Mottraye's Items

Nov 16th, 2019
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  1. [Main Hand] Staff of the Summoner
  2. Enchantments: Mass Serpents Swiftness (4), Spell Matrix (6)
  3. Cosmetics: It looks like two serpents entwined with each other, one going up the staff and one going down. One is grey marble, and one is white marble. It is otherwise symmetrical.
  4. Illusions: When a summon is stored within the staff, a silhouette of the monster appears, white on the grey snake and a black image on the white. The images are only visible to allies, unless the viewer is employing some shenanigans.
  5. Effects: Creatures summoned by someone wielding the staff can attack immediately. If a character tagged as ‘hostile’ to Mottraye approaches to within a short distance, the staff immediately summons a level 32 “Whomping Willow” in between Mottraye and the enemy; the automatic summoning can eb defeated through teleportation, though, as if the enemy is already too close there won’t be space enough for the summon. Using the summon costs Mottraye health. Mottraye keeps Willows in the staff most of the time.
  6. Flavour: a non-specific summoner booster, made with a generally known recipe. Mottraye carved this item personally, and it is surprisingly light despite being carved from stone.
  9. [Other] Favour of the Noble Lady of the Garden
  10. Enhance Wild-Shape (5), Spell Flower (2), Aspect of the Wolf (2)
  11. Cosmetics: Looks like a garland of flowers in fantastical colours, combined with a lock of Mottraye’s hair.
  12. Illusions: Those who have receive favour’s effects have an illusory copy of the item placed upon them.
  13. Effects: treat a willing touched target as a plant for 2 hours. While treated as a plant, the target gains bonus HP and MP regen, 360 FoV, immunity to crits, and gains natural armour.
  14. Flavour: Though Mottraye was normally a very solo player, they still co-operated with others on occasion. The idea for the item actually came from one of Mottraye’s friends in Yggdrasil. This is the final iteration of that item, combining a limited wild shaping spell to swap out aspect of the wolf’s buffs with plant effects. It does make the targets hair and eyes green. Mottraye insists that he is not the ‘lady of the garden’.
  17. [Armour] Phantom Petticoat
  18. Effect: Shadowphase (5), Nondetection (4)
  19. Cosmetic: A flowing dress and petticoat.
  20. Illusion: The actual petticoat part is mostly phased, though it still moves to keep vines and roots hidden. It conceals Mottraye’s flower, roots and vines, and moves with them.
  21. Effects: Gives physical attacks a 50% miss chance, and magical attacks a 20% miss chance. Also gives immunity to scrying. Also also lets Mottraye use natural attacks without flipping the skirt.
  22. Flavour: Like other Alraunes, Mottraye’s humanoid upper body terminates in a flower at the waist, and thorny vine tendrils and a single woody stalk in place of legs. Mottraye, despite maintaining that their character is male, relented to a dress aesthetic in order to tastefully conceal their means of locomotion, which is to walk with the vines in the same way an octopus would walk on tentacles. Still tries to pass it off as a robe. Most of the lower part is completely illusory, allowing Mottraye to use vine and pollen attacks without interference.
  25. [Ring 1] Sharp Sight Silver
  26. Enhancements: Acute Senses (3), Raptor’s Sight (3), Hunter’s Eye (3)
  27. Cosmetics: A grey silver-alloy ring with a circular white silver allow inset on top. An eye is etched into the inset, inlaid with glass. The inset can be rotated.
  28. Illusion: Ironically, the ring is invisible.
  29. Effects: +40 Perception, can see through invisibility and etherealness, and gives an adjustable telescopic zoom function for the player’s vision, although it will limit FOV when used. The zoom can be adjusted by rotating the inset.
  30. Flavour: Mottraye really likes this ring, as the combination of super vision of the ring and non -election of the garment has prevented multiple ganks before they even began. It is doubly useful on a planterran because as the adjustable zoom can help counteract their normally limited vision range.
  33. [Ring 2] [Neck] Garland of Planterran Power
  34. Enhancements: Barksin (3), Plant Body (6)
  35. Cosmetics: a headband with multiple flowers running along it. Two silverbell flowers, an especially potent plant mat, hang form the ends. With the exception of the silverbells, no two flowers are the same colour.
  36. Illusory: no illusions added
  37. Effects: Paying that data crystal tax to get my plant traits. Immunity to critical hits, mental status effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning and polymorph.
  39. Total: 46 data crystals worth (46 * 20 + 5 ygg)
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