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20 Questions About.....Rhythm_BCA. [#2]

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  1. So, of course, with re-interviews to give out--up to 7, to be precise--the first one had to go to the busiest [and snarkiest] of the bunch: The Prototype Moderator, Prototype contributor, Sprites Inc. Administrator [yeah, he's an ADMIN, now], advanced spriter, master comic maker and married parent of 1 [for now], Rhythm_BCA. A lot of my mistakes in the quiz ended up being either found or co-found by Rhythm, actually, so, I sorta kinda owe him this, as well.
  3. Just as before, I allowed 15 community questions instead of 10, 'cause dude is busy and seriously might not be able to do this ever again [for real, this time].
  5. Community Questions:
  7. Q1. What would you think of a Prototype with your cast of BCA robots in it? [MegaBossMan]
  8. Rhythm: "I had talked to Adrian about it and he had mentioned the possibility of maybe adding in fancharacters once all the officials and his other RMs are settled. I had done a preliminary organization of how each current Oudin Robot Master would fall as well as their weapons. A LOT of dual-type weapons I noticed. So they would be an interesting combination to have to deal with. I also made it a point to tap into the under-utilized “Laser” type. Figure that one out, Prototypers :P"
  10. Q2. Is there anything you'd like to say to any BCA fans around here? Any potential characters to hint at? [MegaBossMan]
  11. Rhythm: Stay with me folks, I will continue on with BCA as I have so many fun ideas I still haven’t developed. Our favorite sassy girl from Prototype will be making her official debut in the next Story Arc. I also have some that I’ve been setting up for a while now. Some new Robot Masters that I’ve been developing will be appearing in some forthcoming chapters as well. As well as an additional new member or two to the main cast.
  13. Q3. Anything interesting going on in life right now? [MegaBossMan]
  14. Rhythm: "Wife’s pregnant again and due in August. Another boy. That pretty much trumps anything else!"
  16. Q4: So tell us, how did you come into power in the Sprite's Inc community? [MegaBossMan]
  17. Rhythm: "I was pretty much asked by Ace himself if I wanted to become a chatmod. I was in the chat there almost every day and being *ahem* the oldest active member on the site, I think he felt I would be a good fit to help guide the younglings and ensure things don’t get too stupid. About a month or so after that, Ace was looking to finish updating the sprite archive but he was dealing with some personal issues. So I volunteered to finish updating the site for him. In order for that to happen, he had to bump me up to a position that wasn’t quite an Admin but was more than a Forum Moderator. And during the updating which was going well enough, he bumped me up to full-time Co-Admin. Sometimes it pays to be old and have a basic understanding of HTML…sometimes…"
  19. Q5: What do you think has been your favorite chapter in the Bass Comic Adventure, based on how it came out and your experience creating it? [TobyJoey]
  20. Rhythm: "I think my favorite overall has been this current Oudin Chapter, despite how annoyed I am at how long it’s taking me to finish up. The set of Robot Masters are some of my favorite. What I actually have been able to do with the scenes and sprites have been a lot of fun. It’s also given me (and will give me) the ability to develop Rhythm more as a grave threat to the main cast. It’s been a fun ride so far."
  22. Q6: If you could see a sequel in any Mega Man series, which would you want? [TobyJoey]
  23. Rhythm: "Immediate answer is another in Classic just because it’s my favorite. But with the technology that exists now, I’d rather Capcom take a stab with a new Battle Network game. The functionality of the 3DS as well as the ability to utilize StreetPass and SpotPass for other NetNavis give it amazing potential. It’s a shame the executives there are still so narrowminded in what they could accomplish."
  25. Q7: If you don't mind me getting personal, how is your son? [TobyJoey]
  26. Rhythm: "I don’t mind whatsoever. He’s doing very well. Going to turn 4 on the 30th which is kind of unbelievable at this point. But he’s very curious in everything and enjoys watching me play some of the older games as well as newer ones I have. He’s a very literal clone of myself and it’s scary."
  28. Q8: ........where did Baroque originally come into play...like..wise? [Omega Zero]
  29. Rhythm: "Baroque came about mostly as a way to celebrate the arrival of my own son. During the conception phase of the character, depending on what my kid was going to be would actually have decided who was actually going to first have a kid. (Subtle setup, subtle foreshadowing)."
  31. Q9: ... your original character,.....what gave you the idea to create him? [Omega Zero]
  32. Rhythm: I wanted my own character that I could develop that would be outside of the norm so they wouldn’t be restricted within the official canon. For example, if I had Dr. Cossack create his own variant Super Fighting Robot like Mega Man or Bass, and then Capcom decides to create their own as well…well then I’d be breaking established concepts and it would cause a conflict. The purpose was to be a complete standalone idea that wouldn’t conflict with the canon, but provide a newer villain that would be the focus of the main characters. I couldn’t have Bass and Mega Man fight every time. The purpose was to be “different” from everything else. Most of the time, fan characters named Rhythm are created as a counterpart of Proto Man, like a sister or a girlfriend of some sort. I wanted to break the mold of that and create an absolute stand-alone that would be the ultimate enemy for Mega Man and Bass. Primarily Bass. It was more a “yes Bass is Mega Man’s rival, but what if Bass had his own rival who was arrogant to Bass as Bass is to Mega Man?” and it just developed from there."
  34. Q10: ... ...art wise...hows your bead-art coming along? [Omega Zero]
  35. Rhythm: "I’ve been trying to do a major one of some Zelda characters but I haven’t found the right pose. The most recent ones I’ve done are of some of the 8bit images from Hyrule Warriors. "
  37. Q11: How annoyed are you that the current BCA saga started in late 2013? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  38. Rhythm: "I’m not thrilled this story arc is pushing 3 years. The first Oudin arc was about a year and I thought that was long. The fact that I’m still not finished with the Robot Master battles at this point is just frustrating on my end. I have so much planned for future chapters and I’m still stuck fighting Oudin."
  40. Q12: How much do you think you have gotten better at making BCA since the beginning? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  41. Rhythm: "A lot. I can’t emphasize that enough. Sometimes I look back at the early comics and…yeesh. There was a lot of experimentation in some of the early strips to find the best way to present the comic. Just a lot of patience and trying to find what worked."
  43. Q13: Did you expect to stay as long as you have at MMRPG Prototype when you first joined? [TailsMK4]
  44. Rhythm: "Once I started playing, and started to push through the game….I was hesitant because of the eventual grinding I knew I would have to start doing with all the characters. But I’m glad to have seen the community itself develop around the game. It’s been great sticking around."
  46. Q14: If there was one thing you would personally change if you could work on a new Mega Man game, what would you do? This can include adding back a feature seen in other games. [TailsMK4]
  47. Rhythm: "One of the things I liked about some of the earlier Classic games were the unconventional weapons and theming that a lot of the Robot Masters had. Some of the later games became mostly elemental and it became redundant. Out of 11 games, do you realize there have been 7 Electric and Fire-based Robot Masters? It gets boring. Compared to the more unique theming like Top Man, Skull Man, Charge Man…I would also like them to bring back the Super Adaptors seen in MM7. I’m not a big fan of one-and-done gimmicks, especially when they’re decent. Oh and Mega Man deserves his slide again."
  49. Q15: What do you look for when you are searching for a different Mega Man fan game (or official) to play with? [TailsMK4]
  50. Rhythm: "The ones that I’ve liked are ones that maintain the standard Mega Man formula, while doing enough to make it stand out. I also enjoy the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously, while at the same time work within the series. The ones that are dumb for the sake of being dumb…I can’t stand. I like the games that are challenging but fun. A very hard combination to meet but there are a few out there that I like."
  52. Mike's Questions:
  54. Q16. If it were up to you, the next person you'd have me interview [even if they've already been interviewed before] is.....?
  55. Rhythm: "TailsMK4"
  57. Q17. Classic and World to the side, is there an MM game that you've always wanted to play, but, never have?
  58. Rhythm: "The Legends series seems to be interesting as far as the story."
  60. Q18. Have you broken the little guy into any VG's, yet?
  61. Rhythm: "Actually yes. We had him play Super Mario Bros. on my NES and he was eventually able to beat World 1-1 on his own."
  63. Q19. So, uhhhh.....how's it feel to be the soon-to-be father of TWO kids?
  64. Rhythm: "Exciting. This pregnancy has gone really well for my wife so far. Fingers crossed that it continues and that he’s a healthy one."
  66. Q20. Be honest: You were hoping this new baby was a girl, didn't you? :P
  67. Rhythm: "We both were. And we were very sure that it was going to be with how my wife was dealing with the early part of the pregnancy. The complete opposite of how my oldest was. She was emotional, hormonal, her skin was being weird, her hair was oily…it was a mess lol. And then we had the genetic test and found out it’s a boy."
  69. Ahhhh, maybe next time, eh? Be sure to check out Rhythm's awesome masterpiece, Bass Comic Adventures. It's a blast and 3/4 to read: http://basscomicadventures.smackjeeves.com/
  71. Of course, I can't thank Rhythm_BCA enough for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this. Again. :P
  72. Additional thanks go to MegaBossMan, Omega Zero, TailsMK4, ThatOneEnderMan and TobyJoey for their top-notch suggestions.
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