WarpedRealm release 1.43

Jan 29th, 2023
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  1. @Everyone
  3. Release 1.43 Changes:
  4. - :tick: Reduced sellwands and claimblocks given from rank purchases in the store
  5. - :tick: Fixed store broadcasts having double currency symbols
  6. - :tick: Fixed store broadcasts having the wrong currency symbol ($ -> €)
  7. - :tick: Increased mineral block prices
  8. - :tick: Fixed Ignis not dropping heads properly
  9. - :tick: Added new automatic broadcast mentioning [item]
  10. - :tick: Mob stack radius: 2 -> 3
  11. - :tick: Fixed name of Broodmother Poisonous spiders
  12. - :tick: Spawner tags are now visible even if the spawner isnt stacked
  13. - :tick: Increased schedule time of the auto broadcasts (800 -> 500)
  14. - :tick: Changed weekly quest number 51 to mine coal ore instead of less iron ore
  15. - :tick: Removed weird "his" wording in max health perk descriptions in /ranks
  16. - :tick: Increased boss key drops from ignis from 3 -> 5
  17. - :tick: Added Hoppers, composters, Trapped chests, chets, oak buttons, stone buttons, levers, amethyst blocks, rails, powered rails, activator rails, detector rails, missing black stained glass and crying obsidian do the builder job
  18. - :tick: Fixed orcling disguises being player-name centered and changing
  19. - :tick: Rebalanced mob spawns, this is something that is constantly worked on, the past changes have been pretty hefty though.
  20. - :tick: Restarts are actually on time now and not 1 minute too late
  21. - :tick: Fixed bosses casting skills when not in combat
  22. - :tick: Added Blackstone walls, Blackstone, Chains to builder job
  23. - :tick: Added red glow to ignis
  24. - :tick: Added green glow to the Broodmother
  25. - :tick: Slightly changed the name of the Broodmother's baby spiders
  26. - :tick: Added this changelog to the wiki as well for the non-discord users
  27. - :tick: Poisonous spiders from broodmother damage: 2 -> 5
  31. - :tickanimated: **Added a few rank icons because @Philip and @Luke have boosted the server up to level 3, will add more in the future**
  32. - :tickanimated: **Forgot to mention this last time: Added @disboard, this server is now available here: and can get bumped via /bump (if the bot isnt down as per usual).
  33. I'd also like to encourage honest reviews on disboard if anyone wants to write a few words about the server, would be very appreciated <3**
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