Will 'O the Wisp

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  1. >Walking through the city late at night, on your way home from work
  2. >You're quite tired, but this actually makes you safer
  3. >Usually
  4. >In your fatigue, you are unable to keep a proper posture, and tend to lean forwards a little. This accompanied with a sleep-deprived glare makes you quite intimidating, yet not in a cocky way which invites trouble.
  5. >The downfall is a lack of attention. Here in the dark night you follow the lights home, walking on muscle memory more than anything else. The heels of your feet throb from having stood up all day.
  6. >Slowly, you follow the line of streetlights which bathe your way in light.
  7. >You stop looking around, and only look up and down, at your feet and the lights guiding you, respectively.
  8. >You stop when the red light tells you to stop
  9. >You hurry when the green tells you to hurry
  10. >You continue your pace when the constant warm yellow lets you know it's okay to continue
  11. >Your mind is almost already lost in dream, and you can't wait to stumble through your front door and fall asleep
  12. >Slowly, the idea that something is wrong roots itself in your mind
  13. >You stop where you don't have to
  14. >You walk right through lights you would have waited at.
  15. >Begrudgingly, your conscious mind rouses itself, grumbling all the while
  16. >It asserts itself and assesses the situation
  17. >You no longer know where you are. The intersections your body is so used to stopping at are now nowhere to be seen.
  18. >You look to the light which was supposed to guide you home and see her grinning down at you
  19. >She descends from the height of the streetlights and comes face to face with you
  20. >She's rather small
  21. >"Ara, so you finally noticed." you take a step back but she doesn't follow. "Tsk tsk. Run all you like, it will do you no good. I've been guiding you for a while now. You have no idea where you are. Go. Run. It's a slim chance, but if you find your way out you deserve the freedom. But..."
  22. >There's a howling in the distance. "You might actually want to stay with me."
  23. >You're too tired for this shit
  24. >You glare at the girl floating above you in some kind of gothic, spiked black-metal cage
  25. >"So?"
  26. >She smiles, "So, I have a place. Care to join me?"
  27. >You squint at her suspiciously. Not that you really intended to squint, it's just that it's hard to keep your eyes open any longer. You've wasted precious energy walking somewhere you didn't need to be, and as a result your eyelids have grown almost too heavy to bare
  28. >She doesn't seem overly nefarious. A little impish and tricksy, sure, but not sadistic like a manticore, nor is she likely to compensate for shortcomings with addictive venom like an oomukade.
  29. >You're lost, you're tired. Fuck it. Might as well.
  30. >You say as much
  31. >She smiles sweetly at you, and grows in size as the metal ball she rests in shrinks in size and warps in shape
  32. >Before long she's as tall as you, and wearing a gothic dress with metal linings. A cool wind blows and yet her dress remains beautifully still, frozen like a photograph.
  33. >She extends her hand to you
  34. >You look at it a moment. Human enough. Shrugging, you grip her hand, your warm fingers intertwining with her cool digits
  35. >Giggling, she leads you away, deeper into the suburbian maze. The architecture grows more gothic the further you walk and you figure she owns a place in or around the undead districts
  36. >She's quiet most ofthe way, but eventually she opens her mouth
  37. >"Sorry."
  38. >You can only manage one word responses at this point.
  39. >"For?"
  40. >"For leading you astray. You always trusted the lights to lead you and I just thought that was very... handsome. I hope I haven't ruined that for you."
  41. >...
  42. >"S'okay."
  43. >It's not like you're working tomorrow
  44. >"I've actually been watching you for a while now. Why do you trust the lights so much? Especially when it's so easy to use them to lead you astray?"
  45. >You shrug, "They don't move." You consider that statement, and send a glower her way, "Usually."
  46. >She giggles again, and her long, ghostly white hair bounces
  47. >"Sorry, sorry. You'll just have to indulge this little selfishness of mine." She poes out a small blue tongue, "I'll help you out of here once the sun sets tomorrow."
  48. >She's clearly unrepentant of leading you astray and it's not like bitching at her about it will get you anywhere, so it's probably just your best bet to satisfy her and have her help you out after wards
  49. >Give and take, it's a pretty simple system. Even if what you're taking in return for your giving is the antidote to the poison she herself gave you.
  50. >Though, that begs the question, what exactly Did she take from you to feel the need to give the poison in the first place?
  51. >"You..."
  52. >"Hmm?"
  53. >"You're not stalking me, are you?"
  54. >She goes through a strange motion. If she had a drink, she'd have certainly spat it out. A faint blue blush comes to her pale skin, a deathly hue upon her porcelain beauty
  55. >"N-no! W-what makes you think that?"
  56. >You recall sleepily ignoring strange lights outside your window on more than one occasion
  57. >"You mentioned watching me for a while."
  58. >"Mild curiosity, nothing more."
  59. >"Does mild curiosity actively lead me astray? Does mild curiosity peep on me through my windows?"
  60. >"N-no, I mean yes!"
  61. >She's fidgeting now and her eyes dart from spot to spot awkwardly, determined to not fall upon you, yet failing. So you simply drop the issue, and walk in silence, hand in hand
  62. >It's an awkward silence, but you don't really feel it. If she wants to feel awkward that's her own prerogative. You just want to sleep.
  63. >It clearly becomes too much for her though, and she speaks again
  64. >"Y-you don't find it weird?"
  65. >You consider he question, and then shrug.
  66. >"It's less like I find it weird, or even endearing I just don't really care. Of all my stalkers, you're actually the tamest. I wouldn't have even known you for anything other than a strange light if not for just now."
  67. >"So... There are others?"
  68. >"Not anymore."
  69. >"O-oh..."
  70. >She says nothing more, but her grip on your hand grows tighter, and she walks a little bit closer, eyes now scanning the shadows for potential rivals
  71. >"You want to fuck, right?"
  72. >She balks bit at your bluntness and the blush returns, but she smiles a little uncertainly as she answers "Y-yes..."
  73. >"Mind if I sleep through it?"
  74. >"What are you, a Dormouse?"
  75. >You grin at that, "Might as well be."
  76. >She cuddles into you before stopping before a house, presumably hers. "I'll fix you up a coffee."
  77. >You grimace
  78. >"Hey now, don't make that face. Sleep is like orgasms. It's better the longer you wait for it."
  79. >"If you say so."
  80. >She pushes open a metal gate and the hinges screech in protest
  81. >The two of you come to a heavy oak door.
  82. >Looking it over, you see a lack of almost anything conventional. No knob, no keyhole, no handle. Just a Door, with a small hole in the center
  83. >"Ah, A moment."
  84. >She gets smaller and smaller, her luminescence intensifying as her dress begins to encompass more and more of her
  85. >Towards this spectacle, you can only manage an apathetic lamentation to the shrinking of her breasts, not holstauric in nature, but respectable none the less.
  86. >Now a brilliantly shining light, she slips through the hole in the door, and after a moment a re-sized her pushes it open
  87. >She looks proud of herself and stands at her threshold with a posed look, expecting something
  88. >Well if she wanted it, she should have come when the higher departments of your think tank were open for business
  89. >You step through the doorway. "Neat."
  90. >She looks a little crestfallen at that, but closes the door behind you none the less and leads you to her lounge room
  91. >She waves her hand to the couch
  92. >"Take a seat. I'll be back with some drinks."
  93. >She retreats around a corner, bringing her warm glow with her, leaving you alone on a comfortable couch in a dark, quiet room
  94. >Predictably, it doesn't take long for sleep to claim you.
  95. >...
  96. >The sensation of weight on your hips and the girl's cold hands roaming across your flesh cuts through your sleep and sends a pleasant shiver down your spine as your body reacts to this coolness
  97. >It also calls to attention your lack of clothing
  98. >Hers too
  99. >Before you can speak, she kisses you, and some kind of liquid slides down your throat. Your first thought is spit, but it doesn't really have that texture. Cooler, smoother. Your second thought is some kind of drug. Her tongue wraps around yours and you begin to return her kiss as your body begins to heat up under the effects of some kid of aphrodisiac.
  100. >It's not a boiling, angry, hot lust, more a cool sensuality which settles in your mind, sharpening not only your senses but also your awareness
  101. >Effortlessly, the drug slices down the heavy drapes of drowsiness which hid you from the light of the waking world
  102. >You cough slightly as she breaks the kiss
  103. >"What drug was that? If it was some kind of venom, I swear I'm walking."
  104. >She grins down at you as her hands play across your chest. "Even if it were it's your own fault for falling asleep. I told you to wait didn't I? It wasn't a drug, just some Essence of Stoic Love. Here's your tea."
  105. >She hands you a hot porcelain mug. It smells like a less intense version of what you just took.
  106. >You take a sip, swirl it around in your mouth and swallow.
  107. >You chase it down with a long draught of the cool air swirling about you, spurred on by the open window
  108. >The substance mixed with the oxygen beats back the sleep and grumbling, it returns to the seat in the back of your mind. You're awake now, and looking at the girl atop you, you realize that she isn't actually naked. she's still wearing the dress, it's just that the flesh beneath it is entirely bare.
  109. >"How is it?"
  110. >"It's good." you take another sip, and hand it to her, spinning it so the side your lips touched faces her.
  111. >She takes a sip, smiling, looking deep into your eyes
  112. >"It is good."
  113. >You lean back into your seat, feeling the blood within you begin to coarse, your bare flesh twitching, manhood stiffening under her dress
  114. >She gives a quiet gasp as your hardness pokes her behind
  115. >She wiggles her hips back and around until your shaft slides inbetween her moist, cool lips.
  116. >They part around you, and she begins to swivel her shapely hips up and down, teasing and exciting you with her intercrural ministrations.
  117. >Your cock grows slick with her juices and your own pre, providing more than enough lubrication for you to spear deep into her womanhood, though for some reason she holds herself back
  118. >A thought crosses your mind as she grins up and down your length with her twat and ass
  119. >"Before when you got smaller, your dress covered more of you."
  120. >She looks down at you in confusion, but refrains from the snide 'Obviously.' she knows there's more to it than a simple observation and urges you to continue with her eyes
  121. >"Right, well, the way I see it, it worked the other way too. The more your dress covered you, the smaller you got."
  122. >"...Yeah...?"
  123. >You grin, lust bleeding into the expression.
  124. >"So the less your dress covers you... the bigger you get, right?"
  125. >She gasps in surprised insight "Oh!"
  126. >And then she moans in lustful understanding. "Oh... naughty."
  127. >Her dress wiggles and writhes about her, the metal reshaping itself.
  128. >Fabric retracts back into the metal frame, and her flesh bulges out, thighs growing thicker, hips wider and bust heavier.
  129. >The two of you watch in awe as her body changes inversely proportional to the size of the clothes.
  130. >She grows in both height, frame and proportions as the wires move about her body.
  131. >They slip down her legs and around her hips. They part, and curl tightly around her arms and the remaining wires wrap about her chest
  132. >With the frame set over her newly buxom form, the lost fabric shoots out from the frame, filling in the gaps with a dulled black satin-like material
  133. >Before long, the materials have formed completely, her body pushing lightly against gloves which reach bicep high, an open bustier which both supports and emphasizes the size of her bust, a pantieless garterbelt, leaving her womanhood revealed and bare for obvious reasons, and a pair of fine thigh high stockings with patterns woven in. They reach all the way down beyond her ankles and wrap around her foot, leaving only the heel and toes bare.
  134. >Her stockings leave her thighs pushing against the fabric, almost spilling out
  135. >Experimentally, you run a hand down her inner thighs and she moans softly when your fingers play across the fabric
  136. >"O-oooh.... this is... a lot more sensitive than I thought it would be..."
  137. >"Sensitive?" You ask
  138. >She nods as she blushes, "This dress, that metal cradle and this underwear are all sort of... part of me. I could feel things through them, but now that it's s-so thin and fine and delicate..."
  139. >You slide your hands up her hips and caress her bustier, hands fondling and groping the weight of her breasts
  140. >"Mmm, that feels good."
  141. >Her hands close over your own and she guides you
  142. >Guides the palms of your hands to her large breasts, guides your fingers to her nipples
  143. >She leans down atop you, and pushes one of her nipples into your mouth, her arms wrapping around behind your head
  144. >You nibble at the invader, and slide your now free hand down her body to play along her thigh again
  145. >Her hips begin to wiggle again, pumping your shaft against the moist delta.
  146. >You flick your tongue against the rosebud of her nibble and shiver as she moans softly into your ear.
  147. >So close now, you can hear everything she does.
  148. >You hear her breath as it washes into your ear sending phantom sensations down your back
  149. >You hear her take a shaky breath as you tug on her nipples and stroke her thighs
  150. >You hear the gasps and moans she makes when her clit catches on the length of your shaft
  151. >You hear her lips part, and she takes your sensitive ear into her mouth, licking at it, and sucking on it.
  152. >She holds you tight as you place both hands on her hips and lift her up
  153. >You thrust slightly and flex the muscles in your pelvic floor as you bring her back down and your cock bounces up, nestling into her womanhood in a sort of half-penetration.
  154. >Her lips part around the head of your cock, but you don't go all the way in
  155. >Holding her up, she begins to swivel her hips in small circles
  156. >Her hands ball into fist behind your head as she lies against you and her breaths come short and jerky into your ear
  157. >"Now...Fuck me."
  158. >She takes control and slams her hips down against yours, taking you to the hilt in one smooth motion
  159. >There's a lewd squelch as your spearing cock parts her nethers and pushes out a squirt of her fem-lube.
  160. >There's a satisfaction in knowing that you've brought her cunt to such a needy, dripping state.
  161. >You moan into her tit, as she clenches you tightly, body welcoming this new invader
  162. >You place your hands against her bustier and push her off you, looping up at her through the valley of her cleavage
  163. >"I thought taking your time and things being made better the longer you wait for them was your philosophy?"
  164. >She grins down at you as she begins to move her hips, "I'm not perfect. and I've waited too long for this."
  165. >You laugh, "True enough."
  166. >She puts her hands on your chest, and gets to pounding in earnest
  167. >She lifts her hips up, and slams her twat down on you, her bust swaying with the rolling motion
  168. >Your eyes are torn between her face being twisted in her ecstasy at being fucked so full of dick, and her pendulous bust, swaying with the motion.
  169. >She takes your hands in hers and guides them to her hips before replacing them on your chest
  170. >You take the hint and begin to lift her up, aiding in her ascent into bliss, before dropping her down onto your cock, thick with lust and anticipation
  171. >You set into a rhythm of thrusting twice for each of her falls. Her falling weight sinks you deep into the lounge, and you thrust back up into her as you lift her, and pull out just in time for her to impale herself upon your length.
  172. >Your carnal mind memorizes the patterns of the motion and you lose yourself in the sea of emotions there for you to chose to focus on
  173. >The scent of her hair mixing in with the smell of sex. the sound of your slapping thighs, the creaking lounge and the wet noises of dripping lust as your pre and her girl-juices form an almost-pool on your crotch.
  174. >The speed of your thrusts set her tits to more bouncing around rather than full swings. Her head rocks back and forth with the motion and her hair flounces around as you hammer into her
  175. >Her orgasm approaches quickly in the telltale heralding of muffled cries, quick and jerky breaths and a clenching of her milking cunt, writhing around you.
  176. >As her climax comes, and you're still lost in which sensory stimulation to focus upon, she chooses for you,
  177. >Your mind hones in on the softness of her lips as she presses them against you.
  178. >The way she desperately seeks out your tongue as she clenches down upon you, and the laziness of the kiss as her mind is overrun by sparks of electric Nirvana
  179. >She sighs into your kiss and parts it only reluctantly
  180. >"Ahh... that was amazing. It's been soo long since I- Hii~!"
  181. >You cut her off as you continue your sawing, fucking her innermost depths and she balls her fists as you abuse her oversensitive womanhood
  182. >"W-wait, N-not so h-hard, n-not so f-fast."
  183. >She tries to push herself away from you, but the arms she braces against your chest buckle, and she falls down atop you, twitching on her over sensitivity as you take her ass in hand and slam it down on you, fucking her hard and raw
  184. >"G-give me a moment, I-I can't handle this, I'm still sensitive from cumming! Any more a-and I'll... I'll break!"
  185. >You grunt in acknowledgement of her words, but continue to pound into her, reveling now in the wet smacks of sex upon sex, chasing your own elusive orgasm
  186. >"N-No more. P-Please, I'll go mad!"
  187. >You shift your positioning in search of a deeper penetration. the head of your cock scrapes against her walls in its search but you're not hitting that place, not yet.
  188. >"No..."
  189. >You slide down your seat and angle Your thrusts further up
  190. >"More..."
  191. >Her eyes roll up and her tongue rolls out across your chest as you finally hit the deepest parts of her, feeling it part slightly about your cock
  192. >"Please... more."
  193. >You grip her ass and lissome thighs harder as sweat pours off you and you grit your teeth in search of orgasm
  194. >Her cunt contracts again, as you rock it through another orgasm, and the milking twists of a snatch begging to be seeded brings your own climax crashing down upon you like a freak wave, taking you out of nowhere
  195. >You thrust up
  196. >She slams her ass down
  197. >And the two of you hold there in the precarious balance, pumping rope after rope of hot cum into her cool, cold womb, once barren, now laden with the stuff of life.
  198. >You pack her womb so full, it escapes from her clenching and spasming cervix and leaks down the shaft of your dick
  199. >Slowly you settle the two of you back down on the lounge, your dick still twitching even as it lbegins to grow imp within her womb
  200. >You breathe a long and deep and satisfied sigh
  201. ...
  202. >She catches her breath in short quiet 'Haah~'s
  203. >Drawing small circles upon your chest she giggles to yourself
  204. >"Well, that was something alright. Even though I remember begging you to slow down. I thought you said you were tired?"
  205. >...
  206. >Lacking a reply, she looks up her her lover, only to see a blissful expression scrawled across his face
  207. >His eyes are closed
  208. >He is asleep
  209. >She puffs her cheeks out and frowns, "Geez!..."
  210. >"You could have waited for me..."
  211. >Lying down across his chest, she chases after him into slumber.
  212. >You sniff, and wince in a familiar pain as your brain processes the steel cotton clogging your brain full of fuck. A symptom of oversleep
  213. >You try to sit up, before registering the not unpleasant weight of the girl still lying on your chest.
  214. >Bemusedly, you watch as trails of drool fall from her open mouth, roll off her cheek squished up against your chest, and evaporate before it touches you, flames whicking away at the drool, like a person would sleepily wipe their mouth
  215. >It seems at some point as you slept, her metal wires spread out from her, curling under the lounge and above the both of you, turning into not sexy underwear, or the brazier you first saw her in, but a giant, foreboding looking cage, with brilliant blue flames arcing from one bar to the other, and flicking inward. They dance and play up and down your naked body like feelers, burning cool-ly.
  216. >You recall, a long time ago, some one telling you of lore about the wisp
  217. >That their flames burn with the brilliant blue of jealousy
  218. >This, soothing, reassuring coolness brings a smile to your lips
  219. >Elusive emotions begin to pull themselves into place and start to set the foundations
  220. >You think you're beginning to like this once-stalker
  221. >Lifting a hand, you poke her squishy, puffy cheeks with your finger.
  222. >Her face scrunches up, and she whines, shifting slightly before flopping back down, squishing her soft cheek up against you again
  223. >Grinning, you put both hands on either side of her head, and pull her face towards you
  224. >Your lips part hers, and you kiss her deeply, slipping your tongue in, and coaxing hers out to play
  225. >Her eyes flash open wide and her body tenses as she's jolted to awareness, but her mind catches up with her, and she relaxes on your chest, sinking into the kiss, faintly-blue shadowed eyes lower sultrily, lidded in pleasure, a lavender blush spreading across her light blue flesh.
  226. >After a while you break the kiss, and her flames wrap around you as if to lament your leaving
  227. >You smile up at her, "Good morning."
  228. >She leans down, and places a good morning peck on your closed lips. "Good morning, love."
  229. >You grin, "Ooh, love is it?"
  230. >She smirks down at you, "Love it is. You don't spend a few hundred years as a spirit of envy, and not know these things."
  231. >"Oh? It's got nothing to do with the stalking?"
  232. >"T-that too... I guess."
  233. >You chuckle, and stretch, groaning. You tap a bar, idly
  234. >"So how about letting me out of here?"
  235. >She sits up, still straddling you, Slowly she starts to grind her hips in small circles, "Now why would I want to do that?"
  236. >You flash her a dry look, "Fire doesn't water good, and I want a shower."
  237. >She positively leers at you, and leans down, her flames beginning to grow hot, She licks your ear, nibbles the lobe, and licks down the line of your jaw before looking at you with her ancient, needs, possessive eyes
  238. >"But dear you aren't nearly messy enough."
  239. >"And what." You grab her face again, kiss it, and slide your hands down her cool flesh, "Can we do." before settling on her hips "To fix that?"
  240. >Flames fondle and caress your scrotum, and coils up your shaft, sending strange, jealous feelings through your cock and into your mind.
  241. >There is a world of men out there fucking their waifus.
  242. >It's your job to fuck yours better.
  243. >The flames lift your dick, and angle it into her greedy cunt, where she takes you to the hilt in one, slick, wet, ready and waiting motion.
  244. >"You know exactly what we can do to fix that."
  245. >A smile splits your face. "I guess I do."
  246. >You lift her by the hips, and she braces herself with her hands upon your chest
  247. >She's not so big as she was last night, what with the cage taking much of her form, but she is still curvy, if barely nubile
  248. >Palm-able breasts wobble before your eyes, as you begin to pull her down onto your cock, and thrust up into her womb, cock head kissing her cervix, as it flexes and twitches, begging to take you in
  249. >Her hands go from your chest to beyond your shoulders white, long,wispy hair billows about the two of you, as it catches on the updraught of her fires, and her face contorts in blissful pleasure.
  250. >Well... She wanted to be messy
  251. >Grinning sadistically, you can only thank that it's been a long time for her
  252. >She's mindshatteringly sensitive, and her eyes are squeezed tight
  253. >You grope her round, plump butt, and slip a finger into her tight pucker at the same time as you bite down on her nipple, and thrust up hard, piercing her womb with your shaft
  254. >Her back arches as her twat looses a heady flow of girlcum against your thighs, and she SCREAMS
  255. >The mournful wails of damned souls, and the hedonistic cries of fallen angels intertwine with the cadence of her orgasm, and the unearthly screech rattles the windows, sending cracks lancing through the nearest.
  256. >Her flames roar and you find yourself in a blistering furnace
  257. >Your head pounds with it
  258. >Your heart freezes in a fist of ice
  259. >Electricity courses through your mind, and the latches on a pandora's box worth of sensations burns through your soul
  260. >Your cock bursts thick ropes of hot white cum deep into her womb, as if on command
  261. >You catch your breath for a moment as she sits atop you, quivering and shuddering
  262. >"W-what... was that?"
  263. >"A-aha... what was what, dear?"
  264. >"Don't give me that. What are you a Banshee?"
  265. >She pouts, "That's not nice, I just... get a little... it's been a while."
  266. >"Do you do that every time you cum? You didn't last night."
  267. >"You didn't... touch me there last night."
  268. >"Is that your..." Your lips twist sadistically before you even finish, "weak spot?"
  269. >"N-no. It feels weird and gross, and I don't like it at a-Aahn~"
  270. >You slip a second finger in, and her cunt contracts around you like a velvet vice.
  271. >"Ooh, I'll have to play with this later."
  272. >Her eyes bulge, and her tongue rolls out, and she clutches at you with a back as stiff as a cat with its tail stepped upon
  273. >And then she goes completely limp, and just falls into you
  274. >She remains just as wordless as her breaths come fast and ragged
  275. >With her supporting arms now limp, it's on you to pull her on and off your dick, admiring the way her soft flesh rolls and surges with the motion, the skin on skin contact making the two of you well and truly messy as mixed bubbles of cum and girl-juices slide between your flesh, making the two of you slick and sticky
  276. >She's smiling dopily to herself now, as you alternate the rhythm as you finger her ass, and pound her puffy muff, changint it up between thrusting both at the same time, and a sawing motion as you push one in after the other
  277. >Her head finds its way into the crook of your neck, and you feel the cool wetness of her tongue as the licks and kisses you, almost absent mindedly
  278. >The fucking slows down to a gentle, sloppy cuddle fuck, as you mix juices and swap spit. A telltale contraction heralds her orgasm, and it's in perfect time for the clenching in your gut as your prostate churns with lust
  279. >Her flames lick your face as her arms wrap about you
  280. >You in turn hold her tightly to you, and ride out the shared waves of bliss.
  281. >"We... we messy yet?"
  282. >"..."
  283. >She doesn't respond, and when you crane your neck to look her in the face, you see her still recovering.
  284. >Sighing, you pick her up in your arms, and the bars of the cage receeds, re-coiling around her in a metal frame, the fire disappearing with it. It doesn't turn into anything significant, just coils around her body as a mess
  285. >You figure it's something she has to control consciously to actually form clothes and different types of cages from
  286. >Shrugging, you princess carry her around her home, checking every room for the ever elusive bathroom.
  287. >The place is well kept, large and very very gothic, with spacious rooms secreted throughout. Everything has spikes and columns, and her grand-father clock looks like a smaller, woodier cathedral.
  288. >"So? Where is the shower?"
  289. >'Mmh, up the stairs, to the right."
  290. >"'Kay."
  291. >You plod along, feeling the tips of the girl's almost obscenely long white hair brushing against your calves as you carry her.
  292. >You come to the room she pointed out and open the door, putting the girl back on her feet
  293. >You expect a little bathroom, maybe a little fancy. What you open up to is more of an indoor pool. It's a massive bath with vents all over the place
  294. >"Wow. Impressive."
  295. >"Mmmh." She slips into the water and crystals based at particular positions about the bath begin to glow red.
  296. >"Wow, magic?" You slip into the waters next to her
  297. >"It's an old bath. the whole house is old, really. An uh... you know, it could also be yours... if you want."
  298. >You wrap an arm around her and pull her into a hug, before kissing the top of her head
  299. >"I'll think about it."
  300. >There's a ledge in the deep bath, and you sit on it, taking her with you, and placing her in your lap
  301. >"Want to... try it out? I kind of already know what the inside of your place is like. We could live together? For a bit?"
  302. >You chuckle, "I don't know how long you've been looking at me, but I met you just a night ago. Lets take it easy. I mean, that said... Feel free to crash at mine some of the time. And I guess I could stay here, but I don't really know where here is. You went and got me lost, remember?"
  303. >She wiggles her round rump into your bare crotch, "And how to you like being lost?"
  304. >You kiss her collarbone, and nibble at her throat as you massage her hips and belly in the warm, now-soapy waters
  305. >"I don't mind it one bit, honestly, but" a little bit of seriousness bleeds into your tone, "I can't be lost forever."
  306. >She turns in place, and faces you, straddling you now rather than sitting on your lap.
  307. >A small tongue of fire flicks off her shoulder, and she pouts, but something in the back of your mind tells you you're close to treading into precarious ground
  308. >"And why not? What's so wrong with it? Why can't you just stay with me?! Don't Yo-"
  309. >You seal her tirade with a kiss before she can continue further down that path
  310. >"How old are you?"
  311. >"W-what?"
  312. >"How old are you?"
  313. >"F-Four hundred... I think?"
  314. >"I'm twenty one. The way you think, and the way I think, are very different. Maybe you've seen as much as you want to see. Maybe you just want some one to call home, you want it as soon as possible and you can't wait to have it, but these things take time, right?"
  315. >"I guess..."
  316. >You catch her eyes. Sapphires of yearning and loneliness stare back into you, and you smile, "I know where you were going with that. And just because I'm not ready to pack my bags and leave with you into eternity doesn't mean I don't like you, okay?"
  317. >She's silent a moment. "Sorry, I... lost it for a moment there. I understand it's not the same for you as it is for me, I'm just... scared of being alone any longer."
  318. >Even though, with so little of her metal cage being used, she's quite buxom and curvy
  319. >Even though she even eclipses you in height by a few inches as she is
  320. >Even though she sits upon you and looks down, shapely breasts swaying with her slight breasts, commanding your field of vision
  321. >She looks so very small.
  322. >...
  323. >You bury your face into her chest, "Don't be. I'm here, for now, and I see no reason to leave. I mean, leave as in, for good, like, I still need to get home a-"
  324. >She cuts you off with a kiss and a giggle, "I get what you mean."
  325. >Calm now, she twists around again, and sits in your lap, resting her head under your chin
  326. >"Can I be selfish though? And ask you to stay with me just a little longer?"
  327. >You hug her, "Sure."
  328. >Silent minutes pass, the two of you lost in thought.
  329. >You focus on her. Her sensations. The was she feels being held to your breast
  330. >"Um... Hey. Can I say something dumb?"
  331. >"What? Sure, by all means."
  332. >A funny little smile plays across her lips, and she looks around the room as if she were being spied upon
  333. >Even still, she buries her face behind her hair and into your chest before she says it
  334. >"Ehehe, I feel... With you I feel like my heart might just start beating again, at any moment. Silly... right?"
  335. >A warmth unrelated to the bath spreads through your chest, "Nah. That's... not silly at all."
  336. >You lean back up against the edge of the bath, and gently pat her head where it's resting against your chest.
  337. >It isn't until your toes start to go wrinkly that the two of you decide to get out of the, some how, still warm bath, and get dressed.
  338. >The two of you laugh and flirt as you prepare to leave, and the sun sets as you walk through the front door.
  339. >"Perfect. I know a nice little restaurant near here." She holds her hand out to you, the frilly dress she's now wearing fluttering in the afternoon breeze, the orange glow of the falling sun shining behind her nigh translucent hair, framing her beautiful smile, "Shall we?"
  340. >You take her hand in yours, slipping your fingers inbetween hers.
  341. >"Lets."
  342. >She giggles, giddy and turns on her heel, dress flapping as she tugs you out onto the street
  343. >"Where is it?"
  344. >"Don't worry. I'll guide you."
  345. >"Because that worked so well last time."
  346. >She turns back and pokes her tongue out at you, "I got you to where you wanted to go, didn't I?"
  347. >"Hah... I guess I can't argue."
  348. >"Truuust me. It isn't far."
  349. >The two of you walk together, you taking the side by the road. You watch as various undeads, mostly couples, begin to fill into the street, their time beginning as the sun falls.
  350. >She surveys the couples somewhat suspiciously, and clings to you tighter, what went from simply holding hands quickly turns to full on wrapped about your arm
  351. >A Wight saunters past, and winks mischievously at you
  352. >You ignore her for the most part, eyes only barely flicking towards her bust, but the Wisp bristles notably.
  353. >As though is were some kind of competition, she straightens her back, adds more swing to her hips as she walks, and her dress shifts, growing tighter, and more revealing. Her hips and bust expand until she's turning the heads of even the female monstergirls, simply oozing sexual allure
  354. >"... What are you doing?"
  355. >She jumps, "E-Eh? N-Nothing..." She almost visibly deflates, and continues walking next to you.
  356. >It isn't too long before she's led you to a nice looking restaurant, which feels a bit more like a cafe.
  357. >A Ghost phases up through the floor
  358. >"It's wonderful to see you again miss. The usual?"
  359. >"Fufu, this time it's a table for two!" She grins smugly, and the ghost puts a hand to her cheek, her eyes flicking over you
  360. >"Ara, that so? Right this way then"
  361. >As you walk through the customers to the table, you begin to hear whispers
  362. >Indistinct first, they become snider and more vile the more people you pass
  363. >'Looks like she finally managed to trick a guy into going for her'
  364. >She colours in shame
  365. >'Poor guy'
  366. >And she shrinks
  367. >'He's kind of cute though'
  368. >'She doesn't deserve him.'
  369. >A brown girl in a golden dress stands up, departing from her table of a few women wrapped in bandages, and some kind of wolfgirl
  370. >Regal and grand, she walks up to the two of you
  371. >"The unloved should know their place."
  372. >She turns to you, and flashes a pretty smile, "Now why don't you come with me, child. I'll show you a world of pleasure you'd have never dreamed of."
  373. >"It's nothing like the palaces I own, but I do own the penthouse of the best hotel within the area. Do cum, and we can explore...much more there."
  374. >She extends a gilded hand.
  375. >The woman is stunningly beautiful. Wealth itself bows to her
  376. >You look to the sad lonely girl you came in with
  377. >It's quiet
  378. >So quiet you almost think you imagined it, but she turns away from you. "It's okay. You can go with her."
  379. >It's not much of a question really. You know this girl's type. The prestigious Pharaoh, a god incarnate. No doubt she could buy out this restaurant and its entire chain, hundreds of times, and it would be no more than droping a dime into the well for her.
  380. >And that isn't even to speak of her untold wealth of beauty and youth
  381. >You consider the Wisp you came in with. Her house is nice, but it's not THAT Great. She'll well off, but she is no God-King
  382. >Her eyes are shadowed, her skin the blue tinge of death, small, jealous flames flicker within her, and she hasn't the power of affluence to command legions
  383. >The answer is clear to every one there
  384. >Painfully clear to her aswell
  385. >You grab her hand as she begins to walk away, and pull her back to you, spinning her as you do
  386. >And before every one there, you steal her lips
  387. >Long and deep do you kiss her, tongue claiming her mouth
  388. >So passionately do you force her that she begins to visibly struggle for breath, eyes wide, frightened like a rabbit, but you don't let up even when she begins to squirm beat softly on your chest
  389. >You only let up when she goes slack in your grip, and a trail of saliva links your lips as you pull away. She looks dazed and her chest heaves as she sucks in the breath you stole from her
  390. >She looks surprised, but more than that she looks happy, ecstatic.
  391. >The Pharaoh looks affronted and insulted, but you ignore her, and turn to the blushing ghost, and smile disarmingly, "Unless you plan for us to eat right here, our table please."
  392. >"O-Of course. Right this way."
  393. >You tug the Wisp by the hand and it isn't until the two of you are seated that she regains the presence of mind to speak again
  394. >"Why did you do that?"
  395. >"You didn't want me to?"
  396. >"No, I.. I mean yes but... Why me?"
  397. >You shrug. "I don't know what you're talking about. It's not like there was much of a choice. One was some stranger I'd never met before and the other one was my girlfriend. Seemed clear to me."
  398. >"Oh. Of course..."
  399. >"..."
  400. >"W-Wait! Girlfriend?! S-since when?"
  401. >"I decided it just now. I trust you don't mind?"
  402. >"I N-no, I... Not at all" It's clear that her mind is struggling to process it, though so you give her a moment to think it through.
  403. >The ghost pops up from behind a wall, startling the Wisp
  404. >"Congratulations. So? What do the pair of you order?"
  405. >You make your orders, and the ghost floats away.
  406. >"...Pair, is it?"
  407. >The realization sets in, as does a smile you know you'll never slip from her lips. Not for a while anyway
  408. >It's kinda goofy looking
  409. >A kinda childish
  410. >Kinda big and dumb
  411. >But it's probably the most heartfelt genuine smile she's ever had
  412. >You find yourself smiling too.
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