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TVTropes: Perverse Sexual Lust example section - Nov 14 2011

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  1. !!Examples:
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  5. [[folder: Anime & Manga ]]
  6. * 'Sweet JP' from {{Redline}}.
  7. * In ''{{Genshiken}}'', the {{Otaku}} Madarame referred to this as "2-D Complex" during an [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVUOvHYv3ME epic rant]] where he defended this to Saki, the DungeonmastersGirlfriend of the series. Frighteningly, he pointed out occurrences of this trope throughout ''history''.
  8. * The first season of ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh GX}}'' made a few jokes about "card crushes", unreasonable attraction to Duel Monsters cards. One episode had Daichi snickering over the concept... until realizing ''he'' felt that way about White Magician Pikeru (which is technically {{Lolicon}} on top of harboring). He then went a little berserk.
  9. ** Inverted by Season 3, the entire plot of which involves a Duel Monsters card (Yubel) in love with his/her former owner (Judai).
  10. ** In the episode ''Duel Monsters Spirit Day'', all the attendees fall for what they think is a Dark Magician Girl cosplayer, but is in fact the "real" article. In all honesty, given [[HelloNurse her obvious charms]], is Sho/Cyrus' PSL all ''that'' unreasonable?
  11. ** Supposed mathematician/genius dueler Misawa had card crushes on Thunder Nyan Nyan and Dian Keto the Cure Master.
  12. *** Those two cards were actually card crushes for Sho/Syrus and Hayato/Chumley, respectively. And the concept of the card crush appeared in the episode where Misawa was forced to duel with Amazoness Taniya... after which, he just started falling in love with any cute lady Duel Monster he saw. In fact, possibly as LampshadeHanging of this episode, one of his decks in the ''Tag Force'' game series is built around Pikeru and its counterpart Ebon Magician Curran.
  13. * In ''AxisPowersHetalia'', Kiku Honda, the personification of Japan, says that he prefers 2D. He says that that your body will be clean, even though your heart will be soiled.
  14. * This is just about the entire point of the Japanese magazine ''Megami'', which features clean (if [[{{Fanservice}} suggestive]]) official artwork and posters of the hot [[{{Anime}} anime du jour's]] [[{{Bishoujo}} female cast]]. A high percentage of ShipTease debuts here, especially where [[LesYay same sex couples]] are implied.
  15. * When Renge first appears in ''OuranHighSchoolHostClub'', it's because she's got a ''bad'' case of PSL for a character in her DatingSim games that looks exactly like Kyouya.
  16. * ''FushigiYuugi'''s [[OfficialCouple supercouple]] counts; Miaka is a real person, Tamahome a character in a book.
  17. * ''LuckyStar'''s Konata harbors it IN SPADES, in a very strange example. She has PSL for HaruhiSuzumiya. (Referenced [[http://www.moeside.net/weblog/2007/07/02/legendary-girl-a-konatas-comiket-shopping-list/ here]] and throughout that episode when she herself, on her route, picks up Haruhi related hentai.) Considering they share the same VA... there should be a trope for whatever strange situation that results in.
  18. * Similar to ''{{Genshiken}}'', ''SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' brought up the idea of {{otaku}} ending up with this trope as their sole sexual preference - the episode centered upon the HoneyTrap idea and proposed that otaku would be immune, as they are attracted to animated characters rather than real women.
  19. * Kohta Hirano, author of ''{{Hellsing}}'', stated in one volume that he wants to feel up [[OnePiece Nami]].
  20. * Even four-year old, [[LIsForDyslexia retarded]] Keichirou from ''GhostStories'' knows that [[TeenTitans Raven]] is '''hot'''. But only on [[GagDub the dub]].
  21. * Walker from ''{{Durarara}}'' is very open with his attraction to anime girls. It doesn't help things that he has a reputation as a [[DaydreamBeliever raging Otakin...]]
  22. * ''MartianSuccessorNadesico'' has this with [[spoiler: the Jovians]]. Yes, ''all of them''. When [[spoiler:Shiratori]] calls [[{{Gekiganger3}} Miss Minako]] "just a cartoon", [[spoiler: his friend]] [[{{Understatement}} doesn't take it too well]].
  23. * In ''TrainingWithHinako'', Hinako [[NoFourthWall flirts with the viewer]], but also quotes her [[LoliCon younger friend]] Hiyoko as having referred to you as "that handsome 3D man," and compliments you for having "won the affections of two gorgeous 2D girls."
  24. * In ''SakendeYaruze'', Shino's son briefly develops a rather obsessive crush on the MagicalGirl protagonist of the anime that Shino used to voice-act in... though he may just be going overboard with [[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday trying to prove his heterosexuality]].
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  27. [[folder: Film ]]
  28. * Let's combine this, [[WholesomeCrossdresser crossdressing]], HoYay, and FurryFandom all in one neat little package: In ''[[WaynesWorld Wayne's World]]'', Wayne and Garth are chilling out on the hood of the Mirthmobile, when:
  29. -->"Did you ever find Characters/BugsBunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?"
  30. -->"... No... HAHAHAHAHAHA... No."
  31. -->"[[LikeAWeasel Oh... me neither.]]"
  32. * This trope is the impetus for the plot of ''CoolWorld''.
  33. * Jason Biggs' character has a conversation during one of the opening scenes of ''AmericanPie'' where he mentions his attraction to Ariel from ''TheLittleMermaid''.
  34. * And of course, who can forget [[WhoFramedRogerRabbit Jessica Rabbit]]?
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  37. [[folder:Literature]]
  38. * In ''ThePrincessDiaries'' book series, Mia's friend tease her about her love for 2-dimensional guys, including "{{Hellboy}}, {{Tarzan}}, [[{{Film/BeautyAndTheBeast}} the Beast]], and that hot soldier guy from ''{{Mulan}}''."
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  41. [[folder: Live Action TV ]]
  42. * The ''RedDwarf'' discussion between Lister and the Cat on whether [[TheFlintstones Betty Rubble or Wilma Flintstone]] is more attractive. Even Lister admits it's "an insane conversation".
  43. -->'''Cat:''' You're right. We're nuts. This is an ''insane'' conversation.\\
  44. '''Lister:''' *beat* She'll never leave Fred and we know it.\\
  45. '''Cat:''' I'd ''go'' with Betty, but I'd be thinking of Wilma.
  46. * ''TheColbertReport'': [[http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/182583/january-25-2007/right-away- this]].
  47. ** ''Working Daze'' actually had Rita - the PointyHairedBoss of the strip harboring a giant crush on StephenColbert's on-screen persona (and had temporarily displaced Bill Gates). A few characters actually {{lampshaded}} this.
  48. ** And JonStewart's on-screen persona, which is very close to his real persona, has a thing for Colbert. Judging from his signature lustful-tongue-groping gesture anyways... plus, he acts like Stephen's battered wife whenever they're together.
  49. * Writers on ''TheShield'' acknowledged the vocal fandom that sprung up around supporting cast member Detective Ronnie Gardocki, by having one of his fellow detectives (Steve Billings) be obsessed with having a friendship with him, leading to other characters outright claiming that Billings had a "mancrush" on his coworker.
  50. * On one edition of ''[[SaturdayNightLive The Weekend Update]]'', a character played by WillFerrell admitted to having "impure thoughts about that hippie {{Muppet}}."[[hottip:* :That would be Janice, from the band Electric Mayhem.]]
  51. * Bret Erlich's ode to animated women on ''The Rotten Tomatoes Show''.
  52. * Mike Rowe from ''DirtyJobs'' sold on QVC before getting his show, and in this quite... ''late night'' advertisement, he goes from rambling about his huge PSL for TheLittleMermaid to selling a purse. [[http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=mDBM8lwVmQo It must be seen to be believed.]]
  53. * In one episode of ''{{Angel}}'', Fred admits that her first sexual dream was about the [[TheNutcracker Mouse King]].
  54. * Elsewhere in the Buffyverse, Kennedy from ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' tells Willow that she realized she was a lesbian at age five, when she conceived PSL for Scarlett O'Hara while watching ''GoneWithTheWind''.
  55. * ''Martian Virus'' interviewed a man who wants to marry a fictional character called [[MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Fate]] and who has dedicated his entire life to her.
  56. [[/folder]]
  58. [[folder: Music ]]
  59. * The song "One Week" from BarenakedLadies cites ''SailorMoon'' of all things as them harboring PSL for.
  60. -->''Gotta get in tune with ''SailorMoon'', 'cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing.''
  61. * TypeONegative's "How Could She" is probably the musical definition of this trope. The entire song is a listing of various fictional females from tv sitcoms, and how the singer (Peter Steele) laments on why they don't love him anymore.
  62. * Relient K has a song about the singer's love for NancyDrew.
  63. * SnoopDogg's "Oh Sookie" is all about his desire to "do it in the daytime" with [[TrueBlood Sookie Stackhouse]].
  64. * [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-16--v5Gpw Cartoons I'd Like To F**k]]
  65. * The {{Music/Genesis}} song "Anything She Does" describes the narrator's love for a fictional woman: "No I'll never to get know her, or be the cause of anything she does."
  66. * In her comedic song "David Duchovny," BreeSharp describes (as the title suggests) her unrequited love for actor David Duchovny, specifically in his role as Agent Fox Mulder of the television show "The X-Files." ("David Duchovny, why won't you love me?")
  67. [[/folder]]
  69. [[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]
  70. * Norwegian comic-strip ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nemi_(comic_strip) Nemi]]'' has the main character harbouring PSL for not only {{Batman}} but also the Phantom Blot (yes, the MickeyMouse antagonist). And [[TheLordOfTheRings Legolas]], so very much.
  71. [[/folder]]
  73. [[folder: Video Games ]]
  74. * Travis Touchdown, the protagonist of ''NoMoreHeroes'' has [[{{Lolicon}} the hots for the main character]] of the ShowWithinAShow ''Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly''. At one point near the beginning of the game, he presses himself up against a poster for the show and exclaims "MOE~!"
  75. ** [[http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/3739/47f923eb2b9946d05f0bd38.jpg Logical conclusion?]]
  76. * [[http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/12/16/japan.virtual.wedding/ CNN covered the story]] of a Japanese man who [[http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2009/11/19/otaku-marries-nintendo-ds-nene-is-my-wife/ married Nene Anegasaki]], a videogame character in the Nintendo DS [[http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2009/12/01/we-divorced-because-of-love-plus/ game called "Love Plus"]].
  77. * [[http://wii.ign.com/articles/107/1071925p2.html IGN]] in their ''[[{{Metroid}} Metroid: Other M]]'' hands-on preview (see picture caption), on the subject of FMV Samus: "Is it possible to have sex with a JPEG image?"
  78. ** No wonder it's called a "hands-on" preview...
  79. [[/folder]]
  81. [[folder: Web Original ]]
  82. * Many people on {{That Guy With The Glasses}} fall for this trope.
  83. ** TheNostalgiaChick doesn't make it even ten seconds into her ''{{Labyrinth}}'' review before making it incredibly obvious that she wants Jareth's junk. [[EroticEating She gradually... slowly... peels a banana open]] during one of his musical numbers.
  84. *** She also calls [[{{Series/X-Men}} Nightcrawler]] her first love and claims that he's the reason she speaks German.
  85. *** When she talks about ''IndependenceDay'' in her review of RolandEmmerich, she clearly loves WillSmith just as much as the Critic.
  86. ** TheNostalgiaCritic made an [[http://www.thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/nostalgia-critic/34-nostalgia-critic/910-top-11-hottest-animated-women entire video]] dedicated to PSL for animated characters. He ends it with "If you were aroused by this, get help! They're not real!"
  87. *** He himself has it bad for Catherine Zeta Jones, KeithDavid's [[AudioErotica voice]] and [[StupidSexyFlanders Will Smith]]. Imagine if they all did a movie [[DreamTeam together]] and he reviewed it, he'd probably melt and be non-functional.
  88. *** He was also obsessed with Rogue throughout the review of the ''Series/{{X-Men}}'' cartoon.
  89. ** [[AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]] falls into a daydream (complete with "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright) at the mention of [[{{Batman}} Harley Quinn]].
  90. *** He also apparently sees her in a Rorschach ink blot test. "Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn...Oh look! A bunny rabbit!"
  91. *** And when he ends up fighting his collection of ''CountdownToFinalCrisis'' issues [[spoiler: animated by Mechakara]], he sees her in his mind encouraging him to get back up on being punched out.
  92. ** [[TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]] can barely control his [[UnusualEuphemism Gun]][[FinalFantasy8 blade]] whenever [[HotTeacher Quistis]] appears.
  93. * A long and glorious tradition of [[ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum PPC]] agents, going back to the first PPC stories. {{Shipping}} an agent's "lust object" -- or, far worse, making them DieForOurShip -- is a quick way to a long charge list and [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment atypical execution]].
  94. * In ''YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'', Yugi's grandpa shows this off-camera towards a poster of a duel monster.
  95. -->'''Yugi's Grandpa:''' Ooooh! Black Luster Soldier. No one must ever know of our forbidden romance!\\
  96. '''Yugi:''' Grandpa, what are you doing to that poster!?\\
  97. '''Grandpa:''' [[spoiler: I'm...cleaning it...with my naked body...]]
  98. ** It's also implied that Yugi has a thing for the Dark Magician Girl (like grandfather like grandson?) and that's not even getting into the fact that it's suggested Kaiba likes those Blue Eyes Dragons a little TOO much (there's actually an in-story reason for it, too!).
  99. * Karen Leslie of Japanator.com is [[http://www.japanator.com/an-ode-to-the-gartender-the-most-manly-man-among-men--13399.phtml quite]] [[http://www.japanator.com/confessions-gartender-again-15651.phtml vocal]] about her love for [[{{Durarara}} Shizuo]].
  100. [[/folder]]
  102. [[folder: Webcomics ]]
  103. * ''{{Shortpacked}}!'', a spinoff of ''ItsWalky'' that regularly subverts itself, uses the name and inverts the trope when Robin, a fictional character, starts harboring PerverseSexualLust for Greg Killmaster, a real-life special effects technician for Industrial Light & Magic, because of his awesome name.
  104. ** A (more) fiction version is harbored by Amber for [[TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Donatello]].
  105. ** And Leslie has a big thing for [[StarWars Princess Leia]] in her slave outfit.
  106. * Seen and [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in [[http://loserzcomic.comicgenesis.com/d/20010822.html this strip]] from ''{{Loserz}}''.
  107. ** Used again with Jodie and a poster for ''FinalFantasyX''. "Oh, Tidus..."
  108. * ''CollegeRoomiesFromHell'' referenced the acronym (though not the trope itself, as it's about one fictional character's lust for another) but instead claimed it stood for "Pouring Saliva, Largely".
  109. * ''{{Candi}}'' REALLY has a thing for [[http://www.candicomics.com/d/20041015.html anime]] [[http://www.candicomics.com/d/20041018.html characters]], especially [[http://www.candicomics.com/d/20040929.html Ranma.]]
  110. * In ''{{Megatokyo}}'', it is widely felt that Junko's attraction to [[MetalGearSolid Old Man Snake]] is meant to indicate that she really does prefer [[http://megatokyo.com/strip/766 older men]] even when money isn't involved. It still freaks her teacher out.
  111. * {{Shakespeare}} in ''IrregularWebcomic'' has a bad case of this for [[HarryPotter Hermione Granger]].
  112. * [[DorkTower Igor Olman's]] in love with three women -- [[{{Anime}} Apollo Smile]], [[Series/TombRaider Lara Croft]], and Daphne from ''ScoobyDoo''.
  113. * [[OurTrollsAreDifferent Vriska Serket]] from ''{{Homestuck}}'' has this for NicolasCage - specifically, as Cameron Poe from ''ConAir''. She has a StalkerShrine for him and everything.
  114. [[/folder]]
  116. [[folder: Western Animation ]]
  117. * In an episode of ''TheSimpsons'', Homer notices the paper's ''BeetleBailey'' strip has been cut out, depriving him of his "Miss Buxley fill". Marge, in a manner of bold admittance, replies "I don't like you ogling her!"
  118. [[/folder]]
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