May 16th, 2019
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  1. Name: Metachrosis (‘Em’)
  2. Gender: F
  3. Race: Changeling
  4. Changeling Flight: You have thin gossamer wings which allow you to fly unencumbered but somewhat slower than other races. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  5. Shapeshifting: recharge 3; A Changeling can imitate almost anything the same size as itself. You can change your form into any specific person or object you choose on success, with higher success rolls giving better quality to the disguise. The disguise is removed when knocked helpless or when dispelled by magic. If you have the Disguise skill, Shapeshifting will Autocrit. Changelings can tell each other apart via pheromones, passively sensing when other Changelings nearby, but not their specific location.
  6. Adaptability: On a successful roll, this racial is replaced until the end of the session by a chosen racial of your choice.
  8. Class: Alchemist
  10. Skills
  11. Alchemical Foresight: passive; Experimentation with all kinds of reagents and potions has given you a sixth sense on telling what an object may do. You have +2 on knowledge and examination rolls to learn what effects a material or a substance will have.
  12. Alchemist Fire: recharge 1, ranged; Concoct a flame that produces virulent smoke and can latch onto anything, even water. Deals damage and gives +1 to all skills against that target next turn. On Crit this has the Fire Elementalist effect.
  13. Spellbound Alchemizing: automatic, spell; Create a potion bound with any one point spell from any class. You may have up to three potions at a time. Casting the spell consumes the potion.
  14. Distill Life: recharge 2, spell; Create three Health Potions that restore 3 hits each, and on Crit also restore one wound. You may distribute these freely to nearby party members on cast, at any time after. Consuming a potion is an Instant Automatic action. Non-Alchemists can only hold one Health Potion at a time.
  15. Caustic Sting: recharge 2, weapon; Strike with a potent venom. Deals damage and temporarily lowers the target’s Max Hits by however much they are hurt by until they fall helpless. (e.g., Dealing 3 damage would lower a standard foe’s Max Hits of 5 down to 2, so they cannot be healed above 2 Hits). An enemy cannot be reduced to below 1 max hit. This effect does not stack. On Crit the target has -1 to their next action from the weakening venom.
  17. Special Talent:
  18. Fog-Touched:Adaptability is automatic and can be used any number of times per session, but the racial is chosen at random and Adaptability gains Recharge 3 (d111).
  20. Trained Talent:
  21. Fog-touched:Spellbound Alchemizing is always Instant/Automatic, but the spell chosen is a random (d22) 1 point skill from any class. An unwanted spell can be “emptied” without actually being cast, but must take a full turn to empty it.
  23. Spell and Racial Number list:
  25. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  27. Weapon and/or Catalyst: Changeling horn-shaped Amulet
  29. Character traits
  31. Strengths:
  33. Weaknesses:
  35. Interests:
  37. Appearance:Em has a metallic green carapace similar to that of a green potato beetle. Her eyes and wings are a slightly lighter shade of non-metallic green. She’s short and of average build. Several t have deep, sdeep, scar-like gashes run along her chest and side.
  39. Clothes:Typically a pair of dark brown overalls over top of a dirty white undershirt. Keeps an old black hazmat-style suit and gas mask for when she ventures into the fog. She carries a changeling horn attached to a metal chain around her neck, normally tucked into her clothes.
  41. Inventory:
  43. Backstory
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