More or Less - 14

Apr 30th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Yu Hanjun (MC) Director Virgin
Jin Yeon-Jin (FMC) PR Representative FB's Sex friend
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative FMC's Sex friend
Jung Min-Chul (Glasses) FMC's Deputy Married
[N/A] (Darky) [N/A] [N/A]

Chapter - 14

MC's car

FMC teases MC's dick with her finger, he moans a lot.

She grabs his dick, opens her mouth and licks the head of his penis.

MC: {Argh...}

He grabs the steering wheel with both hands while she swallows his whole dick.

MC: {I'm going crazy..}


MC's car

FMC's still sucking MC. He can't take it anymore and his arms holding the wheel are shaking.

FMC: ...Boss.. This hand...

She smiles at him.

FMC: Grabs my head with your hand.

He stays silent and pushes her head down with his hand.

MC: {So good..!}

She keeps sucking him. He's like crying staring at her.

FMC: {..Ugh! He's going to cum!}

He screams blowing his load in her mouth, she swallows it.

MC: {Oh, shit!}

MC: Oh.. I'm so sorry! Give me a second, I'll get you a tissue..!

He holds her head and looks at her face.

FMC: It's okay..

She licks her lips and looks a him tenderly.

FMC: ..already.. I swallowed it all.

MC: {Oh this look, I feel like my heart's about to burst}

Flashback in some foreign museum

Young MC runs looking for something.

Someone: .. Michael!
(TN: I really don't understand why she's calling him Michael, might be his name in foreign country.)

Young MC turns around and see a couple with a little boy. The woman waves her hand at him.

Woman: Come here..

He heads toward them and hugs the woman.

Woman: Look...

She shows him the painting of young woman clad in white with a couple of cherubim flying around her.

Woman: Isn't she beautiful?

Young MC stare at the painting and starts to confound her with FMC.

Present, MC's bedroom

MC wakes up with a start.

MC: {I.. I'm crazy!}
{Am I really coming out of "that dream" right now?!}
(TN: "That dream" is under quotes in the raw, it may be important later in the story.)

FMC's apartment

She looks pissed and she has dark circles under her eyes.

FMC: {I didn't slept well and my facial skin is a mess because I didn't erased my makeup.}

She sits on a stool and washes her face.

FMC: {..Thinking of it.. The progress went too fast yesterday..!!}
{Wait a minute.. I'll not be sued by Mr.Yu?! No, he didn't say no.}

She recalls what happened after mc kissed her and acted all shyly after.

FMC: {No..}

MC: No stop..! Please stop it!

She panics.

FMC: {Shit.. will he sues me?}

Office car park

MC in his car lamenting.

MC: {Oh, I don't want to go to work. How can I.. I'll definitely see her..}

He looks at his right, fantasizing about what happened last night.

MC: {Few hours ago, she was there.. I did that to my employee..}

He gets out of his car with a flushed face.

MC: {You freak, keep your calm..!}
{Let's think about what to do if I meet her}

He walks toward the elevator and calls it.

MC: {I'm little scared.. To begin with it.. She has always being nice to me..}
{I must pay attention to her attitude.. Then looking.. Looking for an opportunity..}

Elevator: 1st Basement

The door of the elevator opens showing FMC.

MC: {Crap, she's here!}

They all look at him, FMC blushes seeing MC.

Green shirt: Good morning.

SH: Good morning, boss.

He panics and sweats.

MC: Oh, hello.

FB gives him a big smile.

FB: Good morning, boss.

MC stares at FB.

MC: {Good morning, son of a bitch!}

The elevator starts to move. FMC and MC faces are red of embarrassment.

FB: ... Yeon, are you okay? Are you feeling unwell?

FMC: .. Oh, I didn't slept well, I'm tired.

FB looks at FMC and MC suspicious.

FB: {This guy.. I'm certain of it..}

Tbc <3.

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