Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C2 intro)

Dec 28th, 2019
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  1. Chapter 2
  3. Date Hiyori
  5. Intro
  7. The graduation ceremony and closing ceremony finished without any problems, we finally entered spring break. Forget the competition between students and take time to rest for a while.
  9. All students, of course, are not allowed to leave the school, but in particular they do not feel any discomfort from it.
  11. And the existence of Keyaki Mall is the biggest reason. Not only for school employees, but also for students here. There is no need to explain anymore, everything that is needed is here, such as cafes, various electronic grocery stores, karaoke and others.
  13. In fact, if you want to get the goods that much, all you need to do is send an application request and get permission via email. As long as you have enough personal points to do it, then you can go about your daily life freely.
  15. Luckily for grade 1 this year in any class, there's no need to worry about that problem.
  17. Because at least the lowest class D, on the first day of this April will get tens of thousands of points allowance.
  19. If you think about the allowance for all the average middle school students in this country, of course it is clearly a very large amount.
  21. But, many of them also have a difficult situation.
  23. One of them is me. In the contract with my classmate Kushida, I had promised to give half of my points to her. Initially I intended to anticipate that, But now the situation is starting to change a little.
  25. The contract with Kushida, What to do with her, this spring break I will decide. Will I follow my initial plan? Or I will choose a different choice ..?
  27. (TLN: For those who forget the original plan, Kiyo intends to Kushida expel.)
  29. The right to choose that choice now is not me anymore. Yeah, Spring break has just begun.
  31. No need to hurry.
  33. I put on my casual clothes and get ready to go out.
  35. I plan to spend most of my spring break relaxing in my room. But today I already have a little appointment with someone.
  37. I thought it would take some more time for her call to come. But unexpectedly it turned out pretty fast...
  39. After responding to the call from that person, I will contact another person.
  41. "Yeah, this is the final confirmation."
  43. This is the first day of spring break, so various adjustments are needed. But, there is no problem. Today's contacts has a very important meaning.
  45. This is not for today ... But for the final day of spring break.
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