Sunburnt The Royal Discipliner 1

Oct 25th, 2019
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  1. The Crystal Empire stood bright as the sun shone through the nation. It was a special weekend; Sunburst was doing his annual Crystaler duties of announcing the Growth of the young foal Princess Flurry Heart. Along with the festivities came Princess Celestia, who had shown up while her younger sister ruled over Equestria. It was a much-needed break for Princess Celestia, who had decided to have some fun. She was always full of watchers and fans in Equestria, ponies following her every move.
  2. Now! She was free! She could prance around dandelions, swim in the royal pond, and playing pranks, of course, a secret hobby of the Princess. A Snicker was heard throughout the Crystal Empire’s royal guards. A crackle of high pitched sound that could even put chills down their spines when they were not expecting it. For they did not know who the source of the crackling came from.
  3. Poor steel heart was walking through the corridors one night and was tripped by a mysterious hoof, only to find himself face planting into a fart cushion that a certain sun princess had laid out. Guards rushed to the scene when he fell, but all fell apart laughing when they heard the noise. Thinking that he cut the air, and cut the cheese during his fall.
  4. Lt. Sword Stone, was training with Prince Shining Armor in a sparring session when he felt feathers touch his rear, ears, and under his armor. He was on the ground laughing his ass off and was declared the shortest time to surrender to Shining. Making him a laughing stock of the soldiers.
  6. This would have been continued if it weren’t for a particular pony being tasked to find out what was wrong with these pranks that have been going throughout the castle. Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor knew the pony to go on the case!
  8. However, it wasn’t just pranking; items went missing everywhere. Some turned up again, and some never came back. The pantry had raids almost every night, although, suspiciously, it was only sweets being stolen. Sunburst came up with a new monitoring spell that allowed him to observe rooms he enchanted while being at the other side of the castle or anywhere within 2 miles.
  10. That one evening, he finally found the culprit on the magical image. He wasn’t really shocked though, he suspected the Princess for quite a while now, because all this started when she showed up. Pony’s never consider the timing of events and coincidences in these situations, but Sunburst sure did. He collected some more pictures for evidence and counseled with the Prince and Princess Armor. They all agreed that something needed to be done. Discreet but effective, and indeed humbling, a lesson that would stick with this naughty Princess. Sunburst had free hoof to decide, and when he did, Shining and Cadence couldn’t suppress their laughter. That would undoubtedly be humiliating, but that lesson would stick with Celestia. He had done this method with Princess Flurry Heart, what’s the difference with trying it with another Princess.
  12. The couple also asked Sunburst to enchant his room with the spell so they could watch her punishment. Which he smiled and agreed with full heartedly
  13. .
  14. Later that evening, Sunburst confronted Princess Celestia about her pranking spree. Well, pranking was an understatement. While Celestia was busy munching the fruits of her last raid in the hallway on the way back to her room, the wizard snuck up on her and slipped a magic blocking ring on her alicorn horn. It was sealed with a spell that only Sunburst could undo, she couldn’t take the ring off herself.
  16. This was the hardest part of his whole plan, and luckily, his hypothesis was correct that Princess Celestia would be on less alert when she had sweets on her mind. Even the fruity ones.
  18. Then he proceeded to snatch Tia’s right ear with a magical grip, twisted the ear painfully, and yanking her along the hallway.
  20. “A word, Princess. Please follow me without a fuss.”
  22. This was the hardest part of his whole plan, and luckily, his hypothesis was correct that Princess Celestia would be on less alert when she had sweets on her mind. Even the fruity ones.
  24. Then he proceeded to snatch Tia’s right ear with a magical grip, twisted the ear painfully, and yanking her along the hallway.
  26. “A word, Princess. Please follow me without a fuss.”
  28. Princess Celestia was munching on a candy apple, oh how young Applejack would be proud of her. She was chewing with her mouth open, which was heavily looked down upon for somepony of such regal status. But this action was halted when she felt something… cold embrace her horn in a tight hug. It was an inhibitor ring, and she knew that instantly due to her magic holding her apple flickered out, and the apple fell with all of gravity’s forces on it.
  30. That wasn’t what she thought about, though, because as soon as it fell through the air, she felt a magical aura embrace her right ear. Her ear was tucked behind her wavy, voluminous hair, and her ear then poked through, and it was suddenly twisted!
  32. “Yeowch! Hey, what S-Sunbur- WHA!”
  34. She said in shock as her ear was tugged mid-sentence as she was dragged out of her room, she couldn’t stop him. She could try to overpower him, but without her magic, and working against his own, it would surely be futile. She winced heavily as her body was taken outside of her luxurious room.
  36. “Owww. Sunburst! What is the meaning of this!” She said amid her agony; she gasped as she saw guards along the way. She had to hide this, she ten ran up to sunburst, right next to him, and she held her head high as she used her hair to cover her sore ear. This would hide the aura and give a facade that everything was as it should be
  38. Sunburst continued to walk on as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. He looked straight ahead, not at Celestia, who tried to control her facial reactions and not to get the attention from the guards and maids that came across them. “We’ll talk in private, Celestia, unless you wish to make a scene out here and attract watchers.” He held her ear in a tight firm grip and gave it a little pull every time she lagged behind.
  40. Well that was considerate!!!
  42. With determination, he steered throughout the whole west wing of the castle and right to his own chambers. They encountered quite a few ponies on the way, but no one dared to say anything outright, only in whispers behind their backs.
  44. Celestia made sure to stay by his side as they slowly made it past the guards; she was an angry princess.
  46. “Could we not have simply teleported to your room, or simply stay in mine? There was no point in us walking down that hall. I could have been seen! Tabloids would go crazy!”
  48. Princess Celestia huffed annoyingly at sunburst as she went to sit on his bed, she could not believe why this was happening to her? She looked around his room, sun sewn quilt for a cover, a mahogany bedside table with a lamp and a mane brush, a closet in front of her, with cloaks, belts, and a fancy suit for the proper occasion. And an angry-looking sunburst ahead of her.
  50. “Well, first of all, Celestia, I would advise you not to speak in such a way with me. You are on very thin ice as it is. Now…” Sunburst pulled up a chair and sat across from Tia, who was on his bed.
  52. “Everything has a reason, as you will soon realize. Let me start with all the headache and work you’ve been causing the castle’s employees over the last few days.” He took some pictures out of his cloak and let them hang in from of the Princess with his magic. “Vandalism, theft, harassment, ectera ectera. The list is long. Behavior most unfitting for a Princess and more a bratty little girl.” He let that scolding sink in for a moment, watching Celestia’s reaction to the accusations.
  54. She laughed slightly when he said she was on thin ice, and she started turning her smile down to a more neutral expression, she hooved her wavy mane out of her eyes as she said.
  56. “Sunburst, I believe that it is you who should watch it, you have just kidnapped a princess of equestria. Those are federal charges, but of course I wouldn’t do that if you have no ill intentions, but just something for you to consider.”
  58. She listened to his accusations, small smirks arose throughout as she remembered her pranks quite fondly, as she nodded.
  60. “Yes I admit I had a bit of harmless fun while I was here, I was taking it as a vacation. No pony was harmed, but if it helps I will give them an apology and that should work everything out”
  62. She smiled like the politician she was always able to find her way out of tough situations and this was easy compared to conversations she had to go through over the past Millennia.
  64. “Now will that be all? I would much rather get this ring off and be on with my day.”
  66. “Not so hasty. Ponies are quite angry and demand justice be served. You do realize that for all those offenses the sentence is a public paddling on the castle grounds, right?” Sunburst enjoyed Celestia’s smug face turning to much more dread now. “Hence the ring. Can’t have someone who would be considered a criminal by those charges just teleport off. We’ll remove it once this has been dealt with.”
  68. Sunburst leaned back in his chair then. “Of course there could be a much more private approach to your punishment, Princess, if you’d rather want that.”
  70. Her face did drop, a glare appeared on her face, she looked sternly, this was not how this was going to go, not only had she been paddled by star swirl but by this young pony! Not a chance!
  72. “I demand to speak to cadance and shining armor about this.”
  74. She said firmly as she knew as fellow royals they would understand her side and they could get this whole situation fixed.
  76. “For all I have done for this land I believe I get a small leeway on my actions, and with me not knowing of this rule it should not be applied to me unfairly.”
  78. She said nodded her head as she looked as sunburst own smile grew, that couldn’t be good.
  80. “Oh is that so now, Celestia? Lying too? I know for certain you attended the last time three naughty guard rookies were paddled here. You were well aware of these ‘unfair’ rules. But… be my guest, speak to the Prince and Princess.” Sunburst stood up from his chair and sparked up his horn to cast a spell for voice teleportation, a new invention of him. There was a shimmering ring floating up in the air now right between them.
  82. “Go ahead, they can hear you now.” Sunburst grinned with a knowing grin what would come out of this. After all the royal couple had tasked him with finding and punishing the culprit of these pranks. No matter who it was.
  84. “Cadance? Shining armor? It’s me Princess celestia… you’re crystaler sunburst here is wanting to paddle me, I was the one who was doing those harmless jokes around the castle, no pony was hurt, so I don’t believe the normal punishment is necessary… wouldn’t you agree?”
  86. She smiled as she waited for the response.
  88. “Auntie!!? Why would you do such a foolish thing? Did You know how scared ponies were? They Thought sombra was back!”
  90. The voice of princess cadance boomed throughout the room, and celestia lowered her ears slightly.
  92. “Oh… no… it was just me.”
  94. She was a bit more sheepish in her wording as she started regretted her actions slightly.
  96. “I-I understand, I won’t do it again, Promi-.”
  98. The voice of shining armor cut her off.
  100. “No! you will NOT! I have heard you enjoy childish pranks but to the royal guard, it’s cruel to them because they get teased for not doing their jobs, and it could affect their records, or They could go on alert of intruders. So I believe you should still be thoroughly punished. A simple sorry is not enough. I’ll let sunburst here be the judge of how, when, and where it’s done.”
  102. Princess Cadance cleared her throat.
  104. “ And you better listen if you wish to be welcomed back to the Crystal Empire. Good day!”
  106. The transmission ended then, leaving the two alone again for now. Though maybe the spell would come in handy again later.
  108. “Well, Celestia…hehe” Sunburst had to laugh at her shocked and embarrassed face. “Oh sorry about that, but this dawning realization is quite good. Ahem so… like I said the proper punishment by law would be a public paddling at the castle grounds. But you asked for some small leeway right? We could have your spanking here in my chambers instead of outside in public if you are a good girl now.”
  110. He crossed his arms and gazed at Tia with his firm teacher look, seeing what she would decide for.
  112. She stared into space, her jaw dropped, she was the princess of the gosh dang SUN! And this pony wants to spank her flanks SUN red!
  114. “aaa……..”
  116. She was Utter shock and blushed, how could she go through with this… but…. doing it privately would be much better for her…
  118. “Fine. I accept.”
  120. She was angry, but it was only a foalish spanking, it would sting, but she had endured many battles nothing could hurt her too badly. She would get through this.
  122. “I assume you won’t mind me hiding it’s affect when I’m back to my normal duties.”
  124. She said this but was sure of his answer already.
  126. “Not a problem, as soon as you leave this room here again you’re free to do whatever you wish… within the boundaries of the law of course, or you’ll be here again.”
  128. Sunburst stood up then from his chair and fired up his horn again. He used his magical grip to snatch the Princess’ ear like earlier and move her up and away from the bed she was sitting on
  129. .
  130. “Now onto business. As I said earlier, this whole dragging you along the hall was for a reason, to show you how serious I am about this. How I am disappointed in you. A Princess of Equestria going about and causing mayhem on poor ponies doing their jobs,”
  132. the wizard lectured her while yanking her ear upwards a bit to make her stand on tiptoes.
  134. “Since I’m saving you some dignity by not paddling you in public there will be some small additional punishments to make up for the full scale again. Furthermore, you are to address me as Sir for the duration of your punishment, as it is fitting for a punished filly. A little humility will do you good. If you are still fine with that, confirm it now, Tia.”
  136. She smiled as she expected the answer of not having to show her soon to be spanked bottom… but what she didn’t expect was a firm grip on her ear!
  138. “Ah…. stop with the ear already. Ow! “Don’t fuck that hurts…” she said as she was forced on her tip hooves.
  140. “I already complied with the punishment this is not necessary!”
  142. She exclaimed as she stood there trying to lessen the tension on her poor left ear.
  144. “And why! Why would additional punishments be needed you gave me a deal to help, this is now sounding like a trade rather than offer!
  146. “I told you, Tia, I want to be addressed respectfully by you here. Your behavior is very unprincess like and it shall be corrected. Same for your usage of such foul words, would you say that around Princess Flurry Heart as well?”
  148. Sunburst twisted the ear in his grip to make his point very clear, that this behavior was not being tolerated in the slightest.
  150. “And if you don’t like this deal or trade or offer however you want to call it, anymore, I can always call the captain of the guard to escort you to the stocks. You just need to say so. This deal is that you get a way more fitting punishment for the way you acted. Are we clear now?!”
  152. He was determined to stay here like this until he got a respectful answer from the naughty Princess here.
  154. “Argh! Fine fine fine let go let go it hurts!” She said as she moved her hooves and tapped them agaisnt the floor in a pain dance trying to get some relief for her poor ear.
  156. He however, did not let go, and she didn’t know why! She said she would do it!
  158. “Fine I accept your consequences and I don’t want this public! Now please let go!!”
  160. Nothing…
  162. “Please…..sir.”
  164. She blushed, she felt the heat rise to her cheeks as she used a more respectful word than she was used to saying.
  166. “Much better, Tia. That wasn’t so hard,” Sunburst said and let his magical grip fizzle out. “But we still got a ways to go to make you a respectful ruler yet again.”
  168. After that he left the Princess to tend to her sore ear for a moment and went to the bathroom. He picked up the bar of soap from his sink and ran it under the water from the tap, getting is slick and wet. When he was satisfied with it, he returned to the main room where Celestia still stood unchanged. He floated the soap up to her face.
  170. “Open up, Tia. For that foul language you are getting your mouth scrubbed out with soap. This is one of the additional punishments.”
  172. Celestia took sight of the soap, it was… green, she had always washed herself very thoroughly, she was a clean mare. And she always loved the luscious foaming bar with its clean aroma. It was something she looked forward to on a daily basis. But now, it was held there, the tip of her snout touched the bar.
  174. When she inhaled the scent, while it was the same stormy aroma that she was used to, it made her almost want to gag, it was the thought of something so pungent about to go in her mouth made her not want to be anywhere NEAR the bar of soap.
  176. She shook her head stepping back from it.
  178. “N-no… please w-what is that for? A spanking is surely bad enough!”
  180. She was insistent on that fact. Sure she was being punished but nothing she had done would remotely lead to a soaped mouth.
  182. “Ah Ah Ah.”
  184. Came the happy, yet slightly sinister, remark from sunburst. Who was still waving the bar close to her face as she stepped back from it, until
  186. Clunk.
  188. She backed herself into the corner, literally.
  190. “You are correct, you did not need the mouthsoaping when you walked in it, but because of your less than mature, poised, and respectful mouth, you have very much earned it.”
  192. She gulped, she did swear… she had made it a habit not to do that eve try since her own foal years oh so long ago, but all of this! It brought them to her lips and out for him to hear. Probably not the wisest move. Did that mean she would let it happen? Of course not!
  194. She shook her head frantically, she kept her mouth glued shut, if he was going to soap her! He would be taking her by force!
  196. Sunburst sighed, always with the dramatics this princess. Who knew how she was able to make the whole country believe she was this regal do no wrong goddess, she’s less mature than spike! He walked up to her and put his hoof against her nose.
  198. “Fine. We can do this the hard way.”
  200. Princess celestia stood there defiantly… she was the goddess of the sun, breathing? Not an issue, she didn’t need to breathe.
  205. She gasped with her mouth open taking in as much air as she could.
  207. “HAAAA”
  209. Sunburst smirked as he floated the still soaked bar into her mouth, he then proceeded to rub the bar throughout her mouth.
  211. Celestia breathed in, and was immediately met with the sour alkaline(whatever it is) taste of soap, a taste she could no longer remember.
  213. She felt the bar invade her mouth as it started up with the roof of her mouth. She wanted to shut her mouth, but it wouldn’t save the soap that was already in it.
  215. Sunburst smiler as he coated celestia’s teeth with the bar, and whitish green suds were falling out of her mouth, he ignored all of her struggles as he continued.
  217. “Now now, this is what happens to ponies when they say bad words little one. You need to learn this in order to be a brig princess, a good princess. Now princess Luna ? She does not need a simple punishment as this one because she knows how to control her tongue. Maybe soon you will too.”
  219. Celestia’s blush increased just as her whines did. This pony was really pulling her buttons, she wanted to spit all of these suds out and get something to remove the taste! It was horrid!
  221. Her eyes widened however, she felt a magical aura appear, and a grip on her… her… her TONGUE!
  223. Sunburst yanked out her tongue the princess made a squealing face in discomfort as the bar was now rubbed thoroughly, coating Celestia’s once pink tongue a mix of whitish green, and it would keep the taste for the rest of the day.
  225. Celestia felt tears stream down her eyes as she was being soaped, it was so bad, she pleaded to get it to be over.
  227. “WHAAAA P-Plesee sirrrrrr the ooappp isssss orribleeee!”
  229. He smiled as he reached for his bucket,
  231. “Now, spit young lady.”
  233. And celestia didn’t need to be told twice as she spat as much of the goey lather left in her mouth, but it still remained in between her teeth, and her tongue was still coated in the soap, Celestia was red eyed, puffy, and full of a freshly scrubbed mouth.
  235. This face looked a lot more sorry now than before when she wanted to get off scot free from all this. “Now, Tia, I assume you won’t be saying anymore foul words now, correct?” Sunburst asked the red faced Princess. When she shook her head wildly he continued on.
  237. “Alright then, bite down on this bar and keep it in your mouth.” He floated the dreadful bar of green soap up again to her face. “Then turn around on that corner that you are already and put your nose firmly against it, right where the two walls meet. You will stand there and think about your misdeeds and the lesson you’re learning. You can come out when I say so, now move.”
  239. He put the bar in her mouth again and let it go there, trusting Celestia to hold it with her teeth.
  241. Her eyes widened as the soap was once again placed near her. Her eyes still wet started to tear up again at the thought.
  243. “B-b…”
  245. She started but sunburst tapped her cheek with the bar.
  247. “No no, don’t make it worse.”
  249. She gulped… still tasting soap, she nodded slowly.
  251. “Y-yes sir…”
  253. She felt her mouth open ever so slightly and the soap was gently placed halfway in, and she slowly bit down.
  255. “Firmer, you got to get it up there.”
  257. She winced and bit down more. The soap would be stuck in her teeth even worse now! But slowly she turned around towards the corner, and marched forward, her snout pressed lightly agaisnt the Walls, her nose meeting where they interest. She smelled the paint of the wall, and the soap still in her mouth as she blushed at this much more foalish punishment, more embarrassing the older one gets.
  259. He nodded firmly, satisfied Celestia accepted this without any fuss this time. Her spanking would be still long and hard, for all the pranks she did and grief she put on those ponies.
  261. “Good girl, that’s much better, Tia.” Sunburst left her there and went to his desk, to prepare a report. He sat down, topped over a sand hour glass for 30 minutes and noted everything that happened so far for the archives. Now and then he looked up to check on the Princess. Whenever she moved a bit too much for his taste, he scolded her for it.
  263. “Tia, nose to the corner!”
  265. “Don’t squirm so much, stay still! This is part of your punishment!”
  267. These were some of his lines he said to her. Half the time had passed about now.
  269. After a while, celestia started to think ... had what she done really been that bad? It was just a joke… cadance had talked about the repercussions of her “jokes.” But, she didn’t mean it! The soap in her mouth burned her mouth, it stung to hold it. She whimpered and sniffled.
  271. And sniffling turned to a small cry from celestia as she stayed in the corner. She didn’t say anything, but she was confused if this… all of this pain was really what she deserved ... maybe it was. Maybe she went too far…
  273. “Mmm srryyy”
  275. She said softly through the soap.
  277. The sorry was good enough for Sunburst, but if she moved some more she’d get a few smacks and 10 minutes on top. But now she seemed to stay still, only her ethereal tail flicked now and then, probably out of annoyance at the burning soap.
  279. Another few minutes passed and he was finished with the report so far. He would finalize it later during the after spanking corner time. For now, Sunburst turned in his chair and watched the punished Princess for a few more minutes until the time was up. And then when the last sand went down into the lower half of the glass he called over to Celestia.
  281. “Okay, young filly. Corner time is over. You have five minutes to rinse your mouth in the bathroom, then I’ll call you back for your spanking. I expect no more fighting from your side or this can get even worse for you,” he warned her and watched Tia zoom into the bathroom.
  283. She did sprint to the sink, she got the water nice and cold as she washed her face first, not yet getting her mouth. She looked at the mirror. She saw herself, but… differently.
  285. Was she really that bad? Her questions came back to her, she had really let herself go, she was lazier, that’s for sure, the cakes she had been eating is no joke. And these pranks… she did deserve this…
  287. She turned off the water, moving her tongue around as the taste was just as strong
  288. ,
  289. “Let that be a lesson tia, you can rinse before bed.”
  291. She told herself firmly as she lifted her head and walked back out.
  293. Sunburst was surprised to see Celestia walking out so quickly again. He thought for sure he’d have to pull her away from the sink by the hair. “Done already? That was quick.”
  295. He corrected his position, sitting properly up on the chair. It was the highest one he had in his room, still he probably wouldn’t be able to hold Tia fully above the floor, but it’d have to do.
  297. “Well, come here then, naughty princess. Time for your spanking now.”
  299. Sunburst tapped his lap with a hoof, gesturing for Celestia to climb across his knee by herself. He wanted to start out spanking her just with his hoof. She showed willingness to cooperate here so he could reward that behavior by not starting as hard. The end though would be still very painful.
  301. “Yes sir…”
  303. She said slowly gulping as she walked towards him slowly… she was literally walking to her own doom, wel doom may not be the best word but spankings are horrible. She had not forgotten what her last spanking felt like, awful.
  305. She reached him. She gulped, she felt herself frozen to the spot.
  307. “Su...sir, I-I can’t do it on my own, I want to, I’m accepting… could you help me… please?”
  309. She said looking at his firm but caring eyes. Hopefully he would understand she was not trying to disobey in any way.
  311. Sunburst raised an eyebrow at this odd request. He did not expect anything like this. When he looked into her tomato red face, he saw she was being truthful, she was hesitant but not disobedient.
  313. “Very well, Tia…” He reached out to her and grabbed Celestia by the left arm. She flinched at first, wanting to pull away instinctively, but Sunburst had her already. With a strong tug, the Princess stumbled towards him and he guided her from the right side, moving her waist smoothly across his lap. She was much bigger than him as expected and reached the floor with her front hooves. Sunburst though pushed her down a bit more though, so her naughty bottom was centered on his lap and her back hooves off the floor. That way she could kick the air and not the floor to hurt her hooves. Also it relaxed her cheeks, on the floor they would be standing frim and tense.
  315. Lastly, he took her ethereal tail and pinned it against her back. With his right hoof that he would spank her with, he tapped her white clenching butt cheeks. “Are you ready, missy?”
  317. She shuddered slightly as she found herself over his knee, her hooves against the ground and her face staring at the carpet. It took some strength as well since most of her weight was in her upper body and her hind legs were lifted off the floor.
  319. She would say her blush reached its peak, dark red cherries as she felt his bare hoof rub against her rear… the royal rear, too about to be Apple red.
  321. “Not at all sir.”
  323. She said with a slight chuckle. She respected the stallion for this… it took a lot of courage to do this to the tho princess, but here they were… as much as she hated what was going to happen, she would try to let it teach her something she needed to learn.
  325. “It was a rhetorical question anyway,” Sunburst replied and raised up his hoof. He wanted to laugh with her but that would take out the seriousness of the situation, so he suppressed his own chuckling.
  327. Then he started bringing it down firmly, for this wasn’t a fun spanking.
  329. Smack!
  330. Smack!
  332. He took two quick spanks to both royal cheeks, watching them wobble from the impact. There went all the cake, he mused. But then he went on creating a fast paced rhythm of Smacks! He said nothing anymore for now, saving the scolding for later.
  334. Her head went up instantly out of pure shock. Despite the spank being less than overly harsh, it was still odd to feel a smack against ones bottom, and celestia was no exception, she soon calmed down and felt the smacks hit her.
  336. It was nothing horrible at first, it made her nervous knowing how it would gradually get worse. She felt twinges of pain from the contact being made, but then a tingle of lasting pain when the hoof was in the air, then it repeated again and again.
  338. Her rump was gaining a light rose color eventually and it looked warm compared to her normal white coat.
  340. She soon started to make little noises of pain, an occasional squirm, or a soft ouch. But nothing too loud to distracting.
  341. She still constantly felt the fear of how this was just the beginning.
  343. Oh this was very much only the beginning. Sunburst took notice of Celestia’s stoic acceptance at first and turning to light ouchies then. He knew she could take a lot with that tempered body of hers, 1000 years old and more. It would take a lot to get truly remorseful cries out of her. But starting a spanking out at 200 from the beginning was just savage. She deserves that.
  345. So Sunburst smacked on, but gradually he swung his hoof down faster… and harder too. He had to spank young princess Flurry now and then too, she was getting 10 now and in her rebellious phase. He knew which spots made the young princess cry for real. And he was about to use that on the older princess here now.
  347. Every so often a harder smack hit the princess further down just above her thighs to endure her whole royal bottom was getting the same attention and color.
  349. She winced more and more, her uses of “Ow, ouch, owie.” And a few more were used more frequently. She now felt a bit of heat throughout her behind.
  351. “It stings a bit now.”
  353. She said sniffling givning him her report, soon enough she realized the burn in her bum would lessen the pain of her mouth, so that’s a plus she figured.
  355. A particularly hard smack caused her body to raise with a loud,
  357. “Yeaouch! That was a zinger!”
  359. She said pitifully as she winced.
  361. He was on the right track now. The stings a bit meant the spanking was still too soft, but the loud exclamation was the way to go. Sunburst keep that strength up and he could call that spanking a real spanking by now. Celestia’s tush started to take on a healthy shade of burning pink now. Far from done, but they were getting there.
  363. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
  365. Whenever Sunburst placed a few hard smacks to the one side, Celestia squirmed her other side.
  367. Smack! Smack!
  369. Then spanking the other side would make Celestia squirm back. It was a back and forth, almost amusing to watch. But Sunburst’s hoof started to sting now as well. Spankings with Flurry Heart were over quickly usually, but this veteran butt needed more attention.
  371. “Alright now…” Sunburst said finally, shaking his hoof in the air and stopping for a moment. “Warmup is over.”
  373. She was loosely crying over his knee, the pain was present that’s for sure! She laid there over his knee and with a hiccup said.
  375. “W-warm up? H-how much more? That felt like it was half of what I’m getting?”
  377. She was nervous on how much more she would receive.
  379. She sighed as her bum was in prime position,
  381. “Just get it over with.”
  383. SMACK!
  385. Sunburst smacked down hard on the middle of Tia’s bum for the rude remark. “Watch your tone, Tia! But yes warmup indeed, halfway sounds about right. But it doesn’t matter how far we are because you’re taking every last spank until the end.
  387. He then pushed the Princess off his lap and onto her own feet again.
  389. “Go over there to my dresser, and bring me that sturdy looking manebrush, then back over my knee. Don’t dawdle!”
  391. Sunburst sent her off to fetch the next implement of her punishment with another smack to get her moving quickly.
  393. “Owwwieee! I -I didn’t mean disrespect.”
  395. She sniffles loudly
  397. , “I was just… accepting it.”
  399. She got up slowly, and winced at each step as sparks went through her burning bum. She slowly got the brush and had to lift it up with her mouth!
  401. She was so used to having her magic and there was something much more… humbling with picking it up with her teeth. She slowly walked back and dropped it before him.
  403. “I-I’m ready.”
  405. We’re the only words she said.
  407. “Well it sounded very condescending.”
  409. Sunburst watched the humbled Princess slowly walk about and retrieve the manebrush for him. She never even complained or asked why he couldn’t get it himself with his magic, it would be sure quicker. But that way she could stretch her legs again a bit before they continued.
  411. He took the brush from Tia when she brought it back and stoof again red faced before him like earlier. THis time she didn’t need to ask to be put over his knee into position. He wordlessly went through the motions again and made her so her pink butt was at the highest point again and ready to be further punished.
  413. But just as he tapped the hard backside of the wooden brush against Celestia’s naughty cheeks, the door burst open and Flurry Heart appeared.
  415. “UNCLE SUNBURST I WAS LOOKING FO--” She stopped though seeing the situation at hand. “Why are you spanking Auntie Celly? Was she bad?” The girl asked with childish curiosity. Celestia’s butt was facing the door and her face the other way. Maybe it was better so otherwise Flurry would see her beet red face.
  417. FLURRY!” Celestia exclaimed loudly as she pushed herself off her spankees lap. She got up and blocked her red rump.
  419. She looked left and right. What could she do!
  421. She looked at flurry,
  423. “N-no… I fell in a poisonous plant! And now my rump is red, sunburst here is trying to help!”
  425. She said pleading in her head sunburst would follow along.
  427. Flurry Heart didn’t really look like she believed it, probably because in the Crystal Empire not many plants were growing and she had never seen a poisonous plant before. Sunburst saw the doubt too and decided to go truthful here. If Celestia had picked the public spanking anyone would’ve seen her anyway so yeah.
  429. He held Celestia firmly down as she sprang up from his lap with his magic and then turned to Flurry Heart.
  431. “Yes your Auntie Celly is getting a spanking because she was mean to other ponies. Like I always taught you to be nice or get a spanking. You see now no one is too old to get spanked when they’re naughty.” Sunburst explained much to Tia’s dismay. “I also taught you to knock before entering rooms, Flurry! Now if you don’t want a spanking as well, you better be off again and let us finish here.”
  433. Flurry was gone in a heartbeat, not taking a second longer under the impending doom of a smacked rump. Sunburst sighed and closed the door in his magic and locked it this time.
  435. “You know lies are just as bad as swearing, Tia…” Sunburst said now addressing his grown up filly over his knee.
  437. She blushed fiercely as sunburst had laid out the truth… to a foal, she wouldn’t let her live this down. Every time she would have to have a stern talking to with the filly she’ll come back with this memory… oh she was doomed.
  439. She felt herself be placed back over his lap as she held her face in his hooves. She then gasped as she heard what he said.
  441. JUST AS BAD!
  443. Her mind went to the site taste in her mouth. Surely he wouldn’t do it again, surely not…. oh she hoped not.
  445. “I-I… I didn’t want her to think low of me… I’m her aunt and she looks up to me, I’m bei f punished yes but we agreed no one had to know… so I hoped it would be alrighth.”
  447. She was sniffling now fearful for her mouth.
  449. “We will talk about this later, Tia and judge this again by how well you take the rest of your punishment.”
  451. The little delay just now with Flurry gave Celestia a short breather and time to cool down her butt again. Sunburst need to make up for this now as he had a naughty princess to punish, and she needed to learn a serious lesson about respecting her servants and guards.
  453. He moved Celestia’s butt into proper position again and then wasted no time. He swung the brush up high and cracked it down hard on Tia’s naughty rump. The hardwood connected with her right cheek and left a red oval that fade again the next seconds after. But Sunburst continued at a brisk pace and laid down hard and fast smacks of the manebrush, starting a painful rhythm again like earlier.
  455. “I was thinking, Tia. I know I said this would stay between us but don’t you think you owe all the ponies you hurt an apology?” Sunburst asked between brush smacks.
  457. Celestia gulped, she did not want to be soaped, she would have to try really hard not to mess this up. She could not think of another soaping.
  459. She had felt recovered slightly for a short period of time but that ended quite quickly as she felt the harshest and quickest smacks of the day.
  461. “OWW OW OWIEEE OUCH AH OWWW TOO HARD!!! Too fast!!!”
  463. She exclaimed as her hind legs started kicking frantically she reached back with her front hoof to block the SMACK.
  465. She tried and all she got was a mane brush strike to her hoof.
  467. “OWWW”
  469. She continued to cry throughout as she heard this news.
  471. “I-owww I mean owwww I told you I owwwww would. That doesn’t mean owwww they have to aieeeeeee know about this AIOEEEE!”
  473. “You don’t decide what’s too hard or fast! I do! You are just the naughty princess getting her rump spanked crimson!” scolded Sunburst.
  475. He didn’t want to hurt her hooves though so to protect the struggling Princess from herself he started restraining her. With his magical grip he pulled on Tia’s arms and folded them over her back, pinning them firmly there, so only her snout was on the floor now. The tail he put under the arms and secured that as well. For the wildly kicking legs he just spread his own legs and moved Tia’s between his and clamped them.
  477. All restrained she could only wriggle her butt a little bit anymore and Sunburst could continue his hard brush spanks, which he did without hesitation.
  479. “It would be only fair though, don’t you think?” He asked, prodding her conscience as he peppered her butt that slowly turned a bright red now.
  481. “Aowwww!”
  483. Celestia yelped loudly through her sobs as she received the most recent of falling smacks reigning down on her burning derrière. She felt her hooves being blocked behind her back, this left her no way to proper herself up and her face went towards the ground.
  485. She stood there against the ground, muzzle leaned against it, it was the corner all over again!
  487. The spanking got harder, as did her sobs and tears, but… she couldn’t stop it. Her body struggled as each spank cane down and she could barely move. She most certainly could not move out of the way.
  489. No matter how hard he swung, no matter how fast, no matter how much it hurts… she would be there until he decided it was over, and all she could do was cry in response.
  491. Tears streamed down her face more than ever as she cried loudly.
  495. She said loudly! She didn’t care anymore about the guards seeing her, she would go out in public if it meant this would stop!
  497. Sunburst started looking more sympathetic now that Tia really sounded remorseful. With her butt bright red and the face all tear streaked he knew she learned her lesson now. He slowed down bit still each brush clap was hard and painful. He wanted to give her some room to breathe and answer some questions between her howls and bawls.
  499. “I am very happy to hear you are truly sorry, now young lady. So tell me what you are sorry for. Are you going to scare and humiliate other ponies like this again?”
  501. Depending on her answers, he would be stopping very soon with the spanking even though her punishment wasn’t fully over yet.
  503. She kicked harder and harder not even noticing the ease in speed, she was there only feeling, thinking, experiencing a very red hot bottom!
  505. She sobbed loudly as she answered,
  507. “NO SIR!!!! I woooooonttt!!!!”
  509. She said in the midst of the latest smack against her sit spots which were as bright as a fall red delicious on a sunny day.
  511. “I won’t! Not without owwwwwww them knowing at least!”
  513. She said frantically as she wiggled her rump trying any method to ease the pain that was coming down on her.
  515. He nodded and finished up then. One last set of fast manebrush spanks all over Celestia’s shining red butt, making sure it would be throbbing and stinging all over again before she was sent to her final corner time. Sunburst spanked her vigorously until the end, not easing up at all. Even the last spank was as hard as the first.
  517. “We’re done with the spanking then. Good girl.”
  518. Sunburst wiped the sweat from his forehead and viewed his work. Tia’s formerly white cheeks we’re glowing red all over, even down to the thighs. He’d say she really learned the consequences of her actions today. Then he undid the magical restraints and let the crying Princess up on her shaky hooves.
  520. “Last thing, Tia, then we’re done. Bring my brush back where you found it and remember this is what will happen every time now when you’re out of line. This manebrush, on your bottom, over my knee, until you’re bawling like a filly. Then take position again in the corner and cool off, think about what you learned. I’ll tell you when time’s up.”
  522. Celestia choked up another sob and hiccuped a couple of times in her pain, she slowly got up and tried to feel her rump, she felt the heat before her hoof made contact. But then it was swatted away.”
  524. “Ah Ah no rubbing.”
  526. Sunburst told her, and she nodded smally, as she took the brush to the stand. She slowly went to the corner, but he followed her.
  528. “This is going to be slightly different, better for a post spanking position.”
  530. He helped her up on her hind legs. And she struggled slightly, but then he moved her front hooves and put them behind her head. She was very tall so she almost reached the ceiling
  531. .
  532. “This is to keep you from the temptation of rubbing.”
  534. He said patting her back, and he slowly pushed her head into the corner.
  536. Celestia whimpered as her nose was pressed against the wall with his his hoof agaisnt the back of her head, her hooves behind her head, and she could even feel him moving her tail to the side so anyone could see her punished behind. She sobbed silently in the corner. Not daring to move, despite the pain and humility she was feeling.
  538. “Just for a little while, young princess. Be a good girl and this will be the last of it. But if you move or talk, we’ll have another punishment for you!”
  540. Sunburst set up another half hour glass and finished his report at his desk. Every few minutes he would look up to check on the Princess but all he saw was a very red butt standing very still. He was happy she obeyed so far, but time was not up yet. So Celestia still had some time to think and reflect on what got her into this situation.
  542. After the report was finished and the quill set back on the desk it was still 10 minutes left. He then took a book and moved over to his bed to read. He’d need space to give the big princess a hug anyway when she was done.
  544. Walls were not the most exciting things to stare at. With her nose being against the wall and with her not wanting to remove it, she didn’t get much from her peripheral vision except… more wall.
  546. She was feeling uncomfortable pains in her hooves due to the position, but nothing even close to the burning sensation that her rump was currently in. She was so sore, she just wanted to curl up and sleep for an eternity.
  548. Tears were lessening but they still glistened in her eyes as every micro movement gave her jolts of pain.
  550. Hopefully the time would be up soon… hopefully.
  552. It wasn’t much longer then and by the looks of Tia’s quivering legs, it was about time too. That position wasn’t so easy to maintain, but it wouldn’t be punishment if it was easy.
  554. “5 more minutes, Tia,” Sunburst said at some point and went back to reading. He was sure she wouldn’t want to slip up so close to the end. And she didn’t either. 5 minutes passed quickly, well not too quickly for Celestia who had nothing to do at all. But still it passed and corner time came to an end.
  556. “Time’s up, Tia. Come here now,” he announced then and the Princess didn’t waste any second to leave her uncomfortable position. She didn’t dare to rub for now though, since her hooves were swatted away before. And so she obediently walked over to where Sunbusrst sat on the bed. He took her by the hoof and let her lie next to him on the bed, where he wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back and sore butt for her.
  558. “Good girl, Tia. Your punishment is over now. I hope you learned a valuable lesson from this.”
  560. She wrapped her hooves around him as well as the waterworks started up again.
  562. “I’m sorry.”
  564. She said softly as she held his embrace tightly, she winced at first when he started to rub her bottom, but was soon eased at the cool hoof cooling her fiery red rump. It hurt so bad, but he was making it better.
  566. She laid her head against the bed as she was rubbed and soon, she found herself dozing.
  568. “It’s not me you need to say sorry to, Princess.”
  570. He held her there for a while until Celestia fell asleep on the bed, snoring loudly. He casted a spell that would make her scorched rump look pristine white again, but only visually. The pain would still be very much there when she awoke later.
  572. Sunburst left the room quietly and motioned for the guards outside to let no one in until she came out again. He then made his way over to Cadence and Shining to report on the events and prepare the guards and servants for the little speech Celestia surely wanted to hold later.
  574. Hour and a half later.
  576. Princess celestia woke up, she yawned and smacked her lips together, only to taste something rather unpleasant, oh right… the soap. She stretched her hooves only to wince as she looked back at her burning, white bum? It was no longer it’s crimson hue but her own white bottom.
  578. She smiled as it still hurt but at least no pony would know it now. She slowly got up and walked outside, in a line she saw the guards, each guard was one in which she had pranked, she realized this was no coincidence.
  580. After clearing her throat, she began to speak.
  582. “Hello my dear guards, I am not sure if you are all aware, but I was the culprit behind the pranks that have been happening amongst you this week. It was meant to be full of fun and for a good time, but it was revealed the anxiety I had caused. I wish to apology sincerely for my good intentions that had such grave consequences. I hope that you will all forgive me.”
  584. She ended humbled in a subtle nod of her head in respect, for these guards deserve it for keeping the empire safe from harm.
  586. “Very good, Princess.”
  588. Sunburst walked to her side, applauding for the honest speech. All the guards chimed in, holding no ill feelings towards Celestia. Some of them might or might not have heard what had happened in Sunburst’s chambers. Especially at the end when Tia was crying the loudest, that might’ve been heard down the whole hallway. So they knew she was punished for her misdeeds.
  590. “Now then if you would please follow me to the office room, Princess. There is paperwork to do for these incidents and I expect you to fill them all out today.” A big stack of papers was floating behind the wizard, waiting for Celestia to follow.
  592. Princess celestia sighed and nodded as she walked to the room, there laid a desk, a nice oak stool and a pile of papers. She sighed and slowly sat down to work.
  594. The end
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