[TERA] Commonly Asked Questions

Jun 5th, 2015
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  1. Extremely Commonly Asked Questions - Please read and do not ask them in the thread anymore!
  4. Q: Why the fuck should I play Tera?
  5. A. First of all, it's free-to-play, what the fuck do you have to lose? TERA is an MMO with a unique combat system, probably the best combat system in an MMO currently. The real action combat makes you feel more immersed in playing your characters and it also punishes you much more for getting hit, and this becomes very prevalent in end game dungeons where the difficulty is easily on par with major WoW raids. Not only that, but it makes PvP much more based on actual skill, and less based on who RNG's the most crits. The game itself has extremely pretty environments, decent music, and a great selection of races which have some unique characteristics when compared to races from other MMOs. Also, Elins.
  8. Q: How is the questing system?
  9. A: Standard fare quest hub type that's fairly boring and nothing new, but it's not the game's main selling point anyway.
  12. Q: What server should I play on?
  13. A: The majority of posters here on /terag/ are either on Mount Tyrannus (MT), or Celestial Hills (CH). There are others on other servers as well, but again the majority are on MT or CH.
  14. MT if you want to play on the largest server, with the most dungeon groups and progression. Do expect PvP in the early levels, but it can easily be avoided if you really dislike PvP.
  15. CH if you want to play casually, if you're interested in roleplaying, or even if you want to find an Elin to bring home.
  16. Tempest Reach (TR) is also an option for anyone who doesn't much care for meeting the majority of posters on /terag/ but still want a server with reasonably good PvE progression.
  18. Refer to http://pastebin.com/vhz4pVYf for options on what guilds are available on what servers.
  21. Q: What should I play?
  22. A: None of us can decide that for you, but you can always check videos to see if there's something you may like.
  23. Overview/Guides of each class: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkdPDIidsSGhPZsmhBtDsr6iNri7GSMsW
  24. PvP Guides hosted by GMs, with commentary from top ranked PvPers of each class (unfinished): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzpfNG37wb-mBR0DDKWfzgIhTS4yN8p7z
  27. Q: Can you at least give me a brief description of each class?
  28. A:
  29. NEW CLASS Brawler - Another tank, uses fists, can block while attacking with certain skills. Extremely high damage, great at soloing, very easy to tank with, all around great class and recommended for new players.
  30. Lancer - Sword & Board tank, except uses a lance instead of sword. Only capable of tanking. Instant queues, Plate armor, great in PvP. Melee.
  31. Warrior - Very mobile, fast attacking class, similar to rogues in other games except without the stealth, can either DPS or tank. Wears leather, dual swords. Melee.
  32. Berserker - Hardest hitting class, but very slow. Uses plate armor, Two-handed axes. Can block and will be able to tank soon(tm). Melee.
  33. Slayer - The faster, leather clad version of Berserker. Dodges, high mobility, squishy. Uses two-handed swords. Melee.
  34. Reaper - Semi-new class, uses scythes and wears leather armor. Extremely high mobility, fast, flashy attacks. Can attack from mid-range.
  35. Gunner - Semi-new class, uses guns (obviously) and wears plate armor. Some self healing. Hits hard and reasonably fast. Ranged class.
  36. Archer - Ranged class, wears leather. Uses charged skills similar to a berserker but can also attack reasonably fast.
  37. Priest - Healing class, wears cloth. Your average healer, has plenty of direct and AoE focused heals. Provides buffs for party to increase various stats. Recommended over mystic for anyone looking for an average, simple healer.
  38. Mystic - Healing class, wears cloth. Can summon minions, and drops orbs to allow party members to heal or restore mana to themselves by picking said orbs up. BE WARNED - Mystic's normal heals are not enough to carry a group taking a lot of damage. It is recommended to go Priest if you prefer keeping people alive all the time over minor quirks that the class has.
  39. Sorcerer - Ranged class, wears cloth and wields discs as weapons. Long cast time, hard hits. BE WARNED - Sorcerer's are very difficult to play at peak performance, and when they are not played well they are easily the lowest DPS. Very difficult rotation.
  41. ---UPCOMING: Ninja class to be added soon™
  44. Q: Okay, now which one is the best in PvE?
  45. A: This varies with every patch, but currently the best in -
  46. PvE -
  47. Highest DPS: Reaper, Gunner, Brawler (kek). Right now all classes are doing fairly decent DPS as long as you play them well and so on, rankings will always differentiate a bit but the three listed are almost always at the top of the DPS rankings and they're easier to play so they are the ones recommended to try first.
  48. Best tank: Brawler right now is the best simply because of how easy they are to tank with, being able to shit damage, and block while attacking. Lancers are an acceptable choice.
  49. Healing: Priest, Mystic can offer higher DPS for good groups but you're better off with Priest (see below)
  52. Q: Which is better for PvP, Mystic or Priest
  53. A: Depends on what type of PvP your interested in. In large Scale PvP like Fraywind Canyon, a priest is more suited but in small scale confrontation like 3v3 arenas and random small engages, a Mystic is preferred. Though, either is acceptable in each other's situations, just one is more suited than the other.
  56. Q: How about for PvE?
  57. A: Priests are the preferred healer for both endgame and leveling 5man content. Any raid will try to have one of each. Both classes are viable and accepted, but priests perform better, assuming the same skill level.
  60. Q: What's the best 1v1 class in PvP?
  61. A: Most people will side with either warrior or lancer. Both classes are hard to kill in 1v1 encounters and sport a variety of stun and knock down abilities. Lancer is the typically tanky class in pvp with various defencive abilities, such as shield blocking, damage absorption, selfheal etc. While warriors are the evasive class with a multitude of quick invulnerability dodging skills. Warriors in particular are very proficient in killing healers.
  64. Q: Who has the best racials for x scenario?
  65. A: Racials are practically irrelevant in tera. However, the different races will have varying hitbox sizes, Popori and Elin having the smallest ones. Also of note for melee classes are animation speeds for skills, their range and attack hitbox placement. Known combinations with noticeable advantages are Castanic female warrior, Popori archer, High Elf male lancer (fastest animations), Elin lancer (greatest range and movement distance), Elin berserker, Elin slayer and Elin reaper.
  68. Q: Is X class good in Y?
  69. A: Yes. For the most part, everyone is viable for everything. Just may be outclassed but are no where near useless status. Not including healers in most DPS situations.
  72. Q: I want to gather quickly everything up to 300 for my inventory slot(or for silly hats), have a guide that helps?
  73. A: https://forum.tera-europe.com/showthread.php?t=87472 is decent enough!
  76. Q: Why is queue so long?
  77. A: Because you're probably a DPS and have to compete with tons of other DPS.
  80. Q: When do I get to do the first dungeon?
  81. A: Bastion of Lok (BoL) @ level 20
  84. Q: How long does it take dungeon X to reset?/How often can I enter it in a day?
  85. A: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/how-long-is-the-dungeon-lockout-period
  88. Q: Can I play this game with a controller?
  89. A: You can, and for the first dozen levels it seems like it would even be functionally okay, but once you get more than 5-8 skills you are using often, it just isn't worth it.
  92. Q: How do I make the text bigger:
  93. A1: Right click the chat tab and select 'Tab Options'.
  94. A2: If you want to make other texts bigger, refer to http://pastebin.com/mnD9Kd48
  97. Q: Can I change my character's proportions?
  98. A: Yes, it's very limited but you can buy Chest/Height/Thigh Changers for 100 Federations bills, or from the Trade Broker for around 2k gold. Yes, the chest size changer works on Elins.
  101. Q: How do I change where my screenshots are saved?
  102. A: Go to ~\TERA\Client\S1Game\Config and look for "S1Engine.ini" and open it with a text editor. Look for the line beginning with "ScreenShotPath=". Change the value to a different location. (ex. ScreenShotPath=G:\TERA\Screenshots\)
  105. Q: How do I transfer servers?
  106. A: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/transferring-a-character-to-another-server - Note that it's a waste of money to transfer if you're not near/at the level cap or dont have anything of value
  109. Q: Are there any mods?
  110. A: Yes, check http://pastebin.com/fuGuFWWZ (bottom)
  113. Q: How do I have fun?
  114. A: You don't.
  117. Q: Why aren't I having fun
  118. A: Because you spent 50$ on digital sunglasses and are realizing the waste of life you are.
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