Lost in Translation FINAL

Feb 1st, 2019
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  1. > You turn to where your sister, Generosity, and the Anomaly are sorting through the pile of stones and hiyuman artifacts
  2. > The Anomaly looks up at your approach
  3. > He hefts a crumpled boot with a wry smile
  4. > "Brobably not going to be hanythig useful here, just a lot of boods and molby clothes."
  5. > What an unfortunate accent
  6. > You grab the boot with your magic, turning it idly
  7. "Would it fit?"
  8. > He makes a nonplussed expression
  9. > "I'm not stigging my food in some old bood."
  10. > You roll your eyes
  11. "It shouldn't be difficult to find out. Now hold still."
  12. > You press your magic outward inside the boot, until it might actually hold a hiyuman foot
  13. > Then you wrap magic around his foot, trying to get a sense of-
  14. > The Anomaly makes a strangled cry, his leg twitching
  15. > You cut off your magic immediately, worry and a hint of guilt stirring in your gut
  16. "Did I injure you?"
  17. > He gives you a shaky smile
  18. > "Nah, it just tickled."
  19. > Then his eyes widen as he realises what he said
  20. > You grin, horn glowing with a dread light
  22. > Be Celestia
  23. > Well, at least Luna's getting some stress relief
  24. > You tune out Anom's yelps and laughter, and turn towards the only one excited by the artifacts
  25. > "Such unusual fabrics! Come, look at the pattern in this soft boot!"
  26. > You settle by Rarity and examine her find
  27. "Hmm, rather geometric."
  28. > She looks at you, her eyes sparkling with the joy of discovery
  29. > What a cute little pony
  30. > "Indeed, but what is more impressive is the regularity of the pattern across a curved surface! It's not painted or embroidered, but a dye set in fine lines with no blotching or bleeding. If I could just rediscover the method..."
  31. > She shivers in place, her mind exulting in the possibilities
  32. > Just then a finger trails across your flank
  33. > You surge halfway to your hooves in surprise, turning to find Anom looking at you pleadingly
  34. > "H-help me."
  35. > Luna laughs triumphantly behind him
  36. > "Yes! Vengeance is mine! Writhe more, worm!"
  37. > Blue magic flickers about Anom's feet, and he twitches and gasps, tears falling from his eyes
  38. "LUNA!"
  39. > Your voice snaps like a whip, startling her out of her melodramatics
  40. > Her magic fades, and she looks at you inquisitively
  41. > "Something the matter, dear sister?"
  42. > Anom rests a weary head against your leg, the small act bringing a bittersweet warmth to your heart
  43. "I know you and Anom have a..."
  44. > "Vendetta?" She helpfully supplies
  45. "Complicated relationship. But what did you hope to accomplish by torture, especially in my presence?"
  46. > Luna's ears slowly flatten against her head
  47. > Anom hefts an arm over your withers and stands with your support
  48. > You wrap a wing around him
  49. > He coughs
  50. > "It wasn't really torture, exactly. She just got over excited and tickled for too long."
  51. > You look him full in the face, searching his eyes for... something
  52. > He pats your head fondly
  53. > Why does that feel so good?
  54. > Like you have accomplished something amazing?
  55. "Very well."
  56. > Turning to your sister, you sigh
  57. "And you will be more careful?"
  58. > Luna nods with mock solemnity
  59. > "Indeed, I shall endeavor to tickle your consort in a more gentle and circumspect manner."
  60. > That is, behind your back, and perhaps not as long
  61. > This is your lot as older sister, you suppose
  62. "Are we about done here, then? Rarity?"
  63. > "Hm? Oh, yes, pardon me, let me just gather a few things and we can be off."
  64. > A veritable flock of boots float towards the chariot, and you find yourself charmed once again
  66. > Be Chrysalis
  67. > It's warm on the tower top
  68. > You turn the page of the book, warmed in a different way
  69. > Such tumultuous affairs these ponies record
  70. > A low buzzing approaches, then falls silent
  71. > You wait, your eyes focused on the extended metaphor you are choosing to interpret as oviposition
  72. > You suspect this is the appeal of the style, to insert whatever lewd act you desire in the soft belly of the poetry
  73. > You ignore the soft scraping behind you, stretching out an idle hand to play in the breeze
  74. > A faint green mist flows from your fingers down to a waiting mouth
  75. > The pressure that had been building up inside you seeps away, leaving a certain languid contentment
  76. > The last of the carrier drones crawls back down the outer wall, returning to its hivemates in the forest
  77. > The necessary deceit over, you close your book and gaze at a speck high in the sky
  78. > It seems your... bosom companions are returning from their little expedition
  79. > Time to retreat to Celestia's quarters
  81. > Be Anon, king of the boot hill
  82. > On your insistence, no less than three ponies are holding you solidly on top of the pile
  83. > Celestia insists it's not necessary, and Luna had a few things to say about what a frightened little colt you are being
  84. > Doesn't matter, flying in an open chariot car is scary, let alone on top of a pile of old boots
  85. > It's almost enough to distract you from brooding about the portal geode things
  86. > You honestly don't remember how you got to Equestria, and the scenery on the other side of the portals doesn't look familiar
  87. > In fact, it all seems to go to the middle of nowhere
  88. > There would be a very real possibility that you wouldn't be able to find your way back, even if you did make it to civilization
  89. > Not to mention that you aren't too keen on human governments getting wind of this horse paradise somehow
  90. > So, you are going to stay here
  91. > The next question is, what are you going to do?
  92. > You are probably the consort of a princess, which brings certain duties
  93. > Fun ones, but not really time consuming ones
  94. > Maybe you should learn how to massage a horse
  95. > You do want to take this seriously, clearly these mares need more happiness in their lives, and you seem to be good at providing it
  96. > Eh, if nothing else, you can try to write a book
  98. > When you finally land, you hop eagerly to the stones of the landing
  99. > Celestia giggles
  100. > "You really are too cute sometimes."
  101. > Luna snorts
  102. > "I have been awake too long to be dealing with this. Good day, Sister, Rarity, Anomaly."
  103. > With that, she teleports away
  104. > Celestia sighs
  105. > You turn to her, petting her neck comfortingly
  106. > She gives you a slightly sad smile
  107. > "I'm afraid I must go preside over day court. Until then, Anon, Rarity, Twilight."
  108. > She plants a quick, chaste kiss on your cheek
  109. "Until then, Finest Ass."
  110. > She swats your butt with a wing and walks away, a noticeable sway to her hips
  111. > The two unicorns and you watch, transfixed by the sight
  112. > Rarity clears her throat
  113. > "Well, this has been quite the enjoyable morning, I must say. If you'll excuse me, I have a great many things to study."
  114. > And then there were two
  115. > Twilight fusses with her clipboard, a noticeable blush on her cheeks
  116. > Taking the hint, you walk over and place a hand on her withers
  117. "I do believe it is your turn, Ms. Sparkle. The last two times, we were interrupted, and/or rather hurried. How about we take it slow, this time?"
  118. > She meets your eyes, a demure smile on her face
  119. > "I would like that."
  122. > Be Chrysalis, rooting through Celestia's dresser
  123. > There probably won't be a diary, but there may be something interesting mixed in with the skirts and cloaks
  124. > You find a drawer full of towels, and in the back...
  125. > Your claws brush against something rubbery and round
  126. > You retrieve the item, bringing it to the light of a window
  127. > ...
  128. > Did
  129. > Did Celestia take pity on you, and magically disconnect the hiyuman's cock?
  130. > For a brief moment, you feel a surge of gratitude nearly stronger than any feeling you have felt previously
  131. > But the thing in your claws doesn't feel properly fleshy, for all that it is shaped just like that sinister limb
  132. > ...
  133. > You press the tip of it to your lips, letting them part to take in its girth
  134. > At once your nose is filled with Celestia's distinct scent, traces of her past pleasures dancing on your tongue
  135. > Delicious
  136. > You suckle on the toy, draining the emotional residue
  137. > Almost instinctually, your spare claw goes to your teats, grabbing and squeezing at them
  138. > Your hips surge, bucking at air as you drain the past dregs of Celestia's lust from the false fleshrod
  139. > You pull the cock from your mouth, licking your lips
  140. > Still, you feel unaccountably hot and wet
  141. > The body is unfamiliar, but the urges and the desires are as old as time
  142. > Your heart beats in your throat as you bring the head of the toy to your folds
  143. > A quick look around confirms that the door is closed
  144. > You ease yourself onto your back, and push the rubbery cock into your slit
  145. > You let out a hiss, back arching as pleasure blooms from your loins
  146. > Your legs clench around your hand, inadvertently pushing the dildo deeper
  147. > A lightning bolt of pleasure flashes up your spine, wracking your body with an agony of ecstacy
  148. > You moan helplessly, hips bucking at air
  149. > "You alrighd in there?"
  150. > Your blood runs cold
  151. > You turn to look at Anom
  152. > He stands in the doorway, hair mussed, face red, eyes wide
  153. > Most importantly, his robes have an odd protrusion at waist level
  154. > You draw up into a sitting position, covering your marehood with your hands
  155. > You glare at him
  156. "I'm fine. And don't think this gives you permission!"
  157. > He takes a step back, visibly confused
  158. > "Why would it?"
  159. > You yank the toy from your nethers, brandishing it at him
  160. "Don't play coy, you know your master made this to tempt me!"
  161. > He just stares
  162. > "That's my dick."
  163. > You roll your eyes
  164. "Obviously. And just because I'm using it to masturbate doesn't mean you can stick the real thing in me."
  165. > He nods seriously
  166. > "I agree."
  167. > You feel a bit of tension leave your body
  168. > ...
  169. "Good."
  170. > Anom looks at the ground, then at you
  171. > "Mind if I watch?"
  172. > You frown
  173. > As if you could trust him, when it leaves you so helpless
  174. > ...
  175. > Perhaps you can't trust him too far, but,
  176. "Only if Celestia is there too. Now leave, I have more to do."
  177. > He bows mockingly
  178. > "As you wish."
  179. > Anom closes the door, and you hear his footsteps trail off in the distance
  180. > After several more long moments of waiting in silence, you bring the toy to your moist entrance
  181. > You keep your eyes on the door, heart beating unaccountably quickly at the thought that he might come back, or perhaps it would be Celestia who intrudes on you
  182. > You start again, hoping and hoping not
  185. > Be Celestia, in your mid-afternoon
  186. > Day Court was as it always was, partially making a difference in the lives of your little ponies, partially dealing with the bickering and maneuvering of the rich and elite
  187. > Quite frankly, you are tired and in need of soothing
  188. > Now where is your dear consort...
  189. > You cast a simple directional scrying spell, and set off
  190. > As you get closer, you realise you are heading towards Rarity's workshop
  191. > You don't want to intrude, however
  192. > You check the schedule
  193. > No, it is your turn to have Anom
  194. > When you arrive, you knock on the door
  195. > "Come in~"
  196. > You enter to find Anom standing, clad in a pair of short shorts and a midriff-baring tank top
  197. > He is also obviously dissatisfied with it
  198. > Rarity turns to you and waves a hoof at him
  199. > "What do you think, Darling? Too much? Too little?"
  200. > You tilt your head, considering
  201. > He crosses his arms, lifting an eyebrow
  202. > You grin
  203. "Oh, too much, definitely. Maybe if you could cut it off to here and here,"
  204. > Your magic lights up lines on the shorts following the curve of his hip down to the tantalizing bulge between his legs
  205. "And the shirt could be tighter."
  206. > Anom sighs
  207. > "I don't mind dressing sexily for you, but can I at least have some comfortable, normal clothes?"
  208. > Rarity gazes up at you with her pretty blue eyes
  209. > "Can you believe he even wants to cover his arms and legs in sleeves?"
  210. > You tilt your head, trying to imagine it
  211. "Wouldn't that make it harder to move? Not to mention always having it brush against your skin all the time, that would be so distracting."
  212. > Anom kneels before you, clasping his claws together pleadingly
  213. > "Trust me on this, please."
  214. > You lean down and nuzzle against his cheek
  215. "Of course, dearest."
  216. > Rarity sighs
  217. > "Very well. I shall have the first set ready by morning."
  218. > You smile at her
  219. "I'll be looking forward to it. Come along, Anom. I do believe it is my turn with you."
  221. > You sigh happily, sprawled on the carpet of your room
  222. > Anom kneels at your side, massaging the muscles of your left wing
  223. > You just melt, swaying gently with his ministrations
  224. > "You know, Chrysalis found the oddest thing today."
  225. > You loll your head to the side
  226. "Oh? What was it?"
  227. > Anom finishes your wing and straddles your back
  228. > His warm, firm weight is somehow calming, and ever so slightly erotic
  229. > "A replica of my cock. I wonder how that came to be?"
  230. > You give him an innocent look
  231. "That is a mystery."
  232. > He smirks, his knuckles digging into a knot in your withers
  233. > You groan at the pain and pleasure as your muscles relax under his hands
  234. > "Equally mysteriously, she was using it rather thoroughly in your room."
  235. > You raise your eyebrows
  236. "I thought she was afraid of such things."
  237. > He shrugs
  238. > "Maybe not if she is in control of the movement."
  239. > You consider how you might do that, your tail lashing back and forth
  240. > You spend a few more moments soaking up Anom's sweet attentions before the heat in your nethers becomes unbearable
  241. > You surge to your hooves, steadying Anom on your back with your magic
  242. > He squawks rather cutely
  243. > You trot towards the bed
  244. "Why don't I thank you for that massage?"
  245. > He leans forward, wrapping his arms around your neck, breath hot on your ear
  246. > "Oh? And what do you have in mind?"
  247. > It feels too good, surely he was made to please mares
  248. > You let your magic play across his body as you set him down on the mattress
  249. "I'm sure I'll think of something fun we can do on the bed."
  250. > Pomf
  252. > Be Rarity, trying not to fidget during dinner
  253. > Celestia agreed to meet afterwards, but in the meantime she has been sending you the occasional knowing, almost smug glance
  254. > It is maddening
  255. > Not to mention a disnticntly...Anomalous scent lingering about her and your dear friend Twilight
  256. > It is so completely at odds with the decorum with which Celestia and Anom are conducting themselves
  257. > You are a little proud of the latter, Anom is taking rather well to your lessons
  258. > Unbidden, the memory of Anom ravaging Celestia's mouth comes to mind
  259. > You sneak a look once more at the perfectly dignified princess
  260. > It's all just so... scandalous
  261. > You love it
  263. > The two of you stand on a balcony overlooking the gardens as the sun sets
  264. > You draw a small bouquet from a satchel and present it to Celestia
  265. > Her eyes flicker across the selection
  266. > Calla Lily, for her magnificent beauty
  267. > Begonia, her fanciful nature
  268. > Hellebore, a scandal
  269. > Snapdragon, your presumption
  270. > Ivy geranium, a request to join her for the next dance
  271. > She smiles, tucking it behind one ear
  272. > "I'd be glad to, Lady Rarity."
  273. > Your heart thunders in your chest as you approach her
  274. > She kneels, her head drawing level with yours
  275. > You spend a long moment admiring her face from up close, from the elegent curves of her cheekbones to her luminous eyes
  276. > Then you lean forward and press your lips to hers
  277. > Your magic cups her head as your kisses become more passionate, and she responds in kind
  278. > Her mouth is sweet to your taste, her tongue sliding and coiling around your own
  279. > All too soon, she breaks the kiss, leaving you panting
  280. > For her part, her cheeks are fetchingly pink
  281. > Celestia grins at you, her eyes bright
  282. > "That is what fascinated me about you from the start, how you mix decorum and audacity so well."
  283. > You lift your chin, feigning offense
  284. "Audacious? Moi? Perish the thought, I assure you that I merely identify my proper place in society and move to occupy it."
  285. > She giggles
  286. > "Of course, how could I have thought otherwise? Tell me, what will you do now that you occupy your proper place?"
  287. "My duty, of course."
  288. > You boop her nose with your magic
  289. "That is to say, I shall discover everything I can about you, get to know you inside and out, and use that knowledge to make us both as happy as possible."
  290. > Celestia blushes in earnest at your proclamation
  291. > "I'd like that, Rarity."
  293. > Be Chrysalis
  294. > In retrospect, you probably shouldn't have left the toy out on the dresser
  295. > Now you are standing around, waiting for Celestia to retire for the evening
  296. > The hiyuman waits opposite you, sitting on some cushions
  297. > He tries to hide it, but you taste his desire
  298. > It would be pitiful how easy he is to read, if he was not so dangerous to you
  299. > "So, how was your day?"
  300. > You shift your weight from one leg to the other
  301. > Bipedal forms are always so awkward
  302. "Acceptable."
  303. > He nods, but you get a whiff of disappointment
  304. > You aren't used to accepting food as yourself
  305. > There is no pattern, no habits to fill in
  306. > You'll have to improvise
  307. "And how was your day?"
  308. > He blinks in surprise
  309. > "It was..."
  310. > Anom rubs his face
  311. > "Busy, but good. I think I'm going to like the new routine Twilight set up."
  312. > You taste flickers of desire and satisfaction
  313. > If only you could have replaced him, what love you could have eaten
  314. > Still, it is not as if you are going hungry, and you really only have to worry about one person being a danger
  315. > Your eyes flicker to the toy once more
  316. > Even after using it thoroughly, you are still fascinated by it
  317. > Such a simple shape, but the pleasure it provides...
  318. > You rub your thighs together at the memory
  319. > You feel a spike of lust, and quickly turn your gaze back towards the hiyuman
  320. > He blushes
  321. > "I'm looking forward to tonight as well."
  322. > Oh yes, you did say he could watch
  323. "Good. Remember, always sate yourself with Celestia."
  324. > He grins
  325. > "Like I could forget."
  326. > Reassuringly, you can sense his lust is muffled, not directed at you
  327. > You pause
  328. > You taste something sweet coming
  329. > The door opens, Celestia and Rarity walking side by side
  330. > Celestia looks at you and the hiyuman, then at her newest paramour
  331. > "Rarity, to what extent would you say you want to join in?"
  332. > The unicorn eyes her options, and you can taste her curiosity
  333. > "Far be it from me, to decline any new experiences."
  334. > Anom chuckles
  335. > "As expected of Celestia's most favored pet."
  336. > Rarity blushes
  337. > "I believe we shall have to compete for that title, darling."
  338. > Celestia's horn lights up, levitating the purple maned mare onto the bed, ignoring her yelp and protests
  339. > "Then let's begin, my lovely little pony."
  340. > Rarity's fussing turns to cooing as the princess laps at her marehood
  341. > Anom walks closer to you
  342. > "Looks fun, how about it?"
  343. > You lift an eyebrow at him
  344. "I believe Celestia is rather monopolizing Rarity at the moment."
  345. > He rolls his eyes
  346. > "I meant, how about I go down on you? Or you could sit on my face, if that makes you more comfortable."
  347. > You stare at him
  348. "Sit... on your face?"
  349. > He nods
  350. > "That way, you can get up whenever you want, and I make you feel good with my mouth."
  351. > You like the sound of having an escape option
  352. "Very well."
  353. > Anom shucks off his clothes and hops onto the bed
  354. > You approach cautiously as he lies down, his head near the foot of the bed
  355. > Lust wafts from him, laced with sweet affection
  356. > You can feel your body respond instinctively, growing warmer and wetter
  357. > You climb up, your knees on either side of his shoulders as you kneel over him
  358. > You feel vulnerable, even though you can plainly see he lacks the range of mobility to do any damage with his erection
  359. > You lower your pelvis slowly, until encounter soft, fleshy resistance
  360. > He kisses your sex
  361. "Ah!"
  362. > You can feel him hum in amusement
  363. > You'd be angrier, but whatever he is doing is making it hard to feel anything but pleasure
  364. > Your eyes drift close as you press yourself into his tender ministrations, losing yourself in the sensation
  365. > His chest is firm and warm under your hands, reassuring in some way
  366. > You lean forward, drawn by instinct and by scent
  367. > There is a delicious reservoir of love before you
  368. > You lap at its warm, sweet waters, though only drops make it past your tongue
  369. > Anom moans beneath you, and you open your eyes
  370. > You stare at his balls in confusion
  371. > You look a little further down, to find his cock in your mouth
  372. > You blink, and in that momentary darkness, you can sense that reservoir again, so close, but so maddeningly far
  373. > Your mind is thick with lust, both your own and Anom's
  374. > You don't even have to think about it, you suck greedily at his stamen, your tongue politely and insistently petitioning for his nectar
  375. > You grind against his face, your arousal coating his mouth and chin
  376. > With a muffled groan, he opens the floodgates
  377. > Your mouth is filled with his cum, his lust, his love
  378. > You swallow again and again, almost drowning in his essence
  379. > Love and power suffuses your being, performing an unknown alchemy on the hiyuman seed you have swallowed
  380. > Your form burns away in a green flame
  381. > Your wings buzz in happiness
  382. > You are back!
  383. > Anom's dick falls from your open mouth, and you leap on to the floor
  384. > You gaze at yourself in the mirror, eyes wide
  385. > It's your old, familiar body, with every hole and antenna just as you remembered
  386. > "Huh, so that's what you normally look like."
  387. > You turn to face the hiyuman, bracing yourself
  388. > He just smiles
  389. > "You look pretty cool, Chrysalis."
  390. > You can taste the sincerity, as well as Celestia's and Rarity's wariness
  391. > ...
  392. "Thank you."
  393. > You smile a little, feeling safer than you have in days
  394. > You have your magic back, you have control of your form, you have a steady supply of food and a secure nes-
  395. > Oh
  396. > You turn to Celestia, feeling more full than you have in years
  397. "Do you have a room where I can lay our eggs?"
  398. > Celestia blinks, then breathes a sigh of relief
  399. > "How does the treasury sound?"
  400. > Deep in the castle, accessible by only her most trusted subjects
  401. "I'll need the key..."
  402. > Celestia smiles wryly
  403. > "I think I can arrange that."
  406. ~
  408. Dear Mom and Dad,
  410. I'm glad to hear you are doing alright, and I miss you too. Oh, and tell Terra Incognita sorry for me. If this is what it was like getting tickled by someone older and stronger than you so often, well, I'd probably still have tickled her, just less. Luna is pretty nice aside from that, so I won't hold it against her.
  411. On to the good news, I have finally joined my siblings in giving you grandchildren. Sorry it took so long, but I think you'll agree that my 13 make up for the wait. Names and pictures will be at the end of the letter, but you can get a general idea if you think xenomorph. Thankfully, they skipped the facehugger stage and aren't especially acidic. They're a pretty big handful, but Chrysalis used to raising lots of kids at once, so it works out. Let me tell you, seeing her in a cuddle pile with all the kids is pretty adorable, once you get past the whole insect thing. In related news, Celestia got pretty competitive about it, so expect another grandchild in about 7 months.
  412. Not much more to say, really. Life is good, the wives are lovely, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again once we figure things out from this end. Then we can have one of the strangest family reunions, but we've always been an odd family.
  414. Your son,
  416. Anonymous
  418. P.S.: When we do speak again, I'm going to have the weirdest accent. Hopefully there won't be too much lost in translation.
  419. ~
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