A Queen's Meal

Feb 19th, 2018
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  1. >Piercing green eyes swept back and forth hungrily, occasionally stopping for a moment, squinting with focus before casually moving onwards
  2. >Under their gaze the stallions nervously cringed, unsure of how they even ended up in such a predicament, but certainly too terrified to ask the seemingly mile high black visage before them
  3. >It looked female, but not quite like a pony. It’s slit pupil eyes unnerving those they focused on, seemingly to almost glow
  4. >As they all sat there in terror a dark, booming chuckle escaped their captor’s lips, the stallions unable to stop trembling at the display
  5. >With a sigh the massive creature shook its head slowly, fangs poking out of its mouth as it smirked at its catch
  6. >Chrysalis counted 55 ant sized ponies laid out before her on the chair that she had placed them upon
  7. >She felt like squealing with an almost filly like delight at this, the experiment that she toiled so long to achieve finally coming together
  8. >But she maintained her opposing, monolithic demeanor, patting herself on the back mentally
  9. >The queen lusted for love, the energy of which she needed to survive, and the energy of which she had always been dissatisfied with considering how much effort it took to extract enough of it
  10. >Then one day she realized; why not just gather up enough ponies in one area to make it a more efficient meal?
  11. >And better yet, why not make it so that she could fit dozens in a single hoof so that she might drain them all at once before her?
  12. >Draining 50 ponies at once sure seemed like a better deal than just one or a few at a time, and with a little research, she was about to make that vision a reality
  13. >Now she just had to have them give up their love…
  14. >With another hearty chuckle she began to turn around, not doubt that such a thing would be easy for someone of her expertise
  15. >The thudding of the gigantic hooves caused some stallions to neigh in panic, a few darting off only to find themselves utterly trapped on the stool that sat hundreds out feet from the ground
  16. >But all terror filled panicking immediately ground to a halt as a shadow cast over them, the miniature ponies all looking up in awe
  17. >Two monolithic black asscheeks hovered high above them, their owner looking back towards her prey
  18. >With a wink her blue tail swished to the side, confirming to all present that the gigantic creature that kidnapped them was in fact female, the stallions blushing as they got an eyeful of an absolutely massive onyx colored tailhole, the muscular ring twitching a bit
  19. >Below it, equally dark colored lips pursed ever so slightly, already appearing slick much to the stallions’ pleasure as the first hints of her musk began to waft down to them
  20. >Chrysalis could already feel their love rising, smirking at how absolutely pathetic it was to turn them from sheer terror to sex fuled lust with the flick of a tail
  21. >But to her, everything was going to plan. Soon she would have a meal fit for, well, a queen if things were already that easy
  22. >”Enjoying yourselves?”
  23. >Most of the stallions snapped back to her ever watching eyes, although some still seemed to be in an absolute trance as they continued to gaze at the bounty between her cheeks
  24. >”I hope you all enjoy the show. Trust me, it’s my pleasure~”
  25. >With a fanged grin she turned her head away, beginning to focus on the next stage in her plan
  26. >Ever so slightly her thick hips began to shift and move back and forth above her tiny spectators, picking up speed gradually
  27. >Soon the massive ass was fully gyrating, buttcheeks grinding and flaunting themselves high above
  28. >All the crowd below could do was look up in awe, the terror that they felt earlier totally replaced with lust
  29. >And their queen could feel it
  30. >Grinning to herself she continued her routine, pleased with how easy this was
  31. >No stallion could resist her, and soon she would feel the full love of over 50 of them, enough to keep her satiated for weeks
  32. >But it was time to kick it up a notch
  33. >She lowered her rear, making a sweeping pass above the crowd, their jaws dropping as the mile wide plot cast the shadow of darkness over them before continuing on, returning to its position high above
  34. >Once more she made another pass, ever so slightly lower than even the last one, this time giving it a good shake before lifting her butt
  35. >She could feel the love rising from her tiny victims, all of them absolutely enamored with the eyeful that they were receiving
  36. >Licking her lips at the thought of the meal she would soon be receiving the queen continued her show, beginning to moan a bit
  37. >She had no doubt that the majority of her audience were playing with themselves, each one of them desperate to have even a fleeting moment to do what they pleased with her rear
  38. >Soon enough Chrysalis was all but drooling, the taste of love thick in the air
  39. >And she yearned for more
  40. >Desperate to milk ever last ounce out of her new subjects she continued to give her impressive lap dance, her rear getting lower with every shake
  41. >It was at this moment that she tasted the pure ecstasy that the stallions were experiencing, her plot just barley high enough to be out of reach of their hooves
  42. >Both parties minds’ clouded with pleasure, it went unnoticed when she went in to flaunt her supple cheeks just a tad lower than before, desperate to obtain more love from the horny masses
  43. >Chrysalis immediately froze, her previously pleasure stricken face turning into one of cringe, pupils shrinking to pinpricks
  44. >Below her plump ass it felt as though a hundred miniscule grapes had exploded the moment that her rear unintentionally made constant with the seat, her voluptuous cheeks filling the entire stool before her audience could so much as scream
  45. >Slowly getting off the seat she cringed even harder as the peeling noise that came with it told her all that she needed to know
  46. >Almost reluctant to look back at first she eventually forced herself, beholding dozens of tiny red smudges all across the wood, her own rear no doubt sporting just as many
  47. >Eyes darting back and forth she looked for any movement, desperate to find any way to salvage what she had done
  48. >But alas, reluctant as she was, she knew that the stallions were simply no match for her heavy plot whose cheeks spilled over the stool’s sides as it was
  49. >With a defeated sigh the queen shook her head at the failure
  50. >She was so close to the best meal that she had ever had, a meal that she could still barely taste in her mouth
  51. >”Guess I’ll go easier on the lap dance next time…”
  52. >Grumbling, her hoof steps thudded across the floor, making her way to the bath with annoyance
  53. >It was bad enough that she foiled her own plans, but on top of that she had about 50 former stallions to wipe off of her cheeks
  54. >As she trotted however, the tiny of twitches caught her attention
  55. >Pausing, she held her breath for just a moment, curious to if she had imagined it
  56. >But once more the smallest of sensations began again, something exceedingly tiny bothering her nethers
  57. >With excitement she reached back, involuntarily gasping as her hoof gently slid down her swollen, sensitive pussy lips, slightly slick from the show she had put on
  58. >Using a precise, yet quick motion she caught hold of something wriggling with confusion on the side of one of her onyx colored lips, practically glued into place from the viscous liquid
  59. >Brining the hoof to her face she squinted, lowering her eye to view the insignificant disturbance
  60. >A single earth pony peered back to her in terror, hyperventilated as he still struggled in the tinniest glob of her passion
  61. >A tiny squee escape the queen’s lips, the uncharacteristic expression quickly quashed by her, brow furrowing as she examined the hitchhiker closer
  62. >He was absolutely terrified, that much she could tell. Not that it wasn’t warranted
  63. >But as her gaze lowered she couldn’t help but chuckle at the display between his hind legs
  64. >Even after all that he sported a proudly displayed erection, the stallion blushing involuntarily as he realized what she was looking at
  65. >With a ‘hmph’ she slyly smiled, her captive growing more nervous
  66. >Not bad honestly, the queen thought to herself. Before she had reduced him to this size it would have been a most impressive sight
  67. >Lips curling into a vicious smile, a hot blast of her breath washed over her prisoner as her nostrils flared
  68. >”Well, I guess I can at least salvage some of this night”
  69. >Walking to a desk she rummaged around for a moment before retrieving what appeared to be a spool of exceedingly fine string, fine enough to barely make out a single thread
  70. >Lopping off a piece her horn glowed, the stallion gasping as he was lifted into the air, the queen turning her sizeable rum towards a mirror
  71. >Tongue slightly sticking out in concentration she made a few precise, minute movements
  72. >”There, perfect!”
  73. >Her tail help up proudly, a single fine string wrapped around her meaty dock, a hard to make out speck held in place with the twine
  74. >The stallion’s back sunk into her dock a bit, the string a bit tight, but not overly so
  75. >But that wasn’t his main focus. That would be the absolutely massive sphincter that he found himself face to face with
  76. >As he gazed at it beads of sweat began to form on his face, partly from his nerves, partly because of the musty, oven like heat radiating from the onyx pucker
  77. >”Enjoy~”
  78. >His thoughts turned frantic as he felt the dock lowering, a panicked scream escaping his lips as the anus twitched in anticipation of it’s victim
  79. >Her tail flopping back into place, the stallion’s face grinded into the moist, pillowy flesh, dock gently pressing him into it
  80. >It’s pungent scent began to overpower him, but no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t remove his muzzle from the wrinkly asshole
  81. >”You’re gonna be there a while, bud. Might as well make yourself comfortable”
  82. >With a chuckle the world boomed under her hoofsteps, the queen marching off towards her quarters
  83. >But soon afterwards she came to a halt, cheeks beginning to burn, eyes slyly peering back towards her rump
  84. >The most minute of sensations tickled her tailhole, rhythmically sending tiny waves of pleasure across her
  85. >His tiny tongue probed and licked the pucker, cock beginning to unsheathe as he rimmed it like his life depended on it
  86. >Chrysalis stood there for a few more moments, feeling the tiniest hints of love
  87. >Licking her lips at the pleasant snack, she could only smirk with a bit of what might have been pride
  88. >”Good to see that you know your place, little one. Keep up the work, and I might just keep you around”
  89. >It had been so long since she had a love slave, but if his enthusiasm to give his master a rim job in the direst of situations was anything to go by, he might just have what it takes to fill the position
  90. >Her laughter thundering above, she begun to continue her day once more
  91. >The stallion plastered to her asshole worked away just as furiously as ever, tongue committed to tasting every inch that it could as his captor plopped down on her thrown
  92. >His fate sealed, Chrysalis had no doubt in her mind that she had found an ideal use for the stallion, crossing her hind legs as she eased back with a sigh
  93. >It’s good to be queen
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