DSYITF - Round 1 - Reviews

zoasBE May 6th, 2013 58 Never
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  1. I tried to be crucial as a judge, but first of all, I tried to leave out favoritisms, personal preferences or prejudices, but also fairly critical and demanding.
  3. Maps and its judgements are sorted by chronological order.
  11. apse:
  13. kir -
  15. Gameplay, 9/15
  17. Not as tough, simply it is a map in which the endurance and concentration is key. The 'squeeze' and adventure feel was well done but it is really tedious in some of the holes. This could be much improved only by opening a bit more some of the punctual holes around the map. But also it have some nice sections. I am a passionate about the clean runs and this map does not let you easily get one of them, you can easily stumble. It could have be improved really much by only changing slightly some minimal tiles.
  19. Aesthetics, 3/15
  21. The aesthetic was fantastic, a really personal map and the author was able to give to it his usual style. One of the most stylish retiles this round. But he sacrificed gameplay for aesthetics, and I think this is the place to judge that, for this reason I do not give more than a 3.
  23. TOTAL: 12/20
  24. Not a bad map, but also not memorably good. A map that the player can easily skip or even lay aside after the first gameplays if you're not a judge of the competition, or an huge apse fan.
  28. Not posted a Re-object of the Re-tile.
  30. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 20: 12/20
  31. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  33. blue_rocks:
  35. I Cut Myself In The Finger -
  37. Gameplay, 7.5/15
  39. Although I like the gold patterns on the left and the challenge that the rocket provides for this area and to obtain them, I believe that on this map there were many 'leftover' things as that area, or some of the groups/gold challenges in the central area. There was plenty of distracting and not needed things around the map making it into something so long that it stops being fun. Also some of the 4/8-tiles worked in a bad way here, this could have been corrected with some one-ways or limiting the gameplay in those areas. On the other hand some of the mechanics with thwumps were really interesting, and the relaxed and puzzle-ish feel by not choosing active enemies (not counting thwumps) in the central area was also good. For this, it's a map just approved.
  41. Aesthetics, 2.5/5
  43. Again, in the approved limit. There were interesting patterns such as the gold circles and the mines on top of the 8-tiles, but also it had ugly things like the one-ways and mines cutting the road. Too many unnecessary things overloading the overall aesthetic. I guess since it is a re-object here I should score the aesthetics and layout for the objects right?
  45. TOTAL: 10/20
  46. It could be a very interesting entry but sadly it lost in immensity of things added. With my Completion run I show something that would have been really well in terms of playability and lenght.
  50. Untitled - Re-tile of the Re-object
  52. Gameplay, 5/15
  54. I will suspend this map because I think it was the responsibility of the author as tile-maker that this previous set of objects (that HE created to make matters even worse) will work with the new tiles he must create, and unfortunately it did not. There are many tiles that hinder the game, many, like the ones in the first rocket area, the 5-tile gaps, many of the transitions between different zones, like those uncomfortable tiles in the gold circles area with that rocket, like other small gaps between golds, thwumps and those strange bitten circles, like... After all of this for me is hard to find something interesting. You really needed to make this map so annoying to play?
  56. Aesthetics, 0.5/5
  58. What an ugly map. Nothing worked with anything. Both the aesthetics of the tiles, which are disorganized, ugly and inpersonal, much as the previous layout of objects that did not worked with the tiles. It was as simple as placing tiles in its correct place man.
  60. TOTAL: 5.5/20
  61. I think I've said it all, and to say more would be repeating myself. Honestly, I think you should have tried a little more, or at least ask yourself if this map was worth. And then, having made a new one.
  63. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 15.5/40
  64. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. Kaprekar:
  68. Shot in the Foot -
  70. Gameplay, 11.5/15
  72. Highly enjoyed. Everything worked pretty well. I do not know if the author was aware of what she was doing, or was it on purpose, but leaving a clear and free path for the switches are not needed was a great, great idea. Start looking what it was necessary and what not, it was an interesting and fun experience, and also the map (gameplay) worked and helped for it. The rockets were not too overwhelming, and the different challenges worked well plus they could be made increasingly faster and better again and again and this is a plus. I liked the 'disorienting' look of this, but in a good way, and by that I mean it was really interesting to move slowly and realize that many things were not necessary for an AGD. Some tiny points could have been greatly improved, but this is negligible.
  74. Aesthetics, 3/5
  76. Interesting and good choice as were used just 5 and E-tiles. Building a nice structure. Nor surprisingly surprising, but sometimes simple and concise things like this works very well, both aesthetically and functionally.
  78. TOTAL: 14.5/20
  79. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this map, perhaps the most, this does not mean it's the best, but good enough for me. I like to prove what I say about its puzzle appearance with my collection of demos on NUMA, and it was not until when I tried the Speedrun that I realized that even after ruling immensity of things, there was still some more. Great.
  83. Shot in the Other Foot -
  85. Here we have an awesome example map. An example about:
  86. "How to ruin perfectly what could be a great puzzly map with lasers by a stupid mistake For Dummies"
  87. What about you? It was necessary to make it impossible to return to the Exit? If not impossible, it is inappropriately close to it, more with lasers just lying around. I have traveled around the map enough looking for something, trap-doors, whatever which make this possible, but there was nothing. While playing this map I realized that it has an amazing potential, puzzles here and there with those lasers, also really fun jumps. But that was a blunder. I made the proof that it was impossible (or really close to it) by re-placing the Ninja and tried to reach the Exit, demos attached are the proof.
  88. Not sure if this was a joke in a bad taste by Kaprekar, if it were, it was not funny. And if not, this proves what I've said in countless times; "Never, never give out a map without getting yourself two full demos, all the gold and speedrun." at least make sure that the Exit it's reachable.
  89. I'm not scoring this map, and if I need to do this, it's a rounded zero from me.
  91. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 20: 14.5/20
  92. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 14.5/40
  94. $###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|5^612,564!12^672,348!12^672,372!12^672,396!12^672,420!12^672,444!12^672,468!12^744,348!12^744,372!12^744,396!12^744,420!12^744,444!12^744,468!12^600,276!12^600,300!12^600,324!12^600,348!12^600,372!12^600,396!12^600,420!12^600,444!12^600,468!12^600,492!12^600,516!12^600,540!12^672,276!12^672,156!12^672,108!12^672,60!12^672,36!12^744,108!12^744,84!12^744,36!12^672,540!12^744,540!12^528,276!12^528,420!12^528,444!12^528,468!12^528,492!12^528,564!12^336,132!12^336,108!12^336,84!12^336,60!12^336,36!12^336,252!12^336,276!12^336,300!12^336,324!12^336,348!12^336,372!12^336,396!12^336,420!12^336,444!12^336,468!12^336,492!12^336,516!12^336,540!12^264,252!12^264,132!12^264,108!12^264,336!12^264,372!12^600,156!12^600,132!12^600,84!12^600,60!12^96,204!12^96,84!12^96,36!12^96,228!12^96,252!12^96,276!12^96,300!12^96,324!12^96,348!12^96,468!12^96,492!12^96,516!12^96,540!12^96,564!12^168,468!12^168,540!12^168,564!12^168,372!12^168,348!12^168,84!12^168,60!12^168,324!12^600,108!11^480,348,708,558!12^672,180!12^672,300!9^216,276,0,0,31,2,1,-1,0!9^564,168,1,0,26,21,1,0,0!9^84,336,0,0,14,23,1,-1,0!9^576,108,0,1,28,14,0,0,0!9^576,108,0,1,30,14,0,-1,0!9^576,108,0,1,30,15,0,-1,0!12^600,36!9^228,348,0,0,4,6,1,-1,0!9^216,120,0,0,10,1,1,0,0!0^756,36!0^756,96!0^690,456!0^726,456!0^696,432!0^720,432!0^726,408!0^690,408!0^696,384!0^762,66!0^474,216!0^480,240!0^474,264!0^450,264!0^444,240!0^450,216!0^444,192!0^450,168!0^444,144!0^420,144!0^414,168!0^420,192!0^414,216!0^390,168!0^390,216!0^378,192!0^204,558!0^228,216!0^234,192!0^228,168!0^228,144!0^204,216!0^198,192!0^204,168!0^198,144!6^132,252,0,0,1,3!6^588,108,1,0,1,2!0^180,564!0^228,564!7^144,516,3!7^156,300,3!7^480,132,3!2^636,576,0,-1!2^396,576,0,-1!2^36,576,0,-1!9^72,564,0,0,28,3,1,-1,0#834:17825792|17895697|97587473|89478485|89478485|89478485|1093|17895696|17895697|71582912|71582788|89478468|89478485|89478485|71587157|107741184|40265318|139810|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|35791392|8738|0|0|0|0|0|17895680|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|33554449|35791394|34|0|0|17825792|17895697|89510161|89478485|89478485|89478485|17913173|89480465|105141589|35791398|35791394|546|0|17895696|273|0|139808|0|0|0|0|0|17825792|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17|0|35782656|35791394|2|0|0|0|17895697|89510161|89478485|89478485|89478485|17895765|89985297|71652693|35808870|2236962|71614464|89478212|71583061|71582788|89478484|107373637|107374182|34|35790848|2|0|0|0|0|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17|33554432|35791394|139810|0|0|17825792|17895697|17895697|89478493|5
  96. $###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|5^612,564!12^672,348!12^672,372!12^672,396!12^672,420!12^672,444!12^672,468!12^744,348!12^744,372!12^744,396!12^744,420!12^744,444!12^744,468!12^600,276!12^600,300!12^600,324!12^600,348!12^600,372!12^600,396!12^600,420!12^600,444!12^600,468!12^600,492!12^600,516!12^600,540!12^672,276!12^672,156!12^672,108!12^672,60!12^672,36!12^744,108!12^744,84!12^744,36!12^672,540!12^744,540!12^528,276!12^528,420!12^528,444!12^528,468!12^528,492!12^528,564!12^336,132!12^336,108!12^336,84!12^336,60!12^336,36!12^336,252!12^336,276!12^336,300!12^336,324!12^336,348!12^336,372!12^336,396!12^336,420!12^336,444!12^336,468!12^336,492!12^336,516!12^336,540!12^264,252!12^264,132!12^264,108!12^264,336!12^264,372!12^600,156!12^600,132!12^600,84!12^600,60!12^96,204!12^96,84!12^96,36!12^96,228!12^96,252!12^96,276!12^96,300!12^96,324!12^96,348!12^96,468!12^96,492!12^96,516!12^96,540!12^96,564!12^168,468!12^168,540!12^168,564!12^168,372!12^168,348!12^168,84!12^168,60!12^168,324!12^600,108!11^480,348,708,558!12^672,180!12^672,300!9^216,276,0,0,31,2,1,-1,0!9^564,168,1,0,26,21,1,0,0!9^84,336,0,0,14,23,1,-1,0!9^576,108,0,1,28,14,0,0,0!9^576,108,0,1,30,14,0,-1,0!9^576,108,0,1,30,15,0,-1,0!12^600,36!9^228,348,0,0,4,6,1,-1,0!9^216,120,0,0,10,1,1,0,0!0^756,36!0^756,96!0^690,456!0^726,456!0^696,432!0^720,432!0^726,408!0^690,408!0^696,384!0^762,66!0^474,216!0^480,240!0^474,264!0^450,264!0^444,240!0^450,216!0^444,192!0^450,168!0^444,144!0^420,144!0^414,168!0^420,192!0^414,216!0^390,168!0^390,216!0^378,192!0^204,558!0^228,216!0^234,192!0^228,168!0^228,144!0^204,216!0^198,192!0^204,168!0^198,144!6^132,252,0,0,1,3!6^588,108,1,0,1,2!0^180,564!0^228,564!7^144,516,3!7^156,300,3!7^480,132,3!2^636,576,0,-1!2^396,576,0,-1!2^36,576,0,-1!9^72,564,0,0,28,3,1,-1,0#1237:17825792|17895697|219222289|89478485|89478485|89478485|279637|17895696|17825809|71614465|71582788|89474116|89478485|89478485|107365444|107374182|35792486|34|0|0|35651584|139810|0|0|0|16777216|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17|35791392|35791394|34|0|17895680|1|0|17825792|17895697|17895697|89478609|89478485|89478485|89478485|279893|0|0|0|0|35791392|35791394|0|0|17895680|17895697|219222289|89478485|89478485|89478485|71582805|17895492|17|69888|71582912|71582788|107374148|71582788|89478212|105141589|35791462|2236962|0|17891328|4369|71582912|71582788|71582788|71582788|71582788|71582788|33554436|35791394|2236962|16777216|1118481|0|0|0|17895680|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|273|35791394|2236962|0|0|0|0|0|0|17895697|219222289|89478485|89478485|89478485|17892421|17895697|201396497|105137220|71722598|4|35790848|8738|0|0|17895680|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|1|35791392|35791394|546|17895424|273|16777216|17895697|219222289|89478485|89478485|72701269|16777220|17895697|201396497|89408580|89478485|71583061|71591526|71582788|71582788|17476|0|0|0|33554432|2236962|0|0|0|17895680|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|35651584|35791394|35791394|2|17895697|1|0|17825792|17895697|17895697|89480465|349525
  98. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  100. kyozo_43:
  102. Eukanuba -
  104. Gameplay, 11/15
  106. A good one. Everything here worked really fine, also the open feel and the comfort of the structure in many of the parts makes the main room and the general gameplay in an intense and enjoyable experience. The type of fast-paced gameplay with the two rockets in that open space was well done and in fact, I really enjoyed dodging them here with this high-paced, was fun to move in that speed, these structures are very interesting for this. And it had a good degree of highscore/playability. The challenge for the Exit key obtainment was also nice, as well as the Speedrun option. Here we have a map in where 4/8-tiles worked in the good way. Some complaints, I'm not legitimately sure about that the golds in the top left are worthwhile from a highscoring perpective, since you have to take many switches to being able to get them, and the reward of only five pieces it is not much, and then due this, the thwumps area was lost. Also, the entrance to the Exit by the right when Highscoring (not Speedrunning) was a bit awkward at times, and also a complaint about the aesthetics creativity but I'll judge it there. Overall, a really nice and enjoyable map in terms of gameplay.
  108. Aesthetics, 2.5/5
  110. Just approved. Sometimes simple things like this works really better than complex ones. But not as simple, even less when it is a competition in where you try to show your creativity. There were countless possibilities since it was a re-tile, and you simply chose the same pattern/style as the original, 8/4/E-tiles, and I found this poorly creative and impersonal, but hey it worked fine and there was no annoying places and the layout of objects fit properly. So, just approved.
  112. TOTAL: 13.5/15
  113. While it is a fairly simple map, a bit impersonal, and without any imaginative or really surprising mechanics, it is a map that works very well and offers a great experience of high-paced action. It is interesting to play and also to Highscore.
  117. Pomeranian Salad -
  119. Gameplay, 10.5/15
  120. This map has a cool collection of challenges, like the top mined chamber with seeker, and the collection of groups of golds by jumping off the launchpads, but it was that, a disjointed collection. It seems just a bit lacking of links, sense and order.
  122. Aesthetics, 2/5
  123. Clean and really interesting in the vast majority of the parts, and with cool touches, like pairs of switches, mines only placed almost in that room, and such cool touches. But overall, it seemed a collection of cool stuff scattered without much rhyme or reason to fit enough.
  125. TOTAL: 12.5/20
  127. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 26/40
  128. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  130. fingersonthefrets:
  132. TOES -
  134. Gameplay, 12/15
  135. It had nice race-ish aspects in the gameplay, which makes the map interesting to master, althought could have been improved in some parts, but it has an unconventional nice gameplay.
  137. Aesthetics, 3.5/5
  138. Quite personal and interesting. It used well some different kind of tiles, like 1/3/6/2... Gives to the whole structure a nice cavern'ish feel and also creating a challenging flowy (hard to find) gameplay, and it fits good with its usual mapping style.
  140. TOTAL: 15.5/20
  142. Not posted a Re-object of the Re-tile
  144. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 20: 15.5/20
  145. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  147. 123leonidas321:
  149. Untitled - Retile
  151. Gameplay, 8/15
  152. There are some nice interesting ideas, but the whole experience it's a bit annoying due the gaps and the functionality of the 5-tiles. It was quite tedious to move from here to there, and unexciting.
  154. Aesthetics, 2.5/15
  155. Not bad, but also nothing remarkable. Just a simple structure of 5/E-tiles, which I personally think, that does not make much sense, and that was done just to be done.
  157. TOTAL: 10.5/20
  161. Christopher -
  163. Gameplay, 8.5/15
  164. Again, it is a really unpolished map. There are pretty interesting ideas, but the whole execution was really poor. Too many unnecessary things here and there, and also making the whole game experience in something really awkward due the 5-tiles and the objects position, and long, really long. Not enjoyable.
  166. Aesthetics, 2/5
  167. Had good ideas on the layout, but in the end, the final result looks dirty and overloaded. It could use large amounts of helpful one-ways to improve the comfort while playing, and I did not see any.
  169. TOTAL: 10.5/20
  171. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 21/40
  172. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  174. 1211:
  176. Foot Doctor -
  178. Gameplay, 10/15
  179. It is easy to map 'decent' when there are some solid foundations in mapmaking, but simply that, something decent. Nothing really imaginative or memorable. And also sometimes may seem a little 'much' the chaingun and all that. It was a plus the Speedrun'ability in this map.
  181. Aesthetics, 2.5/15
  182. In the middle, the layout was clean and decent again, but simply that.
  184. TOTAL: 12.5/20
  188. ER -
  190. Gameplay, 11.5/15
  191. Much better. It worked really nice and the flow in the vast majority of the parts was delicious. Well done. But I'm not really sure about the worthwile of a couple of the gold pieces to a Highscore. I'm not rightfully about this, so I'm not lowering the score because that.
  193. Aesthetics, 3/5
  194. Yeah, now, much better. This map has style, and has been much more thought and imagined. I'm not sure about the full functionality of some of the tiny tiles here and there, but this is a small remark apart.
  196. TOTAL: 14.5/20
  198. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 27/40
  199. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  201. script:
  203. Untitled - Retile
  205. Gameplay, 11/15
  206. Usually E-tiles structures (with a little thought like here) works really good. Some of the transitions were uncomfortable, but it was a nice addition to separate the two rockets. This has a good 'maze' feel, but nothing really impressive.
  208. Aesthetics, 3.5/5
  209. While it is simple, really simple. It is good in terms of suggested symmetries.
  211. TOTAL: 14.5/20
  215. Untitled - Reobject of the Retile
  217. Gameplay, 10.5/15
  218. Well, It is intense and challenging, but too much. It was sometimes overloaded, because it uses almost all possible different enemy types, did not work too bad, but I would have removed a couple of them to make the experience much more enjoyable. Many mines were really misplaced, or at least in relation to the enemies. It felt at times like a minejumper full of enemies.
  220. Aesthetics, 2.5/5
  221. It looks clean and organized. But also slightly overloaded at some points.
  223. TOTAL: 13/20
  225. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 27.5/40
  226. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  228. Meta_Ing:
  230. WellIt'sSomething -
  232. Gameplay, 13/15
  233. A close winner. Flowed really well, the use of 1-tiles was well done making the gameplay really interesting. It was a bit hard in some of the parts, but hard in a good way, something that needs several replays to end up controlling the situation.
  235. Aesthetics, 3.5/5
  236. The clean aesthetic it is perfect because not only it is based on something simple, if not something that is also harmonic. Metanet appearance was really good. And the use of 1-tiles was superb.
  238. TOTAL: 16.5/20
  244. Gameplay, 13.5/15
  245. The winner of the round. This could well be a map included as a level of any in-game. It was really solid, challenging to master, and pretty interesting to Highscore. It is a clean map, but with much substance behind it. The collection of great challenges it is really good, and how they complement to each other was well made. Maybe it's not a map you will remember a lifetime, but it is solid enough to be the winner.
  247. Aesthetics, 4/5
  248. The structure was interesting as the best it could be, and I liked the idea of including some classic connotations as the big group of golds closed by a door, and some mined grounds. The mixture of enemies and also a good use of zap-drones.
  250. TOTAL: 17.5/20
  252. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 34/40
  253. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  255. vankusss:
  257. Untitled - Reobject
  259. Gameplay, 11/15
  260. I guess it is really interesting from a highscoring perspective. Choosing not to choose active enemies it is really interesting so that you can focus on getting better and better each time. But when you can master, may be a little lacking in sauce. Anyway, interesting entry.
  262. Aesthetics, 3/5
  263. This map made me laugh. The clean look it is fun, and also the mines. But it's crazy, and some of the groups of golds did not fit really well with the tiles. But I liked that it had a clear pattern and it is clean.
  265. TOTAL: 14/20
  269. Untitled - Retile of the Reobject
  271. Gameplay, 12/15
  272. Wow, tricky and technical. Here we have a twist in the competition. A map that is out of the typical, challenging, and fun. I like because it is something really unexpected and of course, it is well made. Also quite classy. You could have reduced the technical difficulty at some points, but this is again negligible.
  274. Aesthetics, 4/5
  275. I don't know why but it looks really well to me. It is clean, and the minimal use of the E-tiles, and its composition made this map it look like a level of a classic game. The crazy and carefree things like this are very interesting. Bravo by that lonely 4-tile!
  277. TOTAL: 16/20
  279. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 40: 30/40
  280. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  282. Sunset:
  284. let the music in tonight -
  286. Gameplay, 11/15
  287. It is great in some of the parts but also really awkward in some others. The degree of challenge was nice, and also the hidden flows, but it could be improved unimaginable, simply with some slight adjustments in the structure.
  289. Aesthetics, 3/15
  290. It is interesting as abstract art, which is typical in Sunset, but its functionality and harmony sometimes is unsatisfactory.
  292. TOTAL: 14/20
  294. GRANDTOTAL OUT OF 20: 14/20
  295. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  298. SUMMARY:
  300. apse: 12/20
  301. blue_rocks: 15.5/40
  302. Kaprekar: 14.5/40
  303. kyozo_43: 26/40
  304. frets: 15.5/20
  305. Leonidas: 21/40
  306. 1211: 27/40
  307. script: 27.5/40
  308. Meta: 34/40
  309. vankusss: 30/40
  310. Sunset: 14/20
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