Untitled Banshee story

Jan 11th, 2014
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  1. (For context, please see
  2. By God-Emperor of Man
  4. The amber crest of the sun had finally vanished behind the jagged horizon of ruins and pillars that belonged to a once great city. The guardsmen's rotation came and went as the night shift swapped with the day shift. Among them was an inconspicuous man of average height and build. He navigated through the loose brick and rock that stood as the wall of a building. He made his way down from his post, tightening the strap of the lasgun on his shoulder. Many others accompanied him as a slow stream of soldiers emerged from the forward line. He let out a hearty yawn, throwing his arms back. As he recovered he glanced a curious figure. The Cadian wasted no time approaching her.
  5. "Hey you're that girl from Theta Company, or at least was. Liena, wasn't it?" He spoke matching her stride.
  6. "Frak off." She groaned dismissively.
  7. "I've actually been looking for you."
  8. "Frak off!" She barked, still attempting to ignore the man.
  9. "What? I heard some pretty interesting things about you."
  10. "And they are all false. Now please leave me in peace." She growled. Annoyed at the prospect of telling yet another person off.
  11. "Look, I'm not here to judge, I just want to ta-"
  13. Before he could finish his sentence the irate soldier grabbed him by the collar of his flak armor. With a quick jerk the man was caught off balance and sent into a small broken room. Liena thrust forward pinning the man's back to the splintered and gray concrete wall. No one could see them in the little nook. With both her hands clenched tightly on the fabric of his uniform she pressed more weight onto him. Her teeth were clearly visible from the harsh scowl on her face.
  14. "Nothing happened!" Her words were slow and forceful. " Nothing happened between me and that Guardian! No one knows why he dragged me back! No one knows why I got left behind. Nothing happened! That's on the report; that's the truth!" She spoke through her tight teeth.
  15. "What if I were to tell you that you aren't the only one with a story like this?"
  17. Her arms loosened their fierce grip on the man. The pressure of her fists on his throat allowed him to breathe easy. He even noticed her eyes slowly widen. Her face slowly backed from her angry scowl as her body began to follow suit. Her arms still remained well fastened to the mans collar. They remained silent. Liena simply blinked a few times.
  18. "What do you mean?" Curiosity could be felt beneath her harsh overtone.
  19. "Exactly what I said. You aren't alone. I told you I've been looking for you."
  20. "Why are you telling me this?" She let go of him. " I told you, nothing happened." She adjusted her gear and tightened her shemagh.
  21. "And that's the official report for me as well." He placed his hands in the air and pantomimed a scrolling marquis. "Trooper first class Albert Alquist was found 35 kilometers outside of Kasr Gloin with an Banshee class aspect warrior. The two became separated and held a defensive position against enemy onslaught. The End."
  23. He smiled at her. Liena stood puzzled for a moment, trying to figure out why he would be telling her this story. It must have been the same feelings she had. She wanted to talk to someone about the ordeal, but who could she trust? The members of First Platoon already took significant punitive measures for trying to cover it up when they found her. Since the incident she only wanted to just talk. Plain and simple. To tell someone what had happened. Alquist must have been feeling the same but for so long. Her lips stuttered before she spoke.
  24. "Well... Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine, I guess." She didn't know what else to say.
  25. "Well, where to begin. Many years back, during big 13. For whatever reason, the Eldar wanted to hold a section of line we did, and we wouldn't let them hold it alone..."
  27. The two of them sat down as Albert began remembering his story. The initial details were blurry and he started piecing them together as he went along. He unclasped the chin strap on his helmet and began scratching his hair.
  29. -----
  31. The land was filled with many upturned soil from craters that darkened the Blanche grass of the Cadian surface. Neither day nor night could be discerned from the horrible black smog that filled the sky from many burning fields and shattered fortifications. The bodies of many heretics were strewn about. Freshly killed from the days course of battle. They laid just out of reach of a heavily fortified trench network. Inside the protective walls many guardsmen celebrated their victory by handing out many packs of lhos to one another. though the clamor of the soldiers grew quiet around a lone group of black-clad Xenos in their midst. The xenos didn't walk so much as glide seamlessly through the humans as if they were but clouds of air.
  33. One guardsman pursed his lips together creating a two-toned whistle that denoted attraction not thinking the aliens would have a concept of human interaction. The Banshees stopped cold in their path, with one shooting her gaze into to pack of humans. The tussle of red whipped side to side elegantly. Neither party moved in, expecting reprisal if they did. Though just as fast the incident occurred, it passed, and the xenos continued along their patrol.
  35. "You're frakking suicidal, Marv." One of the Cadians laughed, tossing a crumpled pack of lho sticks to his friend.
  36. "Oh come on, tell me that wasn't funny!" The man jeered.
  37. "It won't be funny if they cut us all to pieces!" Another interjected.
  38. "Seriously, you never thought of it that way? I mean look at those butts." The man held his hands out as if he were fondling a woman.
  39. "That's heresy, Marv." Albert added to the group, as he read from a book.
  40. "Oh, mister straight and narrow Alquist. You mean to tell me you never thought of them like that, even a little? " He slapped the side of Alquist's pauldron, causing him to lose his place.
  41. "No! The only thing I thought of is why are they here in the first place?"
  43. ----
  45. "Why are we even here, sisters?" One of the Banshees exclaimed through a closed channel.
  46. "Because this is our patrol route."
  47. "That's not what I meant, Idaline. Why are we here with the humans? We have made it very clear we had no intention of fighting shoulder to shoulder, so why make exceptions here?" She exclaimed disgruntled.
  48. "Because the Farseer said we would be needed here. So we are here."
  49. "Darkness take me and Farseer be damned. I see no point in working with the mon'keigh, though."
  51. The leader of the formation stopped and turned to face the outspoken member of the group.
  52. "I know you are torn between your desires and your level of experience Elsiwe, but you will not call the Farseer into question again. Do you understand?" Idalnine's tone was condescending.
  53. "Yes, sister."
  55. Elsiwe tightened her fist indignantly. She was right be be reprimanded for her outburst about the Farseer, but Idaline's comment about her experience dug into her. She was a well seasoned warrior, dedicated to her path. She was a veteran of many battles, but not enough- as her comrades were keen to remind her. Many times when she was to be sent into combat it was the work of her sisters that was seen. Often when she had marked a target, an errant blade of another would claim it first. Not only was she to suffer working with the disgusting and primitive humans, but she was to suffer though the subtle insults of her own.
  57. The embedded face of her mask almost mirrored her own as she was to walk around the fortifications of the humans. "So primitive, so bland.", she thought to her self musing on the humans design of angular architecture rather than ruminate on the treatment from her comrades. It helped dull the sting to her pride to have something that she could hate openly. It was comforting to her to know no matter how low her sisters made her feel, she would never be beneath a human.
  59. ----
  61. They reached the end of their patrol route. For a moment, they admired the war blasted and windswept plains of Cadia. The dark and thick clouds above and the harsh gray steppes below. Much of this area's lush vegetation was worn away by the constant charge and mayhem of the Chaos forces. one of the banshees simply sighed "How drab.", before the group turned to finish their patrol. Their march back was filled with idle chatter and reminiscence of past glories, and comparing of their skills.
  62. "The greenskin's neck offered little resistance, The blade flew through so beautifully." One of the banshee's spoke.
  63. "If it wasn't for the smell, orks would be the most entertaining creatures to slay." Another added. "what of you, Elsiwe? What trophies have you claimed?" The warrior goaded.
  64. "I'd rather not boast, sister."
  65. "No, no tell us, Tell us about that one human you slew. He must have been a real challenge." Another chuckled.
  67. Elsiwe gritted her teeth and endured their mocking. She wasn't a poor warrior, just unlucky. Her comrades reminded her of this often. It began to dig into the poor Eldar. To think, she chose the warrior's path to escape such treatment. Always upstaged by another, her ambition was always questioned. 'Why don't you try harder?' She heard often. 'That's good, but I know others will do better," her own mind taunted her.
  68. "Enough! Sisters, let us just focus on the task at hand." Elsiwe barked.
  69. "Why? Do you not fancy tales of valor and glory? Or how the Farseer named all of us but you?"
  71. The Banshee would hear no more. She thrust her foot into the wet earth, pulling a bit of mud around her black boot. Her arms stretched out with her blade held above her head in an aggressive stance. She channeled all of her frustration and anger into her form. Elsiwe's form was perfect, her concentration so honed she hadn't even noticed the Imperial soldiers around the group.
  72. "If you want to know of glory, then answer my challenge right now!" she shouted.
  74. ----
  76. Idaline calmly stepped between Elsiwe and the rest of her group. She raised a gentle hand on the anger stricken warrior. She shook her head disapprovingly. Her presence was slowly ebbing away the tension that even the spectating guardsmen were feeling. Slowly, the Banshee's high guard was dissolving.
  77. "My dear sister. This is neither the time nor the place for this." She turned her head and waved off the others. "I understand that being a part of a group that is not yours may be tough, but that is no excuse for your recent outbursts."
  78. "But Idaline..." She complained softly.
  79. "No. I will not hear it. I think you should spend some time in reflection. I think some meditation will do you good. Until then perhaps some distance is in order."
  80. "Are you telling me to break away from the team?"
  81. "Only temporarily. Your mind is not on your path, but yourself. Reflection will do you some good."
  83. Elsiwe was left alone, standing in the middle of a crude human fortification as Idaline left. She watched her sisters disappear as she stood. She wanted to follow, but her body remained stiff. Her blade was embedded into the ground, and her grip on her pistol was loosening. The humans around her simply stared in confusion. The moment was broken by a single person approaching the scorned Banshee.
  84. "Y-You alright?" Albert spoke hesitantly.
  86. Before Alquist approached the Banshee, the guardsmen had simply been going about their daily routine. When the Banshees made their way through, they weaved their paths around them, making as little interaction with them as possible. They continued to move perfectly silent. It was odd that one suddenly stopped and raised its weapon for no seeming reason. Many of them stopped what they were doing to watch. Many slowly started backing away. A Banshee's blade was not something they wanted to be in the path of. Nor hear that wretched howl.
  88. Everyone breathed slightly easier then they began their march again, save for only a couple who seemed to be holding a private conversation. Once one left, it was just a single Eldar left standing, looking like the world had just collapsed around her. Albert knew that feeling all too well. Perhaps that is why he felt so compelled to communicate with the xeno? That feeling of loneliness; it was written all over her visage. He slowly approached her, and asked how she was.
  89. "What concern is it to you, human?" She spat with her head snapping towards Alquist. He flinched.
  90. "I mean no offense, you just look upset, is all."
  91. "Do you always concern yourself with the matters of the Eldar?" She shot her face forward and slowly began walking.
  92. "Not the Eldar, I know that look."
  94. She felt almost insulted, that a human would attempt to even contemplate feeling an Eldar emotion. The Eldar found it amazing the primitive humans could even organize such complex societies, let alone feel something other than instinct. As she walked she noticed that the human began to tail her, like a loyal dog, or a stray one hopping for a meal. Whatever it was, she did not want him around her. Or anyone for that matter.
  95. "These are matters more complex than your simple brain could understand," she spoke dismissively.
  96. "They don't respect you, do they?" The xeno stopped after hearing these words.
  98. "How do you- No, Why would you- I..." She stumbled over her words in shock.
  99. "They do the same to me." His eyes slowly sunk, looking to the ground.
  101. Albert looked over his shoulder. He saw a couple of his squad mates whispering back and forth between each other, with grins of their faces. The rest of the soldiers had gone about their business. She saw the glances they gave, more filled with curiosity and bravado than disappointment. Though the look was still there, that look of superiority. His team felt them the better of Alquist, much like her team did to her. The Banshee sighed.
  102. "You too?" She spoke softly, almost too softly.
  103. "Yeah, its because I'm a void born Cadian, not home grown."
  104. "An outsider." She paused. "One who doesn't seem to belong."
  106. Elsiwe laughed impulsively. Perhaps her judgment of the human was too sudden, too closed-minded. She found it interesting that she would just happen to meet the only human in the galaxy capable of advanced emotions, and understand how she felt. She laughed again, and the young man slowly took a step back. She hung her head with a smile on her face, as she suppressed another laugh.
  107. "Human, you improved my mood. I thank you for that."
  108. "I don't understand. How?" He spoke confused.
  109. "It's simply too complicated to explain. Think of it as common ground being struck."
  111. ----
  113. The young Cadian smiled nervously at the banshee. Unsure how to act, he fumbled with his belt to retrieve his canteen. After he took a sip he politely extended it towards the Eldar. She retracted, almost disgusted, before putting up a hand to kindly refuse the man. He began to put his away, when he did she procured a small flask, no bigger than a frag grenade and held it aloft like he did.
  114. "Perhaps you would like clean water," she jeered.
  117. Alquist took the xeno up on her offer. He grabbed the flask. After a few moments of examining the bottle he found where the 'lid' was. Elsiwe couldn't help but be amused as she saw the creature fumble with something so simple as if it was a complex puzzle. He fiddled with is like a child until finally opening the vessel. He was careful not to place his lips on the bottle out of courtesy.
  119. He noticed the object was soft to the touch, but rigid. His fingers pressed into the bottle and he saw small dents around his gloves, but the bottle remained rigid in his hands. His musing ceased when he felt cold water touch his tongue. A simple pleasure, but it was one that he and his comrades had been without for some time. In his shock he almost spit the liquid out.
  120. "It's cold!" He looked at the bottle with wide eyes. "Hey guys, cold water!" He called out to his comrades.
  122. The other Cadians perked up like animals being called by their master, and slowly started to close in. The Eldar saw them coming for the cool water, she selfishly took it back. Though she seemed to warm to the outsider she still had no intention of being kind to the other humans. Let alone let them drink her water. The gathering crowd dispersed as soon as the bottle was gone.
  123. "Tch, I don't want your stinkin' xeno water anyway." one of them exclaimed.
  124. "Alquist, stop making friendly with the good looking alien!" Marv shouted.
  126. For whatever reason that word cut deeper than is should have. Elsiwe found it odd to be called 'Alien', insulting really. That her race was to be called secondary to one much younger than hers. One so primitive and simple. She didn't even mind the other comment he made. Then she thought back to Idaline's words. Elsiwe was reacting to every tiny comment, no matter the insult was intended or not. 'Perhaps reflection is needed.' She thought to herself, but where could she do just that? Her thoughts and emotions continued to race about her. All that was needed for her was focus. Focus on her path and why she chose the Path of the Warrior.
  128. It was that or focus on another matter to relieve her mind of its meddling. Unfortunately the only company she had was a human, no Eldar to confide in, to talk to. Though she began to think how long it would take before that person would insult or upset her. She shook her head noticeably. The tuft of red hair billowed in her motions with the soft sound of a breeze through leaves.
  129. "Now what's on your mind?" Alquist chuckled.
  131. He had taken a seat on an ammo crate and had drawn out his canteen once again. She looked at the hard metal box he chose as a seat, and could not help but think how rough it would be on her delicate posterior. How uncultured it would be as well. She looked about her surroundings and found not a single suitable surface for her to sit on as well.
  132. "I'm wondering how you humans manage to live with such, crude ways."
  133. "What do you mean?"
  134. "You are sitting on a box of ordnance. How is that in anyway dignified?"
  135. "It's not. It's about sitting down. It's comfy once you get used to it."
  137. She let out an uncomfortable laugh, accompanied by an uncomfortable smile. Alquist was oblivious to both as Elsiwe's helmet covered both. She was beginning to desire rest as well, she continued her search for something decent. Alquist patted a nearby box as he took a swig from his canteen. Again, Elsiwe let a disgusted look cross her face.
  139. ----
  141. Her desire to rest had grown, but she still forced herself down all the same. Her motions were noticeably hesitant. She even stood partially after she made contact with the rough surface of the box. She finally rested on the box a meter away from the Cadian. She felt so uncultured and so barbaric. She crossed her legs to retain what little dignity she had left. She scanned her surroundings to see all of the soldiers. A few glanced at her, more confused why an Eldar was here rather than judging her on her actions.
  142. "How do you people live like this?" She grunted
  143. "Cadians make do." Alquist set his canteen to his side. "So, why are you here?"
  144. "I'm temporarily relieved of my duties. I'm on a time of reflection."
  145. "Reflection?" He stated, confused at how a soldier could be temporarily relieved.
  146. "Yes, It's a time where we must concentrate and reflect on why we chose our path." She paused, realizing he would have no idea what she was talking about. "Though most just use it as time off, to relax and think of other pastimes with others."
  147. "OH!" Albert interjected. "You're on forced leave."
  148. "Leave?" She stated likewise.
  149. "It's kinda like reflection, we get time off to do what we want, though mostly we just get drunk and frak."
  150. "That's essentially what I said." The Banshee retorted. "Except in brutish words."
  151. "We are a simple people." The young man laughed.
  153. The two maintained a bit of idle banter for a while. Eventually a couple members in carapace armor showed up. One was marked with three chevrons, the other had two, and carried a vox-caster on his back. As they appeared a couple of noticeable groans were heard. The NCOs didn't seem to pleased themselves. They were clad in their full battle regalia; adorned with many pouches and straps for their equipment. Elsiwe once again found herself judging the primitive design of the mon-keigh.
  154. "OK, listen up Psyon 4-3!" The Sergeant bellowed in a deep voice. "I hate to do this to you guys, but RCT wants a heavy patrol."
  156. More groans erupted. Several people were already beginning to gather their equipment, and don more plates of armor. The dugout began to be filled with the clacking of equipment being thrown together.
  157. "The attack was a light attack for Khornates. RCT wants to get eyes on the enemy lines, see if they've packed up and are moving for a different part of the line." The man continued to speak
  158. "Sarge, if its a recon mission, why are they sending us out as a heavy patrol?"
  159. "New change in the directives, After Gulf company got caught with their pants down RCT wants all excursion in heavy posture."
  160. "That's Groxshit, just because the gulf trotters can't fight off a couple of bloodletters, we got to hamper mobility?"
  161. "I don't make the rules, Sven. We're Cadian's, we'll make do."
  163. Alquist hopped off of the munitions box to head to the rack with his equipment on it. His bag was under a few others. Once his was obtained he quickly opened it to retrieve the rest of his armor set. While in a defensive position they were instructed to leave most of their armor off. It was a choice that went against the regiments 'Heavy Infantry' doctrine. The logic was that if members died defensively they could be quickly replaced and the expensive carapace armor transferred to the next person. Yet when they left the line, they were instructed to don their armor, making it harder to recover the armor. Many of the Cadians would be quick to comment on this 'logic' as they readied their equipment.
  165. The Eldar was curious, to say the least. She began to walk gracefully avoiding the chaos around her and approached the Sergeant. She stood just under his height by a short margin. Her helmet easily towering beyond their height. The veteran simply stared the approaching xeno down, his gaze was cold and fixed on her. She noticed his finger had quietly moved from the trigger guard to the trigger itself. She returned his gaze with the frozen war mask of her own.
  166. "Sergeant, I would like to accompany you."
  168. "Before you say anything, this decision is not yours to make." She held up a hand to prevent him from speaking. "I am coming with you."
  169. "Do what you want- just know that if you put any of my soldiers in danger, I will not hesitate to put you down."
  170. "You will try, Sergeant. But I am not your enemy."
  172. The man simply nodded. Elsiwe simply faded into the crowd. She placed herself by the familiar Alquist, who was just finishing placing the last piece of his armor on. He then started to through his back pack on. After a couple of failed attempts the eldar grabbed one strap and tossed it over his arm. He thanked the xeno instinctively. Next he began to fit his pouches with charge packs. Finally he attached his large knife to his belt.
  174. The Eldar looked him over with a raised eyebrow. The young man disappeared into an assortment of plates and straps. His face wasn't covered but he wore a yellow cloth around his neck that covered up to his chinstrap, and tinted eye protection. She looked the others over and their individuality was slowly stripped away as they all began to look the same. There was slight variation, the shemags were different colors or the pouches were arranged differently. She took note of Alquist's appearance, though they all looked the same.
  176. Their bloated forms began to walk towards the edge of the trench, lining up. The Eldar stayed out of their formation but close by none the less.
  177. "We taking Ol' Hatchback? Sergeant?"
  178. "Negative, the Chimera stays here."
  180. He walked out of the formation to give a quick brief. He pulled out a small map, and unfurled a heavy green cloth from it.
  181. "It's going to be a short bound, we'll be marching for about 10 klicks do a quick walk of the lines, and return. This is the last chance to get some water before we leave, do that now. In five we are out of here." He looked at the eldar, then back to his men. "Line formation, ROE is disengaging fights if we can help it. Cover is sparse out there, so keep in formation."
  182. ----
  184. Almost a half hour had passed. The terrain remained just as desolate as it was when they started. Cadia itself was no stranger to the ravages of war, and in time she would heal, although the trials of the 13th Black Crusade were beginning to take their toll. Slowly even the features of the terrain were changing. Entire hill formations were taken away from bombardment. Forests were clear cut, rivers ran dry. Even all of this, Cadia could still heal, if it ever got a rest from the unending conflict. The gray and dark landscape every member of the squad called home was a painful reminder of what was at stake.
  186. Weapons were clenched tight, silent prayers were muttered, others swore oaths of revenge, others asked for forgiveness for allowing so much of their home to be taken by Chaos. All but one. Elsiwe stood just to the front of the formation, a few meters ahead of the Sergeant. She placed herself where she figured the great enemy would send their best. She was waiting for a challenge, a trophy to take back to her sisters. She had no stake or claim to this world, and she pondered the benefits if the planet simply vanished.
  188. More time passed, and all seemed quiet. A slight noise was heard. One of the Guardsmen started to sing quietly to himself. Slowly others began to join and the vox chatter was abuzz.
  189. "Hear the song of Heavy bolters; Hear it echo through the night."
  190. "Mortars fire, razed the scene." Another joined on
  191. "Scars the fields; that once were green."
  193. The squad continued their song. Elsiwe, who was given access to their vox channel, was amused to hear such a song about warfare. It reminded her of her own people singing songs as they went to battle. Once she caught the chorus, even she began to hum along to its beat. Over half the members of the squad were singing.
  194. "Thousands of feet march to the beat; It's an army on the march."
  195. "Long way, from home; Paying the price in young men's lives."
  196. "Gregs, you're off pitch." A member spoke as the rest continued to sing.
  198. "No I'm not." A female voice entered the vox. " You know my voice is flawless." The song continued in the background.
  199. "Well then, someone's vox is acting up." The Cadian paused to listen carefully. "There it is again. Listen, sounds like some feedback."
  200. "Describe it to me, Thrian." The Sergeant interjected into the song.
  201. "Like someone's hissing an "S" too hard."
  203. The sergeant immediately threw up a closed fist into the air, and took a knee. The others followed the motion until all members had done so. The sergeant called out to the Banshee, who was still walking. She simply stood and watched the horizon.
  204. "Vox silence immediately. Thrian, I want you to notify me when you hear the sound." A moment passed, and soon a slight hiss was heard
  205. "There, that 'Sssss' Sound." He mimicked its wavering pitch.
  206. "Right. 4-3, Change frequency to 758.972. I''m hopping its just interference.
  208. The squad complied, the eldar was well. Her stance was slowly falling to a low guard. She felt an uneasiness grow over her. Once the squad changed channels the sergeant instructed vox silence again. The sibilant tone was heard again, but this time there was a word that accompanied it.
  209. "Ssssooon." It hissed.
  210. "4-3, Clear channels on my mark." All the Cadians grabbed their vox beads and awaited the command. " Mark."
  212. There was a few quiet squelches heard. Then they all waited patiently for the sound to be heard again.
  213. "Soon, we will be." The hiss grew.
  214. "Check your surroundings, watch for flickers. Eyes on Cadians."
  216. The vox hissed the message a couple more times. Each time it played out in its agonizing slow pace. 'Soon we will be.' It said over and over with a crack at the end. Everyone scanned their sectors diligently, looking for the slightest disturbance. Elsiwe readied herself, fearing the guardsmen would not last if what she thought was approaching would. The vox whispered again. Suddenly there was a painful crack that caused many to grab their ears reflexively.
  218. "We are here."
  220. ----
  222. The air had grown painfully still as the patrol team held their position. The wind that was gently blowing had stopped entirely, and even the cacophony of war stopped. The world was very small in this area. As the sergeant began spitting out quiet orders, the soldiers started skirting about. Their formation changed to a crescent with the crest pointing towards the enemy lines. The couple soldiers with heavier weapons took place in the middle of the wings.
  224. Elsiwe rolled her fingers on the handle of her blade, flexing them in anticipation. Her senses were growing keen, her mind focusing on the moment. The slightest change of scenery drew her full attention. As her mind started to ease up, there was a tiny pink spark. The Cadians' attention locked on to it with their weapons ready behind the Eldar. The air started to distort. The enemy had revealed itself. Daemons. "The humans will surely panic," The banshee thought to herself.
  225. "Steady, steady..." The old veteran said slowly.
  227. Just then a rush of air began to burst through the growing fissure of light. The dirt around it began to lift and form a vortex as the distortion grew more violent. Bolts of lightning struck forth. A single bolt landing no more than a few feet from the nimble Banshee. She jumped back after the fact, slowly giving distance from her and the warp rift. In a violent and final act the rift shot a blinding light, and in the middle stood several lithe creature, crimson in flesh with giant Gnarled swords in one hand.
  228. "Bloodletters!" The sergeant cried out.
  229. "Keep score!" A soldier cried out.
  231. Her stance wavered slightly. The charge she was preparing halted momentarily as Elsiwe turned to look at the humans in disbelief. They appeared more curious than anything else, even as the daemons began pouring from the gate. The humans' weapons discharged in hard streams of red and yellow lights. Still gazing bewildered back at the Cadians, the Eldar's weapon flew clean into the bloodletter's flesh.
  233. Her attentions turned back to where they belonged. She had joined the battle. She danced through the flashes of light and weaved through the path of blades. She stood in front of the warp rift cutting down any being that dared to move past her. Despite her efforts, many of the monsters charged past towards the humans. The small number of daemons passing through made for easy selection for the guardsmen. Their shots were well placed, however they did little against the being's ability to displace itself in a horrifying blurred instant.
  235. The creatures weaved in and out of attacks drawing closer to the soldiers behind the banshee. They had lifted themselves and began advancing backwards. Their formation was unwavering. Despite the unnatural ability of the blood letters, eventually several shots would find their way to the rough flesh of the daemon. The impacts would burst open spewing black ichor and viscera from the center. Without pause, another would take its place. The veteran was calling targets to focus the fire on, ordering his men as they would call out their targets, or comply with his orders.
  236. "Psyon Actual, this is Psyon 4-3. Daemons! Daemons in Sector Kilo 6 Alpha 2 Ymgarl. How copy?" The vox-operator spoke into his mouth piece.
  237. "Xeno! We are falling back!" The Sergeant called out.
  239. The line drew further and further away from the Eldar. As she looked to see them withdraw she noticed another spark behind them. Her blade flew through the hide of one last daemon before she disengaged to charge the newly forming portal. It had completely escaped her mind that she was on the same communication channels as the humans and instead ran as fast as she could towards the new gate. Albert saw the banshee come flying towards him. Before he even had a chance to point his weapon at her; fearing treacherous intent, she jumped into the air, using his shoulders as a springboard. The young man saw where the Eldar was heading.
  240. "Second gate, to our 6!" He shouted.
  242. "Team two, Fold in and cover the rear. Begin advancing east."
  244. The Cadians slowly began to change their formation as they started moving in their new direction. Before they could, the second gate erupted. As the monstrosities began to poor out the first unfortunate creature was met with a blade through the skull. The banshee began her fatal dance once again. It was some time before she realized, she was smiling. There was no one to take her kills from her. Even if the humans managed to hit her target she could still claim the kill herself. No sisters to compete with, no glory to be stolen. Just the thrill of battle.
  246. Even to that, she could hear the gratitude of the humans ever so often when she would move back to their formation to dispatch a daemon that had grown too close. Something her sisters never did for her. The brutish beasts, however, showed little skill with the blade. They were simply too easy to dispatch. She yearned for a stronger opponent. Something to test her skill, something to give her the pure sensation and focus one could only get when fighting for your life.
  248. As they moved a third gate began to rip open in the path they were heading. The sergeant called for a halt, and for them to form a defensive ring. The rift opened, though this time the creatures did not immediately charge. When they shifted their bodies it began to distort the world around them, kicking up mud and dirt. Visibility slowly began to fade mere dozens of meters away from their position.
  249. "Actual, where is that reinforcement?"
  250. "Psyon 4-3, reinforcements have been diverted. You're own your own. Emperor be with you. Actual out."
  251. "Frakking command, they abandoned us! They left us out here to die!"
  252. "Shut it, We will make due." The sergeant bellowed. "4-3, this is the ground we have chosen. If the enemy is going to win this fight, they will not be walking away from this. I intend to break this assault."
  254. The beasts continued to circle the soldiers, disrupting their view. When a bloodthirsty daemon broke rank and charged it was met with concentrated fire or the edge of Elsiwe's blade. More gates began to open, the sounds of furious shouting flooded through. Gunshots rang out as Widely inaccurate shots flew past the defenders. Soon hordes of men began charging their position.
  255. "We will hold this ground!"
  257. The battle erupted again. Dozens of madmen flung themselves towards the guardsmen, yet none made it within a dozen steps of their position. Then another rush came from a different location. Elsiwe was disappointed- the hordes of traitor guard did little to test her. They proved to be even easier foes than before. Though her battle lust drove her forward the continuous assaults began to slowly whittle away the Cadians. One by one, the Cadians started to be brought down by wounds. After a half hour of fighting, they numbered only half of what they left with. There was no break in the constant waves of attackers until a few gates had lost their power and vanished, presenting an opportunity for escape.
  258. "Humans, make for the opening, I'll buy you time!" Elsiwe shouted.
  260. Little time was wasted as they withdrew through the gap. Her actions were more for herself. Once the humans fled, the madmen and traitors would follow, leaving the daemons for her. Her blade would fly cleanly through one body, and into the next. She twirled, with a single unending stroke that drew a fluid design in the air. The Bloodletters fell around her, and with them her enjoyment. The only enemies left were assaulting a ramshackle building the squad had garrisoned.
  262. Her swift body quickly closed the distance. Before she would assault the unorganized mob, she let out the iconic wail of the banshee. The horrible, yet lyrical, song that foretold doom upon her foe. Her voice was filled with anger that the fight had ended. All without a decent challenge.
  264. ----
  266. The survivors attended to their wounds, and sat in a silence muddled only by groans and sobs. The Banshee looked through the group to find the young Cadian she took a fancy to. She was surprised to find that she felt worry over his life, almost eagerly searching for him. She found him leaning against the slipshod brick wall, patting a rag on his arm. His sleeve was covered in blood. She jumped to the side of Trooper Alquist, as she reached for her belt.
  267. "Is your wound serious?"
  268. "The shot went through, I should be fine." He said gazing forward. His eyes were wide and glazed. "I just can't stop the bleeding."
  269. "Here, let me aid you."
  271. She grabbed the hole in his sleeve and began tearing it away, revealing a gunshot wound. She procured a small tube and began placing a paste on her fingertips. It was a medical ointment that would work to heal his wound. Though painless to an eldar, in the human body the process was not unlike a smoldering burn. Albert's teeth gritted and he kicked his feet. The wound closed, but the pain remained. He looked at the fierce warface of the banshee's mask. He attempted a smile but his face remained blank. Elsiwe placed her soft covered hand on his cheek, then patting him softly on the shoulder
  272. "Poor, poor human." She said to herself. "You fought bravely. I'm sure your war party will look upon you favorably, now." She said to Albert
  273. "Yeah... I guess they would, if it wasn't for the fact a good number of them are dead." His face was still blank and the emotions faded from his voice as well.
  275. Elsiwe reached for her flask, handing it to the young man. He took it, holding it lightly in his good hand. He asked her if she could remove his helmet. She looked at the helmet. She placed her hand under his chin and on the back of his head, attempting to roll the helmet off. Albert told her it was a buckle on the chin. She reached in perplexed on how it was attached. His face grew into a slight smile, amused at how something so simple was so difficult.
  277. The helmet was eventually removed. She took a good look at his sweat kissed hair, and how it was clumping together in tiny spikes. Taking in the actual shape of his face. So alike the Eldar, but so different. Their eyes were different, their cheeks lower and more round. To her, he looked rather adorable, but his face exuded a feeling of pure exhaustion and hopelessness that weighed heavy on her heart. The Banshee ran her hand through his hair, petting the young man's head as she did so. She spoke softly in her own language.
  278. "Lies'fei shulune Mon'kiegh" her words soft and comforting.
  279. "Banshee." The harsh tone of the squad's sergeant broke the quiet. "Come here."
  281. She stood, leaving the flask of water in the hands of Albert. He would occasionally take a sip of it. His eyes followed Elsiwe the whole time as she walked away to converse with the sergeant. He watched her fluid movements. The intentional motions she did to communicate direction and certain emotions, and some slight flickers of her waist. Her shifting weight as she talked. Albert had to lend Marvin his due- they were beautiful. In his exhausted mind, Albert couldn't even suppress the heretical thoughts in his mind. Were it not for her race, she would have been the model Cadian. A body so well trained for war, yet so feminine, so capable. He couldn't deny it.
  283. "I want to say, you fought well out there. If not for you we'd probably be dead." The banshee nodded at his words. "But now we have no way of getting back. The fields are too dangerous."
  284. "Why don't you contact your warchiefs?"
  285. "No good, our vox was damaged in the fight, and RCT diverted their efforts way from us." He paused, as an uncomfortable look crossed his face. "I have to ask that you stay and help us."
  286. "I'm as trapped here as you are, soldier."
  287. "You can't call for help?"
  288. "No. I cannot."
  289. "Can't, or won't?" The man's gaze narrowed.
  291. The Banshee stood motionless, and the sergeant shook his head. His face disappeared in his hand as he turned to walk away, silently cursing the Eldar's stubborn resolve to not call for help. She soon found herself at Albert's side. She leaned against the wall and slid down onto the hard floor below. Her hands reached for her own cumbersome helmet, and with a simple well practiced motion she removed her helmet. Albert smiled again at seeing her long flowing red hair, just like on the back of her helmet. It was a vibrant red. A few strands crossed the front of her face in the slight breeze.
  292. "The truth is, I don't even know if they will come to my aid if I called." She said impulsively.
  293. "What?" Albert responded quizzically.
  294. "Nothing, just musing aloud."
  295. "So, how's your reflection been treating you?" He attempted to be humorous.
  296. "Very relaxing, and reflective. A shame I do not have the proper company." She looked at Albert with a raised eyebrow.
  297. "I would offer, but I like sitting here much more, at the moment." He smiled.
  299. ----
  301. As the hours passed, and the darkness of night would encroach on their position. Only two people were awake, the Sergeant and the Banshee. while he stood watch at the top of the building she was down below. Her figure glimmered only slightly in the white warplight of the night as she stood over the heavily asleep trooper Alquist. There were a couple of light taps to him, but to no avail. She knelt next to him and tapped his cheek. His eyes fluttered open for a moment, glowing slightly as they reflected the light from the Eye. The blur in his vision slowly formed into the face of Elsiwe. She smiled.
  302. "Come with me." She held out a hand.
  304. She guided the tired guardsman deeper into the building, where the ambient night light was weak, save for a few thin windows. Albert was struggling to hold himself up in his heavy armor, in stark contrast to Elsiwe, who seemed to have no issue.
  305. "Tell me, were you serious about your offer from before?"
  307. "W-What?" He said rubbing his eyes.
  308. "Your offer for companionship. Were you genuine?"
  309. "I guess?" His mind still attempted to collect itself.
  311. She took a step back, raising her arms behind her back. All that was heard was a slight crunching noise, then her rigid breastplate came loose. The form following material on her body also began to loosen itself from her. Her arm reached across her body to the other arm, and began pulling at the black material. Her motions were different than before. She was quick and impulsive. Her motions had no more fluid movement to them, but instead quick jerking motions, as if she was impatient about something.
  312. "Are you not going to doff your clothing?" She spoke with her dress half hanging from her body.
  314. Albert's eyes flew wide open, finally understanding what she was doing. His jaw was hanging as well, but soon it was clenched again as his arms moved as fast as they could to undo the bindings on his armor. In his haste, he began undoing straps in the wrong order, causing his plates to fall, or catch on each other. When he finally made some order in his motions Elsiwe was already undressed, giggling at him. She stepped forward to aid him. Eventually he was freed of his armor, but not his clothing. She stepped back again.
  316. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and all he could make out was her soft form from the darkness. Her arms were held to her side, following her form, with her hands resting on her thighs. She was as beautiful as he imagined her. Her form was toned and slender. He gazed upon her wonderful flowing curves, instinctively biting his lips as he did so.
  317. "I do appreciate your attention, but that's not all I had in mind." She chuckled.
  318. "Is this really happening?" he thought to himself as his hands flew to his blouse's buttons.
  319. ----
  321. Soon it was her turn to gaze on his form. His body was lean, with obvious muscle tone. Though his flesh was marred with many scars. She took a step forward, pressing herself against him. Her soft skin was a welcome change to the rough material of his uniform and the bunching his armor caused. Albert slowly brought his arms around the eldar. She was occupying herself by feeling one of the many scars on his body. Her fingers gently touched the surface of his skin as they skirted along the contours of his form. She was, to her shame, slightly shorter than the man. To the point where their eyes met effortlessly, but there was a slight tilt in her head. She leaned back against his arms, holding onto him.
  322. "Human, if we are to do this, understand one thing..." The darkness covered her reddening face. "We will not join flesh, but if I am to be relieved, you are to be relieved."
  323. "Sounds good to me." He joked quietly.
  325. She leaned against his chest again. Her lips slowly grew closer to his. She recoiled slightly, second guessing her actions, but pressed on. As their lips met, she wondered if the human's use the pressing of lips as a form of affection. In fact, she was almost worried that she might have to instruct him step by step on the ways to properly pleasing an Eldar. As her mouth opened slightly, she felt the warm caressing feel of his tongue against hers. His arms closed tighter, pressing her closer. Her arms were on his shoulders, locking together on his back. Albert found her to have a very sweet taste. The same could not be said about him, though Elsiwe found the change in usual tastes rather palatable, as their lips continued to press together.
  327. Albert's hands began to run the length of her back, softly rubbing up and down her back. Her skin was impossibly smooth- Absolutely hairless and a great pleasure to the touch. His hand finally rested on the firm cheek of her buttocks, as he gripped it firmly. For a moment he caught himself simply roaming his hand around because touching her skin felt so appealing. It ran up her back and down to her leg several times until Elsiwe grabbed his hand and forcibly placed it back on her cheek.
  329. Likewise the Eldar found the hair dotted around his flesh to be fascinating as well, though her mind was more focused on purpose. Her hand quickly finding its way to his genitals. She was greeted with a good bushel of the hair she found so fascinating. Her fingertips danced though the thicket diligently before resting around him, noting that it was warmer to the touch than the rest of his body. Not yet fully erect, she squeezed it a couple times, remembering the curves and feel of one. It grew in her hand slowly and her hand ran along the length. Albert groaned as the alien groped him. There was a true feeling of disconnect between her actions and him. He stopped momentarily and watched her tugging at him.
  331. His body jerked slightly with each stroke. The human was fascinated with her hand, to the point he didn't notice the wanting and hungry grin on her face. When he broke from his trance his lips placed themselves on the base of her neck. The Banshee leaned her head away allowing the human better access to her. Her free hand guided him up her neck. Each kiss sent a shiver down her spine as the warm breath culminated in the gentle smack of his lips. He reached her jaw sending a tingle through her. She let out a curt heavy breath. When his lips touched the lobe of her ear she quickly slapped the top of his head.
  332. "Bad mon'kiegh! Those are off limits."
  333. "My mistake." He returned her seductive grin.
  335. She kissed him once again, and slowly began to lower herself. Her lips dragging along his chest, running over an errant scar to reach his nipple. Her tongue pressed into it, suckling him slightly leaving him with a satisfying smack. Her body hovered over the other and repeated herself. After taking in a bit more of his taste she lowered her self more kissing down the center of his body. His lip quivered in anticipation. One knee touched the hard stone ground uncomfortably, followed by the next. Elsiwe sat and stared at his flesh as her hand continued to glide up and down his length, pulling and releasing his skin. Her mouth opened slightly, letting out a silent breath and her tongue instinctively circled her lips.
  336. "Remember our agreement." she spoke as she leaning in closer with her mouth open.
  338. It was utterly barbaric, what she was about to do. Barbaric, primitive and wrong, which was exactly why she was so enthralled with the idea of doing it. Something so taboo that once her tongue touched the tip of his member she couldn't help but place the rest in her mouth. The taste was strange and alien to her. Eagerly she ran her tongue around him taking in the bizarre and bittersweet taste of the human. She pressed in in deeper, placing a hand on his hip as she moaned in delight.
  340. She placed a hand on his hip, with the other still firmly placed on the base of his shaft. Then she slowly began to pull herself back, suckling harder as she did. Her cheeks indented as she did. Once she reached the end her tongue swirled around once more. The next time she pressed forward she tried to press him deeper into her mouth. She placed another hand on his hip. Her motions became methodical as her head would ebb and flow along his length.
  342. Albert's hands found themselves in the soft and silk like stands of her bright red hair. His fingers gripped tightly. At first the young man simply hummed his moaned into his breath as he watched the banshee pleasure him. but as she continued slowly his breath would become deeper and his head lean back more. He would close his eyes and hear the wet smack of her lips break contact slightly with his flesh, and the muffled wash of saliva whirl around her cheeks. The firm press of her tongue digging into his tender body. His lip quivered again.
  344. A growing warmth enveloped the eldar. Her knees shook and her thighs tingled. A hand was quickly withdrawn from Albert's hip and placed betwixt her legs. The sensation of a wet and smooth flesh crossed them. Once his hand found a good hold on her hips they began circling gingerly. The idea of what she was doing slowly taking over her mind. Her meditations on the crudeness of placing another person's genitals in her mouth and the pleasure it brought aroused her greatly. The more diligently her hands worked, the better her lips did. Albert simply leaned back allowing the banshee to continue her skillful work.
  346. Eventually the man began to swell, feeling an all too familiar buildup of tension. He gritted his teeth in contemplation of warning her, but the sensation was simply too pleasurable. The only warning the Eldar received was the sudden harsh grip of her hair before the human met his satisfaction in the depths of her throat. Elsiwe's eyes opened and her cheeks turned a deep shade of scarlet.
  348. She wanted to feel accomplished at her act; after all, she was pleased with herself, but when the human's fluid entered her mouth suddenly, she froze until he was finished. The taste was too complex for her to process at that moment, so she pulled away from him. His seed was forcefully ejected from her mouth, she continued to spit several times. Her gazed returned to his. She smiled. Slowly the taste in her mouth became sweet and she kissed his member again, followed by a loving swipe of her tongue.
  349. "I apologize, I didn't mean to disrespect you so."
  350. "I don't follow, that felt pretty good to me." Albert scratched his head.
  352. She didn't feel the need to educate the human on the complexities and social etiquette of Eldar sexual behaviors, nor could she be able to uphold them after this point in time regardless. Instead she lowered herself, laying on her back with her legs parted fully. Her arms folded on themselves and were held out as if she was expecting Albert to fall on her. She bit her lip reddening over allowing a human to see her in such a way.
  353. "Well?" She purred.
  355. The Cadian quickly dropped to his knees placing his hands on her thighs, holding her legs open. He simply gazed at her folds. Though the light was sparse he could clearly make out the details of her femininity. Her lips were shaped like a wishbone, soft and tender. Her physiology didn't differ much visually from a human's, at least as far as he could tell. He knelt closer, laying his body prone on the cold stone floor. He smiled as he looked her over again, before softly placing his mouth on her. She was much sweeter than he anticipated, and much more sensitive. As his tongue thrashed about she scolded him, begging for a softer approach from the rash human.
  357. He willingly complied, his tongue gladly taking in her tastes, listening to her breath grow long and heavy. The thought that she was an alien had completely vanished to him. She was a beautiful female that he was pleasing- that was all that mattered.
  359. ----
  361. Everything about her lips pleased him. The sweet tastes, the soft texture, even the aroma was pleasant. His hands roamed her hairless mound. They had forgotten what one felt like. At the beginning of every war, the women of his regiment would always take care of themselves, but as the fights dragged on on and supplies became harder and harder to come by certain behaviors were put on hold. Though it wasn't as if he wasn't guilty of this as well.
  363. She moaned and grasped at the man's hair, or her own breasts as his warm tongue caressed her sensitive lips. She tried her best to muffle her moans by clenching her jaw, though occasionally a squeak would slip through, or a deep growling moan. Even Albert urged her to be quiet a couple of times. It was a fight she didn't want to partake in. She wanted to let go of her emotions and begin howling, grasping at her body and his. She wanted to scream in ecstasy. All she let out were quiet words.
  364. "Bei len Ta nu. NU! Oualie Kashelen o rei!" Gibberish as far as Albert was concerned.
  366. His tongue crept down to her delicious and moist opening. He flicked past it a couple times. Each time Elsiwe held her breath and arched her back slightly. His tongue circled it several times before attempting to press in. Her back would arch again, and she would mutter alien words. As it pressed in her taste grew slightly more sour, something Albert enjoyed. As he probed about her she let out a sharp shriek. Her hands flew to her mouth and the human continued. Her lips and her face reddened once more. Her eyes twirled to the top of her head, and her hips jutting towards the human allowing him better access. As his tongue squirmed in her, she did as well.
  368. She was tight, even for his slippery tongue. He wouldn't be simply satisfied with just satisfying her like this. He wanted to feel her body as it was meant to be felt. To join their flesh. For now his tongue would do that for him, but he could tell Elsiwe was quickly reaching a climax.
  370. To hurry her along his fingers resumed where his tongue had left. She wouldn't be much longer as Albert wiggled his tongue deeper into her. Her body shook as she tried to hold back her voice. Almost as if it was pressed from her, she lost control and let out a shrieking moan that lasted several seconds. When she was finished Albert continued for a while, not wanting to withdraw from her. As he parted he kissed her and licked the length of her slit.
  371. "That....Was incredible human.... Where did you learn such things?" Her breath was heavy with panting.
  372. "Practice. " He smiled as he slowly climbed up her. "And also situational awareness."
  374. Her legs remained parted as she climbed up her. She desperately wanted to kiss him and hold him. She wrapper her arms around his neck, and kissed his forehead. As he climbed more she felt the tip of his member press on her lips. Her legs locked into his sides and pushes him just out of reach. Here eyes narrowed.
  375. "Human, I said we wouldn't join flesh."
  376. "Why not? I can tell you want to." He raised an eyebrow with a flirtatious grin.
  377. "I do, very eagerly, but if you think I was loud now..." She turned away, her face returning to its reddened state.
  378. "If you want to, and I want to, there's no reason to make it complicated." He fought against her resistance softly. "We could easily be dead tomorrow. Do you want to die without feeling it?"
  380. Her legs released their grip, allowing Albert to position himself properly. His hand reached for his manhood as he placed it between her legs. He rubbed it up and down a couple times, causing the Eldar to grunt.
  381. "Once you feel you are to erupt, we are done. Take it slow, for both our sakes." Her legs opened to him fully in a beautiful butterfly shape around his body. She felt his flesh prod into hers. She bit her lip. She felt herself expand, contouring to match the head of his member. Albert locked his eyes on hers as his member was slowly enveloped by her warmth.
  383. He moved into the depth of her. The Eldar's grip on his back increased. Her fingers drew short trails on his back as his body slowly moved over her. She grunted silently as she felt the warmth of another resting between her legs. The toned legs of hers pressed into Albert's side guiding him along his path. Elsiwe returned his gaze with a pleased smile. Her hair was strewn about the floor. Their embrace was intimate and tender.
  385. Albert hadn't felt a woman so fitting in a long while. It was no issue gliding into her soft body. His hips would continue to rock back and forth, his member slick from her. During one stroke he pressed firmly into her, breaking his even pace. They both moaned. Elsiwe's head tilted back momentarily. They let out soft laughter. The Eldar leaned close to the human, kissing him then resting back.
  386. "Human, I would be lying if I said that I didn't want this to last forever." Her voice was soft and tender.
  387. "I feel the same."
  388. "Am I satisfying?"
  389. "Greatly."
  391. They continued to gaze at each other in an affectionate embrace. Eventually Albert closed his eyes and stopped. He smiled and slowly removed himself from her, sighing reluctantly as he did so. The banshee kissed him. Albert laid back on a bit of his kit. Elsiwe rested herself on top of him, with her head laying on his chest. She found his heartbeat to be soothing. An arm came around her and held her close. Both fell asleep with smiles on their faces. The night would pass and they would rest peacefully.
  393. ----
  395. Once the morning broke, the two were awoken suddenly with a stern boot placed into Albert's side. When the Cadian's eyes fluttered open, the disgruntled face of his sergeant was looking back up at him. As Albert's heart skipped a beat, the Eldar simply laid motionless, looking back up at her lover with worry.
  396. "Get up." The sergeant snapped and then walked to one side of the room.
  398. Elsiwe laid still as Albert attempted to crawl from under her. The Eldar gripped tightly at his side, cursing herself that she was allowed to be caught off guard. The sergeant crossed his arms and tapped his boot to the ground impatiently. Once the trooper wormed himself a bit more, Elsiwe stood to her feet. Her eyes filled with anger and distrust to the Sergeant. He simply gazed her over as the Eldar made no attempt to conceal herself. His lip curled into a half smile on the side of his face and he turned his head to the doorway.
  399. "Giggs! I owe you 40 thrones, their heads aren't pointy!"
  400. "Frakkin called it!" was echoed back.
  401. "What are you to do with us, human?" The banshee spoke cautiously. Her body positioning itself defensively.
  402. "I ought to have you two shot for heresy. But honestly I don't care, we have more trouble to deal with."
  404. Albert slowly crept to his gear, waiting for a quick draw from his sergeant. The old veteran simply looked at the banshee one more time, uttering, 'Lucky bastard', under his breath as he walked out. Albert relaxed, letting go a heavy sigh of relief. When he turned to Elsiwe she flung towards him wrapping her arms behind his back, kissing him passionately. Before he could react, the Eldar was already dressing herself. Still blinking from confusion he began to pull his pants on.
  406. Outside, the few remaining Cadians held themselves low to the broken walls with their weapons trained to the no-mans-lands. The Sergeant had his monoculars trained on a solitary vehicle of in the distance. A simple box shape with black and yellow stripes adorned on it. When the two emerged from the building a guardsman quickly gestured for them to get low and to cover. Albert peered over the ridge to see the Rhino himself. It was a great distance away, the dust in the air partially concealing the beast. It sat immobile, facing towards the main battle-lines, and not them for the time being. The defenders simply waited in relative silence.
  408. They continued to stare until a lone figure emerged from the transport. A tall horned man encased in polished metal with the same black and yellow stripes, as well as a long jawed sallot iconography. One of the Cadians gritted his teeth and pounded his armored fist into the concrete.
  409. "Iron Hands! Damn it."
  410. "Warriors, James." Greggs responded. " Remember the parable? In the hands of the Emperor, at the blades of a warrior."
  411. "I though the Hands were the bad guys."
  412. "Nope. Black on yellow will fight a fellow. Silver on black has got your back."
  413. "Enough chatter. They might not know where are here." The Sergeant interrupted.
  414. "There were two this morning, where did the other one go?" Another added.
  416. Elsiwe attempted several times to contact the rest of her team, yet there was no communication back. It was unlikely that the humans could have interfered with their communications. Her heart sank at the thought of them intentionally ignoring her. After all, they would be right to exile her knowing what she had just done. Yet how would they have known? She cast the thought from her mind, instead practicing mentally how she would dispatch the chaos warriors. She was glad to finally have a decent challenge before her. Instead of thoughts of trophies or glory she thought simply on her own survival, and how she could best each Iron Warrior that dared to come close. The thought of impressing her compatriots seemed childish at this point. Just then the transport they all had been so vexed on changed its facing towards their broken building.
  417. "Shit shit shit! I'm not ready to die yet sarge." Gregs spoke as she started to dig in her pockets
  418. "Calm down, no one is dying, its just a transport, and possibly ten of the best siege masters against five of us in a broken building."
  419. "If I don't make it, you take my money and you-"
  420. "Give it to your family." The Sergeant cut her off.
  421. "No, you take this money and you buy that nice pair of Beleveine boots. Dead or alive, I am buying those boots!"
  423. "They haven't begun attacking yet. Stay optimistic, maybe they will move on." Albert added.
  424. "Well, Rogal H. Dorn, look who decided to join the squad." Greggs responded teasingly.
  425. "Enough!" The Sergeant barked.
  427. The wind began to whistle in the distance as the Rhino sat, poised to attack the small building. The defenders simply watched it, barely peeking their heads over, or spying through small holes in the wall. The Eldar appeared calm and serene, almost meditating. Her breathing was deep and soothing. The others were not as calm. Albert noticed his hand began to slowly shake. The only activity to happen was the hatch on the tank opened as an Iron Warrior mounted the storm bolter. He loosed a few rounds at the building.
  429. The shells pocked and chipped away small fragments of the heavily reinforced structure. The building was nothing important, but every last building on Cadia had been given some thought to strength and defenses. Millennia of fighting had brought out this practice. As such even the simple wall would have been enough to brace against small arms, even bolter shells. The Cadians knew this, but even still the Sergeant had to instill courage into his men, thinking the attack was probational. The Iron Warriors didn't know if they were even there.
  431. Even still several members disembarked from the vehicle, a fire team of five began to approach the building on foot. Albert palmed the Aquila as he watched the Chaos Marines slowly march towards them. It would be an image that would be forever burned into his mind. Their advance seemed agonizingly slow given their distance. Step by heavy step they advanced.
  433. ----
  435. Elsiwe grew impatient. She propped herself against an intact section of the wall that concealed her entirely and began rolling her fingers along the handle of her blade. Though she wouldn't peer over the edge, she could hear the enemy approaching, in her mind she assumed how far they were. A straight charge wouldn't work. The modified humans' firepower would make short work of her. She spied a window frame that she could jump out of on the side of the building. It would put her in a great position to flank the enemy, but again leaving her exposed. She would need a distraction.
  436. "Sergeant. I have a plan. How long can you hold them off?"
  437. "What is it?" He growled.
  438. "I can attack the enemy from the side, catching them unaware if you but hold their attention." She pointed at the window.
  440. The Sergeant milled the idea over in his head momentarily, trying to find a fault in it. The Banshee could dispatch the Marines quickly enough, but then the Iron Warriors would attack in full. She would need to make several sallies, but by then the enemy would be aware of her, and target her, ultimately putting her life at risk. He agreed to the plan, albeit reluctantly at first.
  441. "Here's how this it going to work, when they get within 50 meters we will focus fire on my target, drop and move to a new spot. Understood?" He looked over his barely capable squad. "I'm up, they see me, get down, shift."
  443. Albert shook his head slightly, the others acknowledged as well. The tired guardsmen readied themselves once more as the Iron Warriors had gone from images marred by the distance to pristine profiles. The sergeant picked the formation lead as the first target. The man took in a heavy breath and closed his eyes. When he exhaled they flew open.
  444. "Now!"
  446. At once all the members of the squad rose from their cover, pointing their weapons towards the enemy. A fraction of a second latter the Marine was impacted by several bright powerful beams of reddish light. The air cracked and hissed loudly as the ambient moisture was evaporated along the beam. The Ceramite armor withstood the beams at first, quickly super heating as well. Where the beams were placed quickly began to melt away under the focused intensity. His body spewed blood and viscera as his chest ruptured.
  448. The Marine fell to his knee letting out a gurgled roar, and his weapon discharging. The Warrior was not dead yet, just wounded, much to the defenders dismay. One other moved to assist his battle brother, the rest began unleashing their weapons on the building. The grey stone walls erupted into geysers of dust and debris accompanied with the slamming door sound of a bolt shell detonating. The Cadians dropped below the wall. The whole encounter was over in under two seconds.
  449. "Shift!" They moved along the walls getting to new positions before popping up again. " Ready up! Second target, far left. Ready... Fire!"
  451. They rose again and concentrated their weapons on another marine. They managed to score a lucky hit as one of the lasbolts impacted a krak grenade on his belt. Once it detonated it took a size able chunk out of the chaos warrior, the remaining shots vaporized what remained in the opening. The behemoth fell forward, dead. Once again the Cadians dropped and began to move.
  452. "Next target, center formation. Finish him off!"
  454. The Iron Warriors slowly advanced by fire, placing their shots just above the wall line, hoping to catch a guardsman as he rose to fire again. All the while Elsiwe was closing in on the marines, her silent swiftness easily overlooked by the occupied enemy. Her body sprang forward with each step at inhuman speeds, her blade held aloft behind her; pistol aimed and ready to fire. The Guardsmen rose a third time.
  456. Their shots struck true on another member, his body succumbing to the deadly barrage. The lasgun wasn't a weak weapon by any means, it simply had a flaw in how it worked. The beam would vaporize the outer most layer of a material first- with an armored target the beam would need to be focused on a spot long enough for it to burn through. Once it did, the flesh would be quickly burned away, sometimes even exploding from superheated fluids cavitation. This is why the focused use of the weapons was so effective. The more power added, the quicker it burned, and thus another Iron Warrior fell.
  458. When the guardsmen went to drop again, a bolter round struck under the arm of one. Half of his torso instantly splattered into many shooting fountains of red goo as his arm flew clean form his body into another member of his squad. The body collapsed to the ground lifeless and torn to pieces.
  459. "Thrain's been hit, He's frakked! Thrain's frakked!" Greggs shouted in horror, tossing his arm aside.
  461. The Eldar reached the line of Chaos Marines. They hadn't noticed her until too late. She raised her blade jumping into the air. It sang as it passed through the air and through the soft neck, decapitating an Iron Warrior. Before his body could reach the ground she was set on the next. This one began to turn towards her, readying his boltgun. It barked as Elsiwe stepped aside from the shot. She turned her body to where she could comfortably stab the hulk in the waist. Her blade was slowed from the resistance of the armor, but that too yielded to the keen craftsmanship of her weapon.
  463. The Iron Warrior retaliated by bringing his fist down. She pressed her back up against his side, blade still embedded in the brute. The attack missed opening him up for an attack. Elsiwe simply pushed the barrel of her pistol under his chin and pulled the trigger. As the Iron Warrior began to stumble, she withdrew her blade, bringing in down powerfully in a vertical slash, splitting his head in two.
  465. ----
  467. The last opponent was prepared for her. His boltgun was holstered and his chain sword held high. His armor was glowing red from the recent volley of the guardsmen. The two charged each other, the Iron Warrior letting out a fierce war cry, Elsiwe the telltale Banshee's howl. She allowed him to strike first, electing to hold her action as she continued to charge. The Marine wasted no time bringing down his heavy, primitive weapon diagonally. Her blade flew up to parry his, redirecting its swing away from her. She once again did not return a strike, instead side stepping behind him. The Iron Warrior turned quickly with a hard swing. The nimble Eldar bent backward at her waist, letting the attack fly over her body. Once she recovered the swing reversed its direction. The heavy mailed gauntlet swung backhand, hoping to catch her off guard, but the banshee tossed her body backwards narrowly escaping the weapon's path. One he raised his chain sword into the air, Elsiwe smiled, knowing the fight was over.
  469. He shouted once more with his heavy weapon falling towards the small Eldar. She flung herself forward and her body ducked under the attack. She rolled close into the marine, bounding back to her feet. Her blade flew furiously into the chest of the Iron Warrior, burying almost to the hilt of her blade. With her forward momentum her body flung into the air. She leveled her pistol at the glass eye piece and fired. The shot passed through effortlessly making short work of the chaotic humans skull. Not yet satisfied, her blade flew out of the Marine. She twirled with the blade's path, severing the head of the Iron Warrior as it spewed blood.
  471. As the heavy body fell, Elsiwe was taken over with a powerfully euphoric sensation of accomplishment. She began to laugh triumphantly thrusting her weapon into the air, howling once again. Bolt shells began to fly past her and the fighting erupted again as the remaining Iron Warriors had arrived.
  474. The Eldar quickly retreated to the building, gracefully dodging bolter shells. The Cadians held their positions not rising above their cover until they got closer. She planted a hand on the broken wall, vaulting over and landing in a sitting position next to the Sergeant. He was gritting his teeth, curling his head in each time a round impacted close by. Elsiwe was giddy compared to the man. She elatedly asked him, "What will we do next?"
  475. "Same plan as before. They will gun line, and we will hit them one at a time." He looked at his remaining soldiers. "Some siege masters, can't even kill four Cadians in rubble." He laughed painfully.
  477. He clutched his side with was red with his blood. A round had grazed him, to his fortune, but it still left him in a good deal of pain. He grabbed his Lasrifle, using it as a cane to peer over the edge. The enemy was just about in position. He tossed out his fist opening it quickly several times then jutted it towards the enemy. He, Greggs and Albert readied their weapons again as he peered towards the banshee one more time.
  478. "Think you can take the rest?"
  479. "Sergeant, it would be my pleasure." She ran along the building, finding a new spot to emerge from.
  481. Bolt shells detonated, chipping the already thinned material away as the Cadians began to pop up from cover again and again. Elsiwe charged from her position with lightning reflexes, readying herself again. Beams of red light struck one Iron Warrior, though only his armor was marred. They had fired only three volleys when the Veteran exploded. His head disintegrated into a red paste and his torso frayed to bloody shreds. As the body fell over another round hit the center of the carapace armor, tearing it to shreds but leaving the body underneath.
  483. Greggs and Albert began to panic. The young man's hands trembled violently, making him unable to shoot straight. His shots flew wide of the target, almost striking Elsiwe as she danced through a couple enemies.
  485. Elsiwe found the second wave to be easier than the first, as her mind has became highly focused. Her body almost moved on its own, before she had time to think on her actions. Guided by a sense of war she had never felt before. When she saw one was readying an attack she knew not only how to evade, but how to deliver a killing blow. Time was slowing for her, the sounds becoming dulled. Only what was in front of her existed in her mind. One raised his boltgun, she dove forward driving her blade through his chest and out his shoulder. Another charged her, she slid through his wide legs, removing one of them.
  487. She was laughing and singing songs of her people as she danced. Each time she engaged an Iron Warrior she experimented with a way to dispatch him faster, quicker, better. Perfect. Two had perished by her blade already, and another two readied themselves to attack. One continued his assault on the building. Inside the Cadians were in stark contract to Elsiwe: where she was focused and euphoric, they were confused and terrified. Greggs had a steady stream of tears down her cheek. Albert was finding it hard to breath. Each time they popped over the edge their bodies tensed up.
  488. "We got this, we got this!" Greggs cried. "Just a bit longer Alquist, just you see!" Her voice muddled under her sobs.
  490. Elsiwe rolled and flipped around the Iron Warriors, who simply continued to shoot at her. Her blade fell into the chest of one as she had done many times before, finding the perfect spot on the armor where it gave way. The blade would glide in, and then out. She would stab gain. The marine's unnatural toughness allowing them to to survive multiple strikes from her weapon. She almost was upset one one died. She severed his head ceremoniously as it fell to the ground. She curtsied politely to the next, before she flung herself at him, her blade drawing dizzying trails around him. Once again her blade found a way into his armor.
  492. ----
  494. The weapon barked several more times, pinning Greggs and Albert. The young man broke, beginning to scream angrily over and over. He reached for a couple of grenades from his belt. Priming them he tossed them over, knowing fully well they wouldn't hurt the marine. After they detonated he rose firing several volleys into the target.
  495. "Die! Die! Die! Just Frakking die! Why won't you die?"
  497. A single round was released, and all Albert felt was his body flying to the floor, his ears ringing. The world around him was fuzzy. Slowly he felt a strong burn in his chest, he looked down to see he armor heavily scored, burned and shredded. Smoke rose from the impact where he had been hit. He blinked continuously as he saw a blur hover over him that was Greggs. She was speaking muffled noises. The only words he could discern were 'armor' and 'saved'. His vision slowly came back to him. He watched Greggs jump to her feet firing off a couple more shots. Then her arm burst into red mist to the sound of a loud pop. She fell to the ground clenching her stub screaming frantically.
  499. His vision faded once more. when it came back, there it was. The Iron Warrior at the wall, readying his boltgun. His mind was filled with many thoughts, but he couldn't focus anything into a coherent thought. He stared at the imposing figure, looking down the barrel of the boltgun. He let his head drop, accepting his fate. A blade entered the Iron Warrior's helmet and the arms went limp. The boltgun fell to the ground, followed by the Chaos Marine.
  501. The Banshee rushed to Albert's aid, propping him up in her arms. She looked over his wounds reaching for her vial of ointment to apply to him. Greggs screamed frantically at the banshee, only to go unheeded. Elsiwe was only worried about Albert. She worked to quickly remove his ruined armor and apply the ointment, all the while being kicked.
  503. "We won, human. You should be glad." She looked over to Greggs. After much protest, and several more kicks, Elsiwe finally applied the healing ointment to Greggs, albeit to more protest and more kicks until the poor creature passed out from the pain. She and Albert helped move her into a secure part of the building where she could rest. Albert's entire body shook as he walked out. His hands couldn't be kept steady and his words were stammered. We walked along the broken wall again to look at the corpses of Iron Warriors. Then he looked at the one that shot him. He laid on the wall. The longer he looked, the angrier he got. Finally he clenched his fist and began furiously kicking the thing.
  504. "You frakking soulless bastard! You son of a bitch!" He shouted between kicks. "Frak you! Frak you!" He began to sob
  505. "Human!" Elsiwe grabbed him by the arms and pulled him away. "You should be grateful to be alive! Our skills were tested and we were thrown to the fire. Our impurities have burned away and we are keener weapons for it!"
  506. "What?" He responded, not sure what to say.
  507. "I have never felt more focused, more alive, than I do now. I must.. We must revel in our glory." She smiled.
  509. ----
  511. She removed her helmet, pressing into Albert even as he initially pushed her away. She forced him to the wall. She smiled again trying to calm the human. He clenched his eyes, pounding the hard material with his fist. A tear fell down his cheek. Elsiwe rubbed it away with her finger. Slowly she leaned in and kissed the human. Hi eyes opened. His head tilted slightly.
  512. "What are you doing?" He asked timidly.
  513. "Reflecting." She smiled devilishly.
  515. She pressed into him again, and this time Albert did not resist. His hands stayed at his side as the soft lips pressed against his dry and chapped lips. His eyes stayed open and hers were shut. He couldn't focus his mind at all, instead opting to see what she would do. Her kiss was passionate, yet comforting. Slowly his eyes closed and his hands found her waist.
  517. Her lips widened and their kiss deepened. He felt the soft warm caress of her tongue, as a hand began exploring his body. It rested on his lap, rubbing affectionately. His acted more conservatively, running along her thin sides. She began to act more aggressive. Her tongue moving faster, her grip tightening on him. He pressed her against his body, feeling a bit of his stress disappear; an outlet. However temporary, it would calm his nerves. They held tightly, their hands groping hungrily. Soon Elsiwe broke the kiss.
  518. "Follow me!"
  520. She hurriedly ran into the building urging Albert to move along. The young man could not have moved faster. Soon they were in an enclosed room, not exposed to the outside like they were before. In this room there was much more light, a section of the roof was caved in. Once again Elsiwe pinned the Cadian to the wall, staring lovingly into his bright violet eyes. She smiled seductively and slowly lowered herself as she licked her lips. Albert smiled as well, knowing where this would be heading. He felt her diligent fingers work the fabric of his clothes. He leaned his head back as the soft touch reached him, then the warmth of her closing around him.
  522. She was working her skill again, lovingly enjoying his salty sour taste. Eagerly she plunged him deep, making the so satisfying wet smacking noise as she did. He was pulled in as she gripped tightly as his hips. He peered down to see her looking lovingly back at him with a red face. He could see all the detail in her face. Her caved in cheeks, her glistening lips, and the coat of saliva left on his member. He moaned, placing his hand on her head, guiding her along his length. His breath became heavy and he felt a growing pressure. As he held the back of her head he grunted, filling her mouth with the bittersweet taste. Only this time, she stared back at him. Her face painted a deep red, her eyes did not break contact with his, nor his member when she swallowed.
  524. The Eldar quickly rose to her feet and began undoing the material of her armor. With the noticeable crunch it began to fall from her again. The young man simply watched as her body was revealed to him again. This time taking in all her curves and details. The redness of her nipples, the tone of her muscles, the flow of her entire body. He licked his lips wantingly as his began to undo his clothes. Elsiwe held up her hand as she moved closer to him.
  525. "No, leave them on, save us some time. I want this now!" She barked.
  526. "What are the rules this time?" He quipped coyly.
  527. "None, only pleasure."
  529. He grabbed her quickly roving her body with his lips. He tasted her greedily. His tongue dancing firmly on her flesh. When he had gotten through pleasing her breasts she pushed him back into the wall, and then to the ground. Her face still adorned with the lustful smile. As Albert made himself comfortable, Elsiwe walked over him,placing a foot on both sides of him. She lowered herself slowly, spreading herself to where the human could gave on her easily. She hovered over him, reaching down she grabbed the stiff member.
  531. The warmth slowly began to grow over the tip of him again. Elsiwe groaned, biting her lip as she pressed him into her body. It slid in wonderfully, but slowly as her body was quickly adjusting. Though he had already been there, she felt new to him again. Before she was fully rested, her body began to rise again, then drop. Her arms wrapped around Albert's neck as his did on her hips. The Eldar rolled her hips and bounded eagerly on the human, their bodies smacking with each connection. The sensation was so intense, the euphoria she felt on the battlefield was immensely dwarfed from what she was feeling now. She threw back her head breathing heavily, letting go a moan occasionally.
  533. Albert found himself kissing her neck again, and a hand on the back of his head guiding him. As his lips tapped up her neck he flicked her earlobe once more. Instead of a spiteful hand, he found a loving one still guiding him as his tongue traveled the rim of her ear. She closed her mouth and whimpered a pleased moan. She stopped moving as well. Instead she focused on his touch. The tingling that surged through her ears each time he licked them. She began to laugh though her teeth before finally pushing him away.
  534. "Ah, human, I can take no more of that." She kissed him. " For now."
  536. She began gyrating over him again, this time she began kissing his neck. Albert began to push himself up, synchronizing when she fell down. When he would she would stop kissing and quietly blurt out a moan. The yung man smiled, and would thrust harder. The longer it went on, the more Elsiwe began to lean back. She rested in his arms, their bodies forming a "V" as they pressed together. Elsiwe began to let go and let her voice carry as the human pressed into her. Over and over their bodies would collide with the pleasing smack.
  538. The Eldar felt the human pulsate, yet she continued to press on. Albert attempted to speak up, but she refused to acknowledge him. She wanted to feel it. Something that had been long denied to her, and it would be granted to her. Albert began to moan and filled her. She pressed into him tightly as she felt the sensation of his seed. Her fingertips dug painfully into his shoulders and she screamed, satisfied. She thrust her lips onto his kissing him passionately as she tried to lean back.
  539. "We aren't done yet." She smiled " I want more of you. Take me!" She laid back, her shoulder blades touching the ground.
  541. Albert repositioned himself over the Eldar. This time allowed to feel her properly. She wrapped herself over him like before, her legs guiding him into her. As she laid back she began to moan more heavily. She didn't worry about the others hearing her anymore. Not because they weren't around, but that she wanted to simply enjoy herself, and she would.
  543. ----
  545. Though he continued to press into her, his arms were utterly occupied keeping his heavy body from her. Sweat began to bead around his foreheads coalescing into a solitary drop. The jerking motion he was making slowly loosed a single bead, landing on Elsiwe's cheek. The Eldar was too occupied with the ecstasy of their joined bodies to worry. Each slam she drew her legs tighter around him, and each time she let out a soft high pitched moan. Her fingers grasped at the straps and fabric of his ruck sack. Albert grunted, though more from strain than pleasure. He slowed to a stop reluctantly. Her limbs still holding on to him tightly, she turned her head and opened her eyes.
  546. "Is there a problem, human?"
  547. "Too much weight..." He groaned.
  548. "Shall I sit on your lap again?" She smiled.
  549. "No, I have a better idea. Flip over."
  551. Albert leaned back, feeling the last of him depart from her warm body. He looked down to see a glossy coat of bodily fluids encasing him. Elsiwe's legs unwrapped from Albert's waist as she slowly inched away on her back to where she could reposition herself comfortably. The beautiful Eldar lifted her body on the palms of her hands, then pressed her knees onto the hard concrete floor, jutting her hips into the air. Albert quickly became transfixed on her glistening flesh as she swayed her hips side to side hungrily. The Cadian instinctively licked his lips, and quickly bit into his gloves discarding them in a swift jerking motion before resting his hands firmly on her hip bones. The banshee groaned lyrically as the tip of him pressed back into her moist skin.
  552. "Better?"
  553. "Indeed human, indeed." She purred.
  555. As their bodies connected again it wasn't long before her jaw quivered and her voice sang out from her breath. Albert was able to thrust harder than before, his weight easier to carry. His thighs tensed, hurling himself forward into the xeno. Their bodies made a satisfying smack each time.
  557. Her muscles were well toned and rather taut, much to Albert's enjoyment. Each time he thrust into her, instead of her buttocks jiggling, the impact would be absorbed by her whole body and the smack was all the louder for it. The pleasure of him penetrating her was already great enough, but when she felt his body impact her, and she heard that slap, she loosened her arms and let her head move freely. Her hair became tussled and arms grew weaker. Eventually her cheek rested on the cold ground. It felt soothing on her red face.
  559. Her mind was racing through a million thoughts and feelings at once, and she couldn't get a control of any of them, yet she was enjoying the momentary chaos of not being in control of her emotions. She screamed incoherently, the rhythm of her voice broken into a staccato from Albert's pace. She pressed herself into his path, hungrily enveloping more of his member.
  561. His grip grew tighter, pushing her against him as she pressed herself as well. His breath was heavy and his body quickly beading up in sweat from his heavy armor. He didn't notice any of it. He was focused on the flawless body of Elsiwe. Her completely frazzled hair, the beautiful formation of her back as it rested half against the ground half in the air. Especially the warmth of her femininity. The feel of touch as he slid into her body. It was truly intoxicating.
  563. The time passed, though it was irrelevant. Events in the planet occurred, none of it a matter to them. Untold billions of lives were fighting at that moment. All of it meaningless. The universe consisted of a single Cadian shock trooper and a single Howling Banshee. The only sounds were Elsiwe's lyrical cries of pleasure, a powerful, yet shrill song, and Albert's brutish growling moans as their bodies pressed together. Between her shrieks the Eldar would mutter something in her native tongue. Albert even spoke entirely in the hard lateral fricative low Gothic dialect of Cadia.
  565. His fingers dug deeper around her hips and her toes began to curl, almost painfully. Their breath both heavy and deep. When Albert slowed to catch his breath, Elsiwe would take over and press into him to continue the rhythm. Two bodies working for a single purpose. When the Eldar felt the throes of her passion boil over, her eyes rolled into the back of her head her fingers curled into a tight fist. With a forceful burst she screamed.
  566. "Seed me, human! I want it, all of it!"
  568. Her bodies reaction was too much. She pulled him in and shot her body against him. Albert too felt his body begin to swell. Despite this, his pace increased as the ecstasy of sex grew overwhelming. He too began to shout loudly as he felt his tension relax, and his seed released into her body.
  569. "Splash out!" He shouted. His mind was unable to think of anything else.
  571. Albert continued to press her to him firmly, though he had stopped. They both remained motionless, panting aggressively. Albert fought the urge to give into his armor's heavy weight, and fall over. To his credit, he had a bit of strength left in him. The Eldar began to giggle, pleased at her lover.
  572. "Please forget I said that." Albert face managed to find a deeper red to become.
  574. Their bodies remained together. Neither had the will to end it, so they simply stayed. Slowly Elsiwe picked her body up by her arms and slowly pushed Albert into a sitting position.
  576. ----
  577. She gazed back at him with a sly smile. Her face still a lovely and complimenting scarlet. His body eventually hit a tipping point where he could no longer balance, and the weight of him crashed down. He arms flew back to brace himself. Before he could react the Eldar's body moved with an inhuman swiftness and grace. She twisted around sitting back onto his lap, and even rejoining their flesh. She could find no words to express herself, in human or Eldar, so she simply threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Albert let his body fall to the ground, putting his hands in her soft red hair.
  579. She pressed her body up and down slowly. No so much to continue, but to wind down. She broke the kiss, to look back into his beautiful purple eyes. She would smile and kiss him again. She would do this several more times. The last time she began to talk, her lips just out of reach of his.
  580. "Human, I will never forget this. What we just did. By Isha, By Khaine, oh by all of them, that was the single best moment of my long life."
  581. "That was pretty awesome, too." He chuckled.
  583. She slowly slinked down the length of his body. She wanted to kiss his skin, silently cursing her impatient need for relief, as she could not caress his body, except through his rough uniform. She finaly hovered over his still firm member. She kissed the end of it, the swirled her tongue. She opened her mouth and with a warm breath slowly took the entirety of it. Her cheeks indented. Just as slowly as she pressed, she pulled away, taking with her the remains of their union. Albert felt the swirl of her tongue again as her lips slid off. She gave him a hearty smile, and then swallowed with an audible 'gulp'.
  584. "Now rest, Human. You fought well today. I will take care of your friend, and protect us."
  586. She stood and began to walk towards her gear, swaying her hips sensually as she did. She knew he was watching, She wanted him to watch. So when she went to retrieve her gear she bent at the waist, exposing herself again to him. He looked on to see her still moist lips, and then his exhaustion got the better of him. His eyes closed. A smile stuck on his face.
  588. ----
  590. Several hours would pass. The war would continue, and ultimately nothing would change. The madmen would push int the trenches, and then be repelled. The imperials would counterattack and be repelled. The winds continued to blow regardless. Elsiwe watched the bleak gray world around her. Eventually she spotted a glimmer in the distance. A cloud of dirt heading from the Imperial lines. Her head lowered as she examined the machine approaching. It was one of the crude Imperial transport tanks. She smiled as she left to rouse Albert.
  592. There were many times in the past couple of days that events happened that she never thought would occur, nor be pleased that they did. Seeing the humans approach was yet one of them. Albert slowly awoke, he rubbed his eyes and groaned. After a quick explanation of events the groggy guardsman quickly sobered and jumped to his feet, rushing outside with the Eldar. Though the Chimera was close by, without any way to hail it, they would drive right by.
  594. Thinking quickly Albert fetched his lasrifle, pointed it into the air, and fired three shots. He waited a few more seconds, then fired off another three. On command the Chimera slowly veered from its course and approached the building slowly. Elsie quickly noted the incredibly rusted state of the machine. She grew nervous until Albert made a sudden outburst.
  595. "Holy balls! Its Rusty!" A crude name for a crude device.
  596. "Friendly?" She spoke unconvinced.
  597. "As far as I know."
  599. ----
  601. The machine came to a halt. A Guardsmen quickly climbed up onto the heavy stubber, readying the weapon at the pair. There was a grinding creak of the rear hatch opening, soon two trails of guardsmen moved towards their position on either side of the chimera. Their weapons were ready but not fixed on the two. There were more or less in awe at the corpses of Iron Warriors strewn about. The squad stopped short of the building, dropping to their knees on a firing position. The Sergeant called out.
  602. "Yellow!" He challenged.
  603. "Fist!" Albert answered. "Psyon 4-3, and you?"
  604. "Delta 1-1. What happened? Psyon 4-3 is MIA."
  605. "Surrounded, cut off and abandoned. The enemy couldn't get away from us." Albert joked. The pain in his chest slowly returning. "We have wounded."
  607. The Cadians broke their formation and crossed the broken wall threshold that separated them. The sergeant noticed the Banshee standing next to the Guardsman. He eyed her cautiously as his squad searched the building, calling out reports as they did. Eventually a man with a white pauldron and a red cross approached. He held his medical equipment readily as he crossed over the wall. The sergeant turned to him.
  608. "Look Torn, Eldar, your specialty." The Sergeant joked.
  609. "There's more important things here, Brad." He grumbled. "What's the situation?
  610. "Its just me, her," He pointed at Elsiwe. "And one more in the back, the rest are dead."
  612. The medic shook his head wistfully, and was lea\d to the back where Greggs laid, still unconscious. Albert breathed easy, feeling a heavy weight lifted from his shoulders. Elsiwe maintained a healthy distance from all the guardsmen, who gave her a curious, or disgusted look every so often. Albert's words about how she saved what remained of his squad didn't go over well. After the Sergeant spoke to a very wordy Vox operator the squad embarked the Chimera and continued on their way, leaving behind all the dead to fade into the distance.
  615. ----
  617. Liena sat back, her mouth agape as Albert finished his story. He held out his hands as if to gesture the finality of his story. He then sat there silently, waiting for Liena to speak. She simply blinked at him for a long while. She eventually shook her head, the silence slowly becoming uncomfortable for Albert.
  618. "Wow, that's a pretty amazing story. I- I don't know what to say." She spoke tripping over her words.
  619. "Well like you said, I told you mine, now you tell me yours." He winked.
  621. She sat back, resting on her hands. Her eyes rolled about as she tried to recollect events, her mouth miming words as they came to her. Eventually she began to speak up. Albert leaned in.
  622. "I honestly did nothing sexual... But I did care for him. He saved my life a number of times, and I do miss him."
  623. "And I miss her. Well, as one 'heretic' to another, what do you saw we get something nice to eat while we're at base?"
  624. "Ha, stale ration bar, or salty rations?" She laughed.
  626. The two collected their gear and departed from the little nook they hid in. They spoke candidly as they walked from the lines. The sun quickly set over the horizon, bringing about an end to another long day.
  628. END
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