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Jun 5th, 2016
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  2. Mover tree has been significantly improved. Would say it's fairly well balanced barring the final three options, which remain severely underpowered. Again, look at the other 10 point powers and tell me they're not more desireable. Blink is significantly weaker than, say, cyber possession which does all it can do and much more. Recommend a significant buff. Maybe mass teleportation and the ability to teleport to places you've got a live camera feed to. Yes, both. Stealth teleportation is also very underpowered. Recommend being able to teleport others, Trickster style in the same manner that you can teleport yourself. Recommend a significant broadening of user's range. I maintain that Hyper Speed needs buffing. Yes, I know time stop tends to be overpowered, but the fact that you don't hit any harder when accelerated renders it essentially useless against the wormverse's main threats. Sure, its usefulness increases somewhat when combined with other powers but, as said before, you should be making sure individual abilities are balanced. Hyper Speed is significantly weaker than most other 20 point powers. Recommend removing caveat that user does not strike harder due to enhanced speed. Recommend mentioning factor by which user's speed is improved (200-500 sounds about right).
  5. Shaker tree is clearer now, which is good. Can Temperature Manipulation be used multiple times on the same object? If yes, I recommend a cooldown (10 seconds, maybe). If not, recommend upping temperature to 50 degrees/use. Recommend switching Omnicombustion with Matter State Manipulation as former is underpowered and latter is overpowered. Some mention of the mechanics of the latter would be good, recommend limited density control. Infinite Treasury remains underpowered. Recommend removing 10 item limit. As before, strongly recommend a hard cap of your choice on matter spawned/day. I like the concept of Royal Demesne, it's much clearer now. Would like to know what the limits to manipulating non-living matter brought in from outside are and whether it can be taken back outside. Sandbox is now severely underpowered. Recommend changing description to "manipulation and alteration of non-living matter". Recommend specifically mentioning user has no control over energy though alteration of matter might displace things, generating small amounts of kinetic energy. STRONGLY recommend considerably upping the cap on matter affected/minute to 30-90 tonnes. Why would anyone choose this as is, when you can just seize control of Tohu, have her copy Labyrinth (and ANY two others) and get a stronger version of the power for the same amount of points?
  8. High-end of Brute tree remains iffy. Recommend switching Personal Forcefield with Do You Even Lift and buffing both. As it stands, the force field can't even take a good hit from a low caliber handgun which makes it virtually useless and DEFINITELY not worth seven points. Either make it akin to Glory Girl's shield (can take any hit but needs 2-3 seconds recharge) or buff it so it can take anything up to and including sniper rifle fire. Add some measure of boosted regen and increased durability to DYEL to warrant the new 7 point cost. Similarly, recommend switching Endbringer Durability and Divine Shield and buffing the latter. Mist Shift and even Liquid Form can perform similar functions to the former for fewer points. Recommend changing functionality of Divine Shield to granting infinite inertia for 10 minutes with a 5 minute cooldown to warrant increased point cost (essentially The Siberian's power). Recommend buffing Absolute Regeneration to granting true immortality; i.e. user will eventually regenerate from anything and, quite possibly, can be injured but not killed by exposure, lack of food/water/oxygen, the passage of time. Consider the fact that as it stands, Human Infection can achieve a similar effect to Absolute Regen while also making it possible to puppet others, Consumption can achieve a similar effect for fewer points and granting the possibility of additional bonuses, etc.
  11. Breaker tree is mostly fine, though Respawn remains somewhat underpowered and Quantum Restoration is severely so. For latter, recommend any and all injured bodyparts automatically restoring themselves to pristine condition. Frankly, I think even this would be somewhat underpowered for the point cost, considering the high likelihood of running into trumps and temporal shenanigans that can easily fuck your shit up but, whatever.
  14. Master tree is fine, though the line of sight time cap thing for Animate Constructs seems a bit unnecessary. No complaints otherwise.
  17. Was disappointed to see no changes to the Tinker tree. A simple, if far from ideal fix would be restricting the user to one type of tech. For instance, Small Scale Equipment might allow the user to build supernaturally advanced handgunds OR radios OR smartphones and so on and so forth. Also, is Supernatural Engineering supposed to essentially be Orky Tech? Cause if it's literally based on belief, it's essentially useless to anyone short of a complete fucking idiot. And if it's not, it's hideously overpowered; see example a few weeks ago about the Crusty Sock of Winning Everything Forever.
  20. For the Blaster tree, I recommend switching Perfect Accuracy for Infinite Ammo. Also, to warrant the increased point cost and eliminate a hideously underpowered option, recommend combining Homing Missiles with Perfect Accuracy. This, of course, leaves you with an open seven point slot. Maybe add something like being able to, on sight, set a mark on a target, making all projectiles in a certain radius (which should be specifically defined) seek out said target. If that seems overpowered restrict it to physical projectiles. Or maybe just go for generic LAZORS, I dunno.
  23. The Thinker tree is better as well, though True or False remains overpowered. I maintain you should restrict it to questions that can be answered by any non-Thinker. Maybe even any 2 non-Thinkers. Fake Telepathy remains underpowered for the point cost. Maybe up the accuracy to 95-99%.
  26. For the Striker tree, Paralysis seems a bit underpowered. Recommend switching it for Accelerated Decay and making the latter able to affect people to justify the added point cost. The big three are still unnecessarily limited to "be able to kill thing" leaving little to no room for creativity. Recommend Fate Shenanigans to replace Death Touch - being able to add one reasonable event in the future of a creature you touch that "fate" will conspire to make happen. Combo should, imo stay as is. Not sure how to make Fractioned Strike more interesting, though the nerf was completely unnecessary. Again, I'd like to stress that your goal here is to encourage creative use of powers. Things that are inherently limited in functionality to hit thing until thing dead does the exact opposite.
  29. Changer tree is mostly all right. Liquid form and Chameleon seem more like Breaker powers but that is, admittedly, up for debate and doesn't really warrant modification. Recommend restricting Chameleon to non-black hole material.
  32. Trump tree is fine. Shard Admin, as said before, remains somewhat overpowered. Recommend making it impossible to affect the user's other chosen powers.
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