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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 59: The Top of the World (Part 1)

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  1. [2013-10-30 13:27:18] <Kkat> 3Two days.
  2. [2013-10-30 13:30:59] <Kkat> 3It has been two days since the Crystal Heart restored life and love to the Crystal Ponies, including the Heartless.  In that time, our heroes -- for they truly are heroes -- have helped the ruined kingdom as much as they can, and have given the Crystal Ponies the knowledge they need of the world outside so they can start to rebuild.
  3. [2013-10-30 13:31:37] <Kkat> 3They have even aided in getting the Crystal Empire's caretakers, Doctor Amore and Professor Paladin, talking to each other again.  
  4. [2013-10-30 13:34:40] <Kkat> 3With the Heartless no more, the Solaris Factory has been abandoned.  Any security it once had has long ago been destroyed by the Heartless, making retrieval of the weaponized jukebox a mercifully simple task.  
  5. [2013-10-30 13:36:20] <Kkat> 3With their combined mechanical and arcane science talents, they had no real difficulty configuring the jukebox to interrupt the pylons and allow them to collapse the fence.  Likewise, Doctor Amore and Professor Paladin have ended the Sequester.  It is now possible and safe for ponies (and a certain ghost) to leave.
  6. [2013-10-30 13:39:24] <Kkat> 3There are still dangers in the Crystal Empire, but they are being dealt with.  Armed with the disabling broadcast, Pink-E has been putting to rest the hostile, insane robots that have migrated out of Equestrian Robotics.  
  7. [2013-10-30 13:40:07] <Kkat> 3Professor Paladin is corralling his Crystal Battle Ewes, convinced they would make a wonderful and cute defense for the Empire from the monsters that now roam the snowy mountains beyond their border.
  8. [2013-10-30 13:41:41] <Kkat> 3Now, our heroes have gathered at the Equestrian Embassy, saying last goodbyes and preparing to move out... to continue the next step of their journey into the world beyond Equestria's borders.
  9. [2013-10-30 13:43:03] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Fifty-Nine: The Top of the World (Part One) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LETrhOP90p4
  10. [2013-10-30 13:43:12] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  11. [2013-10-30 13:48:10] <Kkat> 3"Thank you for visiting.  Please... but safe.  And come again," Butterfly insists meekly, her voice filling lobby of the Ministry of Peace center module, "We would love to see you again."
  12. [2013-10-30 13:49:04] * Noble_Heart stood with her friends, quiet for the moment, contemplative of the road ahead and the history behind. For now she didn't seem to have anything more to say about what had happened. In truth she felt bad about leaving so many behind, but didn't expect to be back this way any time soon...
  13. [2013-10-30 13:54:11] * CopyCat chats away with some of the locals, playing her part as one who is amiable yet regal. She continues to assume Luna's form, finding that it helped with her demeanour.
  14. [2013-10-30 13:55:19] * Golden_Dream could now breathe easy. Louie had been given off to Butterfly in the past two days. Just didn't seem right to take a critter along that would probably be taken care of better and be in less danger in some other place. She noted that she was low on food. Understandable, she didn't want to strain the Crystal Empire's citizens' supplies any more than necessary. She hated being called a hero for...
  15. [2013-10-30 13:55:20] * Golden_Dream ...what she did, regardless of Noble's kind words. The why of it eluded her for a while, but when it finally came to her, she wasn't particularly in a talking mood. She spent the last two days trying to avoid being called such, and simply trying to knit together their knowledge of the outside world, telling them good things to eat, what not to eat, and where to find civilization and who...
  16. [2013-10-30 13:55:22] * Golden_Dream ...civilization is, exactly. She's been a bit more open with her real name, lately. "Yeah. I'll try, miss." Her voice sounded hollow to her. In reality, she didn't know. She just had a bad feeling for the future whenever she tried to think ahead. So, she just tried to busy herself in the present.
  17. [2013-10-30 13:55:52] * Bookwright wishes he had time to browse Amore's library, but there isn't any.
  18. [2013-10-30 14:06:32] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Ponies sadly do not have food to spare.  Doctor Amore did, however, offer some supplies from her armory, wishing there was a better way to thank the ponies who gave life back to the Crystal Empire.
  19. [2013-10-30 14:12:33] * Noble_Heart did infact have enough weaponry, between herself and her sword and spear. Though armor might be useful. They had found that crystal armor, which might be modified to fit someone of her size with another.
  20. [2013-10-30 14:13:11] * CopyCat spends her time talking with ponies and helping Pink-E to keep everypony's spirits up. There was a lot of love still lingering in the air and CopyCat was feeling extra cheerful.
  21. [2013-10-30 14:14:06] * Shatara mostly keeps to himself, unless others seek him out, trying to repair some equipment. And maybe find a BFG to mount on the fire truck.
  22. [2013-10-30 14:15:52] * Golden_Dream tried to find something that she could wear that didn't involve wearing something the weight of a large rock. She suspected that was where the armor must've come from, anyway.
  23. [2013-10-30 14:19:06] * Bookwright has been trying to find any former heartless who are willing to talk about their experiences as heartless.
  24. [2013-10-30 14:19:30] * Noble_Heart laid claim to two of the sets of crystal armor. Combined with the one the group had already had, she took measures to find Shatara. "We have a request that you might be able to help Us with. You have the skills to modify armors, yes? We would like you to use these to make Us something We could utilize, so that We are not so vulnerable without Our shield."
  25. [2013-10-30 14:19:31] * CopyCat has a request for Doctor Amore when the subject of rewards is brought up. She asks if there were any spare dresses in the royal wardrobes that she wouldn't mind parting with. In particular she's looking for one that would fit a smaller pony.
  26. [2013-10-30 14:22:19] * Shatara nods to Noble_Heart, his tools already spread across a convenient workbench. "I uh...should probably take some measurements...so don't have to do it over and waste material..."
  27. [2013-10-30 14:23:16] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "We understand. We will be patient." She stands proud to allow Shatara time to measure her.
  28. [2013-10-30 14:25:27] * Shatara digs a tape measure from his toolbox, taking measurments of various soon-to-be-armored areas. He hesitates a bit and blushes as he gets to her flanks.
  29. [2013-10-30 14:26:55] * Golden_Dream , on the other hoof, runs her hoof on the crystal lances. They were pretty. They were shiny. Could she use it? She proceeded to try to pick one up, and, not really knowing the function of a lance, grab it at the buckling handle by the mouth and swing it experimentally. This only managed to make her almost trip when the weight caught up with her. Yeah, no. Dream is not a very strong pony.
  30. [2013-10-30 14:28:04] * Bookwright decides that he can definitely put this sound blasting device to good use.
  31. [2013-10-30 14:29:31] * Noble_Heart does, indeed, have a rather glorious flank.
  32. [2013-10-30 14:35:01] <Kkat> 3The work on the weaponized jukebox had produced quite an unusual weapon that is likely to serve Bookwright well.
  33. [2013-10-30 14:35:46] * Golden_Dream thinks that Noble sometimes acts like a rather glorious flank.
  34. [2013-10-30 14:37:37] * Shatara bites his beak as he measures Noble_Heart's glorius flank. "I uh...th-think that's all I need..." He enters his measurements into a note on his pipbuck.
  35. [2013-10-30 14:38:19] * Noble_Heart smiles to Shatara. "We thank you for your hard work." She dipped her head slightly then turned to leave. "Unless you require something else of Us?"
  36. [2013-10-30 14:38:37] * CopyCat doesn't say anything, but she raises an eyebrow at Golden_Dream.
  37. [2013-10-30 14:38:47] <Kkat> 3Bookwright has had no luck in finding former Heartless willing to talk about their experience.  Those not too traumatized to answer at all are resolute in their desire to try to forget it ever happened.  One even insists he has the wrong pony.
  38. [2013-10-30 14:39:41] * Bookwright "But ma'am, it's for history! It's... for history... *sigh*." He falters to a stop and returns morosely to the group.
  39. [2013-10-30 14:41:14] <Kkat> 3By the time they are ready to leave, Golden_Dream has found a few nice spring dresses in fairly good condition.  She does not yet know that Doctor Amore has given CopyCat one of Princess Cadence's royal gowns (in perfect condition, although some tailoring will be needed).
  40. [2013-10-30 14:43:34] <Kkat> 3Luck is with Shatara.  He is able to recover a Twilight Cannon (heavily used) from the wreckage of a CE Sentinel.
  41. [2013-10-30 14:47:45] * CopyCat is next to ask for Shatara's measuring skills. Noble had strongly hinted that armour of some kind was very desireable.
  42. [2013-10-30 14:47:46] * Golden_Dream blushes when she finds them on hoof. She didn't exactly like wearing dresses all the time, but... Well. She just kind of liked having them on her so that, yeah, she could totally pretend to be a normal pony every once in a while. That, like, has dinner parties and doesn't see ghosts and doesn't spend their afternoons getting into firefights.
  43. [2013-10-30 14:49:33] * Bookwright looks down. "Wow, Shatara. You've got one hell of a cannon there." Slyly: "Looks like it's had plenty of use... I bet you would love to get it warmed up and try it out. How 'bout tonight, when we make camp? I can help..." He smiles.
  44. [2013-10-30 14:49:47] * Shatara blushes a bit deeper as CopyCat comes to him for measurements, though he gets to work, trying to surpress the more...interesting thoughts.
  45. [2013-10-30 14:54:00] * Shatara squawks a bit at Bookwright's inuendo-laden talk, bringing varous surpressed thoughts to the surface as he looks towards the unicorn in confusion. He chuckles nervously as he sees him admiring the Twilight Cannon he salvaged earlier in the corner of his makeshift workshop. "Err...uh...maybe?"
  46. [2013-10-30 14:54:40] * Bookwright glees. "Mmm, yeah. I just /can't wait/ to mount that beauty..."
  47. [2013-10-30 14:56:33] * Golden_Dream is growing more and more uncomfortable with Bookie's choice of vocabulary. So, she kind of wants to avoid this all. She walks up and proceeds to hang out a little with Noble. "Hey."
  48. [2013-10-30 14:57:18] * CopyCat tries to avoid giggling, not wanting to interrupt Shatara's measurements. "Really Bookwright," she half-chides.
  49. [2013-10-30 14:57:31] * Noble_Heart looks up towards Bookwright and Shatara with a slight frown, dragged away from it towards Golden Dream. "Good morning, Golden. Are you doing well today?"
  50. [2013-10-30 14:57:44] * Bookwright is wide-eyed innocent. "What are you talking about, CopyCat?"
  51. [2013-10-30 15:01:45] * Golden_Dream jumps up on something high and dangles her legs, kicking them slightly. "I guess." She thinks back a little. "Hey, Noble? You remember stuff from way back, right?"
  52. [2013-10-30 15:03:34] * Shatara blushes crimson through his feathers as he gets to CopyCat's hindquarters, all manner of lewd thoughts kicking through his head from Bookwright's inuendo. He struggles to maintain a professional demeanor.
  53. [2013-10-30 15:04:13] * Bookwright is enjoying the view of Shatara measuring CopyCat.
  54. [2013-10-30 15:04:25] * Noble_Heart frowns slightly at that question. "We... Remember some things from before the end, yes. Why?" She tilted her head to one side, curious what brought her small friend to her.
  55. [2013-10-30 15:05:17] * CopyCat smiles to herself. "We know how fond you are of such large and powerful weapons, but if you are too hasty then you might find it going off sooner than you'd like."
  56. [2013-10-30 15:05:19] * Golden_Dream looks up at her. "Ya'll remember yer name?"
  57. [2013-10-30 15:06:52] * Noble_Heart darkens a bit more. "Yes." It was a simple enough answer, but one which likely hid some things in its simplicity. "It is the name of a pony who died two centuries ago. We are not now who We were then."
  58. [2013-10-30 15:10:55] * Golden_Dream looks down at her legs in thought, not really wanting to make eye contact due to a rapid onset case of the awkward and not really wanting to quit the topic because the alternative was listening to ponies talking about sex stuff. Just ain't polite discussion. She looks back to her, her expression more full of childlike curiosity, maybe a little unrestrained due to trust. "Why not?"
  59. [2013-10-30 15:11:00] <Kkat> 3Golden_Dream spots Mare-Do-Well slipping in through the closed doors.  She eyes Noble_Heart and CopyCat wearily... she's been giving them an odd berth since the alicorn explanation.
  60. [2013-10-30 15:13:02] * Noble_Heart scowls. "We were weak. Flawed. Foolish. We are better than that now. Bigger. Stronger. Smarter." She snorts. "We would not wish to go back to being what We were. So We do not. It is Our right to choose Our name, is it not? We earned Our place in this world!" She seems to be, well, more than a little angry over the implication that she should go back to her old name. But
  61. [2013-10-30 15:13:02] * Noble_Heart the anger doesn't seem directed at Golden Dream.
  62. [2013-10-30 15:14:46] * Golden_Dream spots her, but doesn't say anything. She didn't really like the answer to that, and she guessed Mare-Do-Well wouldn't either. So, she kind of got to the point. "But ya'll ain't happy."
  63. [2013-10-30 15:16:54] * Bookwright has been attracted by the growing altercation between Noble_Heart and Golden_Dream. "Yeah, but just because she chooses to go by Kid doesn't mean that Golden here hates her given name. And besides, our names are our history. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past."
  64. [2013-10-30 15:17:36] * Noble_Heart furrows her brow. "We aren't? We are fairly certain We are happy. We have helped save many ponies. The Crystal Kingdom will thrive again because of Us! Our sisters live and breathe because of Our contributions. What is there not to be happy about?" She looks to Golden Dream, but her expression isn't quite right. Bookwright's words make her ear twitch. "Those who cling to
  65. [2013-10-30 15:17:37] * Noble_Heart a past which is not worth remembering are damned by their memories of pain and suffering." Wow, that got dark in a hurry. Or darker, anyway.
  66. [2013-10-30 15:18:10] * Shatara manages to finish his work with some help from the distractions across the way, and enters in CopyCat's measurements alongside Noble_Heart's.
  67. [2013-10-30 15:18:54] * Bookwright shakes his head. "I never said anything about clinging to it, just remembering it. Preserving it. I'm saying it's better to put it on a shelf in a back room somewhere than it is to bury it out in the swamp."
  68. [2013-10-30 15:22:21] * Golden_Dream slumps a little. Really? You choose now to stop talking about touching butts, Bookie? She mentally corrected Bookie in that she didn't prefer to be called Kid because of simple preference, but she caught herself before stewing on it further. "Bookie, I'd really prefer it if ya'll'd keep out of this one." She looks at Noble. "Look. I'm good at barterin'. And a lot of it comes from sizin'...
  69. [2013-10-30 15:22:23] * Golden_Dream ...folks up. Seein' if I can press 'em for more 'cause they're nice, or t' hold off because they're mean. An' I'm lookin' at you here, an' ya'll keep talkin' like yer th' greatest thing ever until somethin' that needs talkin' about comes up. Then ya'll get real sincere in a hurry."
  70. [2013-10-30 15:23:41] * Golden_Dream shrugs. "I dunno. I guess ya'll put up a good play, but I don't really buy some o' th' stuff that comes out of yer mouth sometimes."
  71. [2013-10-30 15:23:47] * Bookwright "Fine, fine. I'll butt out. But I won't forget this, Goldy!"
  72. [2013-10-30 15:24:54] * Golden_Dream gives Bookie a weak smile and a 'I'll get you next time, Mare-Do-Well!' sort of hoof pump. She reminded herself to talk to him more.
  73. [2013-10-30 15:25:37] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well watches that with a bemused expression.
  74. [2013-10-30 15:27:04] * Bookwright wanders away to ogle Shatara's big, girthy cannon some more.
  75. [2013-10-30 15:28:05] * Noble_Heart eartwitches a bit more at Bookwright's insistence, then eye-twitches slightly, but takes a deep breath to try and relax... Only for Goldy's comment to hit her a second time. "We are not weak or insincere! We... We are strong! As We should be! Talented and gifted and able!" She seems to be struggling mostly to convince herself of that, it seems. "We... We..." Her voice goes
  76. [2013-10-30 15:28:05] * Noble_Heart quieter. "I made us strong. It was me... Without me... None of it... But no one. It's my fault and I'll..." She mumbles to herself quietly as she stares at the ground for some time.
  77. [2013-10-30 15:33:19] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well blinks.  Whoa.  "H-hey..."  She flies a bit closer, forgetting her weariness.  Reaches out a hoof, but cannot touch Noble_Heart.
  78. [2013-10-30 15:33:36] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well looks to Golden_Dream helplessly.
  79. [2013-10-30 15:34:15] * CopyCat trots over from Shatara's workshop and nuzzles Noble_Heart. "You've made me strong. Without you I'd still be washing dishes and helping everypony with everyday chores. Thanks to you I've helped free hundreds of ponies from a fate worse than death. You are strong and you have helped me."
  80. [2013-10-30 15:36:09] * Golden_Dream blinks. She... Didn't expect that. She wanted to run off and try to let this simmer down, but... No. Not to her friend and not to Mare-Do-Well. "H-hey. Noble. Noble." She was a little scared, but more concerned, and very hesitantly placed a hoof on her shoulder. "Hey, c'mon. You're real good, alright? Jus'... Um. Calm down. I didn't mean nothin' by anythin' I said, jus' that... Y'no." She...
  81. [2013-10-30 15:36:10] * Golden_Dream ...looked ashamed.
  82. [2013-10-30 15:42:43] * Noble_Heart whimpered a few moments as CopyCat came back. She whispered to the other alicorn. "You don't hate me... For making you like that..? For being what you are..?" Her voice was low indeed, near crying. "I... I didn't know... It shouldn't have been like that..." She closed her eyes briefly as if expecting hostility, until Golden Dream touched her. Her ear twitched to the other
  83. [2013-10-30 15:42:43] * Noble_Heart pony's words. "We are not weak! We are not a failure! I... I am not a failure! I succeeded at something no one else could do! So why should I be ashamed of that!?" She practically snarled those words, backing away from Golden Dream. "I am no failure. No country bumpkin who knows nothing of magic or science! I made Us strong! Not monsters, strong! She made us monsters! She twisted
  84. [2013-10-30 15:42:43] * Noble_Heart a dream in a way it never should have been!" She huffed for breath a few long moments as she glared at her friends with twitching eye. Her emotions a mess, to say the least. Something Golden had said really picked a nerve it seemed.
  85. [2013-10-30 15:43:35] * Shatara squawks and hides behind his workbench.
  86. [2013-10-30 15:47:09] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well backs up, looking confused and alarmed.  "She... worked for Twilight... didn't she?"
  87. [2013-10-30 15:48:52] * Bookwright can't help but hear the outburst, and comes striding back quickly. "Noble one? You don't seem okay, do you need a hug?"
  88. [2013-10-30 15:52:47] * Golden_Dream just looked... Shocked and... Then just depressed. "I... I mean..." She chose silence as an option here, she'd done enough damage here. Anger attempted to raise it's head as her normal reaction to the unknown, but it wasn't enough to overcome the sheer numbness of shock. She just looked at Mare-Do-Well. "I... I did it again." She whispered out.
  89. [2013-10-30 15:53:13] * Bookwright is not very charismatical right now. "Huh?"
  90. [2013-10-30 15:56:24] * CopyCat looks down at her hooves. "I don't remember who I was or what I was or what I... we did. But I remember feeling happy and safe. Surrounded by friends. I hadn't felt anything else like it until I met up with you ponies."
  91. [2013-10-30 15:57:42] * Bookwright raises an eyebrow. "I think both Noble Heart and Copy Cat need a hug..."
  92. [2013-10-30 15:59:19] * Noble_Heart stands, breathing rapidly, looking more than a little mad, as the world begins to come back into focus or so it would seem. The reactions, shame and fear on her friends' faces relay the problem of her outburst. For a moment she just stood there, as though struggling to grasp what she'd just said, just done. Before finally speaking again. "We are... Sorry." She slowly stepped
  93. [2013-10-30 15:59:19] * Noble_Heart forwards to wrap a wing around CopyCat. "We are sorry for worring Our friends and Our sister." She lowers her head. "And for Our outburst. It is unbecoming of a pony of Our stature to do such things." She looked pretty deeply ashamed at that, and there was no question in her emotions for CopyCat that she was indeed quite fearful and sad about what she might have said. Memories of
  94. [2013-10-30 15:59:19] * Noble_Heart the past were evidently not the most pleasant for her at times.
  95. [2013-10-30 15:59:47] * Shatara slowly emerges from behind the workbench.
  96. [2013-10-30 16:02:30] * CopyCat hugs back, quite sure that Noble needed it as much as she did.
  97. [2013-10-30 16:02:56] * Bookwright nods. Satisfactory.
  98. [2013-10-30 16:03:28] * Shatara cautiously approaches the princesspones.
  99. [2013-10-30 16:05:36] * Golden_Dream stayed back, kept her head down, and her mouth shut She kept quiet after CopyCat seemed to mend Noble. Little fillies should be seen and not heard.
  100. [2013-10-30 16:06:09] * Noble_Heart lowered her head and sighed quietly, doing her best to calm down. "We apologize again. We should not have such a strong reaction." She looks to Golden Dream. "We hope that Our outburst did not frighten or harm you. We understand your interest in Us." She smiled just a little. "You are, after all, just a little pony who would like to dream big, yes?"
  101. [2013-10-30 16:09:30] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well tries to hug too, but is ghostly.
  102. [2013-10-30 16:09:59] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well arrughs and flies upwards through the roof.
  103. [2013-10-30 16:10:43] * CopyCat stretches out a wing and brings Golden_Dream into the hug too. "And /We/ are glad that our friends are feeling more comfortable around us."
  104. [2013-10-30 16:11:03] * Shatara scoots silently up to CopyCat.
  105. [2013-10-30 16:11:20] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and wraps her other wing around Golden Dream. Drooping her head sadly, closing her eyes.
  106. [2013-10-30 16:12:42] * CopyCat absorbs Shatara into the hug. Nothing can stop the smoo-- I mean, the hug.
  107. [2013-10-30 16:12:47] * Golden_Dream looked back up and smiled an empty smile back at her. "Y-Yeah, I ain't hurt or afraid or nothin'. Jus'... Y'no." She didn't consider herself a big dreamer, although small things seemed more distant nowadays. She just wanted to get her brother and go home again. She just seemed to always take the long route there.
  108. [2013-10-30 16:14:28] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and pulls away from the hug. "We recommend finishing packing and preparing. It is a long road to the zebra lands yet ahead. And We imagine it will be slow to travel."
  109. [2013-10-30 16:14:34] * Bookwright looks up into the sky and huffs speculatively. "I think maybe we should put off departing until after we get all our equipment fixed up. And I think Shatara wants to mount that big cannon on the firewagon."
  110. [2013-10-30 16:15:23] * Golden_Dream is hugged. It's awkward, and she seems a bit more droopy than usual. Her voice was low. "Yeah." She frowned. "... If it's alright, we best get on the road before it gets dark." Her words were more measured than usual. Quiet.
  111. [2013-10-30 16:15:57] * Shatara melts into the smoozelike hug, nuzzling with the pony-types quietly.
  112. [2013-10-30 16:16:31] * Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement to Golden Dream. "We do not wish to travel at night in a frozen wasteland. That sounds like a remarkably terrible idea."
  113. [2013-10-30 16:19:37] <Kkat> 3Pink-E pipes up happily in a clear attempt to cheer up Noble_Heart.  "Oh, it won't be a frozen wasteland!  It will be a frozen mountain range!"
  114. [2013-10-30 16:20:14] * Noble_Heart blinks and frowns. "That sounds even worse." She sighs quietly. "But at least We have the fire wagon now. That should allow Us to help Our friends over more dangerous terrain."
  115. [2013-10-30 16:20:28] * Bookwright "Er, and what about you, Pinkey? Are you coming with us, or are you going to stay?"
  116. [2013-10-30 16:21:49] <Kkat> 3Pink-E hovers in a surprising amount of quiet.  "Oh, I'd love to go!  But... I can't leave Sweet-E and Butterfly and the not-really-Princess and all the ponies here.  The Crystal Empire is a mess.  They need cheering up and parties and their Official Welcome Spritebot more than EVER now!"
  117. [2013-10-30 16:22:21] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "We think you'll do great things helping the ponies here to be happy."
  118. [2013-10-30 16:22:31] * Bookwright nods. "You choose well."
  119. [2013-10-30 16:22:54] * CopyCat nods. "She's right. No one else can give a welcoming tour as well as Pink-E."
  120. [2013-10-30 16:31:47] * Noble_Heart blinks as something occurs to her, digging into her bags she levitated out a brooch looking like a trio of balloons, she floated it over to Pink-E. "We believe you should have this. You are the closest thing this place has to a rightful inheritor of the Ministry of Morale, after all. One who can help watch over and encourage the ponies here."
  121. [2013-10-30 16:31:52] * Golden_Dream sort of finds a corner and stays there for a little while.
  122. [2013-10-30 16:54:06] <Kkat> 3During the two days, Bookwright has been able to successfully scavenge parts for his MASR and "Pew Pew" -- enough for Shatara to bring the former to Good condition and the latter to Perfect.
  123. [2013-10-30 17:09:12] * Golden_Dream decides, after a little while, to go over to the firetruck to be a bit reclusive.
  124. [2013-10-30 17:10:50] * Noble_Heart heads over towards the firetruck as well, she had to check over it for when they were ready for leaving.
  125. [2013-10-30 17:11:40] * Bookwright has also been looking around for energy weapons ammunition. Specifically ECP, but he needs all types - he's science enough to convert between them if need be.
  126. [2013-10-30 17:14:04] * Golden_Dream feels as if there had been formed a great rift between herself and Noble. She had manipulated her into becoming upset again. She didn't want to hurt her again.
  127. [2013-10-30 17:16:06] * CopyCat struts around in her new Shatara-special Crystal barding and joins Golden_Dream and Noble_Heart. "Is it usual for ponies to wear clothes all the time?"
  128. [2013-10-30 17:17:09] * Golden_Dream looks over at CopyCat and gives her a tired smile. "I always do." It was armor, but it was inoffensive enough, she thought.
  129. [2013-10-30 17:17:42] * Noble_Heart looks up to CopyCat, tilting her head to one side. "Clothing? Perhaps not. But armor has been most important to others, We have learned."
  130. [2013-10-30 17:18:53] * Shatara works on mounting the Twilight Cannon to the firewagon, having finished the ali-armor. He fits a detatchable bracket alongside the water nozzle, and installs a togglable ratcheting system to stablilze it for precise aim.
  131. [2013-10-30 17:20:00] * CopyCat tilts her head. "Ah, armor. Yes that should be a great help. Getting shot was painful."
  132. [2013-10-30 17:20:59] * Shatara takes occasional moments to admirehow the shiny armor accents CopyCat's form. He totally didn't do that intentionally...
  133. [2013-10-30 17:29:14] <Kkat> 3Both Bookwright and Shatara, over the course of the last two days, have scavenged ammunition.  Shatara found himself an additional prize in the form of a jar of powder useful in crafting rifle rounds.
  134. [2013-10-30 17:29:54] * Bookwright meets Shatara in passing and passes him the ECPs. It's his weapon, after all.
  135. [2013-10-30 17:33:03] <Kkat> 3Golden_Dream finds Mare-Do-Well at the firewagon.  "Hey... for what it's worth, I know what it's like to have hoof-in-mouth disease."
  136. [2013-10-30 17:34:13] * Golden_Dream just kind of takes that. "Yeah. At least you probably didn't do it on purpose." She just looks... Tired and depressed.
  137. [2013-10-30 17:34:53] * Shatara looks at the EC's oddly.He's really not a pewpewing type...
  138. [2013-10-30 17:36:26] * Noble_Heart moves up to CopyCat. "We think you look good in that armor."
  139. [2013-10-30 17:38:54] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well looks away.  "No.  I was just... self-absorbed and kinda oblivious."
  140. [2013-10-30 17:39:59] * Golden_Dream smirks a little. "I'm guessin' meetin' Rainbow Dash changed that?"
  141. [2013-10-30 17:41:12] * CopyCat smiles. "Thank you Noble. I do feel quite secure, and it doesn't even get in the way of my wings. Shatara did a wonderful job."
  142. [2013-10-30 17:43:04] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well blinks.  "Well..."  The she smirks, "...It is kinda imp... super-duper hard to be more awesome than Rainbow Dash."
  143. [2013-10-30 17:43:29] * Noble_Heart chuckles. "We're glad it suits you so well." She sighs quietly. "We apologize again for Our outburst earlier."
  144. [2013-10-30 17:43:36] * Shatara blushes as he continues tinkering.
  145. [2013-10-30 17:45:24] * Golden_Dream gives her that tired smile some more. "I'm guessin' she was real lucky to have a pony like you for a friend."
  146. [2013-10-30 17:48:32] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well mulls that over before saying, "Any pony with good friends is real lucky to have them."
  147. [2013-10-30 17:52:08] * Golden_Dream frowns. And then she was quiet for a time. And then she started sniffling.
  148. [2013-10-30 17:55:31] * Golden_Dream sniffled some more. It became a little more than she could handle. "Y-yeah. I-I-I kn-kn..." And then her eyes became blurry, completely against her will.
  149. [2013-10-30 17:56:57] * CopyCat says nothing but lays a wing over Golden_Dream's back. Her barding stopped her from hugging tightly.
  150. [2013-10-30 17:59:10] * Noble_Heart looks down to Golden Dream and reaches out a forehoof to pull the filly closer, hugging her gently as well.
  151. [2013-10-30 18:02:00] * Bookwright is just no good at the comforting thing, so he's made himself busy giving the firewagon a good washing and polishing.
  152. [2013-10-30 18:02:17] * Golden_Dream exploded into tears. The more she tried to hold them back, the more they came. "I... I didn't mean t' do any of this. I didn't mean t' hurt Noble, I didn't mean t' hurt Mare-Do-Well, I didn't even mean t' get called a fuckin'..." She couldn't even really say it. "All I did was jus' wanna get home. I'm not a fuckin' hero, I'm just th' most selfish fuckin' thing ever. And I don't deserve what...
  153. [2013-10-30 18:02:19] * Golden_Dream ...they say."
  154. [2013-10-30 18:05:07] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well tries a ghostly winghug on Golden_Dream.  She scowls when it's no more effective than ever.
  155. [2013-10-30 18:06:14] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well is quiet a while, then finally bristles, jumping up into the air.  "Well, let's go already!"  She adds, "I am SO over the Crystal Empire."
  156. [2013-10-30 18:07:04] * Bookwright whistles while he works. Yeah, this firewagon is gonna be shiny as /fuck/ when he's done!
  157. [2013-10-30 18:08:06] * CopyCat double blinks at Golden_Dream. "Your ghost friend is coming with us?"
  158. [2013-10-30 18:08:54] * Golden_Dream doesn't know, and so brings some tear-soaked eyes up to her.
  159. [2013-10-30 18:10:07] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side slightly at CopyCat's question.
  160. [2013-10-30 18:20:29] * CopyCat smiles. "Well I don't mind mind at all. More friends the better. Shatara, is the wagon all ready for us?"
  161. [2013-10-30 18:21:46] * Shatara looks over it. "Uh, I guess so?"
  162. [2013-10-30 18:22:17] * Golden_Dream nodnods, then smiles.
  163. [2013-10-30 18:26:52] * Golden_Dream still feels like shit.
  164. [2013-10-30 18:31:03] * CopyCat stands ready in front of the wagon, waiting to be hooked up.
  165. [2013-10-30 18:32:51] * Shatara gets to work hitching CopyCat to the wagon with a bit of a blush.
  166. [2013-10-30 18:33:41] * Noble_Heart moves to get hooked up with CopyCat. "We shall set out soon. Into the wild lands of the Zebras."
  167. [2013-10-30 18:35:09] * Golden_Dream gets onto the wagon.
  168. [2013-10-30 18:38:48] * Bookwright steps into the wagon and examines the pintle-mounted weapon. "Yes, this will definitely come in handy, I think. Whenever you're ready, ladies."
  169. [2013-10-30 18:39:28] * Noble_Heart nods her head. "We are prepared!" She rears up briefly before beginning to move forwards with CopyCat.
  170. [2013-10-30 18:40:10] * Shatara finishes securing the harnesses and sits up on the wagon.
  171. [2013-10-30 18:41:09] * CopyCat takes a moments to cast Equestria's Love on Noble_Heart and herself before synching her movements with the other alicorn. "I am ready."
  172. [2013-10-30 18:58:33] <Kkat> 3Mare-Do-Well flies in circles around the group, looking antsy to leave.  Why she just hasn't flown off already is anypony's guess.
  173. [2013-10-30 18:59:17] * Noble_Heart moves with CopyCat off towards the distant snow-covered mountains, and the lands beyond.
  174. [2013-10-30 19:04:28] <Kkat> 3Moments later, the Crimson's Caravans group of adventurers sets off.  Within minutes, they are swooping across the line where the Crystal Empire ends and into the savage snowstorm that awaits them on the other side.  The wind has teeth, the cold is a vicious shock to those not protected by Equestria's Love, even with their barding.
  175. [2013-10-30 19:08:26] <Kkat> 3Swiftly, the ruins of the Crystal Empire Train Station whisk by underneath.  Fighting the wind, the group turn towards the north once again...
  176. [2013-10-30 19:08:38] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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