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  1. <Gwen> The masked man lands on top Elliot, silver dagger razed.  Elliot now knows this guy is in no way human.
  2. <Kondraki> Pulling his own silver dagger from his side, he brings it up to defend himself as his body aches. "Die!" Attempting to jab him, he knew the silver could do serious damage to a supernatural attacker.
  3. <Gwen> The masked man blocks his victims dagger.  There is a hiss from behind the mask.  "Stop this madness brother!  We could work together!  We could be unstoppable!"
  4. <Kondraki> "Don't call me that!" His eyes lit up, Wolfsbane's rage flowing through him as he attempts another strike. "My family is dead because of monsters like you!"
  5. <Gwen> "Really!?"  He moved to block but wasn't fast enough.  He let out a nasty howl of pain.  "Bastard!"
  6. <Kondraki> Using the opportunity, he tried to push out from under him and get back onto his feet, even as his body ached. "I...will never work for you! I fight for the Hawthorne name and nothing else!"
  7. <Gwen> Elliot does get out from under him.  The masked man grabs at him with one hand, the hand with the signet ring on.
  8. <Kondraki> He doesn't manage to dodge the grab, his assailant's superhuman speed too much even for him. "Agh!" He looked at the signet ring, eyes lighting up. "Where...where did you get that!?"
  9. <Gwen> "The answer...brother...is something you've always known."  He reaches up and pulls his black fabric mask from his face.  His face is badly burned and horribly scarred.  He had no hair, no eyebrows and elongated canines.  "Look at me...see me!"
  10. <Kondraki> No. Even through the burns, the scars and the ravages of time, Elliot could recognize this face. The face he'd seen in his nightmares every night, the face lost to the fire and slaughter of that night, reborn before him. "No. No...this...you died. I...I saw you d-die..."
  11. <Kondraki> For a moment, he believed he might be sleeping again. That this was all a horrible new nightmare. But the pain told him otherwise.
  12. <Gwen> He hisses again, showing off the fangs.  "I was supposed to die, oh brother of mine."  He grabs his brother's face.  "We can rebuild the Hawthorne family...you need to trust me.  Let me have the documents that you stole."  He squeezed.  "Work with me, or I will cast you aside and destroy what you love."
  13. <Kondraki> He was paralyzed, fear running through every bit of him as he felt his brother's cold hand against his face, twisting to try and get away. "...what did they do to you, Victor?! This isn't you...this can't be you!"
  14. <Gwen> "I was made a vamire.  SAY.  YES."  He tossed his brother to the floor.  "Worth with me or against me.  Make your choice.  NOW!"
  15. <Kondraki> There was a moment in which his very soul conflicted with the reality of his actions, as his hand flung out to his rifle, a tear blinked out of eyes glowing purple as he brought it to bear against his only 'living' brother. He couldn't say anything. Nothing would be worth the guilt.
  16. <Gwen> Victor's face turns cold.  "I see you've made your choice."  He leaps away in a blur of black.
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