Sand, Surf, and Silence: Chapter 2

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  1. Poseidon's realm turns and tumbles violently both above and below the surface of the water. Strange how the waves are proving to be my salvation, whether by accident or design. The rocks which trap me crash into the water like cavalry upon soldiers and the sound is just as deafening. Yet the sea holds fast, pretending to crumble at this onslaught before reforming ranks and swallowing us whole like a swarm of soldiers. The rocks toss and turn from the tide, flung through the water like flecks of blood from fresh and vicious cuts, freeing my pinned body. Yet still, I remain infuriatingly helpless!
  3. Poseidon is careless in rearranging the newest additions to her domain. The raging ocean toss the not so swiftly sinking rocks into my helpless form. There is no way to tell which way is up or down, left from right, as I am smashed and spun in all directions.
  5. Despite the neverending chaos, I cannot help but be humbled by the magnanimity of the Chief God. Her blessing has ensured that not only do I not require breath, but also need not have feared being crushed to death. Sharp edges are deflected away and blunt force merely pushes me. There is only an odd feeling of the smallest of breezes flowing around and caressing my entire body accompanied by the smell of fresh air.
  7. The whims of the sea god eventually push and pull me past the surface while the remnants of the temple fall away into the depths. Sunlight (blessed sunlight!) casts itself upon my face. Just as quickly, the tide washes over me.
  9. Sun. Tide. Sun. Tide. The cycle repeats itself, but I am never pulled under. Farther and farther backward do the violent waters push my flailing form, never allowing any of my attempts to turn around succeed.
  11. Surely I did not fall so far from the temple, sooner rather than later I must-
  13. SLAM!
  15. Suddenly, two things impact my body. The first is the enormous rock wall against my back, jarring spine and skull like a gigantic hammer. Second is the bite of the water all around me, shocking body and mind like lightning.
  17. In seconds, the wave see to it that I am dragged, scraped, blinded, battered, tossed, choked, soaked, and chilled enough that I come to barely register the sensations that mean Her blessing has finally faded and that I’m on my own. When the thought of a meaningless death bursts into my mind, my anger RAGES once more. A great bonfire is lit, fueled by my life!
  19. The seas refuses to calm, so why should I? It heaps nothing but abuse and torment on me. Between waves I glance around, trying to find if there is somewhere calmer in sight. The waters have pushed me a great distance from where my original position, nearly to a sharp turn around the rock. Before being entombed, I was rushed into the temple and not allowed a good look at the surrounding land. But surely there is a shoreline beyond this bend? A sudden wave pushes me further towards the turn as if daring me to find out. Is this Poseidon’s mercy? Would I be eventually swept ashore by submitting to her whims? Will I be forced to OWE the traitor a favour?!
  21. “rrrRRRAAAHblblblbbbblaaaaAAAHHH!” The tide charges forth against my warcry, intent on drowning my resolve. Then try, I say! Try and fail to kill me!
  23. I struggle to turn around fully, flattening belly and breasts against the wall instead of backside. Divine strength, though diminished, allows my armoured fingers to gouge the rock ever so slightly. The little dents are enough to grip and pull on, hastening my way to the turn like some bizarre horizontal tree climber. What a fool I must appear to be! The majority of my strength robbed, unable to beat my wings and burst from the water like a loosed arrow. But if a fool I must be to fulfill my duty, so be it!
  25. My stance works against the tides. They try hard to sweep me forward at their own pace, but my ever tightening grip doesn’t allow for it. My sisters might call me inane for not just taking advantage of this, but I will not submit. On my own terms shall I reach the turn, enter the water proper, and swim to safety in triumph.
  27. ===
  29. One shell, two shells, three shells, seashells! All for my collection after I throw on some glitter, plastic gems- OHMYGOSHIT’SAQUILTEDMELANIASHELL, I can drape that gold chain I found a week ago around the whorls and it’s gonna look great- Eeeeee!
  31. Oh no, what time is it? I checked if the watch I bought yesterday is waterproof this time, right? Which tentacle is that strapped to again? … Oh. Nooo, I don’t wanna go to work, I don’t wanna… Unless those new boards came in today. And they’re supposed to be from Jenny! Jenny makes the prettiest stuff even though she’s like me and can’t really surf. Let’s go to work! To work!
  33. It’s not so hard leaving home now. But I have so many shells to decorate when everything’s done. Maybe Walter will let me leave early. Ah! Surface! Surface! I have to surface or else I’ll swim right by the shop again.
  35. Aaaaaaaaand TOPSIDE!
  37. Hello, sunrise. Hello, beach. Hello, mysterious templ- WHA- Temple, where did you go?! Rock overhang supporting the temple, why did you erode away? Whyyyyyyyyy- Wait, is that supposed to happen to rocks like that? I dunno.
  39. But aww, I wanted to go looking for treasure under there on my next day off. Rumour mill said that there’s supposed to be lots of Church junk that even the professional guys or the cultist freaks never found… Wait, doesn’t this mean there’s gonna be more stuff in the water because the entire temple fell in? Ooooh- Later later later, work work work, go go go- Hey, who’s that?
  41. ===
  43. "Damn Poseidon and all her accursed domain for this act! Phtoo!"
  45. A string of curses for the god of the seas are the first things I hear out of my mouth along with the stinking saltwater and sand coating it. Each and every time I shout and mutter, another wad of the shoreline interrupts. Escaping from the waters' grip seemed a far easier trial than enduring the salty brine on land.
  47. Poseidon had the last laugh. The shore I half swam for and half washed up on makes every one of my steps tiresome and infuriating. My metal armour is clogged, the decorative silks have wet sand clinging inside and out, all six of my wings flap weakly in discomfort and fury, and it will take far too much fresh water and time to wash out my golden hair alone. Disgusting.
  49. I should be paying more attention to my surroundings. I should be taking note of what might be along this great stretch of sand, the great blocky towers in the corner of my eyes, of how much has changed since I was set to slumber.
  51. "Phtoo! Blach!"
  53. But duty's echo is repeatedly smothered by the taste of humiliation and thoughts of revenge. My weapons were likely lost to POSEIDON from the fall. My appearance has been ruined by POSEIDON. How would I fulfill my duty to the Chief God in this state?! Do I even bear any authority in this time I've woken in? Is this place still the city of Bastard, where it's inhabitants seek redemption for the actions of one traitorous wayward son? Or has it fully fallen and that is why the temple was destroyed?
  55. All these questions. All more reasons to be angry.
  57. “rrrrrRRRRR-”
  59. ===
  61. Angry woman, why are you screaming at the sea (maybe the temple, I dunno) and someone named Pasaidin? She’s very pretty for someone dripping in seawater from head to toe and spitting wet sand constantly though.
  63. Six golden wings, golden hair, really nice dark blue and gilded old-timey looking metal armour (is she here for the nerd thingy in the next city?), and silk around her waist- SILK?! It’s ruined! Everyone knows silk can’t be exposed to saltwater; how did she get so wet?! But she's still so pretty, like sunlight filtered through water. … Is she glowing? That's so cool. Just a little I think. Or is that the sunlight? Yep. Sunlight. Still pretty. I bet she could do better though… With help.
  65. ... She needs help, right? All that lovely golden hair couldn’t possibly be washed properly with only two hands, riiiiight? New in town? Gonna need to get all the salt off, a black tankini, a guide, a friend, maybe a white string bikini instead, food, sleeping place, and other junk like a blue bandeau style bikini with a twist pattern. I better bring her to work- to the store. Yeah, that's what I'll do because she needs help. Lots of it. Walter won't mind. Totally won't mind.
  67. New girl still hasn’t noticed me. Still yelling at the sea. She should jump in and cool off. Hee hee.
  69. I gotta get a little closer. Just an itty-bit closer. Teensy weensy eensy- Closeenough.
  71. ===
  73. “HiI’mAllisonmyfriendscallmeCalicausea'calamariareyounewherewhere’syourclothes-”
  75. “Wher-? Hold! Hold! You are far too close and far too quick for me to-”
  77. “didyoulosethemskinnydippingsonowyouhavetowearyourcostumeanditgotruinedtooIbetyou’resoangry-”
  79. “Your skin seems- Kraken! Foul beast! Temptress and servant of the De-”
  81. “becauseofthesaltwaterI’llgetyoucleaneduplet’sgoLET’SGO!”
  83. “Unhand me! Unhand me, I say! Phtoo! Pleh! Slow downffffff- draggiphng me through the sanfph- Ptuui!”
  85. With no time to collect my thoughts and being badly distracted by my own discomfort, I have been captured and bound by red and white ropes of flesh. Why can I not break free? Tear them apart? Being dragged through the sand evokes anger, yes, but also uncertainty and fear. This is different from being trapped in a siege. I remember every time when one of my sisters would disappear from the realm of heaven, and every time the rest of us would fret and worry for days. When the news from Her finally came, it was always the same.
  87. O n e o f y o u h a s b e t r a y e d Me.
  89. Immediately thereafter, we would redouble our efforts to show our dedication to Her and the protection of humanity from monsters. Sometimes we would see a shadow of our missing sisters in the corner of our eyes in battle or hear rumours about them standing alongside a man, both protecting monsters, humans, Church followers, Sabbath followers, even independent groups, one and all.
  91. Surely they must have been corrupted, we thought. How could those loyal to nobody protect anybody? Surely some demon has taken hold of their hearts and forced them upon human men or worse the men forced themselves upon them. Foul energies must have been woven into their hearts and minds during the act, mutilating all that they were.
  93. Is what is happening now, the prelude to such a thing?
  95. I am unable to put up a sufficient resistance and again curse my diminished strength. Prayers to Her for guidance and war chants between mouthfuls of sand are spat forth. It’s maddening that such acts are all I can do at present. At the first opportunity, I must strike down this demon and forge ahead into Bastard alone.
  97. ===
  99. To the showers behind the shop! She’s going to look soooooo good when I’m done!
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