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raw changelog for RC20

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Dec 22nd, 2020
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  1. Game
  2. - Better achievement descriptions
  3. - Revised Bandit dialogues
  4. - Zaton bug fixes
  5. - Fixed diffuse cracks blending
  6. - Fixed "white vignette" problem
  7. - Updated gasmask reflection shader
  8. - Shader fix for hard edge problem
  9. - Improved reflections
  10. - Fixed tactical flashlight cone
  11. - Restored missing TOZ34 prop texture in Trucks Cemetery
  12. - Optimised rock textures in Rostok
  13. - Fixed missing texture on an94 with 1p29 scope
  14. - Fix for fast travel crash with long names enabled
  15. - Fixed inventory bug with item picker: using an item inside picker with right-click cause it to stuck
  16. - Disabled a dynamic electro anomaly above X-18 entrance due to clipping issues, might need a new game to get rid of it
  17. - Fixed alife storage exploding after a while because of ammo stacking inside NPCs inventories
  18. - Better handling of weapon auto-lowering when talking to npcs
  19. - Fixed being unable to equip weapons after talking
  20. - Item Details UI will show installed upgrades now
  21. - Disabled home-made buck ammo from the game
  22. - Fixed RPM bar not showing in item info box
  23. - Fixed crash caused by item picker inside inventory
  24. - Improved sunshafts performance
  25. - Fixed particle brightness
  26. - Many updates to RU translation files
  27. - Background change for weather editor
  28. - Added callbacks to allow preventing of blowout and psi storm
  29. - Monolith suicide now uses a scripted grenade
  30. - Removed slowdown from CoP thermal zones
  31. - Fixed possible log spam
  32. - Trading no longer checks for relation
  33. - Stalkers no longer need ammo in inv to reload weapons, removed all script functions that give them 1 ammo
  34. - New debug button: List items to print a list of all items the target NPC has
  35. - New Lamp Script Binder to control custom sounds and flickering per lamp
  36. - Removed all occurrences of "add_cam_effector2" since it was removed from the engine
  37. - Better looking blowout earthquake effect
  38. - Fixed a cooking related bug
  39. - Fixed the door leading from Sarcophagus to Monolith Lab being bugged
  40. - Improved safe zone detection script
  41. - Fixed Forester's vise not being available to use after payment
  42. - Improved SVD "Lynx" hit damage
  43. - Fixed guitar and harmonica not playing music by player
  44. - Fixed a crash in Warfare with missing helicopter for bonus factions
  45. - Fix for DX8 indoors lighting
  46. - Fix: npc self healing actually increased bleeding
  47. - Fixed issue with static geometry lighting
  49. Engine
  50. - Many rendering improvements and shader updates
  51. - Added "anm_close_empty" and "snd_close_weapon_empty" to shotgun classes
  52. - Fixed "anm_reload_misfire_w_gl" reloading instead of clearing the jam
  53. - Added "snd_shot_misfire" and "snd_shot_misfire_actor" to WeaponMagazined, will play on the last shot before a misfire
  54. - Misfire state is now updated before playing the shoot sound
  55. - Reload animations can now use motion marks to update the ammo counter before the animation has finished playing
  56. - Removed "add_cam_effector2", just call "add_cam_effector" with or without the optional arguments instead
  57. - Fixed devices playing the zoom out animation before hiding on weapon reload
  58. - Use weapon barrel direction on fire if actor was moving (or always if g_firepos is on)
  59. - Added another argument to add_cam_effector() to adjust the cam effect "power"
  60. - Few fixes for LAnim and flickering lights
  61. - Fixed zoom draw animation not playing for custom devices
  62. - Added "is_on" and "is_flickering" script exports to hanging lamps
  63. - Added "level.iterate_nearest(pos,range,func)"
  64. - Added "GetFireMode" script export to weapons
  65. - Unlimited ammo now works as it should, npcs are able to reload without the need for ONE ammo item in their inventory.
  66. - Fixed underbarrel grenadelauncher reload
  67. - Removed bloodmarks spawning when hit by burners
  68. - script exports: "can_be_harmed" and "set_can_be_harmed"
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