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  1. Final Words
  2. Just to reiterate, there will be one final update of Melody which we will work on during the month of December - with our other game being worked on and released in November.
  4. What we are looking to do is to give the game one final polish, working on and adding things that we didn’t have the time to while the game has been in progress.
  6. When you only have four or five weeks to work on an update like we allow ourselves, not everything is going to be perfect, or the way you hoped it would turn out.
  8. But we get pretty darn close to how we want it each time the game has been updated.
  10. Had we decided to take more time working on each week of the game before releasing an update, just to fix any of these minor errors that pop up, then Melody probably wouldn’t have been completed until later next year. We feel that overall, this was always the better way to do things, as it guarantees you guys an update every single month (aside from when we have a break of course), rather than you guys getting one every three or four months.
  12. December will give us a whole month to fully focus on getting the game as perfect as possible, and to also add in some scenes that we didn’t have time to put in there the first time around.
  14. We are looking at adding in a special scene gallery, similar to what we applied to Chapter 1 of DMD when we took a month to add some special features.
  15. A replay scene gallery has also been discussed, as is adding some bonus “deleted” and “extra” scenes that we weren’t able to add into the final cut of the game.
  16. So expect to see some scenes and “combinations” that you probably didn’t think would ever be possible! ;)
  17. As mentioned above, the final release will mean the game will have music running from start to finish.
  18. One of our biggest regrets was not being able to have music in there from the start. But creating these recent updates and applying audio to each scene now has us well-prepared for when we start our third game in the new year.
  20. MELODY v14 will be released in late December, hopefully before Christmas Day, but we’ll see how we go.
  21. An official release date will be posted up in the Overview section of my Patreon wall in a few days' time.
  22. As always, if you find any errors or bugs in the current update of the game, please post them up on our Community Board or in the comments section below. Or if you are a part of our Unofficial Discord channel, please post them in the “bug reports” section.
  23. We will have them fixed asap, or in December for the final update of the game.
  24. Please help us further by spreading the word about either of our visual novels and making others aware of the free demo version of Melody in the Overview section. We’d love to continue making these kinds of visual novels or games for you all for several more years to come, and letting as many people know about what we do will give us the best chance of that happening!
  26. So that’s it! We really hope you have enjoyed playing this VN and will be satisfied by the final week of “Melody”.
  27. Again, a huge thanks to anyone who has supported us during its production, and still continues to do so.
  28. We appreciated the good wishes, the awesome feedback and believing in what we are trying to create.
  29. Have a great day,
  31. MrDots and the team.
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