2012 CIT Staff Roster Changelog

Jan 31st, 2015
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  1. L3. Nico promoted to L3 (Jaeger 03.02.2012)
  2. L2. Araa Inactive until 7th. Needs a break. (Jaeger 03.02.2012)
  3. Added LavignEE to Event Manager. Now he can make events. (Gus 04.02.2012)
  4. L2. ToshFSS promoted to L2 (Jaeger 04.02.2012)
  5. Added Steve to Trial staff. (Gus 08.02.2012)
  6. Added Gonzalo to Trial staff (Gus 08.02.2012)
  7. Jaeger can't be active ingame due his computer broke. (Mikkel 09.02.2012)
  8. L0 SpriN Added to Trial. (Gus 09.02.2012)
  9. Dusty added back to active. (Gus 09.02.2012)
  10. Added Amazonic as Event Management team. (Gus 09.02.2012)
  11. Removed NemO from Event Management team. (Gus 09.02.2012)
  12. Promoted ToshFSS to security auditor (Arran 10.02.2012)
  13. Putted StevieFTW as inactive (Mikkel 11.02.2012)
  14. Added Rick as Trial staff. (Gus 13.02.2012)
  15. L3>L4 UniQ Promoted UniQ to L4. Much needed. (Gus 13.02.2012)
  16. L0 Perry Added as trial. (Gus 14.02.2012)
  17. L0 DevranS Added as Trial. (Gus 16.02.2012)
  18. L2>L1. Araa Demoted for bug abuse. (Gus 17.02.2012)
  19. L1> Kicked. Araa Wanted to be kicked. (Gus 17.02.2012)
  20. L1. Zep promoted to L1, been on trial for quite some time. (Jaeger 23.02.2012)
  21. Removed K0Killer2's EM for abuse in LV. (Gus 29.02.2012)
  22. L2. K0Killer2 demoted to L1 for abusing staff privileges. (Jaeger 01.03.2012)
  23. Mahrous retired (Arran 04.03.2012)
  24. Added Blesku as Event Manager. (Gus 06.03.2012)
  25. L3 Pretface Added back to staff as L3. (Gus 06.03.2012)
  26. Trial. Steve suspended from staff until 15/3/12 due to breaking staff code of conduct. (Jaeger 8/3/12)
  27. Trial. Steve Kicked from staff due to breaking staff code of conduct. (Jaeger 8/3/12)
  28. Trial. Gonzalo Promoted to L1 staff. (Gus 18.3.2012)
  29. Trial. Rick Promoted to L1 staff. (Gus 18.3.2012)
  30. L3. StevieFTW Removed EM for lack of events (Gus 20.3.2012)
  31. L3. Dusty Removed EM for lack of events (Gus 20.3.2012)
  32. L2. Lavigne Removed EM for lack of events (Gus 20.3.2012)
  33. L2. Amazonic Removed EM for lack of events (Gus 20.3.2012)
  34. Shortened change log (Gus 20.03.2012)
  35. Trial. Vladimir Added Vladimir to trial staff. (Gus 22.03.2012)
  36. Updated my duty to describe my role of ensuring continuity (Arran 26.03.2012)
  37. Trial. SpriN passed trial. (Jaeger 27.03.2012)
  38. Vladimir failed trial for abusing /staff to lose WL (Arran 28.03.2012)
  39. L2. Lavigne (Inactive until May 10th at least.) (Jaeger 28.03.2012)
  40. Trial. xb0x added to staff as trial. (Jaeger 29.03.2012)
  41. UniQ L4 > 0. Resigning from staff. (Gus 31.03.2012)
  42. L3. Nico New duty as Armed forces leader. (Gus 31.03.2012)
  43. L3. Nico Added Nico to Event Manager. (Gus 02.04.2012)
  44. L2. Lavigne Added LavignEE to Event Manager. (Gus 02.04.2012)
  45. Trial. Perry passed trial. (Jaeger 04.04.2012)
  46. L3. StevieFTW came back from being in-active. (Jaeger 04.04.2012)
  47. L1. SpriN L1>L0 Left staff. (Gus 04.04.2012)
  48. Jaeger - Leader of SWAT Team removed as special duty, due to most members wanting him out. (Jaeger 04.04.2012)
  49. L3. Dusty Added back to Event Manager. (Gus 04.06.2012)
  50. L2. Amazonic L2>L0 resigning from staff. (Gus 04.08.2012)
  51. L4. Robber demoted to L3 for not being active enough and attitude problems (Jaeger 04.12.2012)
  52. Uau_tuga - removed as co-leader of SWAT due to being power mad. (Arran 13.04.2012)
  53. L1 > L0 Tyrone Resigned from staff. (Gus 14.04.2012)
  54. L2. NemO Put NemO as inactive. (Gus 16.04.2012)
  55. L1. Rusty promoted to L2. (Jaeger 16.04.2012)
  56. L3. StevieFTW promoted to L4 (Jaeger 16.04.2012)
  57. L1. Rick promoted to L2. (Jaeger 17.04.2012)
  58. L1. Blesku Demoted to L1 for persistent abuse of event rights (Arran 17.04.2012)
  59. L1. Blesku Removed as EM for abusing vehicle markers for own use (Arran 17.04.2012)
  60. L3. Dusty Resigned as an EM to focus on normal staff work (Arran 17.04.2012)
  61. L1 > L0 K0Killer2 Leaving staff. (Gus 18.04.2012)
  62. Moved DeveranS to inactive. (Gus 19.04.2012)
  63. L1. Gonzalo Added Gonzalo to event Manager. (Gus 23.04.1012)
  64. L3>L4 L4. Dusty Promoted Dusty to L4. (Gus 25.04.2012)
  65. Trial. DevranS Kicked from staff for breaking staff code of conduct. (Gus 30.04.2012)
  66. L3. Pretface added to Event Manager (Jaeger 30.04.2012)
  67. Trial. Ab-47 added to trial (Jaeger 01.05.2012)
  68. L1. Blesku kicked for being 15 days inactive ever since demotion (Arran 03.05.2012)
  69. L1. Zep Left due to real life reasons and unsure of coming back to CIT. Also not planning on coming back soon, if he ever does come back. (Jaeger 03.05.2012)
  70. L0. Kavzor Added Kavzor as trial staff. (Gus 04.05.2012)
  71. L0. Jaffa Added Jaffa to trial staff. (Gus 04.05.2012)
  72. L0. Pac-Man Added Pac-Man to trial staff. (Gus 04.05.2012)
  73. xb0x L0>L1 Promoted Xb0x to L1 staff. (Gus 04.05.2012)
  74. Steve Added Steve to trial staff. (Gus 06.05.2012)
  75. Chuck Added to trial staff. (Gus 10.05.2012)
  76. L3>L2 Robber Demoted due to being too inactive. (Gus 12.05.2012)
  77. L2. NemO Added to Event manager (Gus 17.05.2012)
  78. Nun0 Added to trial staff. (Jaeger 17.05.2012)
  79. Robber Left staff. (Gus 18.05.2012)
  80. MaxKiller Added to Trial Staff (Gus 18.05.2012)
  81. L2. Lavigne Left staff. (Gus 20.05.2012)
  82. Rick, and xb0x demoted for DMing players, and not listening to head staff, and Nun0 failed trial for dming players and not listening to staff. (Gus 23.05.2012)
  83. L0. Nun0 Decided to warn Nun0 instead of kicking. (Gus 24.05.2012)
  84. Gave xb0x and Rick their old levels back, and gave them a warning instead. (Gus 24.05.2012)
  85. Trial. Casual added to staff (Jaeger 25.05.2012)
  86. Trial. Kavzor left staff (Jaeger 27.05.2012)
  87. Trial. Fin_jape Added as trial. (Gus 01.06.2012)
  88. L1. Gonzalo promoted to L2 (Jaeger 02.06.2012)
  89. L5. Dennis removed from being inactive (Jaeger 02.06.2012)
  90. L2. NemO removed from being inactive (Jaeger 03.06.2012)
  91. Trial. Steve Missing from Event Makers has been fixed. (Jaeger 03.06.2012)
  92. Steve L0>L1 Promoted to New Staff, for being trial for two months. (Gus 04.06.2012)
  93. --------missing actions--------
  94. Trial. kavzor promoted to L1 (Jaeger 18.8.2012)
  95. Trial. Brian promoted to L1 (Jaeger 18.8.2012)
  96. Trial. BabY promoted to L1 (Jaeger 18.8.2012)
  97. Trial. Smart left staff (Jaeger 18.8.2012)
  98. L4. StevieFTW set as active (Jaeger 19.8.2012)
  99. L2. xb0x Added xb0x as EM (Mikkel 19.08.2012)
  100. L5. Mikkel set as semi active. (Jaeger 19.8.2012)
  101. L2. Fin_Jape set as semi active. (Jaeger 19.8.2012)
  102. Added a development roster (Arran 24.08.2012)
  103. Added a founding members section (Arran 24.08.2012)
  104. L2. Fin_Jape removed EM rights due to cocky attitude (Mikkel 27.08.2012)
  105. L3. Dusty (inactive until 08/09/12) (Jaeger 31.8.2012)
  106. L1. Cerinsh set as semi active (Jaeger 1.9.2012)
  107. Upgraded Gonzalo's developer access (Arran 03.09.2012)
  108. Trial. Araa Promoted to L1 (Arran 04.09.2012)
  109. Trial. Flucado Promoted to L1 (Arran 04.09.2012)
  110. Trial. ZanSlovenia Promoted to L1 (Arran 04.09.2012)
  111. Set Trial. Devrans to semi-active based on admin actions log (Arran 04.09.2012)
  112. Set Trial. Ingi to inactive based on last admin action being 9 days ago (Arran 04.09.2012)
  113. Trial. iKarina Promoted to L1 (Arran 04.09.2012)
  114. Trial. JR10 Promoted to L1 (Arran 04.09.2012)
  115. L4. StevieFTW resigned. (Dennis 09.09.2012)
  116. L2. Perry removed from inactive. (Jaeger 11.9.2012)
  117. L3. Rick removed from inactive. (Jaeger 11.9.2012)
  118. L3. Dusty removed from inactive. (Jaeger 11.9.2012)
  119. Trial. Nvreformat added as Trial. (Jaeger 11.9.2012)
  120. Changed forum and staff management to be a split amongst all L5 task and marked Dennis, Jaeger, Flucado and Dusty as semi active. Removed Inactive label from Ingi. (Arran 16.09.2012)
  121. L2. Perry promoted to L3 (Arran 17.09.2012)
  122. L2. Casual promoted to L3 (Mikkel 17.09.2012)
  123. L2. xb0x promoted to L3 (Mikkel 17.09.2012)
  124. L1. Kavzor promoted to L2 (Mikkel 17.09.2012)
  125. L1. Brian promoted to L2 (Mikkel 17.09.2012)
  126. L1. Chuck promoted to L2 (Mikkel 17.09.2012)
  127. Marked Flucado inactive again, moved JR10 to "Development server access" and moved Araa to "No access, in training" (Arran 23.09.2012)
  128. Marked JR10 as long term inactive (Arran 27.09.2012)
  129. Ingi failed trial due to being inactive (Arran 28.09.2012)
  130. Unmarked DevranS as inactive (Arran 28.09.2012)
  131. Ab-47 No longer trusted as he posted incorrect information in an administration complaint. (Mikkel 01.10.2012)
  132. Promoted Gonzalo and Araa to standard developer access and JR10 to partial developer access only as he's no longer active. (Arran 05.10.2012)
  133. Kavzor is now security auditor (Dennis 06.10.2012)
  134. Dusty to active (Arran 07.10.2012)
  135. Gonzalo L2-->L3, Araa L1-->L2, Nvreformat L0-->L1 (Head Staff 08.10.2012)
  136. L1. iKarina to L2 (Mikkel 14.10.2012)
  137. Changed Fin_Jape's "semi active" to "inactive" as 1 action in 11 days is not semi active. (Arran 17.10.2012)
  138. LuchitoX hired as a Trial staff member (Dennis 20.10.2012)
  139. JR10 quit staff (Arran 26.10.2012)
  140. Authorized R.M.-D.J. to begin staff trial as voted for by a majority of staff (Arran 26.10.2012)
  141. Authorized cristofer to begin staff trial as voted for by a majority of staff (Arran 26.10.2012)
  142. Authorized Pac-Man to begin staff trial as voted for by a majority of staff (Arran 26.10.2012)
  143. e-Hate hired as a Trial staff member (Dennis 01.11.2012)
  144. DevranS passed trial (Arran 03.11.2012)
  145. Finally marked ToshFSS as long term inactive (Arran 03.11.2012)
  146. Dusty kicked for lying about being active again and then actually doing almost nothing (Arran 03.11.2012)
  147. Marked BabY as long term semi-active rather than long term inactive (Arran 03.11.2012)
  148. Simplified staff and duty roster by adding (Event manager) to after a staffs name rather than it's own section (Arran 03.11.2012)
  149. Added Nvreformat to development roster (Arran 04.11.2012)
  150. Authorized Som3a to begin staff trial as voted for by a majority of staff (Arran 06.11.2012)
  151. Marked Rick as Long term inactive (Arran 05.11.2012)
  152. ---------missing actions----------
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