MagiReco Main Story 7.15

May 18th, 2018
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  1. What Was Done in Paradise
  3. 7.15.1
  4. [inside some kind of unicorn vomit amusement park]
  5. Iroha: "There really is an amusement park in here."
  6. Yachiyo: "Seems we made it into the rumor safely."
  7. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, why did you know to go into the gondola?"
  8. Yachiyo: "Because Mifuyu told me what to do."
  9. Iroha: "Mifuyu-san did!?"
  10. Yachiyo: "Yeah, the same as with Felicia and Futaba-san..."
  11. "I'm sure this isn't what Mifuyu wants them to do."
  12. "So she told me everything..."
  13. Iroha: "You mean, the way to turn Tsuruno back to normal?"
  14. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  15. "In order to pull out the rumor, we need to use an equivalent amount of magic."
  16. "Thinking about the people who are already on their way here, we have no more time..."
  17. "Given the magic we have, we probably only have one chance..."
  18. Iroha: "Just once..."
  19. [the background fades in and out a few times...]
  20. Iroha: "Huh?"
  21. "Ah, oh no!"
  22. Yachiyo: "Inside the rumor... it must make you space out easily..."
  23. Iroha: "Yeah, you have to stay alert, or your willpower will be slowly shaven away."
  24. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  25. ???: "Huh? Iroha-chan! Master!"
  26. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan...!?"
  27. [she's green! with a very... rumor look]
  28. Yachiyo: ""
  29. "Your appearance... you've truly turned into..."
  30. Tsuruno: "Welcome to Chelation Land, you two!"
  31. "Wait, you're not supposed to come in before it opens. You two are so impatient!"
  32. Iroha: "Um, Tsuruno-chan!"
  33. Tsuruno: "So you see..."
  34. "Here, rather than having fun, this is a place to be relaaaaxed."
  35. "You don't have to think about anything, freed from all your worries."
  36. "Doesn't it sound great?"
  37. "You two are special, of course, so you two get to relax here even before the park opens!"
  38. Iroha: "That sensation... that was the influence of the rumor, after all."
  39. "Once all the normal people come in..."
  40. "They won't last even a day before losing all will to live..."
  41. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan!"
  42. Tsuruno: "Hm? What's wrong? You can just relax, you know?"
  43. "We're still getting the attractions ready, so just relax on that bench there."
  44. "I can also recommend rolling around on the grass!
  45. Iroha: "No, Tsuruno-chan! Let's get out of here!"
  46. Yachiyo: "Yes, let's leave together, Tsuruno!"
  47. Tsuruno: "Naaah, I'm fine here."
  48. Yachiyo: "Your home is Banbanzai, right?"
  49. Iroha: "And you're part of our team, Tsuruno-chan."
  50. Tsuruno: "No, I'm not going back."
  51. "After all..."
  52. "For me, this is a place where I can relax and have fun."
  53. Iroha: "But, if this continues, you're going to kill everyone!"
  54. Yachiyo: "Even if we have to use force, we'll drag you out of here!"
  55. Tsuruno: "Yachiyo... Iroha-chan..."
  56. "I see... Yeah... I get it."
  57. Iroha: "Thank goodness! Then..."
  58. Tsuruno: "You two are trying to get in the way of the amusement park."
  59. Iroha: "Eh!?"
  60. Tsuruno: "I can't ignore that."
  61. "I'll have both you and Master behave!"
  62. merry-go-round horse: |Tsuttaratta♪|
  63. Yachiyo: "You're really a rumor, aren't you..."
  64. [in battle]
  65. merry-go-round horse: |Pappakatatta♪|
  66. Iroha: "Fuagh..."
  67. "Yachiyo-san, watch out..."
  68. "When you get attacked, you space out like before!"
  69. Yachiyo: "Even knowing that, it's not like we can avoid every hit during battle!"
  71. 7.15.2
  72. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  73. "It's no good, Yachiyo-san... My head is all fuzzy..."
  74. Yachiyo: "When your willpower is being eaten away, it becomes this hard to use power, huh..."
  75. Tsuruno: "Come on, you two, don't be so upset."
  76. "Chill out and relax. You don't have to think about anything."
  77. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan..."
  78. Tsuruno: "Let's just have a chat until opening time."
  79. Yachiyo: "No, Tsuruno..."
  80. Tsuruno: "Don't glare at me like that, Yachiyo."
  81. "Ah, I know."
  82. "This is the the food I'm planning on serving when this opens."
  83. "There's a drink and a food menu."
  84. "If you'd like, why don't you try something?"
  85. "Everyone, bring it over!"
  86. *clap clap*
  87. [the merry-go-round horse familiars stop by briefly]
  88. merry-go-round horses: |Parattaratta♪|
  89. Tsuruno: "Here, what do you think of these!?"
  90. [insert image of hot pot with the team mugs around it]
  91. Iroha: "This..."
  92. "It's my mug..."
  93. Yachiyo: "Mine too..."
  94. "And this..."
  95. "Why hot pot at an amusement park?"
  96. Tsuruno: "Well, when you think of relaxing, doesn't hot pot come to mind?"
  97. Yachiyo: "Hehe, how funny."
  98. "It's almost like..."
  99. Iroha: "Like Mikadzuki House."
  100. "sigh..."
  101. "Yachiyo-san, we can't be taking it easy now..."
  102. "Tsuruno-chan wants to go home..."
  103. Yachiyo: "That's right, and everyone outside won't last much longer..."
  104. Iroha: "So let's do it."
  105. Yachiyo: "Yeah, let's"
  106. Iroha: "We won't..."
  107. Yachiyo: "We won't..."
  108. Iroha: "Let Tsuruno-chan become an existence that spreads curses!"
  109. Yachiyo: "We'll definitely bring her back home!"
  110. Tsuruno: "N-no way, you two! That's not the way the rumor goes!"
  111. Yachiyo: "That's fine! That's what we're here for!"
  112. "Tsuruno, what are you!? Aren't you the Strongest Magical Girl!?"
  113. "You can't be doing this!"
  114. "You can't become the strongest like this! You won't be able to accomplish anything!"
  115. Iroha: "If you are worried now that you know about becoming a witch..."
  116. "Then we'll all think it over with you!"
  117. "Everyone at the Mikadzuki House will help you work it all out!"
  118. "The Wings of Magius can't have the only good solution!"
  119. Tsuruno: "I won't go..."
  120. "I won't let you erase it..."
  121. "This is what I found! This is the place where I feel the most at ease!"
  122. "For me, this is comfortable!"
  123. merry-go-round horse: |Tattakapappa♪|
  124. Iroha: "I won't let you erase my will to save Tsuruno-chan!"
  125. Yachiyo: "We'll remove it..."
  126. "This disgusting rumor that's possessing you!"
  127. [in battle right before fight against Rumor Tsuruno]
  128. Yachiyo: "If our feelings get through to her, the rumor will separate."
  129. "That's what Mifuyu told me."
  130. "Iroha, let's do this on a count of three!"
  131. "Using our magic, let's remove it all at once!"
  132. Iroha: "Okay, Yachiyo-san!"
  133. [after battle]
  134. Iroha and Yachiyo: "Take thisssss!"
  135. [fade to white]
  136. Iroha: "pant... pant... pant..."
  137. Yachiyo: "pant... pant... pant..."
  138. "Well, we fired with all our strength..."
  139. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan..."
  140. [insert image of Rumor Tsuruno collapsed]
  141. Iroha: *Eh...*
  142. Yachiyo: *No way...*
  143. *Why... Was what Mifuyu... said...*
  144. [fade to black]
  145. Iroha: *Tsuruno-chaaaaaaaaaan!!*
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