Kumi/Amaterasu Character Sheet 2.5

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  1. Name: Kumi/Amaterasu
  2. Amaterasu/Kumi
  3. >Appearance
  4. Female
  5. Teenager
  6. Attractive
  7. Inhuman
  8. Short
  9. >Role
  10. Magus
  11. Quantity: A 100
  12. Quality: EX 400
  13. >Elemental Affinity
  14. Unique: Sun 75
  15. >Origin
  16. Element: Sun 50
  17. >Magecraft
  18. (See Skill Witchcraft (Magecraft) in Servant Section)
  19. >Skills
  20. Cooking 10
  21. Mythology Expertise 25
  22. Stealth 40
  23. Martial Arts 65
  24. >Residence
  25. House 25
  26. >Unique
  27. Magic Crest Free
  28. Founding Family 25
  29. Mystic Eyes of Illusion 85
  30. >Mystic Code
  31. Other/Miscellaneous/Noble Phantasm
  32. Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu on the Weight Stone under the Sunlit Watery Heavens: Rank D/Anti-Army/Item/Buff (See Noble Phantasm in Servant Section)
  33. Total Points: 900 MP
  35. I used some fancy names for things here, but they all align with something in the base CYOA.
  36. >Class
  37. Alter Ego (Caster)
  38. >Weapons and Armor
  39. Custom Armor
  40. As Kumi/Amaterasu she wears the outfit Amaterasu wore in CCC
  41. As Amaterasu/Kumi wears nothing and simply covers up with her Tails.  (This comes from Amaterasu's CCC original design where she was originaly suposed to be do just that, but was changed becasue it was on the PSP game and they were worried about the rating.)
  42. Weapons
  43. As Kumi/Amaterasu wields a Cleaver, Spear, Khopesh, Scythe, Halberd, Mace, Kukri, Broadsword, and Katana that are Minor Mystic Codes created through Fox's Wedding (Item Construction) in her tails, and uses her Bare Hands to direct her Noble Phantasm.
  44. As Amaterasu/Kumi uses Bare Hands to fight and direct her Noble Phantasm.
  45. >Parameters
  46. STR E +10
  47. END E +10
  48. AGI B 35
  49. MAG A 25
  50. LCK D + 25
  51. 15
  52. >Class Skill
  53. Fox's Wedding (Item Construction) C 0
  54. Territory Creation C 0
  55. 15
  56. >Personal Skills
  57. Golden White Face A (Divinity A 50+Monsterous Strength A 90)
  58. Witchcraft (Magecraft) EX 315
  59. Shapeshift  A 55
  60. 385
  61. >Noble Phantasm
  62. Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu on the Weight Stone under the Sunlit Watery Heavens
  63. Rank EX/Anti-World/Item/Various Effects/380
  64. Total Points: 905 SP
  66. From my research the EX version of Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu NP that I bought does 3 things.
  67. 1. Let's you use Curses without spending Mana, something the D rank version also did.
  68. 2. Revive dead people. This is probably the most contentious because it would let my character revive her dad and get back the points I spent when he died, but let's say that doesn't happen. Either he doesn't get revived or he leaves because he doesn't recognize his daughter with Amaterasu in her. I actually kinda like the second idea because DRAMA.
  69. 3. Let's you shoot giant Excalibur-like Sun Lasers. I don't think I need to explain this one anymore.
  70. I think think that level of bullshit is in line with an EX level NP, but if you disagree I am more than willing to hear you out.
  72. If there are more effects than the three I listed, then I don't know about them, so neither does my character, and if my character can't use them do they really matter?
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