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  1. Hello, "the group"
  3. Today I'm going to be releasing the current status on what's going on and the future of our group, a few days ago a former friend of ours Daniel Jefferies was upset at a decision that we decided (as a group) to execute, we wanted to bring back a friend who seemed very lonely at lunch time and showed very little signs of happiness, I wanted to make everyone happy around me, I did not work to plan sadly, Daniel disagreed with this decision from the start due to him previously dating Ellah and proceeded to call her names such as crazy and how she should "burn in hell." I as normal put myself in the position to defend my friends, but Daniel refuses to even think about us and says that he'll eat on his own and not even consider the situation, this wen't into a violent fight on an instagram group chat called "the group", I really did not want my friends to fight, but I was left with no choice, he made claims that I was telling everyone to be on my side and even did a vote to kick me out of the group, the claim where he said I was telling everyone to be on my side is totally false, I did whatever I could to allow everyone to have there own opinion on the situation, I asked for some teachers to give advice and they said follow your heart and believe what's right, therefor I asked Ellah if she wanted to join the group, she accepted and we thought that would be it as Daniel started showing signs that he wanted to be our friend in English, but it wen't to a downfall again, I became very sick of this situation especially since our end of year exams were coming up and I didn't want anyone getting upset, I calmly asked Ellah to leave the group and apologised for Daniel's immaturity.
  7. At this point the group will go 2 ways, daniel will come back to us and act like nothing happend and make up a bunch of lies. Or the group has been damaged and Daniel will leave the group
  9. 23/5/19 - The Daniel Situation
  11. Thanks for everything guys, Nick.
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