img][/img]
  45. [img][/img]
  46. [img][/img]
  47. [img][/img]
  48. [img][/img]
  49. [img][/img]
  50. [img][/img]
  51. [img][/img]
  52. [img][/img]
  53. [img][/img]
  54. [img][/img]
  55. [img][/img]
  57. [size=150][b] - Honorary Members - [/b][/size]
  58. [list][i]Outstanding individuals who have expressed goodwill and intrest towards Bastion and it's members. And been interested in joining our community in a social respect. Who often chat/game with us through mumble and IRC[/i]
  59. [/list]
  61. [img][/img]
  62. [i]Jojoe has been great company in our IRC channel, entertaining us for hours on end with his sense of humour and cool game projects. He has also been incredibly supportive of the bastion movement :D[/i]
  63. [img][/img]
  64. [i]Danheeze has been with us on mumble since the very start of Bastion, and has been gaming with us nearly every night since it's creation! Truly a Bastionite at heart ;][/i]
  65. [img][/img]
  66. [i]Shock is one of the most formidable gamers we have ever met! and is as fun to play with as he is to talk to, he has been a welcome pressence in the Bastion IRC for a long time[/i]
  67. [img][/img]
  68. [i]Savert is very much like Shock in his shooting skills, ruthless! he to has been with us in IRC for a very long time. Watching the progress of Bastion and offering his support[/i]
  69. [img][/img]
  70. [i]Like the others above, Reuben has been a good presence in our IRC channel since Bastion was first created. And he has backed us all the way[/i]
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