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  1. [13:32] something happened (sorrwoe): We are hacking our brains!
  2. [13:32] アンドロイド (nanoroid): With LSD?
  3. [13:32] something happened (sorrwoe): With MKULTRA!
  4. [13:32] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Uh oh :>
  5. [13:32] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I've seen it all
  6. [13:32] something happened (sorrwoe): want some?
  7. [13:33] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It's a nasty procedure
  8. [13:33] アンドロイド (nanoroid): No thanks I don't like mur brain fried
  9. [13:33] アンドロイド (nanoroid): :D
  10. [13:33] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Spaghettie Monster is REAL.
  11. [13:33] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It means Scrambled Brains for MKULTRA
  12. [13:33] something happened (sorrwoe): I wonder how nice brain tastes
  13. [13:33] something happened (sorrwoe): Probably like prion disease
  14. [13:33] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Ewwww :D
  15. [13:33] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Alex Jone?
  16. [13:33] something happened (sorrwoe): alex jones is a cia operative!
  17. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): hEHEHEHEHE
  18. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): CIA Sucks
  19. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): FBI is better/
  20. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): CIA you have to suck cocks
  21. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): higher rate of death and STDS especially in China
  22. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): They kill CIA operatives
  23. [13:34] something happened (sorrwoe): How many cocks have you sucked?
  24. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): 0
  25. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): But I was selected HEHEHEHE
  26. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Oh
  27. [13:34] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I undcovered a hidden human trafficking route here
  28. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): There's an old map I have of Skull and Bones
  29. [13:35] something happened (sorrwoe): Gimme
  30. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It's no longer funct but I have it in favorites
  31. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): The Lindens use to meet there secretly
  32. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Meaning SL was set up for 365
  33. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Ninth District
  34. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I've been to Area 51
  35. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I almost jammed up the place HEHEHE\
  36. [13:35] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I made the basement go crazie
  37. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Kept jumping up and down on the ceiling
  38. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It's where they hide underneath, in the ground
  39. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I found illumanti
  40. [13:36] something happened (sorrwoe): Oh yeah?
  41. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): they go inside of containers
  42. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yes
  43. [13:36] something happened (sorrwoe): Do they have cute girls
  44. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Hmmm
  45. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yes
  46. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): There were SOME cute girls
  47. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Other girls 'disappeared'
  48. [13:36] アンドロイド (nanoroid): The Gym catches wifi very easily
  49. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It jumps from phone to phone the signal bouncing
  50. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Wireless Hacking
  51. [13:37] something happened (sorrwoe): Thats cool honestly
  52. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It's been 3 months since I've been out the pysch ward
  53. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): There is evidence on Something Awful
  54. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I found remisence of Silk Road
  55. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): There's a silk roader that comes on SL
  56. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): They tried to traffick me hehehe
  57. [13:37] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Gave me a stuffed buffalo
  58. [13:38] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I kept this buffalo then tore the back of it
  59. [13:38] アンドロイド (nanoroid): it belonged to an orphanege with mygonist mommie problems!
  60. [13:38] something happened (sorrwoe): i see
  61. [13:38] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yes very real case
  62. [13:38] something happened (sorrwoe): aren't you the cyber queen?
  63. [13:38] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I met him at the Apartment
  64. [13:38] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yes I am one of the originals
  65. [13:38] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I can have the Cybers
  66. [13:39] something happened (sorrwoe): how many have you cybered?
  67. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I was pretty good
  68. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Shoot I forgot
  69. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I've been cybering since I was 12
  70. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): HAHAHAHA
  71. [13:39] something happened (sorrwoe): How fast did you make the guys finish with your cyber skills?
  72. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Hmmm
  73. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): the other ones stretched out
  74. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I can mind-break without touching them too
  75. [13:39] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Basicually he finishes with a near blue-ball orgaism
  76. [13:40] something happened (sorrwoe): oh wow
  77. [13:40] something happened (sorrwoe): Gimme one!
  78. [13:40] アンドロイド (nanoroid): The last one I had was a mathmetician
  79. [13:40] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Connected to Rothschild
  80. [13:40] アンドロイド (nanoroid): You can call me a Conspiracy Fact-Checker
  81. [13:40] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I found also the original CIA experiment files hidden inside the old deep web
  82. [13:40] アンドロイド (nanoroid): You can access these files with Freenet
  83. [13:40] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Never use TOR it's chocked full
  84. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Just use Freenet and a VPN....
  85. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Of course, Sweden or something
  86. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I took some bits and hid them in Swedens
  87. [13:41] something happened (sorrwoe): The cia hired me to set up relay nodes in... the tor vpn........
  88. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Relay Nodes Suck!
  89. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I would never do them
  90. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): too many terrorist threats
  91. [13:41] something happened (sorrwoe): was a quick job.........
  92. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Unless I lived in China
  93. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): XD
  94. [13:41] アンドロイド (nanoroid): China, Syria, and Russia
  95. [13:42] アンドロイド (nanoroid): 3 countries not under Rothschild Control
  96. [13:42] something happened (sorrwoe): what social media do you use?
  97. [13:42] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Syria is a death sentence
  98. [13:42] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I use to use Youtube
  99. [13:42] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Hmmm
  100. [13:42] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I met my Digital Pimp
  101. [13:42] アンドロイド (nanoroid): 5 years
  102. [13:42] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Took Awhile
  103. [13:43] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I kinda liked em though
  104. [13:43] something happened (sorrwoe): Im gonna bring an insider here
  105. [13:43] something happened (sorrwoe): he's connected..
  106. [13:43] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Not what he did, got round wrong people
  107. [13:43] something happened (sorrwoe): really deep into the mainframe
  108. [13:43] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I'm sure ;3
  109. [13:43] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I've already been inside the CORE
  110. [13:43] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I'm sure you don't know what that is?
  111. [13:43] something happened (sorrwoe): you'd be surprised kid.......
  112. [13:43] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I can't wait until I can start hacking again
  113. [13:44] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Tehehehe! Maybe
  114. [13:44] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I like teh cybers
  115. [13:44] something happened (sorrwoe): If you wana hack.. just stick with us heh..
  116. [13:44] アンドロイド (nanoroid): So it's easy. Now adays just throw up an icon and sound super sexy cute
  117. [13:44] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I had a couple of other hackers. Most of them graduated
  118. [13:44] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Emacs, Man in the Middle
  119. [13:45] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I told this doctor this once and he didn't believe me
  120. [13:45] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Week later ransomware strikes hopsitals brings all the systems down
  121. [13:45] something happened (sorrwoe): damn......
  122. [13:45] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yep.
  123. [13:45] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Told em, they thought I was crazy
  124. [13:45] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It's designed to drive the target insane but I was too healthy
  125. [13:45] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I broke through the illumanti
  126. [13:45] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Real case
  127. [13:45] something happened (sorrwoe): did you know the CIA created a music genre just for their hackers but it was released
  128. [13:46] something happened (sorrwoe): its called witchhouse...
  129. [13:46] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I found out what they were doing
  130. [13:46] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yes
  131. [13:46] アンドロイド (nanoroid): 1-6 hours of sleep
  132. [13:46] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Located in an area that has tornadoes and hurricanes
  133. [13:46] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Combine with Serotonin, LSD, and DOOM music
  134. [13:46] アンドロイド (nanoroid): If you run DOOM backwards you'll find Illumanti code
  135. [13:46] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I found that as well, he use to listen to it now that I remember
  136. [13:47] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I also smooshed some of the zionist
  137. [13:47] Desu ちゃん (adjuant) shouts: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  138. [13:47] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I like Alex Jones, him, and Edward Snowden
  139. [13:47] アンドロイド (nanoroid): You see the Zionist are corrupt and greedy, only the real guys are the better ones
  140. [13:47] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Ya?
  141. [13:47] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I remember the synthetic blood and the chips they were using
  142. [13:47] Desu ちゃん (adjuant) shouts: a ghost trying to steal my brain! aaaaaaaaaa
  143. [13:47] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Whatever you do don't EVER sign up for it
  144. [13:48] アンドロイド (nanoroid): CNN is script and they've been pushing this narrative for years
  145. [13:48] something happened (sorrwoe): At baphomet we actually use incantations to hack and we social engineer by having hacking gods possess us
  146. [13:48] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Reallie?
  147. [13:48] something happened (sorrwoe): yeah
  148. [13:48] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I think I saw the similar
  149. [13:48] something happened (sorrwoe): It hurts at first but after the 5th time you get used to it
  150. [13:48] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Except I broke a demigod
  151. [13:48] アンドロイド (nanoroid): :D
  152. [13:48] アンドロイド (nanoroid): They call me the Mind Breaker
  153. [13:49] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I also found a Greek Pedophilic line
  154. [13:49] アンドロイド (nanoroid): And an Amish girl that was getting sexually assaulted by her father
  155. [13:49] Desu ちゃん (adjuant): Hello mortals...
  156. [13:49] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yep, I found the land o weird
  157. [13:49] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Greetings
  158. [13:49] アンドロイド (nanoroid): You don't happen to be part of the immortals?
  159. [13:49] something happened (sorrwoe): Hello from the land of the yet living but soon to be dead!
  160. [13:49] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I also found Deep Blue Sea Shark
  161. [13:49] Desu ちゃん (adjuant): I am infact.
  162. [13:49] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Sometimes he appears on land
  163. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I wanted to give him some Blue Tuna he might have liked that
  164. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): He's in New York
  165. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Lemme pull up the video, you can spot em by their teeth!
  166. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): They all have sharp fangs
  167. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I found one in the pysch, an indian
  168. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yes
  169. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): She was a chemical refugeee
  170. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I can tell a white male sent her
  171. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It was like she was on assignment or else she would be killed type of thing
  172. [13:50] アンドロイド (nanoroid): She tried to 'engage' me hahaha
  173. [13:51] アンドロイド (nanoroid): In other words, nakedness and using pms as a dot on the forehead!
  174. [13:51] アンドロイド (nanoroid): You know the rituals, right?
  175. [13:51] Desu ちゃん (adjuant): Yes.
  176. [13:51] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Menstrual Blood?
  177. [13:51] something happened (sorrwoe): When we hack judges in baphomet we use a specific incantation and ritual
  178. [13:51] Desu ちゃん (adjuant): I have seen deriviations.
  179. [13:51] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Which Judges?
  180. [13:51] アンドロイド (nanoroid): British ones?
  181. [13:51] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I was driving the Pope crazy before
  182. [13:52] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Not the new one but the old one, the one with the gnarly finger
  183. [13:52] アンドロイド (nanoroid): the one who molestes
  184. [13:52] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I saw from his backside old spiderwebs and a long dragon tail
  185. [13:52] アンドロイド (nanoroid): and he moved slow but the sign over his head
  186. [13:52] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It was a sign of poison, the evil eye
  187. [13:53] something happened (sorrwoe): We make a circle in the woods, and hold our palms out forming a circle, everyones hands together and someone in the middle slowly spins around with a knife, cutting our palms, and once the blade has all the blood from us all, and we have a keyboard used to dox 10 people burning under them, they stab themselves with it, and 10 days later a file will appear on the main computer with their personal information and the suicidee is ressurrected
  188. [13:53] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Evil Eye was painful
  189. [13:53] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Hmmm
  190. [13:53] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Oh boy
  191. [13:53] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I've heard of a ritual similar but much more permanent
  192. [13:53] アンドロイド (nanoroid): You don't happen to use eletricity do you?
  193. [13:54] something happened (sorrwoe): Yoiu gotta take care of his body else he will decay and you don't want a 10 day corpse coming back to life.
  194. [13:54] something happened (sorrwoe): they dont teach you that in the CIA
  195. [13:54] アンドロイド (nanoroid): They also don't touch the electric method
  196. [13:54] アンドロイド (nanoroid): What was it now
  197. [13:54] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Oh  yes
  198. [13:54] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Holding hands having eletricity stream through the body
  199. [13:54] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Until an 'Out of Body Experience' is granted
  200. [13:55] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I've heard scratching on rooftops when this was done!
  201. [13:55] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Babies Hearts, Hawaii still has human sacrifices on-going
  202. [13:55] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Baal is modern abortion
  203. [13:55] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Now I know what happens to a dead body, this one in particular was necrophilia
  204. [13:55] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Also, Pizza is PizzaGate
  205. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): CometPizza
  206. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I know about it.
  207. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I also know the location, it's inside an Arcade.
  208. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Play the Arcade Game and it opens up the floor.
  209. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): But you have to reach a high-score.
  210. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I gave an asssassin a run for his money
  211. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Also I know of Russia
  212. [13:56] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Putin was helping Trump in the background
  213. [13:57] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Comey's Russia prob hie's a hilary cliton sell-out
  214. [13:57] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Ironically I still have map Skull and Bones
  215. [13:57] アンドロイド (nanoroid): When teen grid was here
  216. [13:57] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Dropping Info
  217. [13:57] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Yellow Submarine
  218. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): It's Sunny in Philidelphia, their in the Game Industry too
  219. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Hmm Blizzard
  220. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I have the CIA Assassin's Game Account
  221. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Apple Juice
  222. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Never Forget those terms!
  223. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): I trolled a FBI agent once hehehe
  224. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): He was male and had the hots for me
  225. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Hello
  226. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Or maybe he was trying to tentacle rape I dunno
  227. [13:58] アンドロイド (nanoroid): But I was in a dorm and I felt REALLY weird tentacles around my legs
  228. [13:59] アンドロイド (nanoroid): Could you explain that?
  229. [13:59] something happened (sorrwoe): probably just the air flow.....
  230. [13:59] アンドロイド (nanoroid): No
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