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Fallout: Beyond Equestria Session 21 Northern Blues (Part 6)

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  1. [2013-01-16 13:11:11] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twenty-One: Northern Blues (Part Six)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  2. [2013-01-16 13:11:49] <Kkat> 3The Crystal Empire is encircled in a perfectly circular sphere of the magical shield.  Within it, the entire city is laid out in exact patterns, with glass-like mane roads forming perfect geometry that converges on the crystal tower in the center.
  3. [2013-01-16 13:12:34] <Kkat> 3Behind, at the southmost point, is the Southern gate.  Noble_Heart could not see what lies opposite of it on the northmost point -- the war-scarred Crystal Tower blocked her view.
  4. [2013-01-16 13:12:45] <Kkat> 3Towards the southwest end of the city, at the terminous of the road her companions are on, lies a fenced-in zone filled with cabins and littered with several nearby military transport motorwagons.  There are military structures and just beyond it, including anti-dragon cannons and even a couple of old tanks.
  5. [2013-01-16 13:13:22] <Kkat> 3At the westmost point, on the edge of the city ruins, looms a decaying factory.  The name SOLARIS adorns the roof, half the letters still flickering an ominous orange neon.
  6. [2013-01-16 13:13:31] <Kkat> 3Far off in the northwest part of the city, a series of industrial buildings fan out from a central complex like legs from a spider.  The central complex and many of the satellite buildings have been demolished, but five structures still remain virtually intact.
  7. [2013-01-16 13:13:44] <Kkat> 3Imagine a quaint, homey little yellow hut...  In the southeast, an oversized version of that hut looks to have given birth to a host of little baby yellow huts which clamer about it like suckling newborns.  Next to it is a small pond.  The emblem of the Ministry of Peace adorns a sign in front of the cottage-cluster.
  8. [2013-01-16 13:13:54] <Kkat> 3On the eastmost edge of the city, on the exact opposite of the rotting SOLARIS factory, stands what appears to be a fully intact and functional manufacturing center.  The gear-shaped symbol of Stable-Tec is unmistakable.
  9. [2013-01-16 13:14:01] <Kkat> 3And finally, in the far northeast, a large crystal building, cut off by a jagged gorge, lies hidden like an alicorn within a deep pinkish-red shield.
  10. [2013-01-16 13:14:55] <Kkat> 3The landmarks closest to the caravan ponies are the abandoned military camp, the Ministry of Peace cluster and the Crystal Tower.
  11. [2013-01-16 13:15:03] <Kkat> 3--- Session  Begins ---
  12. [2013-01-16 13:15:30] * Get_Lost takes a look around and waits for the armed ponies to move, ready to follow them
  13. [2013-01-16 13:15:38] * Kid "So. To that prison complex, then?"
  14. [2013-01-16 13:17:13] * Get_Lost "i guess so... at least we will deal immediately with the worst part"
  15. [2013-01-16 13:17:32] * Get_Lost then mutters "i just hope they didn't experiment"
  16. [2013-01-16 13:17:53] * Noble_Heart dove from the skies to land with a 'thump' amongst her companions. "There is a military camp not far. We should stop there first. There also seems to be a Ministry of Peace collections not far from here. I insist that we must stop there on our way as well."
  17. [2013-01-16 13:18:36] <Kkat> 3(The MoP buildings and the military instillation are in opposite directions, of course.)
  18. [2013-01-16 13:18:56] * Mitzi looks around the group. "Wut du we need more? Healeen tings or weapons?"
  19. [2013-01-16 13:19:36] * Kid casts a look at the tower. "I don't think that's the worst part." She mumbled. She looked at the alicorn, soaking in the new data. "What directions were they? Is the military camp that... Oh, what was that acronym again?"
  20. [2013-01-16 13:20:08] * Get_Lost shrugs "i still have all the supplies, but you can never know how many we will need, so i'm fine with going to the military and medical areas before anything else"
  21. [2013-01-16 13:20:36] * Bookwright "SRAC. And yes, it is. Was."
  22. [2013-01-16 13:21:11] * CopyCat scratches at the ground nervously. "We'll need to be careful if there's still anything living there."
  23. [2013-01-16 13:22:13] * Bookwright "Or /unliving/, as the case may be."
  24. [2013-01-16 13:22:36] * CopyCat shudders. "Th-that too."
  25. [2013-01-16 13:22:42] * Mitzi raises an eyebrow at Bookwright; "Wut's dat mean? Tings eez either liveen ur ded."
  26. [2013-01-16 13:23:07] * Get_Lost "or ghouls"
  27. [2013-01-16 13:24:44] * Bookwright "Just because something is still moving doesn't mean it's technically 'alive' these days, Mitzi."
  28. [2013-01-16 13:25:18] * Get_Lost "with the proper equipement, i can have a dead pony walk and maybe fight for at least a couple of days before the nerves completely decay..."
  29. [2013-01-16 13:25:54] * Get_Lost "see? not living, but not even dead... it's easy"
  30. [2013-01-16 13:26:40] * Mitzi tilts her head; "Dat's wierd. Ghouls eez still alive tho, aren't dey? Dey move, dey talk, dey just got really bad magic burns."
  31. [2013-01-16 13:26:56] * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "We do not know. But We would assume so. The military camp was that way," she nods in the direction the sign had pointed, "And the Ministry of Peace compound that way." she nodded across the other side of the street. "We must insist we stop at the Ministry of Peace buildings. Our new mother would be disappointed if We did not."
  32. [2013-01-16 13:28:22] * Get_Lost nodnods and follows the others
  33. [2013-01-16 13:29:48] * Kid is slightly offput by this discussion of mortality. "We should get going." She said, leading the way. "Shatara, you're going to help me. If there's just a few of these things, we're just going to snipe 'em and move on in."
  34. [2013-01-16 13:31:02] * Shatara nods a bit checking his rifle.
  35. [2013-01-16 13:32:33] * Bookwright "You're the gonzo gunhappies, lead the way."
  36. [2013-01-16 13:33:29] * Noble_Heart raises her head again and moves ahead of Kid. "We shall lead the way. It is Our duty." She pushes down the alley towards where she had spotted the military camp.
  37. [2013-01-16 13:34:18] * CopyCat follows as well, walking with Get_Lost and Bookwright near the back.
  38. [2013-01-16 13:36:49] * Kid rolls her eye. "Right. Whatever." She still seems rather on edge as she travels. Like she's watching for something.
  39. [2013-01-16 13:38:53] * Mitzi lumbers along with her dogs at her heels, all of them keeping their ears and eyes peeled
  40. [2013-01-16 13:40:51] <Kkat> 3As they move down the glass-like street, the caravan group come across the wreckage of a military "floating spider" robot.  It looks like it was beaten out of commission with power hooves.  Before she can begin to scavenge, Kid spots movement out of the corner of her eye -- a figure dashed across the street up ahead.
  41. [2013-01-16 13:41:14] <Kkat> 3Kid barely saw it -- it was dark, difficult to see, and... was it wearing a cape?
  42. [2013-01-16 13:41:29] * Kid growls and calls out. "Follow me!" She yelled, bolting towards the odd figure.
  43. [2013-01-16 13:42:04] * Noble_Heart stares down at the wreckage with a frown. Kid's sudden outburst drawing her from whatever she was thinking about. She turned to follow after the filly.
  44. [2013-01-16 13:42:13] * Mitzi flicks an ear as Kid yells and immediately lunges in the noted direction. Given her stature and agility, she can probably catch up to it faster than Kid.
  45. [2013-01-16 13:42:27] <Kkat> 3Nopony else can see anything that would have caused Kid's sudden actions.
  46. [2013-01-16 13:43:09] * Shatara grunts in surprise, darting after Kid.
  47. [2013-01-16 13:43:33] * Get_Lost decides to not get separated from the others, so decides to follow the orders and tries to stay with kid
  48. [2013-01-16 13:44:03] * Mitzi is not as fast as kid after all. Oops
  49. [2013-01-16 13:45:22] <Kkat> 3Kid shoots off down the street and around the crumbling corner of what was once a bakery, several of her friends close on her tail.  But the figure she is chasing has disappears around another turn, already two blocks ahead...
  50. [2013-01-16 13:46:39] * Get_Lost slows down, since it is impossible for her to even dream of keeping the pace with anypony in the group, let alone anydog or anychicken
  51. [2013-01-16 13:47:33] <Kkat> 3By the time Kid reaches the next turn, her prey... a prey nopony else has seen... has vanished completely.
  52. [2013-01-16 13:49:29] * CopyCat Eeeps as the others all started to run and just tries to keep up.
  53. [2013-01-16 13:49:52] <Kkat> 3Many of the others, however, have just noticed the tank-like sentinel bot patrolling the ruins at the base of the hill beneath the military camp.
  54. [2013-01-16 13:50:37] * Mitzi skids to a halt behind Kid
  55. [2013-01-16 13:50:38] * Bookwright is suddenly less eager to charge into the unknown. "So... Uh. Anypony got a rocket launcher?"
  56. [2013-01-16 13:50:58] * Get_Lost stops to recover some breath and glances in the distance "say... isn't that... argh... an armored... oof... sentry?"
  57. [2013-01-16 13:51:42] * CopyCat freezes and tries to make herself look smaller. "Do you think it saw us?"
  58. [2013-01-16 13:52:27] * Mitzi looks to the robot, then flexes her claws; "Uh can dig underneath eet, den break wheels. Can't chase us den."
  59. [2013-01-16 13:52:31] * Noble_Heart frowns as she slides to a halt, looking up at the sign of the moving sentrybot. "We doubt it. Sentry bots are prone to shooting first and not asking questions at all in Our experience." She snorted briefly at the prospect.
  60. [2013-01-16 13:53:15] * Shatara ducks into cover.
  61. [2013-01-16 13:53:27] * Kid eventually comes to a stop, lungs sore and body tired. "Damnit!" She grumbled, throwing her hat down. "I saw it! It kept runnin' an' I swear I saw a cape!" She huffs and puffs herself to a calm state, looking back at the others. "I swear, we're bein' followed. Did ya'll see that?"
  62. [2013-01-16 13:55:03] * Get_Lost points a hoof at the sentinel "do you think it's looking this way?"
  63. [2013-01-16 13:56:11] * Bookwright "Kid, if you think we're being followed I believe you. I have my own ways of finding those who would hide from us."
  64. [2013-01-16 13:56:12] * Get_Lost "well kid, if your caped ghost was a giant sentry robot, then yes, we have seen it..." doesn't even try to hide
  65. [2013-01-16 13:56:15] * Mitzi burrows into the ground before the robot has a chance to set its sights on her
  66. [2013-01-16 13:58:37] * Noble_Heart snorts, not running for cover at all, instead throwing up her shield and standing strong agianst the potential attacker.
  67. [2013-01-16 13:58:55] * Kid snaps back at Get_Lost. "It ain't no ghost, I-" Wait, what?
  68. [2013-01-16 13:59:14] * Bookwright mutters out of the side of his mouth to Noble_Heart, "If things to mutfruit-shaped, I want us to be ready to teleport out of here. Meeting point at the crossroads of this side road and the one we came in on, okay?"
  69. [2013-01-16 13:59:27] * Get_Lost is still pointing her hoof at the robot "that"
  70. [2013-01-16 14:00:19] * Noble_Heart frowns at Bookwright's comments. "We cannot carry that many ponies at once. Though We shall try." She spread her wings and moved into the air, spherical purple shield surrounding her as she waited to see if the robot would attack.
  71. [2013-01-16 14:00:25] * CopyCat hides... behind her own wing. It'll never find her there.
  72. [2013-01-16 14:01:28] * Bookwright "I can take two with me when I go. Between us, we can get everypony out of here at the speed of thought."
  73. [2013-01-16 14:01:50] * Shatara manages to kick a can in his scramble for cover.
  74. [2013-01-16 14:02:10] * Kid blinks. "Oh." Well-trained survival instincts started to kick in. "Uh! Um! Run! Runnin' time is now!"
  75. [2013-01-16 14:02:13] * Kkat 3sentinel robot swings turns its turret in the direction of the party...
  76. [2013-01-16 14:02:24] <Kkat> 3The sentinel robot swings turns its turret in the direction of the party...
  77. [2013-01-16 14:02:41] * Kid lept for cover.
  78. [2013-01-16 14:03:13] * Get_Lost is almost hypnotized by the giant robot. looking at the relic of a distant time preparing to deliver death to her and still, somehow, not caring
  79. [2013-01-16 14:03:34] <Kkat> 3>>> FWHOOOOOM! <<<
  80. [2013-01-16 14:04:06] * Noble_Heart swoops down to try and put herself between the robot and as many of her companions as possible.
  81. [2013-01-16 14:05:54] * Bookwright dives flat next to Shatara.
  82. [2013-01-16 14:06:09] * Get_Lost mutters "equestrian robotics..."
  83. [2013-01-16 14:06:38] * Get_Lost and finally realizes there's a missile flying at her... only, it's too late
  84. [2013-01-16 14:07:31] <Kkat> 3The sentinel fires a massive ball of crackling magical energy which strikes amongst the caravan ponies, exploding!
  85. [2013-01-16 14:16:15] * Get_Lost falls to the ground like a paper doll, horribly menomated by the assault, she doesn't even scream, but seems to be still breathing and agonizing, so she is not dead, yush!
  86. [2013-01-16 14:26:06] * CopyCat fares a little better, not quite being crippled everywhere. Unfortunately she retains the wherewithal to accutely feel the crackling energy surging through her body. (The wing, it does nothing!)
  87. [2013-01-16 14:27:20] * Mitzi is protected by glorious dirt!
  88. [2013-01-16 14:30:24] <Kkat> 3A voice booms across the sky: "Intruders: say hello to the Crystal Empire's special version of the Sentinel.  Crystal Empire: everything is bigger and better here because of ARCANE SCIENCE!"
  89. [2013-01-16 14:30:34] * CopyCat has no hope of harming this metallic monstrosity and instead drags herself over to where Get_Lost has fallen. She huddles over the stricken mare's broken body and raises her shield, trying to protect them both.
  90. [2013-01-16 14:31:17] * Kid was launched into the wall next to her like a ragdoll, the sound of the explosion ringing in her ears, punctuated by the sound of internal crunching. And then everything was pain and concrete and the smell of dust and ozone.
  91. [2013-01-16 14:31:49] * Noble_Heart plants her hooves as her horn surges with energy, her shield straining against the blast of energy which leaves her looking more angry than injured. She spreads her wings and takes to the air briefly closing towards the Sentinel. "We are not amused! We shall not tolerate such afront against Our charges. Less shall We accept that this mechanical monstrosity can match Our
  92. [2013-01-16 14:31:49] * Noble_Heart gifts!" Her horn glows brighter as she rains bolts of energy down on the armored beast below.
  93. [2013-01-16 14:32:50] * Get_Lost after landing with the grace of a dead parador, the mare lets out a scream of pain, praying celestia to let her faint
  94. [2013-01-16 14:39:27] * Shatara swings his rifle around his cover, bracing it as he slips into his SATS-trance, taking advantage of the slowed time to look for any weak spots.
  95. [2013-01-16 14:43:02] <Kkat> 3The tank-like bot has clearly weathered more than a few battles.  While it's primary weapon remains fully functional, it's secondary one seems destroyed, and its armor is considerably worse for wear.  Shatara is able to spot a few potential weak points.
  96. [2013-01-16 14:57:11] * Shatara lines up the shot, taking full advantage of his SATS and marksmanship to drill a .308 slug into one of those weakspots. His followupshot is much quicker, however, managing to whiff entirely.
  97. [2013-01-16 14:59:05] * Bookwright lights his horn and floats kid's limp form into cover next to himself.
  98. [2013-01-16 15:00:06] <Kkat> 3Blasts of arcane energy from Noble_Heart and bullets from Shatara's rifle tear the air about the Crystal Empire Sentinel, several of the attacks striking home.  The tank robot looks damaged, but not too badly.
  99. [2013-01-16 15:02:03] * Mitzi tunnels underneath the beast, away from its weapons, then surges up through the earth like she was swimming in it. She comes up right underneath the metal behemoth, easy to tell because of its weight. She tears at its treads from below, then tries to topple it.
  100. [2013-01-16 15:05:26] * Bookwright mutters, "This will make it hurt less, but don't strain anything, you can harm yourself badly..."
  101. [2013-01-16 15:06:11] * Bookwright 's horn glows and suddenly Kid doesn't seem to care about the wounds anymore...
  102. [2013-01-16 15:09:04] * Kid is a helpless heap of blood, half-formed bruises and battered bones. Her shotgun hung limply over her withers. She wasn't exactly in a talking mode, even when the pain stopped. All she really thought about was how weird everything felt and that her legs shouldn't ever feel like the bones inside them are segmented and shifting. No more pain, please. She simply took a hold of her gun, loaded...
  103. [2013-01-16 15:09:05] * Kid ...the very odd zebra make shells inside, and attempted to hit the sentinel.
  104. [2013-01-16 15:14:11] <Kkat> 3Mitzi tears out of the ground, ripping through the tank's right treads.  The Sentinel rocks hard, then collapses partially into the hole that Mitzi left in her wake.
  105. [2013-01-16 15:14:40] * Get_Lost is still convulsing on the ground, hey, maybe she can tell the future with thse weird moves... also, she could really win that dance contest this time!
  106. [2013-01-16 15:16:24] * Mitzi skirts the falling war machine
  107. [2013-01-16 15:25:31] <Kkat> 3Kid fires two powerful pulse slugs into the robot, the Sentinel's body crackingly and frying with anti-matrix energy.  As she watches, the figure of her dark stranger -- a transparent, ghostly mare wearing a tight purple outfit complete with mask, cloak and giant, floppy hat -- bounds out of the shadows, stomping on the robot with all hooves...
  108. [2013-01-16 15:26:23] <Kkat> 3...disappearing into it before bounding away.  Kid cannot tell if the mysterious mare dealt the final blow, or if it was the work of her slugs, but the Sentinel explodes.
  109. [2013-01-16 15:29:47] <Kkat> 3The explosion is not omni-directional, blasting largely backwards and upwards.  Mitzi is easily able to dodge out of the way of the blast.
  110. [2013-01-16 15:30:02] * Mitzi tunnels back over to the group because she missed how fun digging was
  111. [2013-01-16 15:30:50] * Bookwright frowns slightly. He'd been hoping to get a good look (and maybe salvage) at the weapon that had so grievously wounded the group, but perhaps it's for the best.
  112. [2013-01-16 15:30:51] * Kid ,in her right mind, would've started telling everyone that there was a mysterious mare that did things that resulted in events ending well bouncing up and down on the Sentinel, and that was totally the thing she saw bounding through the street. She would've said that and said that she totally called it. Kid was not in her right mind. She was half-blown to bits and full of flak and debris....
  113. [2013-01-16 15:30:52] * Kid ...So, she merely thought that falling into a crumpled heap on the ground was a good enough decision to make.
  114. [2013-01-16 15:30:56] * Get_Lost between the fits of pain, the mare manages to mutter "don't... use healing magic on... crippled ponies... wound... bend the wrong.... aaaagh!"
  115. [2013-01-16 15:31:58] * Bookwright gets up and mutters something about the chances of being addicted to magical morphine being nonexistent, and suddenly Get_Lost doesn't seem to hurt as much as her wounds seem to indicate she should.
  116. [2013-01-16 15:32:45] * Get_Lost takes a moment to breath "th-thank you... did... did someonee got a broken leg or it's just me?"
  117. [2013-01-16 15:33:03] * Noble_Heart frowns, dropping back to the ground with a 'thump', keeping her drained shield in place out of worry about further robots. She glanced around a few moments. "We are not pleased." Moving towards Bookwright. "We hope you can help those injured? We were not fast enough to save everypony from being hurt."
  118. [2013-01-16 15:33:08] * Kid moaned lowly, as if to answer Get_Lost.
  119. [2013-01-16 15:33:59] * Get_Lost "okay... okay i cann fix the bones, then you can heal kid, bookie... i... i just need bandages and sticks... kid, come here..."
  120. [2013-01-16 15:34:08] <Kkat> 3Mitzi finds her digging paths mildly restricted.  The glass-like crystaline roads go deeper than she would have expected, and she can't dig through them effectively.
  121. [2013-01-16 15:34:10] * Bookwright turns his gaze instead to Get_Lost, saying, "I can blunt the pain, but I can't heal crippled limbs."
  122. [2013-01-16 15:34:42] * Get_Lost "i will put the bones into the correct position, then bookie will heal you... okay?"
  123. [2013-01-16 15:35:39] * CopyCat lets her shield drop and looks down at Get_Lost worridly. "You've got to look after yourself as well. W-we can't manage without you."
  124. [2013-01-16 15:36:09] * Kid got up on her shakey hooves, now consciously knowing there was something wrong with her legs. Come to think of it, her sight wasn't as sharp as usual. Colors seemed blown out and oversaturated.
  125. [2013-01-16 15:36:33] * Shatara reloads his rifle and gets in line for medical attention, staring whimsically at the frowny-griffon on his amber-glowing fancy wrist-terminal.
  126. [2013-01-16 15:43:52] * Kid started looking rather woozy. "Get?"
  127. [2013-01-16 15:44:00] * Bookwright sighs, "It's not that easy, Get Lost. Magical energy damage is seriously nasty stuff. You and Kid are in really bad shape. If we fix your crippled limbs that way, you'll be lamed for life. We need seriously powerful medical services, and I know just where to get some."
  128. [2013-01-16 15:44:21] * Get_Lost shakes her head after taking a look at the wounds "i.... i can't do it i dont' have hte proper medical potions..."
  129. [2013-01-16 15:45:12] * Get_Lost the mare's eyes starts filling with tears, then she shakes her head and a new resolution sparks in her eyes "we need to go to the medical facilities... or kid could be never be able to walk straight"
  130. [2013-01-16 15:45:53] * Mitzi pouts at being unable to dig and returns to the surface
  131. [2013-01-16 15:46:15] * Get_Lost sighs "i know it bookie, only... i didn't know it was magical energy... it seemed a missile to me... damn... well, the problem is... i dont' think me or kid can walk and using heealing on us now i out of discussion"
  132. [2013-01-16 15:46:37] * Kid blinks blearily. "Oh. That sucks." She said in a bleary sing-song voice. "Get?"
  133. [2013-01-16 15:47:56] * Bookwright nods wearily, "Alright. Noble_Heart, if you could carry Get_Lost, and CopyCat? Can you carry Kid?"
  134. [2013-01-16 15:48:38] * Noble_Heart nods her head, her horn glowing gently as she carefully levitates Get Lost off the ground, not wanting to hurt the poor pony worse than she already was. "We can. We shall be careful with Our charge."
  135. [2013-01-16 15:49:25] * Mitzi is only marginally wounded.
  136. [2013-01-16 15:49:46] * Mitzi looks arond; "Uh can carry." She picks Kid up and places her over her broad shoulders.
  137. [2013-01-16 15:50:04] * Shatara managed to avoid crippling blows, but is still quite injured.
  138. [2013-01-16 15:50:26] * CopyCat lights up her horn and envelopes Kid in a magical field, lifting the injured mare off the ground. "Of course. Um, sorry about this Kid, but it's doctor's orders." Kid, however, is picked up by Mitzi instead.
  139. [2013-01-16 15:50:28] * Bookwright winces as something grinds from Kid's direction as she is slung over Mitzi's broad back.
  140. [2013-01-16 15:50:51] * Mitzi twitches and ear; "Dats doesn't sound gud."
  141. [2013-01-16 15:51:13] * Bookwright "It wasn't, but it probably didn't hurt her. Much."
  142. [2013-01-16 15:51:56] * CopyCat "Ah Mitzi! Her... her bones are broken so, err, be very gentle."
  143. [2013-01-16 15:52:09] * Kid squeaks lightly. "Mitzi, p-please let tealn'shy do th' carryin', 'kay?"
  144. [2013-01-16 15:52:24] * Mitzi blinks, then looks apologetically at Kid; "Sorree." She holds her shoulder out to CopyCat
  145. [2013-01-16 15:52:29] * Get_Lost shatara, come here, i think i can at least heal you
  146. [2013-01-16 15:53:59] * CopyCat breathes a sigh of relief and floats Kid up again. "Thank you Mitzi. We'll need you to be free to use your strength if we meet any more of those things."
  147. [2013-01-16 15:54:45] * Shatara takes Get_Lost's fiddling with the potions and looking in his direction as indication that he's up for heals, and approaches.
  148. [2013-01-16 15:55:02] * Get_Lost gives a potion to shatara, so that at least he wil lb able to fight in case of danger
  149. [2013-01-16 15:55:54] * Mitzi nods, then smiles; "Glad Uh cud du sumting gud."
  150. [2013-01-16 15:56:43] * Shatara takes the potion, feeling its magic close up the wounds. A few scars remain across his pelt, but all in all he feels as good as he ever has.
  151. [2013-01-16 15:56:57] * Noble_Heart frowns, holding Get Lost carefully in the air, she begins to move towards where the Ministry of Peace cottages were. "We should move quickly, lest more enemies make themselves apparent."
  152. [2013-01-16 15:57:00] * Bookwright "Right, let's get moving then." Bookwright begins walking back towards the MoP complex, pausing to look back over his shoulder expectantly.
  153. [2013-01-16 15:57:47] * Get_Lost simply floats in her field of TK, it's pleasant, somehow...
  154. [2013-01-16 15:58:31] * CopyCat follows Noble_Heart with Kid gently floating in front of her.
  155. [2013-01-16 15:59:01] * Bookwright continues. Onward to the MoP complex!
  156. [2013-01-16 15:59:03] * Get_Lost mutters a thank you to Noble_Heart, but seems troubled
  157. [2013-01-16 15:59:15] * Mitzi has some magical energy burns on her back and shoulders
  158. [2013-01-16 16:00:07] * Noble_Heart moves as swiftly as she can while safely carrying Get Lost. She didn't want to harm the poor pony worse than she already was, after all.
  159. [2013-01-16 16:00:39] <Kkat> 3The trip to the Ministry of Peace hug cluster is eerily uneventful, the dangerous denizens of the Crystal Empire keeping to other sectors.  All about, are the ruined homes and shops of what had once been a peaceful city-kingdom, shattered now in unknown conflict..
  160. [2013-01-16 16:03:21] * Kid hates being floated. As the magic starts to hem away, and her mind got clearer, she seemed to grow a lot more unstable. Oh, shit. She might not be able to walk again. She might not be able to run again! Fuck, that sucks Celestia's left hind teat! The way pain started to ease in dully where she felt shifting happen didn't help any at all. And the trip to MoP station just started to creep her...
  161. [2013-01-16 16:03:22] * Kid ...the fuck out. "Wha' happened here?" She mumbled, thoughts starting to leak from her head to her mouth.
  162. [2013-01-16 16:03:39] * Shatara flys cover for the group, resisting temptations to search various domiciles. Don't want to attract any errant security thingamajigs after all...
  163. [2013-01-16 16:03:51] <Kkat> 3The area around the yellow huts is an oddly-colored arboretum, the grounds covered in pretty blue grass with broken cobblestone walkways.  The huts themselves seem almost entirely untouched by the war, the sign "Ministry of Peace - Crystal Empire Hub" prominent on the lawn.
  164. [2013-01-16 16:06:14] * Bookwright looks around the complex, searching for indications of danger.
  165. [2013-01-16 16:06:39] * Get_Lost doesnt' really look around, is more worriend in trying to find all the places where her legs broke, but actually even her backbone broke, as her skull and.... yeah it sucks
  166. [2013-01-16 16:06:44] <Kkat> 3The Ministry of Peace looks... peaceful.
  167. [2013-01-16 16:06:54] <Shatara> "Looks peaceful. Suspiciously peaceful."
  168. [2013-01-16 16:07:12] * Get_Lost mutters "probably i broke even a couple of tail vertebrae..."
  169. [2013-01-16 16:07:37] * Kid notes that this place was too damn peaceful for being in this state of being. "This place is fuckin' creepy." She noted, still in a weakened tone.
  170. [2013-01-16 16:07:39] * CopyCat "I'm sure all the ponies here just went on a vacation..." She looks around at the eery uninhabited scene, not believing a word of what she was saying. "A long vacation."
  171. [2013-01-16 16:07:54] * Bookwright "I'm not gonna lie, this place is starting to creep me out."
  172. [2013-01-16 16:07:56] * Noble_Heart keeps her attention to the surroundings as much as possible. "We believe that we should start with the largest of the buildings. That is important." She moves towards the biggest building in the lot.
  173. [2013-01-16 16:08:04] * Bookwright "It sure looks that way, CopyCat."
  174. [2013-01-16 16:09:06] * Get_Lost mutters "once i heard about these suits... they were designed to survive a megaspell... but the pony inside wasn't... only, they didn't let it die... they were a ministry of peace project, i was told..."
  175. [2013-01-16 16:09:36] * Get_Lost "so... uh... be careful, yes?"
  176. [2013-01-16 16:09:40] * Mitzi shrugs; "Follower ponies follow mare dat made mop. Shud be gud tings inside."
  177. [2013-01-16 16:10:31] * Bookwright tries not to let Get_Lost's comments get to him as he follows Noble_Heart up to the largest building in the complex.
  178. [2013-01-16 16:10:33] * Kid paused a moment, then looked off and away from CopyCat. She figured that she was the kind of pony that had to believe that on some level. "Yeah, sure. I'm sure they just up and moved t' a better place."
  179. [2013-01-16 16:10:54] <Kkat> 3There is a beautiful, peaceful pond with no algae and no fish.
  180. [2013-01-16 16:11:01] * Get_Lost "noble, wait... we should look for some sort of storage room.... keep an eye for the signs on the smaller buildings, okay? lots of medical supplies are supposed to be kept inside specific buildings, i guess..."
  181. [2013-01-16 16:11:53] * Shatara glances at the pond, and decides to keep an extra-close eye on his PipBuck's gieger counter...
  182. [2013-01-16 16:12:31] * Bookwright gives up and gives into his weird piercing unnerved feelings.
  183. [2013-01-16 16:13:59] <Kkat> 3A soft blue light pours out of a crystal set above the front door of the mane building.  The light washes over each of you then flickers off.  The door slides open welcomingly.
  184. [2013-01-16 16:14:29] * Bookwright stops walking and his horn glows amber, "Ray-dar, fleer, soh-nar, seer..."
  185. [2013-01-16 16:14:56] * Get_Lost mutters "ah... dont' touch that water... it doesn't work as intended..." points briefly at the pond
  186. [2013-01-16 16:15:14] * Mitzi blinks and looks at the water; "Why not?"
  187. [2013-01-16 16:15:50] * Get_Lost "nothing lives in it... for what we know, it could even not be water... or contain deadly substances... just dont' touch it"
  188. [2013-01-16 16:16:49] * Noble_Heart pauses, frowning a little bit. "We are not certain how any other option would work." She moves towards the open door and checks inside.
  189. [2013-01-16 16:18:44] * Bookwright frowns, is still itching.
  190. [2013-01-16 16:19:21] * Get_Lost is still dripping blood around, and hey, it's not blue blood!
  191. [2013-01-16 16:19:23] * Bookwright 's horn glows again, "but soft, what light through yonder window breaks.."
  192. [2013-01-16 16:19:40] * CopyCat looks over to Kid. "We're going to go inside, is that okay? I want to find you a bed before I manage to trip over something."
  193. [2013-01-16 16:19:48] <Kkat> 3As Noble_Heart steps through the door, the voice of Fluttershy pours from speakers set high into the walls.  "Welcome to the Ministry of Peace.  We built this place to care for you.   This is a safe place.  We hope you enjoy your stay."
  194. [2013-01-16 16:20:16] * Noble_Heart frowns a little bit. "A safe place...? Perhaps local security keeps the crystal ponies out?"
  195. [2013-01-16 16:20:54] * Get_Lost "sure, infact nopony lives here... okay, we find what we need to fix kid, and me if we have some spare parts, then we get out, soounds fair?"
  196. [2013-01-16 16:21:24] * Mitzi steps just inside the hospital and sniffs, putting her ears and nose to work.
  197. [2013-01-16 16:21:54] * Kid just looks at CopyCat. If you drop me, I swear I'll come back from the dead to- please stop reading my mind. It's not going to be a very nice place for a little while.
  198. [2013-01-16 16:22:49] <Kkat> 3The building smells clean, with a slight floral scent that seems... not quite artificial, but mildly off somehow.
  199. [2013-01-16 16:24:04] * CopyCat flushes and nods. She steps into the building after Noble, Mitzi and the others, always making sure to keep Kid in her sight so she didn't bump into anything.
  200. [2013-01-16 16:24:26] <Kkat> 3The voice of Fluttershy speaks up again.  "Oh dear.  Some of you are hurt.  Very hurt..."  There is a pause.  "I'm very sorry.  Nopony seems to be on staff right now.  Please report to the medical bay.  Third module to your right.  We'll take good care of you.  I promise."
  201. [2013-01-16 16:25:14] <Kkat> 3Bookwright is detecting a myriad of magical networks.  This place has a lot of active arcanotechnology.
  202. [2013-01-16 16:25:36] * Noble_Heart frowns a little as she presses onwards. "We will see what there is to see. The grass grows, and the local dangers avoid this place. We believe this may mean it is more dangerous, or may mean it is protected from them. With the crystal, We would assume that locals cannot enter." She looks up at the voice, not particularly happy about that. "You see? This place is aware of
  203. [2013-01-16 16:25:37] * Noble_Heart our state."
  204. [2013-01-16 16:26:54] * Get_Lost "yes, but it is automated, it's not intelligent, it will do what it wa programemd to do and if something won't work that voice won't notice and... well... i know"
  205. [2013-01-16 16:28:43] * Get_Lost "i guess we can only hope for the best and let celestia be merciful of us... still... it's not my style, you know... doesn't run in these veins..."
  206. [2013-01-16 16:28:50] * Shatara glances around for a terminal of some kind. "Hey, uh, Bookface... any chance of finding something that can tell us what's up here? I'd think we'd best know what we're dealing with before we put our wounded at it's mercy..."
  207. [2013-01-16 16:33:05] * Get_Lost mutters "this is some sort of sterilization spell.. the smell, i mean... probably quite powerfull..."
  208. [2013-01-16 16:33:53] <Kkat> 3The hallway has a mural of dancing, tiny ewes in a multitude of colors.
  209. [2013-01-16 16:34:04] * Get_Lost "you are the mage, bookie... is it possible for a sterilization spell to kill a pony?"
  210. [2013-01-16 16:34:49] * Mitzi looks around, spotting the mural. She can't help but smile; "Dey cute."
  211. [2013-01-16 16:34:52] * Kid rolled her head over and tried not to notice that cold feeling in the back of her head. "Dad always said that th' way I did things, I'd end up in a hospital he couldn't pay for, or a morgue. Guess he was half-right." She turned her head again. Huh. So that's what a crystal ewe looks like. Colorful.
  212. [2013-01-16 16:35:49] * Get_Lost smiles, watching the ewes "they are so cute..."
  213. [2013-01-16 16:35:57] <Kkat> 3The first module seems administrative, and has several pretty tables with terminals.  They all seem to be working, although there are occasional flashes of static on the screens.
  214. [2013-01-16 16:37:19] * Get_Lost then frowns "but why nopony lives here?"
  215. [2013-01-16 16:37:39] * Noble_Heart frowns a bit as she continues into the building. "We doubt it would kill. Though it might if it was strong enough. More likely it is here to prevent any contamination in the hospital."
  216. [2013-01-16 16:38:14] * Bookwright "Shatara, your guess is as good as mine right now. There's something off about the internal terminal network connection, but I can't tell what and it may mean nothing."
  217. [2013-01-16 16:38:46] * Kid lulled her attention over to Noble. Something's been bugging her the entire trip. "Noble. Ya'll said somethin' about understandin' me not bein' good enough fer folks."
  218. [2013-01-16 16:38:49] * Bookwright gets in front of a terminal and tries to access it.
  219. [2013-01-16 16:39:23] * CopyCat smiles at the mural as they pass, sharing the sentiment of her companions.
  220. [2013-01-16 16:39:25] * Get_Lost "i hope it is, but think of linking a decontaminating spell to a megaspell... it would simply clean you from the place... we should check the maintenance"
  221. [2013-01-16 16:39:29] <Kkat> 3The terminal asks for a password.
  222. [2013-01-16 16:41:23] * Bookwright sighs, then starts searching the underside of desks and in drawers, looking to see if one of the former occupants was foolish enough to write it down.
  223. [2013-01-16 16:42:19] <Kkat> 3A sign between the first and second module gives a little map of this part of the facility, listing the central hut and five modules: Welcoming, Administration, Patient Care, Intensive Care, Autopsy and Anatomical Research, Cybersurgery.
  224. [2013-01-16 16:43:19] * Get_Lost the painkiller spell is taking the best of her head and while she waits, the mare mutters some silly songs "you can't hurry love, no you just have to wait... she said love don't come easy, it's agame of give and take..."
  225. [2013-01-16 16:45:05] * Bookwright decides to guess at the password just once before trying to hack it:
  226. [2013-01-16 16:45:14] * Bookwright > wemustdobetter
  227. [2013-01-16 16:46:18] <Kkat> 3> I'm so very sorry.  That's not the right password.  Maybe you mistyped?  Please try again.
  228. [2013-01-16 16:46:30] * CopyCat asks a question of the singing medical mare. "Get_Lost, where would be the best place to take you and Kid? Patient care or intensive care?"
  229. [2013-01-16 16:46:41] * Bookwright shrugs, "It was worth a try."
  230. [2013-01-16 16:47:18] <Kkat> 3> Please?
  231. [2013-01-16 16:47:27] * Get_Lost "i'm not sure.... we both hafe fractured skulls... it could lead to permanent brain damage, and i think i also have my backbone severed... nerves are involved... intensive could be wise"
  232. [2013-01-16 16:47:28] <Kkat> 3> I promise I'm not mad.
  233. [2013-01-16 16:48:04] * Bookwright >pleaseletmein
  234. [2013-01-16 16:49:01] <Kkat> 3> Oh, I'm very, very sorry.  But that's not the right password either.  Please try again?
  235. [2013-01-16 16:49:22] * Bookwright >please
  236. [2013-01-16 16:51:36] <Kkat> 3> I'm sorry.  It's not you.  It's me.  I can't let you in without the right password.  I have to be strict.  Please don't hate me.
  237. [2013-01-16 16:53:16] * Bookwright > angelbunny
  238. [2013-01-16 16:54:02] <Kkat> 3> Please try again later.
  239. [2013-01-16 16:54:59] * Get_Lost mutters "no thanks, i'm fine...."
  240. [2013-01-16 16:54:59] * Bookwright puffs, and turns away from the terminal. "I'll hack it later. Let's get to that module the PA directed us to."
  241. [2013-01-16 16:56:16] * Noble_Heart looks down towards Kid, frowning a little bit and contemplating how to explain. "We find it hard to explain. But We are certain We have known the sting of inadequicy as you did. We can remember it, vagually. There were many who thought Us insufficient for Our part in history."
  242. [2013-01-16 16:57:40] * Get_Lost mutters "how long have we been like this so far? kid could need a transfurion... you know..."
  243. [2013-01-16 16:58:40] * Bookwright "About three quarters of an hour." Moving towards the hallway: "Let's get you two seen to."
  244. [2013-01-16 16:58:54] * Kid frowns. She didn't believe that. "How could y' remember somethin' like that only vaguely?"
  245. [2013-01-16 16:59:36] * Get_Lost "yes it could be better... she didn't look fine at all..."
  246. [2013-01-16 17:01:07] * Mitzi takes a last glance at the mural of ewes and smiles, then turns and lumbers along after her pony companions.
  247. [2013-01-16 17:02:00] <Kkat> 3The third module, the one recommended by "Fluttershy" is apparently "Intensive Care", nestled between "Patient Care" and "Autopsy & Anatomical Research".  The module is full of round booths approximately the size of a coffin, the ceiling of each housing a myriad of medical apparati -- including injectors, surgical impliments and even a bonesaw.
  248. [2013-01-16 17:02:50] <Kkat> 3Each such tool mounted at the end of a multi-jointed robotic arm.
  249. [2013-01-16 17:04:06] * Mitzi looks inside one of the pods curiously; "Robot Doctor?"
  250. [2013-01-16 17:04:12] <Kkat> 3The back wall is yellow, with a kaleidoscopic butterfly pattern of inset stained glass.
  251. [2013-01-16 17:04:44] * CopyCat 's eyes widen at the sight of those medical instruments. She bites her lip, worried about leaving Kid in its care. "It- it knows what it's doing, right?"
  252. [2013-01-16 17:04:53] * Get_Lost takes a glance at the weird contraption "well... it's the doctor's paradise... ah..."
  253. [2013-01-16 17:05:27] * Kid would've started laughing if it wouldn't have started hurting. Dead eye, broken legs, something wrong with her skull. "Do we have a choice?" She weakly mumbled, none too thrilled about going into one of those either.
  254. [2013-01-16 17:05:48] * Get_Lost "if it is nt automated, i think i can operate it.... but maybe it is automated and in that case... well... kid, want me to go first?"
  255. [2013-01-16 17:06:42] * Kid just noticed that the fur on her belly was singed off and burn scarred over. Must've been the impact with the wall that broke... Well, damn near everything if what she felt was real. "Sure. Go right ahead."
  256. [2013-01-16 17:06:59] * Noble_Heart frowns at Kid's complaints, "... We would rather not say." She sighs quietly. Moving onwards with the group and looking the device over. "We suggest careful consideration. While We doubt that the Ministry of Peace would dare to build something harmful, We cannot guarantee that it will work properly..."
  257. [2013-01-16 17:08:59] * Get_Lost takes a long look at the machinery, then at Noble_Heart trasporting her and whispers "if something goes wrong... don't let kid see, okay?"
  258. [2013-01-16 17:09:19] * Bookwright bites his lip and activates the nearest one. "I'll never ask you guys to do something I'm not willing to do myself... If you want, I'll go first. See if it works."
  259. [2013-01-16 17:10:10] * Get_Lost "no. i go, if this doesn't work i'm dea anyway, so i'm the most logical choice... just put me on there, strap me to the table and activate the thing"
  260. [2013-01-16 17:11:02] * Noble_Heart frowns at that prospect, then nods her head a little. "We will do Our best." She sighs quietly and carefully levitates Get Lost up into the machine.
  261. [2013-01-16 17:11:12] * Bookwright nods and steps back, allowing Noble_Heart to move Get_Lost.
  262. [2013-01-16 17:11:36] * Get_Lost a bitter smile runs on her lips "moreover, i'm a solaris... we never tested things before we tossedthem at ponies... it's time to start making up for it"
  263. [2013-01-16 17:14:58] * Get_Lost waits for the apparatus to close and smiles at the others, trying to be strong, but unable to hide her fear
  264. [2013-01-16 17:15:17] <Kkat> 3The "coffin" door slides shut, entombing Get_Lost in complete and utter darkness.  Then the inside of the claustrophobic container fills with whirring and buzzing sounds as the mechanical arms -- totally unseen -- come to life all about her.  A few dim, pulsing lights of magical energy shift across the roof, failing to truly illuminate anything...
  265. [2013-01-16 17:15:23] <Kkat> 3...haunting impressions as the arms glide about the mare in their alien, artifical movements.  She feels sharp pain as several needles jab into her body... then nothing as the anesthetic takes effect, her body becoming numb as she hears a cutting tool buzz to life near her left ear.
  266. [2013-01-16 17:17:10] * Bookwright silently hopes he and his friends haven't made a terrible mistake and consigned Get Lost to a horrible, dismembered fate.
  267. [2013-01-16 17:17:12] * Shatara shudders, very thankful that a potion was sufficient for his wounds...
  268. [2013-01-16 17:17:15] * Get_Lost mutters the same can't hurry love song until her mind goes numb
  269. [2013-01-16 17:17:24] <Kkat> 3Outside, a little panel lights up.  A smiley face pops up, next to an indicator saying everything is going perfectly fince.  Then a pink butterfly appears next to a timer which starts ticking down.  Estimated surgery time is one hour, fifteen minute.
  270. [2013-01-16 17:17:35] * CopyCat is standing quietly with her eyes closed resting her forehead against the pod.
  271. [2013-01-16 17:19:12] * Noble_Heart frowns, glancing towards her friends, then back to the pod. "We are not certain We trust it. But interrupting could be worse..."
  272. [2013-01-16 17:19:44] * Bookwright tries vainly to ignore the horrific sounds of the machine. Not looking away from the possible end of Get_Lost, he speaks softly: "Kid... Do you want to use one?"
  273. [2013-01-16 17:20:13] * Mitzi can hear all the high pitched grinding and whining noises even outside the pod; "Dat sounds awful. Shud get her out."
  274. [2013-01-16 17:20:49] * Bookwright shakes his head slowly, "No. Taking her out in the middle of surgery would certainly be fatal.
  275. [2013-01-16 17:20:50] * Kid gulps. That was a sound coming straight from hell. But, well. Better dead than useless. "... Do I have a choice?" She said, spitting up a little red.
  276. [2013-01-16 17:21:31] * Bookwright "Yes. Yes you do. We can heal you regular potions, or try to find super restoration potions and use those."
  277. [2013-01-16 17:21:34] * Mitzi cringes and wimpers, placing her paws over her ears. Those sounds were gonna drive her mental.
  278. [2013-01-16 17:21:58] * Mitzi has burns on her back and shoulder that haven't been tended to yet, but hasn't really noticed.
  279. [2013-01-16 17:22:26] * CopyCat looks over at Kid, who was still floating in the air. "The noises are scary but she's not in any pain."
  280. [2013-01-16 17:24:16] * Kid frowned and considered her options. "... But there's a chance I can't walk right again if I do it that way, right?"
  281. [2013-01-16 17:24:59] * Bookwright frowns. "Well... with regular potions, yeah. With a super restoration potion, you'll probably be fine."
  282. [2013-01-16 17:25:49] <Kkat> 3Fluttershy's voice chimes over the speakers, "Your friend is doing just fine.  Soon, she will be as good as new.  While you wait, would you like some lemonade?  We have lemon and pink grapefruit."
  283. [2013-01-16 17:26:10] * Bookwright bites his lips again, and with sudden movement opens another tube and steps inside. As the steel chamber of horrors closes, you hear, "...what I won't do myself..."
  284. [2013-01-16 17:26:29] * CopyCat 's ears perk up. "Pink grapefruit? Yes please!"
  285. [2013-01-16 17:28:01] * Noble_Heart blinks as Bookwright enters the machine, sighing quietly as she settles down to wait. "This is most likely not going to end well for everypony involved." She frowned. "Does this facility have conventional healing potions or super restoration potions?" Not that she was sure the voice would answer.
  286. [2013-01-16 17:28:12] * Kid stared at Bookie as he went on in. The fuck got into him? Why was he... Oh, Celestia's left hind teat, he's seriously...
  287. [2013-01-16 17:28:48] * Shatara makes himself useful, looking around for any loose medical supplies.
  288. [2013-01-16 17:29:21] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright, raising an eyebrow. He didn't sound very confident
  289. [2013-01-16 17:32:34] * Kid sighed and looked around. Hell if she's going to be doing something this dangerous without knowing what ponies look like when they come out.
  290. [2013-01-16 17:35:01] <Kkat> 3Kid and Shatara both notice an odd, building hum.  Shatara is searching the room for medical supplies and, after finding none, starts to step out to check the Patient Care module next door... only to stop as he spots a small robot, much akin in design to a spritebot, flying slowly towards him from down the hall.
  291. [2013-01-16 17:35:46] * Noble_Heart tapped her chin thoughtfully and shook her head, pondering something.
  292. [2013-01-16 17:36:08] <Kkat> 3The bot has a MoP emblem on it and is projecting some sort of magical field all around it.  As the field washes over the ceiling, walls and floor, the dirty hoofprints and trail of blood that the party left in their wake are vaporized.
  293. [2013-01-16 17:38:08] * Shatara looks nervously at the approaching robot. "Well, I guess that answers how everything is so clean... anyone want to take bets on whether it sees us as a foriegn contaminant?"
  294. [2013-01-16 17:40:56] <Kkat> 3Shatara ducks back into Intensive Care, closing the door.  The hum continues to build until the bot is right outside.  Then begins to fade as it passes by, continuing down the corridor.  Leaving in its wake a pungent and slightly off floral scent.
  295. [2013-01-16 17:42:32] * Mitzi looks herself over. She was extensively filty from her digging.
  296. [2013-01-16 17:43:53] * Noble_Heart breathes a sigh of relief as the robot passes by, watching the door with a frown. "We do not wish to find out. We suggest avoiding them."
  297. [2013-01-16 17:45:14] * Kid looked unnerved and waited for one of them to come out.
  298. [2013-01-16 17:46:08] <Kkat> 3It doesn't take long, only about fifteen minutes, before Bookwright's "coffin" dings like a happily finished microwave and opens.
  299. [2013-01-16 17:46:24] * CopyCat turns to Kid. "If you don't want to use these... pod-things maybe we can find a bed for you elsewhere?"
  300. [2013-01-16 17:46:46] * Bookwright emerges from his own private horror tube.
  301. [2013-01-16 17:46:59] * Shatara scolds his subconcious for breifly believing Bookwright was dinner.
  302. [2013-01-16 17:47:03] <Kkat> 3Bookwright looks perfectly fine and healthy, save that he cannot move correctly.  The anesthetic has yet to wear off.
  303. [2013-01-16 17:47:09] * Kid examines Bookwright. "Y' feelin' alright?"
  304. [2013-01-16 17:47:12] * Bookwright breathes slowly, "I... will never... complain... about doctors... again."
  305. [2013-01-16 17:47:58] * Kid "Is all yer bits where they should be 'r not?"
  306. [2013-01-16 17:50:14] <Kkat> 3The door opens.  A little robot shaped like a bunny and about the size of a large poodle, glides into the room, holding a serving tray with a glass of pink lemonade.  Complete with ice cubes.
  307. [2013-01-16 17:52:20] * Bookwright "I... I think I'm okay. I really don't want to use one of those things again if I can avoid it."
  308. [2013-01-16 17:52:22] * CopyCat bows to the long-eared waiter and picks up her lemonade. "Thank you very much."
  309. [2013-01-16 17:52:41] * Noble_Heart looks up to the tray with a slight frown. Slowly levitating one of hte glasses off for herself, sniffing it briefly to see if it at least smelled right.
  310. [2013-01-16 17:53:47] * Kid grimaces. Yeah, she wasn't looking forward to it either. "Copycat?"
  311. [2013-01-16 17:54:47] <Kkat> 3The robot wiggles it's "ears" and turns, gliding back out.
  312. [2013-01-16 17:55:17] * Mitzi looks at the robot. Not as cute as a real bunny
  313. [2013-01-16 17:55:44] * CopyCat sips her drink and nods. "I won't ask if you're ready, but know that we're all less than a hoof's length away." She floats Kid into the pod Bookwright just used, since that one seemed to work.
  314. [2013-01-16 17:56:20] * Kid put on a long face, and just hoped that it wouldn't be too bad. As she got in, yeah, it's pretty awful.
  315. [2013-01-16 17:56:59] <Kkat> 3The "coffin" door slides closes, plunging Kid into claustrophobic blackness...
  316. [2013-01-16 17:57:22] * Kid frowns. Yeah, this isn't uncomfortable at all.
  317. [2013-01-16 18:00:02] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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