Dec 16th, 2012
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  1. Your name is Cobalt Hills, and humans are idiots.
  2. When Mike and Tyler had seen a girl approaching the warehouse, you assumed she had just gotten lost. Most people who found themselves there did so in the back of a truck. You’re pretty sure that’s how you got here, too, but the part of your memory between a few days before the change and your escape was a complete blank. Damn that guy. You had watched from the underbrush as they went to grab her; the way she was holding the umbrella suggested that the warehouse was her destination. So, when they brought her over, you had tried to explain to her why going there was a very bad idea. Instead of listening to reason, she had run off, and the guys had given chase.
  3. “Come on…” you said, pacing as you waited. It would be terrible if that poor girl got turned into a mindless creature like the others. Why had she come here under her own power? What was that freak in the warehouse up to?
  4. The bushes rustled, and you slinked back, ready to hide again. To your relief, it was just the guys. On the other hoof-hand!-on the other hand, they didn’t have the girl. Sparkles.
  5. “She looked right at us, then went inside. Who does that?” Michael said, shaking his head.
  6. “Someone who follows the instructions of an email, without researching it further.” You remarked, annoyed. “He didn’t have to kidnap her because she’s extremely stupid already. I think we should go back to our old plan.”
  7. “Perhaps not.” Tyler said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. That was a bad look for him. “You said you wanted to study the transformation, right?” he looked at Mike.
  8. Mike looked back, confused. “I did. But we can’t get in there, and even if we could, I don’t have the equipment or the know-how to figure out how he’s doing it.”
  9. “I can get you a fully-equipped hospital room, but we have to get that girl out of there.” Tyler said, looking at the warehouse again.
  10. “Stop, stop, stop.” You say, holding up a hoof. “Master-damn it, I mean he, has cameras everywhere. It was a fluke that we escaped. You want to go back in, find her, even though she’s likely already starting her transformation, and get out, without being detected?” there was no way. No way in hell that they could escape from Master. You barely made it, and that’s because he took in more victims than normal that round.
  11. “If we time it right, why not? He goes out once a month or so; if he leaves her behind…” Tyler started, but stopped when he saw you shaking your head.
  12. “No way. Master doesn’t leave a subject alone, ever. Even when they’re knocked out, he only leaves when he has to.” You’d seen it countless times, Master had enough food to last a year, and he restocked it between transformation sessions. When he delivered ponies to…wherever during yours, he brought you along. Sure, he kept you in the back, so you had no idea where they were going, but he never left you alone.
  13. “We’ll think of something. We have to.” Tyler said, sighing. “Shall we get back, then?”
  14. You nod, even though this part is the worst thing about these recon missions. Tyler pulls a large animal carrier from the shrubbery, and you walk in. If you were more of a pony, you’d find this comforting; luckily, it’s more of an annoyance to you. He picks you up, and the three of you walk through the woods for a time, headed for Micheals truck.
  15. “Hey, Cobalt. We’ll save her, you know that, right?”
  16. “Mmm?”
  17. Tyler goes on. “We’re going to get her out of there, like you got us out. We’ll find out how he’s doing this to people, and put a stop to this. And we’re going to get your memories back, too.”
  18. “Don’t do it for me. I’m already all but gone. Do it for the people who can still be saved.” You pretty much resigned yourself to living as a pony. You had a mind strong enough to resist the instincts of your new body, and you planned to use it, somehow, to stop Master. When the time came, though, you were going in alone. You weren’t going to risk these guys falling to Master as well.
  19. Tyler stopped suddenly. “Mike. Come look at this.” You strain to see past the grate as Masters truck pulls out. “What, what about it? He’s likely just delivering some new ponies.” I commented, annoyed at the interruption.
  20. “There’s more than that. We may be able to execute our plan after all…”
  21. What Tyler explained to the two of you was incredible, but it just might open the window for a rescue mission. You were getting Astarielle out, while there was still a human girl to get out.
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