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  1. [CENTER][SIZE=4]The Apex Legends Divison is excited to announce[/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"][B]The June AOD Monthly Killathon![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE=3]Sunday, June 23rd, 3:30 pm EST[/SIZE]
  4. Check-in: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm EST[/CENTER]
  6. [HR][/HR]
  8. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=4]What is it?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  9. [SIZE=3]The AOD Monthly Killathon is an uncasted monthly tournament in the shape of our quarterly, streamed/casted tournaments. Teams will compete to score the most points within a given time limit.[/SIZE]
  11. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=4]Rules (please read over these carefully):[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  13. [SIZE=3][LIST=1]1 point is awarded per kill. 5 points are awarded per win.
  14. [*]Suicides or leaving matches early grants you -10 points.
  15. [*]If a player DC's after you are already in the dropship then the match must be finished out. If the DC happens before the champion squad screen then you are allowed to back out.
  16. [*]Team Leaders will be invited to a temporary Discord server to report each of their game results. All game results, including no-kill matches, must be posted.
  17. [*]The event will be one two-hour long round, at the end of which the "Killathon Champions" will be announced on discord and the forums.
  18. [*]Teams may finish any matches they are in when time runs out and post there scorecard for that game for points.
  19. [*]In order for a match to count after time runs out the scorecard for the previous match needs to be posted a minute before time runs out or earlier. E.g. If time runs out at 3:30 pm then your previous scorecard needs to have been posted at 3:29 or earlier for your current match to count. No exceptions.
  20. [*]Anyone found to be cheating will be disqualified from the event and future AOD events.
  21. [/LIST][/SIZE]
  24. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=4]Streaming?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  25. [SIZE=3]Unlike our quarterly tournament, having someone stream for your team is NOT required. We do, however, highly encourage teams to have at least one member stream for their team so that those not participating can root for their friends or their favorite team. A list will be made of all people streaming with a link to their stream; this list will be provided in Teamspeak to those who wish to watch.  If you want to stream for your team and think you have the computer capabilities to do so but just don't know how to go about it then send a PM to Texican or Falcetti for help![/SIZE]
  27. [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF8C00"]What if I'm not good enough?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  28. [SIZE=3]No good? No problem! This is AOD, we value fun over skill here. All are welcome to join regardless of skill so long as the tournament rules and AOD COC is followed.[/SIZE]
  30. [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF8C00"]When is it? (subject to change)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  31. [SIZE=3]The June AOD Killathon will be held Sunday, June 23rd with Check-in starting at 2:00 pm EST and ending at 3:00 pm EST. This is to make it possible for there to be walk-ons and give the organizers time to set up the scoreboard before the tournament starts. Teams will start their matches at around 3:30 pm EST at the go-ahead of the tournament organizer.[/SIZE]
  34. [SIZE=4]**[COLOR="#FF0000"]Please note, if you have not checked in by 3:00 pm EST you can still participate in the event but you will have to wait until after the tournament has started for organizers to write you in. We cannot hold up the start of the tournament for teams who show up late. After the tournament is underway THEN you will be given access to the tournament Discord and read the rules before you can begin.[/COLOR]**[/SIZE]
  36. [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF8C00"]How do I join?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  37. [SIZE=3]Players can sign-up as an individual or as a full 3-man team any time before the day of the event. Walk-ons are also allowed. We will try our best to fit walk-on's into a team but each team must have 3 members to participate. So if 2 other walk-ons are not present or if no teams have any drop-outs then you will not be able to participate; so it is recommended that you sign-up beforehand. There is no current limit to the number of teams we are allowing.[/SIZE]
  39. [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF8C00"]No team? Walk-on?[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  40. [SIZE=3]As stated previously, in this tournament walk-ons/single sign-ups are allowed. If you do not find a team before the day of the tournament then you can sign up as a single player. The day of the tournament you should show up to check-ins like normal and the organizers will place you in a team of other walk-ins or single sign-ups. The downside to this is that you will not be able to pick your teammates so skill level and playstyles may vary. We ask that everyone placed in these teams together try to get along and have a good time with it. [/SIZE]
  42. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=4] What to do the day of the tournament:[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  44. [LIST=1]
  45. [*][SIZE=3]Players participating in the tournament should hop into the check-in channel between 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST (should be at the top of the list of apex channels the day of the tournament). From there the organizers will get accountability of all the teams participating and make rooms for those teams as they show up. A team will be considered checked-in once all their members have shown up and their team leader has been given access to the tournament discord (This is not the AOD Discord) and has been reiterated the rules.
  46. [*]After your team is checked-in and your team leader is in the tournament Discord you should hang out in the TS channel named after your team maybe get some games in to warm up before the tournament until the check-in period has completed. Once check-in has completed there will be around 15 minutes to a half-hour of set up before the tournament starts. You will be warned 5 minutes before the start of the tournament. The official "Start" signal will be posted in the general channel of the tournament Discord along with the end time for matchmaking, with this participants can begin.
  47. [*]During the tournament, the team leaders will be posting pictures of their teams end-match scorecards into their designated channel within the tournament Discord. The organizers will use these to keep track of and update the scoreboard. All games, including games with zero kills, must be posted.
  48. [*]If you want to keep track of your current score or that of your opponents, the link to the scoreboard will be posted in the channel description of the check-in channel in TS as well as in the general chat in the tournament Discord.[/SIZE]
  49. [/LIST]
  52. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=6]If you or your team is interested, please reply with one of the following formats:[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  54. [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=5]Premade Squad[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  55. [SIZE=2][QUOTE][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Team name:[/COLOR][COLOR="#FFFF00"] Combat Wombats[/COLOR]
  56. [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Members: [/COLOR][COLOR="#FFFF00"]Scottie, Wingdude, Directive[/COLOR]
  57. [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Twitch (If streaming):[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFF00"][/COLOR]
  58. [/QUOTE][/SIZE]
  60. [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=5]Solo sign-up[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  61. [QUOTE][SIZE=2][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Player Name:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFF00"]Directive[/COLOR]
  62. [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Timezone:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFF00"]EST[/COLOR]
  63. [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Twitch (if streaming):[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFF00"][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  64. [/QUOTE]
  67. [CENTER][SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"]Good luck to all who participate![/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
  69. [HR][/HR]
  71. [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3]Roster:[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  73. 1. Skull Krushers
  74. Falcetti, MaleAppendage, Scottie
  77. 2. The Skulltown Bandits
  78. Nology, Shogun, Karma
  81. 3. Average Bros
  82. Xhnoa, Korbo, RAD
  84. 4. Pls don't run by yourself
  85. clutchservice, strobo, ill_thought
  86. Twitch: /clutchservice
  88. 5. LOL Erased's Account Got Hacked
  89. Erased (StealYourWaifu), Nost, Meticulous
  91. 6. Bunker Brigade
  92. F1DDDY, NissanMikli, AREV
  94. 7. Brunt Force Trauma
  95. Kevl4r, Famezence, Brunty
  99. [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3]LFG:[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  101. OptimalDrippage
  102. NokRIP
  104. [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"][CENTER]If you wish to be removed from the tournament roster please PM Directive[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  106. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][SIZE=3]If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the tournament organizers on the forums (through a PM) or on Teamspeak: Directive, Innerflame, GeneralWhale[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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