Cold Edge Anon Part 16

May 15th, 2014
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  1. "We thought you was a toad. I mean, thinking about natural crystals and magic and things."
  2. > Sombrocolli puts a hoof on your shoulder out of concern.
  3. "Art thou truly well? My purposes may be postponed until thy recovery, for thou art dear to me, yea and central to my vision's realization."
  4. > You are actually a little touched.
  5. "Thanks, brother, but I am equal to my task. "
  6. >A purple beam shoots out of your element of brotherhood, and strikes the wall.
  7. > There is now an intense picture of you and Somgeria clasping hooves with an explosion in the background.
  8. > Discord, you magnificent bastard.
  9. > Somea is clearly inspired.
  10. "The strength of the brotherhood stands as a testament to thy resolve! Let it stand, and inspire all who come after. I bid thee farewell, brother Anonymous, and good fortune."
  11. > You clasp hooves and
  12. > A white beam shoots from his element right into your face.
  13. > You suddenly feel like you could do anything!
  14. "Farewell, Brother Sombra! May fate smile upon thy pursuit of the maiden!"
  15. > You turn, dramatically wishing an icy cape into existence for the sole purpose of swishing about.
  16. > Ice gathers in great sweeping motions around the pile of gems.
  17. > You ascend some freshly made stairs, Frozen at your side, as you will a grandiose carriage into existence.
  18. > The gems collect in the back, and you step lightly onto the roof.
  19. > The stairs sweep away to form a giant ice tiger, hitched to the front.
  20. > You pose dramatically.
  21. "By the power of iceskull! Blizzard Blizzard Cats Hooooooo!"
  22. > The carriage lurches into motion, speeding down the street and out the northern gate.
  23. > Frozen bumps you with her shoulder.
  24. "Beloved, you are drunk. Let me drive."
  25. > You smile fondly.
  26. "As you wish."
  27. > You form a seat and set back, admiring your wife's choice plot.
  28. > As she steps up, the carriage takes on more aerodynamic curves, and the rooftop is enclosed in a thin ovaloid shell of ice.
  29. > The tiger's limbs grow longer, and its mouth seals shut.
  30. > You can see a wavy distortion in the air around the carriage, and you get the idea that someone is in a hurry to get this done.
  32. > In no time at all, the carriage is bouncing up the steps to the Dragonhold main cavern.
  33. > As you venture into the warmer inner caves, you feel the effects of Dawnbro's beam wear off.
  34. > Polychromasia is just as you had left her, which brings an odd sense of nostalgia, despite it only being a couple days since you list saw her.
  35. > She doesn't look any more patient, so you get right to business.
  36. "Good morning. Sombra would like to hire two hundred of your hatchlings. I bring ten thousand gems in payment."
  37. > You coax the pile out of the carriage, setting it before the white dragoness on a wide dish of ice.
  38. > She brings her head down and sniffs the pile, then delicately licks one gem into her mouth.
  39. > She pulls back and taps her claws idly on the stone floor.
  40. "Does he think I would not notice what he is doing?"
  41. > Crap. Did he accidentally poison the gems or something?
  42. > She continues.
  43. "My mines are quite extensive, ambassador. It's true that I don't bother much with the surface, but I am far from ignorant of what goes on there."
  44. > She licks up another gem. At least they're not poisoned.
  45. "I'll get to the point. You have expanded onto land that is directly above my mines. Tell your king that his sovereignty extends five feet down and no more."
  46. > You bow low.
  47. "I shall do as you say."
  48. > Polychromasia nods absently, still tapping her claws.
  49. > You wait.
  50. > She stops tapping.
  51. "Tell him this as well. Let us have a pact of mutual defense. As our kingdoms are right on top of each other, any invasions would be quite inconvenient for the both of us."
  52. > She licks up another gem, and you get the feeling that they are more appetizing than natural gems.
  53. "Now, for those hatchlings."
  54. > A thought occurs to you.
  55. "Before you call them, if there are any in romantic relations, those would be preferable."
  56. > She gives you an startled look.
  57. "Trying for a foursome, are you?"
  58. > What.
  59. "No, it's for the farming. The seeds require certain conditions to grow, such as are provided by romantic couples."
  60. > The dragoness shrugs.
  61. "Whatever pulls your wagon. Oh, and congratulations on the branding, it's nice to see the old ways being upheld."
  62. > Old ways? Come to think of it, you're pretty sure Mr. Cake wasn't branded...
  63. > You glance at Frozen, who smiles back.
  64. > You turn back to Polychromasia, who chose that moment to let out a long shriek.
  65. > You cover your ears, but you can feel the very stone under your feet resonate with that voice.
  66. > Then the dragoness settles back down on her pile of treasure.
  67. > Echoes of scales on stone rise up from the tunnel mouths, soon followed by a host of dragonlings pouring out into the main cavern.
  68. "Children, I have a new task for you. The Candy King requires farmers. In particular, romantic couples for unspecified reasons, whom I do not doubt shall receive extra gems for their services."
  69. > She glances at you meaningfully, and you nod, wishing she had worded that better.
  70. > Polychromasia continues,
  71. "They shall take the first two hundred volunteers, with preference for couples."
  72. > There is a great deal of murmuring, as well as generalized blushing.
  73. > The hatchlings approach you, and you separate them by romantic status, keeping careful tally.
  74. > You can see many dragons holding intense, hushed conversations.
  75. > There is a fair amount of slapping and storming off to the single dragons group.
  76. > It's rather uncomfortable, how you and Frozen are getting a lot of speculative glances, so you decide to say something.
  77. "Let's get something straight here. The seeds you will be planting react to affection. Couples will be required to kiss in order to start the seeds growing. That is all."
  78. > The is a small murmur of disappointment, but it is quickly covered by renewed conversation among the formerly disinclined.
  79. > In the end, you end up with seventy six coupled dragons and one hundred twenty four single dragons.
  81. > You have to admit, it is rather gratifying to drive down a road with two hundred dragons walking and flying behind you.
  82. > Two slender dragonettes, a green and a black, swoop down to land on the carriage roof.
  83. > The green nudges the black dragon.
  84. > She nervously smooths back her spines and says,
  85. "So... were you interested in foursomes? Because Emerald and I are quite-"
  86. > You hold up a hoof.
  87. "Ladies, I am happily married."
  88. > Emerald blinks.
  89. "So?"
  90. > The one who you are guessing is named Onyx head slaps her with her wing.
  91. "So we should be asking his wife, obviously. Mrs. Ice pony, would you be interested in having a foursome with us and your husband?"
  92. > Frozen walks around them in a slow circle.
  93. > When she returns to your side she says,
  94. "What is your life expectancy?"
  95. > They glance at each other.
  96. "Forever?"
  97. > Come to think of it, that one dragon was taking a one hundred year nap, so they have to live pretty long.
  98. > Frozen rubs her chin.
  99. "Get back to me at nightfall, and I'll let you know what I decide."
  100. > They glance at each other again and giggle.
  101. > They take off before you can say anything, so you just end up looking at Frozen and feeling conflicted.
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