Adobe Illustrator export as JPEG

applehelpwriter Mar 27th, 2014 284 Never
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  1. --this script exports a JPEG for each open Adobe Illustrator document
  2. --Destination is the same folder as the AI document
  3. --it then closes all open AI documents without saving
  5. tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
  6.         set theDocuments to every document
  8.         repeat with i from 1 to the count of theDocuments
  10.                 set thePath to (file path of document i) as text
  11.                 set thePath to text 1 thru -4 of thePath
  13.                 set theAlias to (thePath & ".jpg") as text
  14.                 set theJPGExportOptions to {class:JPEG export options, antialiasing:false, quality:100, optimization:true}
  16.                 set current document to document i
  17.                 export front document as JPEG to theAlias with options theJPGExportOptions
  18.         end repeat
  19.         close every document saving no
  20. end tell
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