#OpRussia Payload. legalru.ru - Leaked.

Mar 2nd, 2014
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  3. >> https://mega.co.nz/#!U9MwDbIB!H7DwIGwgT67tJv51z10lfSmZUKHZT3hzLIJx9nxUA0U <<
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. Hi there!
  8. Anonymous here with another pretentious public release for the second time in two days. Recently, we geared up
  9. #OpRussia to the point of complete destruction. After leaking crownservice.ru yesterday to a hungry audience,
  10. we started work on another leak. This one "legalru.ru", which offers legal aid to people and government officials
  11. of the federation within Russia. It's a pretty big site, and the database is so large we couldn't even drop it
  12. all without spending weeks watching green text slowly scroll by like the fucking Matrix or some shit.
  14. Just to review what's been going on, we've now shut down the website of the Russian military, hacked more than
  15. 10 of their high-traffic websites -- including government sites, raped Putin with a barbed-wire stick, backdoored
  16. multiple government sites and kept a score of how many times we've owned Putin and how many times he hasn't owned
  17. us (see: every-time.jpg).
  19. We want to clarify that we are here for the people of Russia and the Ukraine -- and that we are actively attacking
  20. their government and cyber infrastructure to prove a point and send a message. If we can humiliate the Russian
  21. government in a time of intense stress like this, we've done our job. To the innocent Ukranians, we are never going
  22. to give you up, and we're never going to let you down. We wish you a safe protest in these violent times.
  24. On to the leak:
  26. Included in this release is two important files. The "session" and "log" files. The session file is more than 1.5
  27. gigabytes of information stolen from the SQL database running on legalru.ru -- demonstrating we got access.
  28. The log file is an actual dump of 369 megabytes of SQL data including email addresses of admins, news history,
  29. and some other shit we haven't even read. (We're lazy sometimes.)
  31. We have multiple targets currently being attacked as we speak, and we wish to inform Putin that we are inside your
  32. databases, watching, lurking, and leaking when it becomes necessary or when we get bored of just sitting there.
  34. Anonymous: > 12
  35. Putin : 0
  37. We are Anonymous.
  38. We are Legion.
  39. We do not forgive.
  40. We do not forget.
  41. Expect us -- Always.
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