White Victims of Black Crime - 0882 - Clifford Lanier Floyd

Sep 7th, 2019
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  1. 0882
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  4. April 12, 1976
  6. Location: Bainbridge,GA
  8. Victim(s): Clifford Lanier Floyd 47
  10. Attacker(s): Ivon Ray Stanley,Joseph Edward Thomas
  12. Description: Clifford, an insurance salesman, had just left Thomas’ home after collecting a premium, when Stanley held him up at gunpoint. After emptying his pockets, they forced him to go into the woods. Thomas struck Clifford in the forehead with a hammer, before Stanley tied him to a tree. They dug a shallow grave and untied Clifford, before Thomas shot him in the head five times. Stanley then hit Clifford twice in the head with a shovel, before handing it to Thomas, who hit him once in the stomach, twice in the head, and once in the chest. After throwing his body in the grave, they buried him alive as he begged for his life. Clifford died about 30 minutes later, choking on a combination of his own blood, and dirt.
  14. An autopsy disclosed a gunshot wound through Clifford’s upper lip; numerous lacerations to the scalp, head and body, apparently inflicted by the leading edge of a shovel; a depressed skull fracture pushed into the brain consistent with a blow from a hammer; brain hemorrhage; a broken sternum; and “a rather striking accumulation of both blood and dirt which was found in the bronchi of both lungs, scattered up and down the trachea and in the larynx and also in the upper-most part of the stomach…” Based on the autopsy, death was caused by swallowing a mixture of blood and dirt, vomiting it up, then inhaling the regurgitated mixture into the lungs. Clifford either strangled or suffocated on his own blood within about thirty minutes as he lay buried in the shallow grave.
  16. Link(s):
  17. A writeup of the crime. Thomas was sentenced to life in prison.
  18. Stanley is executed 7-12-84.
  19. Stanley’s murderpedia entry.
  21. Clifford’s find a grave memorial.
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  25. After agreeing to the terms of usage, click on “Search by ID or case number”. Select “GDC ID Number” and enter 0000393474 to bring up Thomas’ prisoner info.
  27. A story about audio recordings made of several executions, including that of Stanley.
  29. Floyd surname info
  30. Lloyd surname info
  31. Floyd surname info house of names.
  32. Floyd surname info surname database.
  34. Floyd’s widow Betty’s find a grave memorial.
  35. Youngblood surname info
  36. Youngblood surname info house of names.
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