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  1. black eagles route, late part 1 and part 2 plot
  2. crests originate from dragons
  3. sothis is a dragon
  4. there are two sothis, one bad and one good, both are connected, both have crest of flames, bad sothis is the leader of a dragon ruling empire
  5. there are two swords of creation, one for good sothis, one for bad sothis
  6. bad sothis is doing bad things to humans
  7. good sothis asks nemesis, who is bad sothis subordinate, to kill her so that bad sothis will die too
  8. nemesis agrees, and receives sothis crest and sword
  9. nemesis kills bad sothis, but bad sothis doesn't completely die, just braindead(?) for millenia
  10. nemesis creates a new empire
  11. seiros is good sothis daughter
  12. seiros' father was also killed, he is also the white undead dragon from the trailers
  13. seiros inherited her father's crest
  14. seiros is also a dragon
  15. seiros rebels against nemesis and kills him, then founds the church
  16. rhea is seiros
  17. byleth is distantly related to both bad sothis and good sothis
  18. the little sothis byleth talks to is the good sothis
  19. little sothis is a ghost
  20. nightcrawlers try to resurrect nemesis so they can restore bad sothis with his crest
  21. little good sothis knows this since she can see the future
  22. they fail to stop it tho
  23. little sothis along with rhea help byleth go back in time
  24. rhea dies shortly after
  25. little sothis also goes "poof" when she sents him back
  26. byleth double fails again, but brings good adult sothis back to the present, and somehow she is alive now, but weak
  27. meanwhile war is going on
  28. undead braindead nemesis and bad sothis are both alive now
  29. nemesis wields bad sothis sword of creation now
  30. bad sothis cult manipulates edelgard's subordinates to attack dimitri's kingdom
  31. then offer to help dimitri, dimitri together with them retaliate
  32. edelgard is mad and wants to completely destroy dimitri for attacking the empire
  33. byleth comes and changes her mind and tells her what is happening
  34. most of her traitor subordinates, who attacked dimitris kingdom, orchestrate a coup
  35. edelgard and byleth flee to monastery
  36. bad sothis is new leader of empire now
  37. edelgard and byleth seek the help of claude, who was staying mostly neutral
  38. claude doesn't trust edelgard, but byleth vouches for her
  39. dimitri is killed in a battle against edelgard, byleth and claude
  40. claude is later also killed in a battle against undead nemesis
  41. edelgard and byleth defeat nemesis and get the second sword of creation
  42. bad sothis is like ultra powerful now
  43. byleth with help of sothis fuse the swords to create the true sword of creation
  44. byleth kills bad sothis with the sword
  45. good sothis also disappears for good
  46. all the crests are gone for good too
  47. byleth and edelgard supposedly rebuild fodlan
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