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  1. Childhood
  2. ===
  4. For the purposes of this survey, "childhood" refers to ages younger than 9. During your childhood, did you do the following? (Please only respond affirmatively if you did the things, and not if you wanted to do them.)
  6. Play with toy guns or objects meant to simulate them (e.g. gun-shaped sticks)  
  7. Use, make or play with jewelry 
  8. Use or play with tools, such as hammers and saws   
  9. Play with dolls
  10. Play with toy trucks, toy trains or similar
  11. Avoid getting dirty
  12. Play with swords or objects meant to simulate swords (e.g. small branches of wood) 
  13. Play house, e.g. pretending to clean, cook and have a family   
  14. Fight with other kids  
  15. Play by pretending to take care of babies  
  16. Play with boys 
  17. Play with girls
  19. Adulthood
  20. ===
  22. How interested would you be in work in the following occupations?
  24. Mechanical engineer
  25. Interior decorator 
  26. Factory manager
  27. Florist
  28. Governor of state  
  29. Private secretary  
  30. Author of a technical book 
  31. Social worker  
  32. Inventor   
  33. Interpreter
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