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  1. <Faradon>  wb spirit= people fighting against each other in similiar armor and with similiar weapons, equality. players have to improve their actual fighting style to get better. teamplay is often used and fun.       crpg spirit=nolifers with awesome equipment against normal people, you get better through investing as much time as possible to gain more uber inventory. no teamplay, fighting abilities not important.
  2. <Rahl_Braeden> Really?
  3. * Venom__ ( has joined #mount&blade-crpg
  4. <Rahl_Braeden> I haven't noticed that myself.
  5. <Leiknir> fuck teamplay, I got a black armor
  6. <Faradon> WB is dead.
  7. <Rahl_Braeden> Are you quoting that from somewhere?
  8. <Faradon> No.
  9. <@cmpxchg8b> there's always strategus.
  10. <Faradon> Strategus is the same shit with map
  11. <Garguro> souls are overrated
  12. <Rahl_Braeden> Heh.
  13. <Garguro> lives too
  14. <Garguro> i had one once...
  15. <Leiknir> btw for the guys who fought for me yesterday, it seems we had inferior equipment ;)
  16. <Garguro> bah humbug :P
  17. <Rahl_Braeden> If you think Strategus involves no teamplay, I'd very much enjoy fighting you in it, Faradon.
  18. <@chadz> i get why there are people that don't like crpg, what i don't get why some people feel the urge to stop other people from playing crpg
  19. * DRZ_Nebun ( Quit (Quit: Page closed)
  20. <Garguro> chadz douchebags are douchebags
  21. * Garguro shrugs
  22. <Rahl_Braeden> If I can't have fun, then nobody can!
  23. <Faradon> I thinks its just sad that crpg could have been so much better without all this grinding.
  24. <Rahl_Braeden> ...
  25. <Leiknir> well, but how to get equipment then?
  26. <@cmpxchg8b> [15:27:46] <Garguro> chadz douchebags are douchebags
  27. <Garguro> what grinding?
  28. <@cmpxchg8b> finally you confess!
  29. <@cmpxchg8b> :p
  30. <Garguro> lol cmpx
  31. <Rahl_Braeden> There's only grinding if you want to grind.
  32. <Faradon> <Garguro> what grinding?
  33. <Faradon> you serious?
  34. <Garguro> wheres an ascii middle finger when you need it
  35. <Rahl_Braeden> ..|..
  36. <Leiknir> but Faradon, how would you give out equipment if not for playing?
  37. <Garguro> faradon, big deal for a couple of hours a new character is useless
  38. <Rahl_Braeden> I don't even think that is true.
  39. <Garguro> braeden lol, horrible
  40. <Faradon> more equal equipment
  41. <Olis> Faradon is a bright one.  "I love cRPG, mostly.  If they'd just get rid of equipment, and leveling, and that Strategus thing, it would be perfect!"
  42. <Venom__> is there a random ban bug?
  43. <Rahl_Braeden> Where's the fun in that, Faradon?
  44. <Leiknir> well, the hardcore players will have the best "equal" equipment soon again
  45. <Rahl_Braeden> If other people don't have better equipment than me, its not even entertaining.
  46. <Rahl_Braeden> I mean, throwing axes would just be op without plate users to form challenges.
  47. <Faradon> I didnt say crpg and strategus suck
  48. <Olis> Faradon, I made a mod that will be PERFECT for you.  For now I'm calling it 'Native'.  It's so good they actually bundle it with the game, so you should already have it
  49. <Faradon> I already know taht native is the best gamemode
  50. * Rahl_Braeden snickers
  51. <Olis> Then maybe.. get the fuck off of here and go play it?
  52. * @cmpxchg8b gets pop-corn
  53. <Faradon> No.
  54. <Olis> Lol
  55. <Rahl_Braeden> Olis 1 - Faradon 0
  56. <Garguro> oh boy
  57. <Olis> Hai guyz, I like this other mod sooo much better.  Yours sucks.  But I'm going to play yours instead of the good one, though telling you how it sucks all the while.
  58. <Skurcey> wth my friend got attacked today on strategus and lost all stuff :( without warning :(
  59. * Garguro brings the Coca-Cola to cmpxchg8b's party
  60. * @cmpxchg8b throws out the Coca-Cola and gets some beer
  61. <BEAR> Guys
  62. <BEAR> im banned O.o
  63. <Olis> Is buggin
  64. <BEAR> i just wanted to go on a server
  65. <BEAR> D0
  66. <@cmpxchg8b> yeah, I banned you
  67. <BEAR> whut
  68. <Rahl_Braeden> Skurcey, did he not see the giant red text?
  69. <BEAR> bug =( ?
  70. <Olis> Or.. maybe today is no bears allowed day
  71. <@cmpxchg8b> I banned you
  72. <@cmpxchg8b> i hate animals
  73. <BEAR> =(
  74. <@cmpxchg8b> nah, there's a problem with TW servers.
  75. <Olis> a bear is no animal.  is machine.  KILLING MACHINE\
  76. <@cmpxchg8b> and I like animals.
  78. <BEAR> Olis what does it mean when your name is red :s?
  79. <Rahl_Braeden> Seems like there was indeed warning to me.
  80. <Faradon> crpg battles are all the same: round starts, people rush, people die (the ones with less good equipment), grinders feel awesome. repeat
  81. <Olis> On here it's red?
  82. <@cmpxchg8b> i kinda agree about the crpg battles
  83. <@cmpxchg8b> but strategus is not like that
  84. <BEAR> area no just the  [16:33] <Olis> a bear is no animal.  is machine.  KILLING MACHINE\ thing is red
  85. <Rahl_Braeden> Strategus is really entirely different.
  86. <@chadz> well, battles are pretty much the only thing i took over from native 1:1 :P
  87. <Olis> Well Faradon, hate to burst your bubble - But I'm in full friggin plate, high level, high stats.  And I get pwned by noob peasants constantly
  88. <BEAR> BEAR
  89. <Rahl_Braeden> Chadz - 1
  90. <BEAR> FORCE
  91. <BEAR> ONE
  92. <BEAR> :3
  93. <BEAR> i miss the yoshibot =(
  94. <Rahl_Braeden> Faradon, you're getting behind on the zinger scoreboard.
  95. <Garguro> im so lost right now
  96. <Rahl_Braeden> Lets recap.
  97. <Garguro> lol
  98. <Rahl_Braeden> Faradon hates cRPG, thinks it should be more like Native which he thinks is awesome.
  99. <Rahl_Braeden> Olis thinks Faradon should go play native.
  100. <BEAR> native is dead :D
  101. <Rahl_Braeden> Chadz points out that the things Faradon dislikes are the things he took directly from Native.
  102. <Faradon> Olis you have to use a big two hander and pump up your stats so youre unblockable fast
  103. <Rahl_Braeden> Big Two Hander - Lance Bait
  104. <Olis> Faradon.. let me introduce you to a fantastic, cutting-edge invention.  They call it.. 'The Shield'
  105. <Faradon> Oh boy! Now I just have to grind enough to be fast enough to land a hit against those bazzilion of two hand spammers!
  106. <@okiN> Oh hey that's that TV show right?
  107. <@okiN> Faradon: cry moar
  108. <Faradon> Yes
  109. <Rahl_Braeden> If I can hit a 2h spammer, anyone can.
  110. <Rahl_Braeden> I'm just saying.
  111. <@okiN> It takes like one or two nights of play to be able to kill shit properly, and from there it just gets easier :E
  112. <Olis> I love it how people are like:  I get pwned in cRPG.  Therefore, cRPG is broken.   (What else could explain it?)
  113. <Rahl_Braeden> Even at level 1 you can get kill people.
  114. <Rahl_Braeden> Especially if you use your teammates as a weapon.
  115. <Garguro> the neverending debate
  116. <Rahl_Braeden> You'd be amazed how distracted even a plate guy gets when you plink him with rocks.
  117. <Olis> People never seem to consider the possibility that they simply arent very good
  118. <BaldRider> Them rocks be sharp
  119. <Faradon> I wouldnt get pwned in crpg if I invested enough time in it, but sadly this slashslashspamspam shit is too boring for me
  120. <Garguro> theres the people that grind and are happy with their shit
  121. <Garguro> and those that want instant gratification
  122. <Leiknir> Is retiring affected by TWs stuff? already got my charackter to retire to
  123. <Garguro> and expect balance or a fair fight between a level 1 and  a level 30
  124. <Rahl_Braeden> Man, Faradon, if you hate all the slashing just go be an archer.
  125. <Garguro> :/
  126. <Rahl_Braeden> If you hate there being differences in level, don't play an RPG
  127. <Garguro> braeden it isnt as easy as native
  128. <Olis> I love medieval fighting games!  I just hate all the swinging of weapons
  129. <@chadz> Faradon, what i really don't get - why are you telling us? what are you trying to achieve by telling us we are wasting our time?
  130. <@chadz> why is it bothering you?
  131. <Olis> Because everyone must believe what I believe!  There must be no dissention, aarhrrhh!!
  132. <Venom__> ban him so we can end this whole pointless trashtalk?
  133. <Venom__> not even funny anymore...
  134. <@chadz> i dont get this "crpg hate trend" - if you dont like it, leave it, whats so difficult?
  135. * Rahl_Braeden is now known as Faradon_
  136. <Faradon_> What's that?
  137. <BaldRider> The addiction.. It never ends! Mercy!
  138. <Garguro> <3
  139. <@okiN> chadz it's probably the perception that it's hurting native player counts
  140. <Faradon_> I'm sorry honey, I must go. Someone, somewhere, is wrong on the internet!
  141. * Faradon_ flies to the computer with lightning speed.
  142. * Belmont_ ( has joined #mount&blade-crpg
  143. <Olis> Lol
  144. <Faradon_> What you do is silly!
  145. <Belmont_> Any JJKL member here?
  146. <Faradon> Dont trxy to be funny please.
  147. <Olis> I only bought warband after I saw there was this cRPG mod:)
  148. <Faradon_> It would be so much better if it were something entirely different!
  149. <Faradon_> Native would be way cooler if they replaced the swords with guns, swords are lame and inefficient.
  150. <Faradon_> Bows have too much range, they should have the same range as swords so they aren't unfair.
  151. <Faradon_> Shields shouldn't block so much!
  152. * Faradon_ is now known as Rahl_Braeden
  153. <Rahl_Braeden> Okay, I'm done.
  154. <Faradon> That wasnt even funny
  155. <Olis> Can you guys imagine Faradon trying to play single player mode?  "Goddamn it Swadians, it's not FAIR!  I try to take over Praven, and there's like.. 200 of them against just me!  UNBALANCED!"
  156. * Zoltanus ( has joined #mount&blade-crpg
  157. <Faradon> I see you braindead people dont seem to get it
  158. <Rahl_Braeden> I thought it was pretty funny, Faradon.
  159. <Rahl_Braeden> I really, really don't.
  160. <Garguro> you guys ARE going too far mocking him :/
  161. * Fallen_Mtemtko ( has joined #mount&blade-crpg
  162. <Olis> Are we?  Or are we.. not going too far enough?
  163. * Templar_Knightl (~Templar_K@ has joined #mount&blade-crpg
  164. <Faradon> Oh noes, Im going to cry.... -.-
  165. <Garguro> but yea, i dont know why youre spinning in circles faradon
  166. <Rahl_Braeden> We clearly disagree with him. Evidence of this is that we are here, and play this mod.
  167. <@chadz> btw, can an admin please join eu crpg 2 and disable ban polls?
  168. <@chadz> it would ban everyone :)
  169. <@cmpxchg8b> k
  170. <Templar_Knightl> If you make me admin, I will :P
  171. <Olis> I love cRPG so bad, I play it all day
  172. <Rahl_Braeden> Since the conversation is pointless, I figure I might as well try to make it entertaining, Garguro.
  173. * Rahl_Mattheus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  174. <Olis> chadz fixed Warband, cause they left out the best part from the online play
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