Unpleasant experience with SSDNodes Support

hjysy Sep 20th, 2019 102 Never
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  1. Unpleasant experience with SSDNodes Support
  2. Quote Originally Posted by Matt Connor  View Post
  3. Our refund policy is very generous, and we’ve had problems in the past with people abusing it. We changed our refund policy in June to only apply to new clients for their first server,
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  17.  as is explained. We understand that new clients trying our platform may have requirements that don’t fit what our service provides, so we’re more than happy to provide a full refund if that’s the case. Outside the refund period, we provide a prorated account credit, so customers never lose the funds they put in.
  18. Hi Matt,
  20. I am a SSDNodes user and I inserted your quote from an August 1st thread in this forum regarding SSDNodes, however I wanted to have your opinion first before posting my experience here.
  22. Please check the Support Ticket ID: 444314 and PM me as I would like this to be resolved amiable and without going public.
  24. Thanks for your help and assistance
  25. UDS
  27. PM me as I would like this to be resolved amiable and without going public.
  28. Haven't you sort of gone public with this? I am presuming the quote you provided is not what happened? Also, as a new member you wont be able to PM on here.
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  33. Thanks for that information not being able to receive a PM. I take from the thread in August where he replied to the topic SSDNodes stay away that he is the owner of it. Before I post any details I wanted him to examine the Support ticket number and get his comments. Any other idea for a private conversation because I want a solution that reflects his kind attitudes towards new users.
  35. Any other idea for a private conversation
  36. Yes, use their support system. That's the best way to reach a company, and where you should ask for support. We will close this to let that happen.
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