pop champagne - Devil Teacher

Nov 20th, 2016
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  1. > “…And then he swoops her off her feet and they walk majestically into the sunset,” Twilight said as she acted it out.
  2. “Right, and we repeat this cliché ending multiple times until we’re old enough to suffer a midlife crisis because this WILL NEVER WORK,” you said.
  3. > “What do you mean? I think it’s a nice ending!”
  4. “Yeah but it’s cliché. There’s no way a publisher would pick us up. Even our readers would be bored to read such a cookie cutter ending.”
  5. > “But we’re just starting out! If we try to start off big from the start, then we’re definitely going to run out of steam later.”
  6. “Have you seen the entries for the Equestria Novice Graphic Novel Competition from last year? They’re all cliché and only three of them won out of like, what? Hundreds? What we need is a game changer, something that will leave an impact on them otherwise they’ll just look over us!”
  7. > “But what if we don’t win?”
  8. “Well we weren’t gonna win a cliché ending since that’d make us just another submission among hundreds.”
  9. > “Then what do you think the ending should be?”
  10. “Something dark, like something that would make the reader recoil and just contemplate life or something at that moment.”
  11. > “What are you thinking?”
  12. “Well everybody wants a happy ending, so why not make it bittersweet? Our protagonist has been going through all these arduous trials and tribulations just to reach the castle, right? Like the classic rescue a damsel in distress story.”
  13. > “Uh-huh…”
  14. “But what if at the end, death was the only choice? Like the princess killed the bad guy right, but she saw the land torn and ravaged and she’s like, ‘There’s no way I can fix that,’ and she offs herself from devastation?”
  15. > “But wouldn’t our protagonist just try to stop her?”
  16. “Yeah but, get this, she somehow gets the protagonist’s party as her hostage, and if the protagonist tries to stop her, she’ll kill the party.”
  18. > “So a lose-lose situation? But wouldn’t that throw off the tone of our whole story? I mean think about it, so far our story has been happy and inspiring, it would be hit or a miss with this ending.”
  19. “Yeah, you’re right. It might have to be in the ending then?”
  20. > Just as you finished your sentence, Rainbow Dash pulled up a chair and sat down next to you and Twilight.
  21. > “What are you eggheads doing?” she asked as she kicked her legs up onto the table.
  22. > Twilight scoffed and said, “Rainbow Dash, please! We’re trying to work here!” She then pushed Rainbow Dash’s legs away and collected all the papers and utensils.
  23. > “Come on, it’s only first period! It’s too early for you eggheads to be acting like eggheads.”
  24. “Is egghead the only insult you know?”
  25. > “No, I know nerd, square, and oh, Anon,” she said as she glanced at you.
  26. > “Rainbow Dash, the substitute teacher told us to work on our assignments. We’ll get in trouble if he catches us goofing around like this.”
  27. > “Goofing around? And talking about your little comic book right here is working?”
  28. “Well it’s not like we weren’t getting work done,” you said as you flashed the completed handout at her.
  29. > “Oh man, you finished it? Give it here,” she said as she snatched the paper out of your hands.
  30. > You rolled your eyes at Rainbow Dash, but she didn’t notice as she was already copying your work.
  31. > However you noticed Twilight as she surveyed the room with a worried expression.
  32. “What’s wrong, Twi?”
  33. > “Isn’t our classroom louder than usual?”
  34. “Isn’t it because everybody’s done with their work?”
  35. > “Well, yeah, but usually when our volume gets too loud, the teacher tells us to be quiet.”
  36. > “God, Twi, can you not be the super square honor student you are for like an hour?” Rainbow Dash asked without lifting her head from her paper.
  38. “I don’t think you can talk like that after you’ve been copying our homework since middle school,” you said as you poked the top of Rainbow Dash’s head.
  39. > But Twilight ignored Rainbow Dash’s insult and studied the substitute teacher sitting at the teacher’s desk.
  40. > “Hey guys, doesn’t the substitute teacher look kind of weird to you?” Twilight asked without turning her head back to you.
  41. > “Are you just finding some excuse to go up to him and tell on the class?” Rainbow Dash asked she tries to poke you back.
  42. > “Like look at him, he’s just drooping his head over the table and he’s been like that since class started.”
  43. “It’s not uncommon for subs to not take interest in the class. Besides maybe he’s watching something on his phone,” you said as you pushed Rainbow Dash’s arms away.
  44. > “Yeah, Twi, I know that to you a teacher is like Dumbledore from your Lord of the Rings thing, but like, not every teacher cares about their student. Especially not substitute teachers,” she said.
  45. > Twilight said nothing in return for a while.
  46. > Then suddenly, she picked up all of your handouts and walked towards the teacher.
  47. > “Hey Twilight, I wasn’t done!” she said as she tried to go after Twilight, but you stopped her.
  48. “You know Twi, she can only see so much cheating before she gets fed up.”
  49. > Rainbow Dash groaned and laid her head on the table.
  50. “Come on, the work isn’t even that bad. Maybe if you just took the time to do it, you would see that.”
  51. > “What are you? My guidance counselor?”
  52. “Nah, but Counselor Luna did ask me to take care of you.”
  53. > “Yo, you know I’m good. Just not good at school.”
  54. “Not good at common either, do you even try to hide the smell?” you asked as you pointed at her bag.
  55. > “Oh shit!” she exclaimed as she went for her bag. She then pulled out a can of air freshener and started spraying it on her bag. “How long have you smelled it for?”
  56. “I just started getting a whiff of it, why don’t you just keep it in your car?”
  59. > “Because I couldn’t wait to show you and Fluttershy! This stuff is—”
  60. > Twilight abruptly returned to the both of you.
  61. > Her face was pale and as if she saw a ghost.
  62. > She held herself and was trembling violently.
  63. “Twilight, you okay? What’s wrong?”
  64. > “Hey Twilight, here, drink this,” Rainbow Dash said as she gave her a can of some sort of energy drink.
  65. > Rainbow Dash turned to you with a serious expression, “I’ve seen this before, this kind of shock.”
  66. “Twilight, tell us what happened.”
  67. > “I-I w-went…went up to the teacher… a-a-and saw—” she said softly but was interrupted by the sound of the bell that dismissed class.
  68. > “Well class, I hope you all have a wonderful day!” The substitute teacher greeted with a grin that went from ear to ear, “Please make sure to leave your completed handout before you go! Rainbow Dash, I’m looking at you!”
  69. > Rainbow Dash froze and slowly turned her head around to look at the teacher.
  70. > “It said in the class notes left by your teacher that you often goof off, I hope you got it done!”
  71. > The students who were still in the classroom laughed and some patted Rainbow Dash on the shoulder.
  72. > “Y-Yeah, I did,” she said, followed by a nervous chuckle.
  73. > You can tell that this was not the usual Rainbow Dash that would play it off as a joke.
  74. > “Come on, let’s go,” Rainbow Dash said as she escorted Twilight out of the classroom.
  75. > You collected all of your belongings as well as theirs and followed them out.
  76. > But before you did, you take a look back at the teacher who met your eyes with a blank, although ominous, gaze.
  77. > You were petrified by his stare; an overwhelming sense of fear swept through your body, leaving you unable to move.
  78. > He raised his hand and you can see that the palm of his hand is red.
  79. > But before you were able to get a better look, Rainbow Dash pulled you by the arm.
  80. > “Come on! Let’s go,” she said.
  82. > All three of you went to Rainbow Dash’s locker and talked about what happened during first period.
  83. > “What the hell was that?” Rainbow Dash said softly.
  84. “I’ve seen weird subs, but this is just too weird,” you said as you leaned against the lockers.
  85. > “Rainbow Dash, Anon,” Twilight whispered, “I-I saw him…”
  86. > Twilight took a second to collect herself and try her hardest to say, “Kill someone.”
  87. > Nobody spoke, nobody moved.
  88. > You tried to say something, but you remember his blank gaze and his red hand, which paralyzed you.
  89. > “Wh-whoa, wait, what are you talking about?” Rainbow Dash asked.
  90. > “On his phone,” Twilight said, “He was watching himself… Strangle someone.”
  91. > “What?” Rainbow Dash yelled, but quickly collected herself and asked, “Are you serious?”
  92. > “You have got to believe me,” she said immediately after, “Anon, please.”
  93. “Well, let’s hear her out, okay?”
  94. > “S-Sorry, Twilight,” Rainbow Dash said, motioning for her to continue.
  95. > “It was a video, and after he finished strangling her, he started ripping her insides out. Like he began ripping away at her throat and…”
  96. > Twilight paused to gag.
  97. “Easy, Twi,” you said as you placed your hand on her shoulder.
  98. > “H-He smeared her blood and stuff on his face and l-laughed,” Twilight said, holding down her vomit, “And while he was watching it, he was scratching his hand so much that it look like it started to bleed.”
  99. “That’s why his hand was red,” you said quietly.
  100. > “This is too fucked up…” Rainbow Dash said as rested her head against the locker.
  101. > “Oh um, hi everyone,” Fluttershy said meekly as she approached the three of you from behind.
  102. > “Fluttershy,” Twilight said.
  103. > “Is this a bad time?” she asked as she began to back up.
  104. > “No, no, it’s fine,” Rainbow Dash said as she straightened up, “I guess.”
  105. “Fine wouldn’t be what I would use to describe this.”
  106. > Rainbow Dash shot a glare at you.
  107. > “Is everything okay?” Fluttershy asked.
  109. “Some weird shit has been going on,” you said as you scratch the back of your head.
  110. > Fluttershy looked at you and Rainbow Dash skeptically.
  111. > She went up to you and sniffed you, then did the same to Rainbow Dash.
  112. > “I can’t believe you two!” she said, her face getting red.
  113. > “Wait, what?” Rainbow Dash asked.
  114. > “I thought we said we weren’t going to, you know,” she quieted down and leaned in, “Smoke during school.”
  115. “No, we’re not high,” you said and then turned to Rainbow Dash, “I told you to the hide the smell!”
  116. > “What was I supposed to do? She came up and sniffed me!” Rainbow Dash said.
  117. > “Guys, now’s not the time,” Twilight said, “What are we going to do about that teacher?”
  118. > “Which teacher?” Fluttershy asked.
  119. “ The substitute teacher we had in first period. He was hella weird, like, he scared the shit out of me, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight.”
  120. > “Oh no,” Fluttershy said as she recoiled in fear, “Is he really that bad?”
  121. > “Yeah, and this isn’t just the regular ‘Oh he’s just creepy but everybody just exaggerates’ kind of teacher, like, legit creepy,” Rainbow Dash said.
  122. > “He had a video of himself brutally murdering some girl on his phone,” Twilight said.
  123. > Fluttershy gasped and whispered, “No…”
  124. > “But wait,” Rainbow Dash said, “How has he not got caught?”
  125. “That’s true, unless if it were just on his phone, then shouldn’t this be on the news?”
  126. > “Yeah,” Twilight said, “And in the video there were multiple people too! All with phones too!”
  127. > “Is it on YouTube or something?” Fluttershy asked.
  128. > “No way, YouTube would never allow content like that. And if it was up there, he wouldn’t be here,” Rainbow Dash said.
  129. > “No but,” Twilight said, “It was on a website. It had the URL and layout just like YouTube.”
  130. “Maybe it is on YouTube?” you asked as you pull out your phone and started searching.
  132. > “Doubt you’re gonna find anything, Anon,” Rainbow Dash said, “There’s no video like that on YouTube, and if there were, it’s probably fake.”
  133. > The bell that marked the end of passing period rang.
  134. > “Let’s talk about this with everybody in class,” Fluttershy said as she began walking towards the next class.
  135. > All four of you have the next class, photography, together.
  136. > Once inside the classroom, you saw Applejack and Rarity seated at the table you six usually sit at.
  137. > Rarity was on her phone and Applejack was picking lint and other dirt off her hat.
  138. > Apparently the teacher wasn’t there yet from the front of the class still being empty.
  139. > The four of you took your seat and immediately Rarity showed you something on her phone.
  140. > “You three had first period history with that substitute teacher, right?” Rarity asked, “Is this him?”
  141. > The phone showed a video of some student juggling three oranges for the first few seconds, but then zoomed in on the substitute teacher you had in the background.
  142. > The video captured him giving you that blank stare, but the scene only lasted for a few seconds then cut off.
  143. > “He’s definitely creepy,” Rarity said.
  144. > “Yeah, we know,” Rainbow Dash said, followed by a long sigh.
  145. > “So, who is he?” Applejack asked.
  146. “He’s—” you said, but it occurred to you that you never learned his name.
  147. > Rainbow Dash and Twilight were at a loss for words as well.
  148. “I, uh, we don’t know. I don’t think he ever gave us his name.”
  149. > “Who has him now?” Rarity asked.
  150. “Nobody, this period is prep for that class.”
  151. > Just then Ms. Cheerilee came in.
  152. > “Hello class, please, please quiet down,” she said as she rummaged through her bag.
  153. > She pulled out a clipboard and flipped through some papers.
  155. > “Okay so, well hello class, I’m Ms. Cheerilee, the school librarian, as some of you may know. Unfortunately your teacher, Mr. Davenport, couldn’t make it today. He apparently had to cover one of his coworkers at the furniture store and only decided to tell us an hour ago. I hope all of you grow up to be responsible adults who won’t follow after Mr. Davenport’s poor work ethics,” she said followed by a nervous chuckle.
  156. > The class laughed weakly out of respect.
  157. > “Right, anyway, when I say your name, please say here,” she said as she started taking role.
  158. > After role call she said, “Well, I don’t know what it is you do in this class, but now that I think about it, I have seen some excellent photos provided by this class in the library. I suppose Mr. Davenport is doing his job correctly. Keep it up! So what is it that you all usually do?”
  159. > “We take one of the cameras and walk around school taking photos,” one student said.
  160. > “Is that so? Well, this is a photography class after all. Hard to take pictures just within this classroom. Feel free to do so, but you’re seniors now, right? Make sure not to make too much noise in the halls,” she said.
  161. > “Hey, Ah got an idea,” Applejack said.
  162. > “What’s up, AJ?” Rainbow Dash asked.
  163. > “Let’s use this opportunity to go take ah peak at that creepy fella’ of a substitute,” she said.
  164. > “Right,” Rarity said eagerly, “Anon said he has prep right now, perfect chance to spy on him.”
  165. > “I don’t know,” Fluttershy said, “These three were pretty shook up when I saw them after his class.”
  166. > “I agree with Fluttershy,” Twilight said, “I don’t think I want to go through that again.”
  167. > “What happened?” Applejack asked.
  168. > You, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight tell Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy the events that transpired during first period.
  169. > “Whoo-eee, now Ah gotta check this fella’ out,” Applejack said, jumping in her seat from the thought.
  170. > “This isn’t a game,” Rainbow Dash said with a solemn look on her face.
  172. > “That’s funny, aren’t you always daring to go into the face of danger, darling?” Rarity asked.
  173. > “Yeah, but this isn’t like cliff diving or whatever, this is serious!” she said.
  174. > “Ah reckon we should find out, and Ah’m not wastin’ another minute,” Applejack said as she got out of her seat.
  175. > “OOOH, I’ll come with you, darling,” Rarity said, packing up her purse.
  176. > “Well I’m staying,” Rainbow Dash said as she kicked her feet onto the table.
  177. > “Suit yourself,” Applejack said, “Twilight, Fluttershy, Anon?”
  178. > “I think I’ll stay,” Twilight said.
  179. > “M-Me too,” Fluttershy said.
  180. > “Anon?” Rarity asked.
  181. > You looked at Rainbow Dash and Twilight then at Rarity and Applejack.
  182. > You took a deep breath and thought.
  183. > Part of you wanted to stay, not wanting to be frozen in fear again.
  184. > But another part of you wanted to confirm what Twilight saw and know what was up with his hand.
  185. “Yeah, give me a second,” you said as you got up and got a camera out of the cabinet filled with an assortment of different cameras.
  186. > You hung the camera around your neck and fastened the lanyard to secure it.
  187. > You write your name on the clipboard to sign out a camera then took your bag.
  188. “Ready.”
  189. > “Whoo-eee, let’s rodeo,” Applejack said as she exited the room.
  190. > “I like your thinking, darling, make sure to get me from the right. Oh no wait the left, actually, right…” Rarity said as she walked out while doing slight poses.
  191. > “Anon, please be careful,” Twilight said with a worried look.
  192. “It’s fine, it’s not like anything’s gonna happen to us.”
  193. > “You messed up, dude,” Rainbow Dash said, “Those are the trigger words for something bad in any horror movie.”
  194. “Well then, I guess I’m the stud who’ll get caught fucking the cheerleader.”
  195. > Rainbow Dash laughed, “You wish!”
  196. > You exit the room and follow Applejack and Rarity.
  197. > “So what can we expect from this guy?” Applejack asked.
  198. “To be honest? I don’t know, he’s kind of a wild card.”
  199. > “Mysterious, then?” Rarity asked.
  201. “I’d go with eerie.”
  202. > The three of you arrived at his classroom.
  203. > Applejack peaked through the little window on the door.
  204. > “See anything?” Rarity asked, getting her phone ready.
  205. > “Yeah, he’s just sitting there with his head down,” Applejack said.
  206. “What’s he doing?”
  207. > “Ah dunno, looks like he’s watching something on his phone,” she said.
  208. > Suddenly, Applejack gave a short scream and fell over backwards.
  209. > “Applejack!” Rarity yelled as she went to help Applejack up.
  210. “Yo, are you okay? What happened? What did you see?”
  211. > “He’s, just… All of a sudden he snapped his head around and looked at me. But this guy, he was as fast as a whip when he did it…”
  212. “Hey, he’s coming this way!”
  213. > The door opened and out came the substitute teacher.
  214. > He had the same blank gaze that petrified you, but this time, it was not only you that were affected, but all three of you.
  215. > None of you could speak as he looked over you.
  216. > His eyes went from that of a blank gaze to eyes with murderous intent.
  217. > You could feel his cold, sharp stare seep into your bones.
  218. > Rarity was on the verge of tears and Applejack began shaking.
  219. > All you could do was stare and feel utter helplessness.
  220. > The word desperation repeated in your mind, growing louder with each second.
  221. > Was this you thinking it, or him making you think it?
  222. > The teacher then relaxed and gave a nice, pleasant smile.
  223. > He looked at you with such kind eyes that soothed your emotions.
  224. > You were able to move again.
  225. > Rarity rubbed her eyes and Applejack stood up.
  226. > “What brings you here?” he asked with a voice that made you feel welcomed.
  227. “We, uh, we just wanted to take some pictures of you,” you said without thinking.
  228. > Rarity and Applejack looked at you with surprise, but you were in shock yourself.
  229. > “For?” he asked.
  230. “It’s, well, uh,” you said and looked to Applejack and Rarity for help.
  231. > “Well there have been rumors going around that you’re kind of,” Rarity said but trailed off.
  233. > “Concerning,” Applejack finished where Rarity left off.
  234. > “I see, well my behavior was a bit odd, but if you want to reveal the truth about me to your peers, then you’re more than welcome to,” he said as he gestured for all of you to come inside his classroom.
  235. > The three of you exchanged worried looks, then hesitantly walked inside the classroom and took a seat.
  236. > He took a seat on top of the teacher’s desk and faced all of you.
  237. > “So, where shall we begin?” he asked.
  238. > “Can we get a name, please?” Rarity asked.
  239. > He turned to you, “Anon, you were in here last period, you should know my name.”
  240. The question caught you off guard, “Sorry, I must’ve been not paying attention.”
  241. > “Tsk, tsk, tsk,” he clicked his tongue, “Well, you must’ve been focused on your work. Which is important, but, it is also important to remember what you’re told. No matter how insignificant you may believe it to be. A true gentleman always takes note of everything. My name is Mr. Ord.”
  242. > “Right, then, Mr. Ord,” Applejack said, “Uh, mind tellin’ us why you had your head all droopy?”
  243. > “I’ll have you know that peaking is a grave offense, Ms. Applejack, and that manners go a long way,” he said.
  244. > “Ah, uh, what? Ah didn’t remember givin’ you mah name,” Applejack said.
  245. > “Yes well, but your friend here yelled your name a few minutes ago outside my door,” he said as he looked to Rarity.
  246. > “Sorry if I disturbed you,” Rarity said meekly.
  247. “Sorry, Mr. Ord, but you were doing the same thing last period.”
  248. > “So Anon, you’ll remember a man by his actions, but you won’t remember his name? A little backwards, don’t you think?” he said as he began tapping his desk with his finger, “I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that.”
  249. > You carefully observe the finger that started tapping.
  250. > Which hand was it that was red, or bleeding?
  251. “Sorry, Mr. Ord,” you said as you got up and walked towards him, “There’s so much for me to learn.”
  253. > He smiled and said, “It’s not often for people your age to admit they’re lacking.”
  254. “Yeah, um, it’s just that, you give off the vibe that you would be called someone like ‘a man amongst men’ or something like that.”
  255. > “Well put, Anon!”
  256. “If you don’t mind, I hope you can teach me,” you said as you extend a hand out to him, trying to initiate a hand shake.
  257. > He looked at your hand, then at you while he pursed his lips.
  258. > “One second, let me just get,” he said as he reached behind the desk.
  259. > Instinctively, you grabbed him by the arm and twisted it so you can see his palm.
  260. > The middle of his palm was blood red with something white in the middle.
  261. > As you focused on it, you saw that the white spot was actually his bone.
  262. > Rarity shrieked and Applejack took a defensive stance.
  263. > Shocked, you violently threw his hand away and stepped back.
  264. > “Well, that wasn’t nice. A gentleman does not blatantly judge another man on his physical appearance,” he said as he got up and walked towards you.
  265. “S-Stay back,” you said as you took one step back for every step he made.
  266. > “That camera around your neck,” he said as he pointed towards the camera, “Take a picture of me.”
  267. > At this point your back is pressed against the door, nothing is stopping you from leaving, but yet, you could not.
  268. > It was if you are a weak rabbit caught in a snare.
  269. > Mr. Ord closed the distance between you and him, and then closed the distance between his face and yours.
  270. > His eyes switched back to those murderous eyes that felt like it could make your heart stop from all the anxiety.
  271. > “Take. My. Picture,” he said with exaggerated enunciation.
  272. > He backed up away from you and raised his hand with the bone showing next to his face and smiled.
  273. > Your hands shook as you slowly lifted the camera to your eye.
  274. > You do not know why you are complying with his orders, but something entranced you.
  275. > If you do not do what he says, who knows what would happen.
  277. >>28621305
  278. > You press the button and the camera flashed as it took the picture.
  279. > When you review the picture on the screen of the camera, you saw that the picture came out a bit blurry.
  280. > It could not be helped from how much your hands were shaking.
  281. > “You’ll learn very soon that cameras are going to be your greatest tool, so my boy, you should learn how to be an excellent cameraman,” he said as he went behind the teacher’s desk and pulled out a leather glove.
  282. > “Wh-Whaddya mean?” Applejack asked.
  283. > “All will be explained in due time, my dear girl,” he said as he pulled the glove over his hand, “Patience is key for the perfect shot.”
  284. > He made a rectangle with his fingers and scanned the room with it and said, “Although, I find more joy in acting.”
  285. > “Wh-who are you?” Rarity asked.
  286. > “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you astray with that last sentence. By no means am I a famous celebrity, well at least, in Hollywood that is,” he said, “But let’s just say, I’m one of the leads.”
  287. > He sat down in the teacher’s seat and reclined for a bit before he sat up straight.
  288. > “Allow me to lecture you,” he said as he clasped his hands together, “The world we live in is divided into two people: cameramen and actors. Actors are there to provide a good show for the cameramen, and the cameramen do what it is cameramen do to produce a good show for the viewers. But the viewers are none other than the actors themselves, who criticize, ridicule, and build off of what they have seen. Actors get a taste of the fame, and once they get a taste, it can make them or break them. An actor should focus on how to always put on a good show rather than reaping the benefits that come from it, because the minute an actor gets too greedy, then it’s the curtain call for them.
  290. > “However cameramen, they do not get any recognition at all. They’re simply the people who make it run all smoothly, making sure everything runs on schedule, otherwise, there’d be no show! But it is hard job without many thanks, so why bother doing it? Like the actor who wants to put on a good show, they do it so they have work they can be proud of! Something to get the blood flowing and get off on! Can you name one of the staff members who worked on the last movie you’ve seen that isn’t the actors or the directors? Of course not! Cameramen make the show go on, and that means, doing whatever it takes. So cameramen take pleasure in making the show go on and enjoy watching the end product while actors get off on their own ego.
  291. > “So tell me, boy,” he said while looking at you, “When you hold that camera, do you hold it because you want to take a good picture, or because you want to MAKE a good picture?”
  292. ”I, uh…”
  293. > “I can tell a cameraman from an actor, and boy, you’re not an actor,” he said as he crossed his legs.
  294. > Just then the PA system rang, “Attention all students, an assembly will take place soon in the auditorium. Please make your way towards the auditorium. I repeat…”
  295. > “Well kiddos, good luck. I’ll see you on stage,” he said and gestured for all of you to leave.
  296. > Rarity and Applejack quickly got up and left the classroom, but you stood there, still unable to move.
  297. > “Ah’non, let’s go!” Applejack said as she motioned for you to leave.
  298. > Mr. Ord cocked his head towards the exit and smiled slyly.
  299. > You slowly started making you way out when he said, “By the way, my first name is Disc. Make sure not to forget it.”
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