my stupid SCP

Aug 4th, 2021
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  1. Item : SCP-6333 Risk Class: 2
  2. Containment Class: Euclid
  4. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6333 is to be placed in a standard low risk containment cell and is to be guarded by 2 (two) armed guards for 10 hours every day.
  6. Description: SCP-6333 is a multiplayer server for the game Trouble in Terrorist Town.
  7. it has been found on 09.09.20█ near ███ UK after reports from parents that state that their kids have been stuck on their computer for multiple days without consuming food nor water.
  8. SCP-6333 is named "Harrysmod" on the Trouble in Terrorist Town servers list and has around 40 active "players" at time of recording.
  9. After studies from scientists and multiple D-Class Personal used, SCP-6333 is a highly mind controling bringing "Players" that play on it to spend their lives and money on it.
  10. Studies and observation have also confirmed that there are 2 (two) "species" of players on the server.
  11. SCP-6333-A are normal "humans" that spend their lives playing the game (see file SCP-6333-A), while SCP-6333-B are normal and well humans that administrate and enforce the rules.
  12. this has been confirmed by a SCP-6333-B member that Mobile Task Force MoatGG has extracted and placed in Foundation hands.
  15. Interview Log 6333-B-1
  16. [BEGIN LOG]
  17. Dr. ████ : Please tell me your name SCP-6333-B-16
  18. SCP-6333-B-16 : My name is muffin
  19. Dr. ████ : So.. muffin, do you know why you have been brought here?
  20. muffin : no, I was just farming corrupted kills on main when your team kidnapped me
  21. Dr. ████ : Well, you're here because of "Harry's Mod" and I would like to ask you a few questions about that.
  22. First when did you start playing on "Harry's Mod' and did you feel any changes in your mind or body when playing?
  23. muffin : it was about october 17th 20█ and no I never felt any "changes " to my body
  24. Dr. ████ : Interresting. You can now go. we are done here
  25. [END LOG]
  27. Revisit SCP-6333 — 01.04.2020
  28. After SCP foundation researchers managed to infilitrate SCP-6333 by taking over accounts of SCP-6333-B which are,
  29. ⦁ dead emo pigeon
  30. ⦁ Novacide
  31. ⦁ PerskuleBenener
  32. ⦁ Muffin
  33. all former owners of these accounts and online personality have been terminated.
  35. SCP-6333 has been added a new and improved server with new gameplay features by foundation staff to counteract the anomalous effect of SCP-6333.
  36. this by all means has backfired. the old server has been stripped from "players" and the so called " Genesis " is corrupting the minds of "players" even stronger.
  37. SCP-6333 reclassed to Euclid.
  39. Revisit SCP-6333 -- 01.07.2020
  40. After about 4 months of the Incident of "Genesis" multiple SCP-6333-B have been spotted to become more Inactive and leave the server.
  41. And many SCP-6333-A with enough brainpower have decided to not play on "genesis" because of their old ways. the Original server with the lesser but still dangerous effects has now been called "Main" and SCP-6333-A and SCP-6333-B have been spotted working together for the first time in recorded time. to bring back thier old realm.
  43. Revisit — 25.07.2021
  44. The SCP foundation has tracked down the Owner of SCP-6333 and they have been terminated for creating this anomaly.
  45. a SCP foundation researcher has been placed in charge of the SCP-6333 player hierarchy which has been tasked to promote other SCP foundation researchers.
  46. Researchers have been tasked to promote "main" in an attempt to Terminate "genesis" and remove it.
  57. Item : SCP-6333-A Risk Class: 3
  58. Containment Class: Euclid
  60. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6333-A have to be contained in their homes around the world.
  61. There are always 4 (four) Armed Guards disguised and around SCP-6333-A
  63. Description: SCP-6333-A are players of the TTT (trouble in terrorist town) server SCP-6333
  64. SCP-6333-A are no longer considerd human when they join SCP-6333 for the first time.
  65. They retain their human appearance and ability to talk but loose all ablity to eat or drink. but still have to sleep.
  66. SCP-6333-A have deformed brains that will only let them thin about one (1) thing, SCP-6333 their entire "life" is based around SCP-6333.
  67. they will play on the servers (primarily genesis) of SCP-6333 for around 10 hours per day.
  68. if they are removed from their Computers or source of SCP-6333 they will become agressive and attack every every human that was removing or helped in removing them.
  69. there were about 160 SCP-6333-A but this number has been reduced to 50 in the past 4 years.
  70. Average lifespan is exactly 5 years after first contact with "harry's mod"
  72. Studies have presented that SCP-6333 decided if a players becomes SCP-6333-A or SCP-6333-B the second they first see it.
  73. SCP-6333-B are not affected by any of before mentioned features.
  75. See SCP-6333 for more Information
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