SERBIA / CROATIA / HUNGARY / AUSTRIA - Update 10:30 Tuesday

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  1. SERBIA / CROATIA / HUNGARY / AUSTRIA - Update 10:30 Tuesday 22/9/2015
  3. Coratia/Serbia - Tovarnik/Šid, most urgent place!
  5. Your help is needed at Šid at Serbian side of border near Tovarnik. Nothing changed since yesterday, it seems that almost no buses from Croatian side are transporting refugees further.
  7. Thousands of people got stuck from Serbian side, 6 km from village of Šid, just near the border in the cornfields, which turned garbage fields, with no facilities at all (only a few toilet booths). Refugees are coming, and several thousand of them are waiting to be taken away.
  9. Even Croatian police officer does not have any useful information if  and when some busses will come because apparently all Croatian capacities are full.
  11. Volunteers are in need of everything here food, water, warm clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, tents. There are only three doctors at the moment.
  13. And money, but only in cash, there is not ATM near - if you are on the way, bring cash and report upon arrival that you have funds available to purchasing food and water.
  15. Night was cold, under 10C, and if situation won't change until Thursday when rain is expected, that could be really dangerous.
  17. There is no address to delivery aid at this moment. It's in the middle of nowhere.
  19. Contacts here - but call only when approaching the site, they are extremely busy. Or better just text with your estimated time of arrival and what you bring.
  21. +420 720 552 888 Jan (CZ)
  22. +420 734 567 142 Jakub (CZ)
  23. +49 176 723 181 23 Sharon (EN)
  25. Some NGOs are on site, including Red Cross and MSF, but coordination is reported to be bad, especially Red Cross.
  27. The site should be accessible on foot from both sides and it will be useful to split efforts from both sides, but directly with car you can access site only from Serbia (and it takes 90 minutes to drive from one side to another).
  29. Avoid Serbia when traveling with larger supplies of food, medicines and used clothes, as custom officers tend to insist on some papers. Horgoš border crossing between Szeged and Subotica opened again.
  31. If you able to go via Szeged, there are many supplies (tents, blankets, clothes) available at MigSzol Szeged. Anyone can go and pick up what peoples need. Unfortunately they don't have trucks or and cars. Warehouse location: Szeged, Gárdonyi u. 6, which is an old school. Always have to contact with the coordinators before anyone would like to go there. Szalai Balázs +36 20 229 6669 or Szőke - Tóth Ágnes +36304273460. Thanks
  34. MEDIA HELP: there are almost NO MEDIA present in Šid - if you have any contacts in (particularly western, but also Croatian and Serbian) media, please let them know about the Šid crisis. Apparently media pressure helped in Tovarnik few days ago.
  36. SERBIAN AUTHORITIES: if you have any contacts there, please urge authorities to stop with useless hassle at the borders with delivering the help. If Serbian government is unable to provide help, please let others to do that and get rid of bureaucratic practices of requiring papers on humanitarian supplies of food and other stuff.
  38. - Other places at Serbian/Croatian border:
  40. Refugees has been seen at Bapska, cca 10 km from Sid, walking across the cornfields to Croatia and then on foot 15 km away to Opatovac refugee camp. If you are nearby, please report the situation there.
  42. - Hegyeshalom/Nickelsdorf - general info for all Austrian sites could be found at this FB group:
  44. Hungary - Budapest
  46. - Local volunteers would use your help at Berkocis utc. 41, they start at 11:00 making food packages for Hegyeshalom. If in Budapest, come to help.
  48. General
  50. - When travelling to help, don't forget headlight, reflexion vest, protective gloves, good shoes and warm clothes, as nights are cold. Note you are responsible for your own safety!
  53. If you have a moment, read report by Sharon, who is on site, and imagine the situation:
  55. Broken. Women, children and small babies sleeping in the freezing cold on concrete tonight. Stumbled on a secret little camp that went from being 300 to 3000 or more today. Refugees being transported to a muddy field in between the Croatian and the Serbian border. A tiny place full of people.
  57. They skipped across a sunny cornfield towards us with big smiles on their faces because they believed that they would be transported somewhere to the border only to find themselves trapped in a no man's land between two borders. We, the people who have been treading water to try and make sure they have enough the basic requirements of food, water and shelter were barred from building any kind of infrastructure that would support it. So they went without. Food was provided and we managed to make sure no one went hungry or thirsty but tonight they are sleeping on cold concrete, with no tents or ground mats. Thin blankets. It's really cold. Because they wouldn't let us in to help until they were totally overwhelmed by nightfall, we had no time to get ready for the cold night.
  59.  No time to make sure the babies were sheltered, no time to create our usual family areas. No time for anything. Our volunteers were amazing, as usual. People coming from far and wide in response to our SOS. Most of them we know now, we're an international team. Most of them have been to various camps. Helping from crisis to crisis.
  61. Red Cross overwhelmed and absolutely no clue, as usual. Why wait to give cold people blankets? Where was the warm food? How did they expect to manage thousands of people with a handful of volunteers. I couldn't walk through the camp without crying tonight. It was worse than anything I have witnessed so far.
  63. These people are being treated like they don't matter by European governments. It will come back to bite us on the arse. I am not angry anymore. Just incredibly and utterly sad. Even the joy of seeing people come together to help has gone. We shouldn't have to do this. Tomorrow morning we need to make breakfast. We have few supplies and not a lot of money left. How is this doesn't make any sense..
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