DS2 SOTFS any% notes

Feb 19th, 2016
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  1. Description of the world record run of gooner_gooner as of 2016.02.19.
  2. Video:
  3. If anything is unclear you can message me on twitch, username: gekko42 .
  6. After first rotten: 20 END 20 STR 25 DEX
  7. After congregation: 13 VGR 29 DEX
  8. After 4th rotten: 14 VGR 50 END 40 STR 46 DEX
  10. Every boss fought is killed by rapier unless an other weapon is mentioned explicitly
  12. Start Bandit and ascetic
  13. Deequip stuff
  14. Do Binocular jump
  15. Jump to Herald
  16. Light Bonfire, head to Forest of Fallen Giants
  17. At lever, set order of clothes(default positions), equip darksign and ascetic
  18. Pick up bone and soul in the river
  19. Crush soul mid-run
  20. Buy a firebomb from Melentia while popping a lifegem, light bonfire
  21. Bomb the wall
  22. On the elevater down, equip bones and estus and weapon, use estus
  25. Kill LG with hand axe
  26. Darksign out as soon as you can
  27. Crush LG soul, buy key, 2 brightbugs, get soul ring
  28. Send her back
  29. (deequip weapon while running)
  32. Kill pursuer with ballista
  33. Equip soul ring, brightbugs and ring of blades when he's dead
  34. Go to bastille, warp back to Majula
  35. Open door, rest, discard hand axe while resting
  36. Buy rapier, 6 shards, +3 rapier
  37. Head to the armorer, pop Pursuer soul mid-run
  38. Kill armorer with rapier, pick up tseldora set, equip it after each boss until last rotten, then deequip it
  39. Go to Cat, buy catring, 2 bones and 7 skulls
  40. Do pitdrop, use estus
  41. GUTTER - IT'S HARD TO DESCRIBE GUTTER RUNTHROUGH, watch gooner_gooner (timestamp: about 9:00 minutes).
  42. (Deequip soulring)
  43. Jump to the left at the end of the second bridge counting from the first gutter bonfire, pick up the branch on the plank
  44. Walk around, climb the ladder, do the second jump
  45. Stab the planks you need to go through
  46. Go straight, drop down the hole right to the one you run into, and jump left to the chest with great club, pick it up
  47. Drop down to the bottom, pick up branch
  49. Use brightbug before first foggate, equip soulring
  50. Head straight to rotten, dont light any bonfire
  52. ROTTEN - brightbug
  53. Try to cut his right arm which has the weapon
  55. Run backwards, activate statue before the second bonfire, pop rotten soul, burn ascetic, light bonfire, warp back
  56. LVL 20 END, 20 STR, 25 DEX
  57. Buy Branch from Melentia (should have a little less than 20k souls after)
  58. Head towards Shaded Woods
  59. Equip alluring skulls mid-run
  60. Pick up the bones and lifegems
  61. Activate statue, pull lever, attack pyro girl, and throw two skulls on her, strong attack her when you leave, she should die when you are already far
  62. Kill the basilisk
  63. (Deequip silver cat ring)
  64. Light ruined fork road bonfire
  65. Head to rtsr, block first attack of ogre with rapier, get hit by next one(RTSR setup), pick up RTSR, bone out
  66. Head towards fogged forest, shoot spooky tree with bow to make the ghosts attack it
  67. Buy 13 Gold pine resin (GPR) from Vengarl
  68. Pick up chloranty ring, equip it mid-run
  69. GPR before najka foggate
  71. NAJKA - gpr
  72. Keep rtsr
  73. Head towards Tseldora, kill lizard on the way with great club
  74. Deequip club
  75. Throw a skull from really far in front of the second dropping boulder to make the four hollows suicide after you pass
  76. Pick up large titanite shard on ledge
  77. Throw another skull to distract the three other hollows to open door
  78. Equip great club in one hand, rapier in other, GPR the club
  80. CONGREGATION - gpr
  81. Kill Magus with a two-handed great club strong attack combo, together with a priest and whatever you hit
  82. Stab priest with rapier, throw skull, kill other priest with club combo, finish rest of Congregation
  83. Heal with a lifegem
  84. Climb up ladder, switch to silver cat ring, pick up ascetic, drop down
  85. Kill lizard on other platform with jump and plunge attack with club
  86. Pick up charcoal pine resins in the urns
  87. Kill lizard behind the door with club, poke the spider thingie to pick up an other chunk
  88. Pick up the chunk in the corner behind the door
  89. Go towars spikes, throw a skull (cancel animation), pick up the titanites in the spikes, bone out
  90. Warp back to Majula
  91. Upgrade rapier +10, upgrade club one time
  92. Level 13 VGR, 29 DEX
  93. Warp to Bastille
  94. Switch from silver cat ring to soul ring
  95. Activate statue, use GPR, take hits from soldiers for bit less than half hp for RTSR setup, kill soldiers (no need to kill statue)
  96. Drop down towards ladder, kill soldier at the base of the ladder, climb ladder
  97. You can equip tseldora set mid-run
  99. SENTINELS - gpr
  100. After killing first sentinel, drop down asap and attack second sentinel, dropping down should give you RTSR
  101. Use estus after fight
  102. One-hand the rapier
  103. Head for the ascetic, pop Najka and sentinels soul while waiting after raising the grating, and make the leftmost hollow explode while doing so
  104. Stab the hollow blocking the way
  105. Drop down for the ascetic and bone out
  106. Warp to rotten, use poison setup for rtsr (block a hit from a poison statue, roll through a second hit)
  108. ROTTEN 2 - gpr
  109. Use gpr after entering foggate, bone out after, burn ascetic, repeat
  111. ROTTEN 3 - gpr
  113. ROTTEN 4 - brightbug, gpr
  114. Warp back to majula, pop all your souls, buy brigthbugs, buy 11 lifegems
  115. Level 14 VGR, 50 END, 40 STR, 46 DEX
  116. Warp to ruined forkroad
  117. Deequip Tseldora set for good
  118. (Deequip rapier)
  119. Jump against the falconer in the middle of the road
  120. Switch Soulring for Catring
  121. As approaching the castle gate, equip rapier in right hand and bow on off-hand
  122. Kill soldiers to activate gate, take hits from other soldiers so you have RTSR
  123. Equip club, use charcoal resin on it
  124. Run towards the kings gate bonfire, activate door with killing a stone soldier with club, kill following soldier with rapier, activate bonfire (in that order)
  125. Deequip club, equip rapier
  126. Pick up old radiant lifegems, ignore the mushroom
  127. Run towards dragonriders, use charcoal pine on rapier
  129. DRAGONRIDERS - cpr
  130. Use bow on upper guy to make him drop, kill them with rapier
  131. Go towards the elevator activator giant, dont forget the ghost in the wall
  132. Almost kill the dropping down rogue, lure it to the giant and kill it with bow
  133. Walk back to the bonfire (DONT BONE OR DARKSIGN), deequip catring for RTSR setup
  134. Activate bonfire, take the elevator, take the key, darksign, head to mirror knight
  137. Use consistent knight tactics (
  138. Heal up to full on the elevator down
  139. Drop down at the first bonfire, use a lifegem
  140. At the first three arcdrakes, run in the left shallow water to make them aggro later
  141. Amana runthrough is pretty hard to describe, but the only goal is to get through alive
  142. (gooner_gooner WR timestamp: around 42:00 minutes)
  143. You can use a bow to draw the archdrakes from the second foggate, and use a GPR while they run to you
  144. Kill the giant shroom with the rapier
  146. DEMON OF SONG - gpr
  147. Reresin when he first closes his face
  148. Heal up after the fight up to 3/4 health
  149. Deequip catring and drop at end of elevator for RTSR
  150. At the first shield dude, go into the right corner and shoot him with arrows until he aggroes to you
  151. Use brightbug
  152. Stab stones until you get through
  153. Use bow to make the left shield dude turn
  154. Use GPR
  156. VELTSTADT - brightbug, gpr
  157. Get Kings ring, darksign out, warp to ruined forkroad
  158. Get RTSR from ogre
  159. Kill syan knight, use brightbug
  160. Run through aldia's keep
  161. Use GPR at first ogre
  163. GUARDIAN DRAGON - brightbug, gpr
  164. Get 3 attacks on his head, then poke his leg as much as you can, he should be dead
  165. Heal up on the elevator
  166. Equip CPR, bow, alluring skull
  167. (deequip rapier)
  168. Zipline past aerie jump
  169. Aggro big dragon knight at door with bow, run to small dragonbro to bait an attack, open door
  170. Get ashen mist heart, darksign out
  171. Warp to forest of fallen giants, use skull to aggro hollow, do giant lord jump without catring for RTSR
  172. Equip keyblade
  173. Use CPR right before giant lord baiting his first attack and the rolling stone head
  175. GIANT LORD - cpr
  176. Darksign out
  177. Warp to Kings gate
  178. (deequip keyblade and darksign)
  179. Do a jump so you are injured
  180. Equip rapier, use GPR and brightbug before foggate
  182. THRONE DUO - brightbug, gpr
  183. Use an old radiant lifegem at beginning
  184. Heal up, use GPR after they are dead
  185. Brightbug should last for nashandra
  187. NASHANDRA - gpr
  188. Bait lazorz with lifegems and kill her
  190. THE END.
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