The Makers Garden Forehead Gem Loresong GemStoneIV

Apr 12th, 2016
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  1. As you sing to a trillion-cut emerald blazestar flecked with golden motes, it glimmers slightly, and slowly, a vision begins to unfold.
  3. A young boy plays with his friends, gleefully slogging through the muck and mire of a small stream. Something glittering in the riverbank catches his eye, and he stops to look. To the great delight of his friends, he has found a small, clear sapphire. Soon, all the boys are covered head-to-toe in mud as they try to find their own buried treasure. Each boy returns with a handful of pebbles and brightly colored stones, but no more gems.
  5. The moon rises, and the young boy sits on his bed, staring in rapt fixation as starlight glints off his sapphire. Suddenly, he pulls a small knife from a pile of string, rocks, and other typical boy fare and begins to chip away at the gemstone. He pauses, holding it up catch the starlight again and then gently carves away, humming beneath his breath. Soon, a tiny heart-cut clear sapphire lies in the palm of his hand.
  7. Roundtime: 26 sec.
  10. Your vision quickly reappears as you sing to the blazestar. The boy is older now, almost a man, and before him are several gemstones, each meticulously carved. He holds a violet feystone in his hand, singing to it as he carves away every flaw and turns the simple gem into a breathtaking miniature rose. He sings as he polishes it, and the feystone rose grows brighter. A light blue aura surrounds it briefly before being absorbed into the gem.
  12. The scene changes, and the boy stands in a shop, showing his feystone rose to a stooped old man. The man takes the rose and rubs it. He chortles happily as a light blue glow seeps into his skin. He hands the boy a few gold coins.
  14. The vision fades as a very happy boy runs down the street to his home.
  15. Roundtime: 24 sec.
  18. As you whisper your song to the blazestar, a new scene unfolds. Several years have gone by, and the boy is now a man. He sits in a small shop filled with carved gemstones, each shelf holding a sign explaining the properties the stones hold. He is deep in concentration over a star-cut ruby, pausing in his singing every so often to press it against his forehead and letting it fall into his open palm again.
  20. He jerks up from his work as a bell jingles, and his shop door opens. A beautiful young woman walks in.
  22. Flashes of time pass before your eyes as the young man courts the woman. You see a cottage with a garden of bright roses and tall lilac trees. A kiss, an altar, a ring. You see both working, her in metal and him in stone. And when he presses a peridot against her forehead one day, it stays, casting a cerulean light across her face. The woman cheers, and they kiss exuberantly. An overwhelming sense of happiness infuses each scene, and as your song's influence fades, the vision disappears.
  23. Roundtime: 29 sec.
  26. You barely start to sing to the blazestar before a vision appears. The joy that permeated the previous scene is nowhere to be found here. The young man's countenance is haggard, his appearance disheveled. He looks the madman as he rants and raves in the garden. A raven lands nearby, and the man throws a diamond at it. The bright roses have all gone to dark shades, and even the lilac trees look denser, more foreboding. Yet, the garden is well-tended, and even as the man mutters and weeps to himself, you see him lovingly caring for each bush and tree.
  28. He sleeps in a thicket of lilacs and washes himself in the pond, and you get the impression he never enters the cottage, perhaps never leaves the garden at all. As time passes, an older woman, his mother, brings him food, passing it over the garden walls and imploring him to come out. Time and again, he refuses.
  30. The vision grows black, and as it disappears, you hear him whisper resolutely to the four winds, "I am keeper of the garden, for of the garden she is. And here, forever we are."
  31. Roundtime: 26 sec.
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