WarpedRealm release 1.10

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.10 Changes:
  2. - Removed nightseekers because they were too sketch and weird
  3. - Added new section in the Custom Crafting wikisection to mention where certain items are dropped from
  4. - Increased chance of spawner key at voting to 20%
  5. - Changed the morbid shiv rotten throwup to throwup for now, there were too many issues with the one before
  6. - Decreased Rank Prices in the earlygame:
  7. - Merchant from 10k to 5k
  8. - Blacksmith from 20k to 10k
  9. - Ranger from 50k to 25k
  10. - Rogue from 80k to 50k
  11. - Thief from 100k to 75k
  12. - Assassin from 120k to 100k
  13. - Fighter from 180k to 150k
  14. This should help players at the start of playing a lot, and speeds up the process of getting to the nether
  15. - Increased gaia spawnrate a bit again
  16. - Added new weekly quest asking to bring back 3 hardened leather
  17. - Added new daily quest asking to bring back 1 hardened leather
  18. - Netherghosts dont deal true damage anymore, but increased their damage to not be 0.5 hearts per hit anymore
  19. - Custom enchants will go on a break now, the lore on items will stay, but they will have no effect - once the CEs get reenabled / reworked everyone with custom enchant items will get reimbursed / the new version of the enchant back, so dont throw these away, same with books and powders, but they will for now be kind of useless
  20. - Fixed the 200 netherrack quest not working properly and being given by the wilderness guy
  21. - Fixed the zombieessence quest not working anymore with the new changed lore
  22. - Updated and removed some unused / too aggressive anticheat flags
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