Shun'ei Tools/Info

Sep 26th, 2016
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  1. Shun'Ei Notes
  4. Standing:
  6. Far LP: 25 damage. Decent range, very safe. Decent AA
  7. -Chains into:
  8. --Nothing
  9. -Cancels into:
  10. --MAX Cancel
  12. Close LP: 25 damage. Very safe, nice quick confirm. Also decent AA
  13. -Chains into:
  14. --5LK
  15. --2LK
  16. --Auto Combo
  17. -Cancels into:
  18. --Scarlet Phantom (LP/EX)
  19. --Aqua Spear (EX)
  20. --Rising Efreet (LP)
  21. --MAX Cancel
  23. Far LK: 30 damage. Kind of slow but good range, safe on block. Decent AA.
  24. -Chains into:
  25. --Nothing
  26. -Cancels into:
  27. --MAX Cancel
  29. Close LK: 30 damage. Short, fast, safe as hell.
  30. -Chains into:
  31. --Nothing
  32. -Cancels into:
  33. --Scarlet Phantom (LP/EX)
  34. --Aqua Spear (EX)
  35. --Rising Efreet (LP)
  36. --MAX Cancel
  38. Far HP: 40 damage. Slowish, but extends farther than it looks. Not very good or safe on block.
  39. -Chains into:
  40. --5HP
  41. -Cancels into:
  42. --MAX Cancel
  44. Close HP: 70 damage. Pretty quick, safe too. Stubby, not a good AA
  45. -Chains into:
  46. --Sky Axe
  47. -Cancels into:
  48. --Scarlet Phantom (All)
  49. --Aqua Spear (LP/EX)
  50. --Rising Efreet (HP/EX)
  51. --Gaianic Burst (Bothh
  52. --MAX Cancel
  54. Far HK: 80 damage. Decent range, slow, great AA, safe.
  55. -Chains into:
  56. --Nothing
  57. -Cancels into:
  58. --MAX Cancel
  60. Close HK: 2 hits, 40 damage each. Quick and safe on block.
  61. -Chains into:
  62. --Nothing
  63. -Cancels into:
  64. --Gaianic Burst (Both)
  65. **Only connects fully if cancelled on the first hit, which is difficult.
  66. --Specter Extension (Both)
  67. --Demolish Dimension
  68. ** You have to buffer these super inputs, both HK hits are cancellable from but you won't really have the time to get the inputs out if you want to cancel from the first hit. You may have your reasons but it's not really necessary.
  69. --MAX Cancel (Cancellable on both hits)
  71. Blowback: 75 damage. Horizontal kick forward. Moves Shun'ei 20% screen. Unsafe on block.
  74. Crouching:
  76. LP: 25 damage. Stumpy but fast and safe
  77. -Chains into:
  78. --5LP
  79. --5LK
  80. --2LP (max 2 more times)
  81. --2LK (max 2 more times)
  82. -Cancels into:
  83. --Scarlet Phantom (LP/EX)
  84. --Aqua Spear (EX)
  85. --Rising Efreet (LP/EX)
  86. --MAX Cancel
  88. LK: 30 damage. Great range, safe, fast, and hits low.
  89. -Chains into:
  90. --5LP
  91. --5LK
  92. --2LP (2 more times)
  93. --2LK (2 more times)
  94. -Cancels into:
  95. --Scarlet Phantom* (LP/EX)
  96. --Aqua Spear* (EX)
  97. **These specials will prioritize the LP the move is chainable into first, so rather than hit LK > Scarlet Phantom, it will hit LK > LP > Scarlet Phantom
  98. --MAX Cancel
  100. HP: 70 damage. Rising elbow, good AA, stubby and kind of unsafe on block.
  101. -Chains into:
  102. --Sky Axe
  103. -Cancels into:
  104. --Scarlet Phantom (All)
  105. --Aqua Spear (LP/EX)
  106. --Rising Efreet (HP/EX)
  107. --MAX Cancel
  109. HK: 80 damage. It's a sweep. Nice range, very safe on block.
  110. -Chains into:
  111. --Nothing
  112. -Cancels into:
  113. --MAX Cancel
  116. Jumping:
  118. LP: 45 damage. Short horizontal punch. 40 damage if shorthopped.
  120. LK: 45 damage. Diagonal down kick. 40 damage if shorthopped
  121. --Good jump in/out button
  123. HP: 70 damage. Short elbow down. Stumpy, okay jump-in
  125. HK: 70 damage. Almost identical to j.LK. Use this button.
  127. Blowback: 90 damage. Hits lower than LK/HK, but hits mid, not high.
  130. Command Normal
  132. Sky Axe: 45 damage. Shun'ei does a roundhouse, lifting him up. Whiffs on most crouching characters unless combo'd into. SUPER unsafe on block.
  133. -Cancels into:
  134. --Blau Wing (All)
  137. Specials
  139. Scarlet Phantom: Shun'ei charges forward. If he connects, a phantom fist hits the opponent, knocking them back a bit. The fist doesn't exist until Shun'ei connects, but can appear from a decent distance. Play around with it.
  140. -LP: 65 damage. Moves 40% screen.
  141. -HP: 80 damage. Moves about 80% screen
  142. -EX: 90 damage and gives wall bounce. Combo from this.
  144. Aqua Spear: Shun'ei shoots a palm in front of him. The range is shorter than the actual palm. Slow, but decent AA.
  145. -LP/HP: 65 damage. Unsafeish
  146. -EX: 90 damage, longer range, safe on block, faster startup.
  148. Rising Efreet: Shun'ei's DP. A palm rises directly above him. Very unsafe on block
  149. LP: 75 damage, directly above Shun'ei.
  150. HP: 85 damage. Shun'ei jumps forward a bit before raising the palm.
  151. EX: 115 damage, 2 hits. He moves forward more with EX, and can follow up with a jumping, standing, or crouching attack.
  153. Blau Wing: Shun'ei swipes a hand in the air in front of him, sending the opponent spiraling back.
  154. LP: 60 damage, safe on block.
  155. HP: 60 damage, unsafe onblock, but sends Shun'ei back a bit. Good jump away attack or air button.
  156. EX: 58 damage, plus on block. 2 hits can apply nice pressure, and it comes out faster.
  158. Thruster Vision: Shun'ei has an air dash. Shun'ei flies forward at his current height and can press a button on his way down. Use this as a mixup tool, as it can be hard to tell which side you'll land on, although he doesn't have the greatest mixup buttons. You're better using this as a tool to keep your vertical position for a little longer to get over big normals or projectiles. All versions go roughly the same distance, with EX versions going a tiny bit further.
  161. Supers
  163. Gaianic Burst: Shun'ei claps two hands in front of him and shoot a fireball from them. The fireball travels quickly across the screen, but the connection isn't dependant on whether the hands connect with the opponent.
  164. --Standard: 184 damage, 120 if the hands don't connect. The fireball gives hard knockdown.
  165. --MAX: 345 damage, 195 if first hit doesn't connect. MAX version spits two fireballs, doing 100 damage each.
  166. >>Damage increased from 334 in v1.03.
  168. Specter Extension: Shun'ei spirals horizontally to fullscreen, giving a series of hits. This move is very fast and can probably punish most whiffed moves. This move cannot go through projectiles(probably).
  169. --Standard: 182 damage.
  170. --MAX: 330 damage. This version hits one more time at the end with a lot more damage, so if the last hit whiffs, you could be out 120 or so damage.
  171. >>Damage decreased from 346 damage in v1.03.
  173. Demolish Dimension: Shun'ei's Climax. Akin to his Rising Efreet, Shun'ei rises vertically in a line. If the hit connects, he begins a series of hits. Only use this move if the opponent is directly above you or practically touching you. 469 damage.
  176. Shun'ei is a tricky character. He's got a decent number of weird tools, and it all really depends on how you use them. He can pick up off of a lot of his specials, albeit some of them requiring the use of EXs. MAX Cancelling is nice, but if you play around with him, you may find yourself using the full MAX meter more.
  178. Shun'ei has some great damage potential converting from some of his normals, and I recommend putting him 2nd on a team to take advantage of the meter from the first character, while simultaneously keeping the third character in mind.
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