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  1. >"Sing for me."
  2. "Sing?"
  3. >"Mmm... Yes. For me, preferably."
  4. "Well, now I'm not gonna."
  5. >The head in your lap rustled as a pair of soft blue eyes looked up at you; her lips were pursed into a pout.
  6. >You craned your head up so you weren't looking into her eyes, and instead started to count the hundreds of leaves hanging in a thick, spring canopy above you.
  7. >Anything to not fall prey to familiar tactics.
  8. >Like a spider, pale white fingers traced up your jaw, crawling from your chin to your ear and cupping your warm flesh.
  9. >You stifled the ticklish chuckle that wanted to leave your lips - you wouldn't give her the satisfaction.
  10. >"Rainbow Dash."
  11. >You smiled, even as Rarity tried to tug you down by your chin.
  12. >"Rainbow."
  13. "Nuh-uh," You hummed, even as a smile spread across your face.
  14. >"You have three seconds, Rainbow. One... Two..."
  15. >You finally relented, a rush of affection flooding into your veins as you quickly pressed your lips to Rarity's.
  16. >Rarity let out a startled squeak, but otherwise she melted into the kiss with gusto.
  17. >Cherry lip-gloss and floral perfume awaited your senses as you kissed the girl laying in your lap, your tongue gentle probing at the twin pillows pressed to your lips.
  18. >They couldn't be described as anything other than clouds of softness; they were just as refined and well cared for as they always were.
  19. >Rarity sighed into the kiss for a second longer before lightly slapping you on the cheek, breaking the spell cast between the two of you.
  20. >She pushed you away, and those rosy cheeks and pink lips curled into a pout.
  21. >"Sing for me? Please?"
  22. "Hmmm..."
  23. >You rubbed your chin, eyeing her suspiciously.
  24. "Why?"
  25. >"I can't enjoy the voice of my beloved?"
  26. "Well, maybe you can, but you don't really ask really often, so... Why?"
  27. >"Humor me," Rarity scoffed, a teasing grin on her face even as she rolled her eyes.
  28. "Err, with all that makeup you look like a clown?"
  29. >"What?!" Rarity shrieked.
  30. >You let out a startled laugh at the words that slipped past your own lips.
  31. "You did say you wanted to be made humorous of."
  32. >Rarity shot up and scooted back so she was sitting on your lap side-straddle, her blue eyes burning fiercely as she jabbed a well-groomed nail into your face.
  33. >"Now listen here, 'hothead', my makeup makes me look like a refined, distinguished, noble-"
  34. "Gaudy, pretentious, over-done," you drawled.
  35. >"-Beautiful, lady! I shall not have a jock like you besmirch my excellent taste in fashion and cosmetics!"
  36. "Too late."
  37. >"Well, at least I don't look like a sports commercial threw up on me! Really, a lesbian? Wearing sportswear? You might as well be a walking stereotype!"
  38. "Less butch than you, love."
  39. >Rarity's face turned beet red, her eyes narrowing as she ground out, "Say. That. Again."
  40. "Remember that 'experimental' faze, with all the belts and fishnet and-"
  41. >Your head jerked to the side as Rarity's hand whipped around to leave a great big mark on your cheek, with a satisfying, meaty "Slap."
  42. >Rarity shrieked something in a language you only vaguely recognized as she stomped away.
  43. >And really, you couldn't help but notice how her skirt rid up high enough so that she was flashing the tops of her stockings.
  44. >You hated to see her leave, but really, really didn't mind seeing her go.
  45. "Hey!"
  46. >Rarity spun on her heel, jaw twitching, vein throbbing in her forehead, and face beet red.
  47. "Dinner at 6?"
  48. >You were certain you were being insulted, but honestly the words coming out of her mouth sounded like jibberish.
  49. >Rarity turned back around and began to stomp away.
  50. "Jim Cook's?!" You hollered after her.
  51. >"Of course! Espece, tete de cochon, et-"
  52. >You slumped back into the hollow of the tree's roots that you were laying in earlier, and you could only think of one thing as Rarity disappeared over the small hill she had trudged up.
  53. "I really, really love that woman."
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