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Jul 21st, 2020
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  1. می روم
  2. = I am going
  3. می روی
  4. = You are going
  5. می خورد
  6. = He/She/It is eating
  7. می گوید
  8. = He/She/It is saying
  9. می گفت
  10. = He/She/It was saying (would say).
  11. در این جمله نیم‌فاصله دیده می‌شود
  12. = half-space (zero-width space) is being seen in this sentence.
  13. من به آنها گفتم دلیل این سوال را می‌دانم. او جواب داد تو هیچ نمی دانی.
  14. Note that “می” acts just like ing in English to make continuous tense. “نمی” is just the negative form.
  15. “می” is always followed by an infinitive.
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