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  1. Touhou Project Jumpchain CYOA Redux WIP – Text Edition
  2. Jumper subjected to fate’s biddings, welcome to Gensokyo: A timeless land of both breath-taking beauty and maddening horror, where such duality intertwine into something truly fantastical. Gensokyo resides in a plane of existence separated from the world you once knew as a haven for the mythically the former world could no longer support. As such, it is home to not only mortals, but deities and beings form both eastern and western legends as well. Almost everybody, from even the lowliest of humans to youkai who have lived longer than Gensokyo itself have the potential to wield magic and manipulate the world around them with it. Truly, it is the driving force behind all of Gensokyo.
  4. Though almost all conflict in Gensokyo are solved by Danmaku battles, an ultimately non-lethal competition of magical prowess, it does not stop monumental plots of questionable morality to arise. Expect everything from an all-consuming red mist devouring even the light of the sun to the moon itself getting stolen, so it would be very wise to pay attention and be on the lookout for any anomalies.
  6. You will be give 1000 CP to purchase boons here. Best of luck, Jumper.
  8. -Location-
  9. Roll 1d8 to determine the place fate brings you. Pay 50 CP to take fate in your own hands and pick yourself. Fortune smiles on you, and as such, you are allowed to choose the general location of your starting location no matter where you end up in.
  11. 1. Human Settlement – Any generic village, the Forest of Magic, Hakurei Shrine, etc. You will seldom meet any humans outside their territory in fear of Youkai.
  12. 2. Youkai Mountain – Great Youkai Forest, Moriya Shrine, etc. The heart of where all Youkai gather. Be wary if you’re a human, especially if it’s dark out.
  13. 3. Scarlet Devil Mansion – The mansion itself, Misty Lake, etc. The home of the Scarlet Devil, or the area around it are places people tend to stay away from. Unless if you’re a stupid ice fairy. Baka.
  14. 4. Eientei – The mansion itself, Bamboo Forrest of the Lost, etc. Quite a nice palace, and where most Lunarians live. Surrounded by a bamboo forest that can get anyone lost.
  15. 5. Netherworld – Do note that Hakugyokurou is really the only notable location in the realm of spirits. Yuyuko will let you back into Gensokyo’s mortal plane if you want to, though.
  16. 6. Underworld – Former Hell, Palace of Earth Spirits, etc. Despite its name, leaving won’t be that hard since it’s quite literally underground. It’s really not as bad as it sounds.
  17. 7. Modern Japan – A 21st century metropolis. In a few days, Yukari will bring you into Gensokyo because she thinks you’re interesting. Do expect word spreading of a being who ventured outside of Gensokyo.
  18. 8. Free Choice – Pick anywhere to start your journey.
  20. -Race-
  21. Human (Free) – It’s no secret that humans are one of the weakest races in Gensokyo. They aren’t naturally tuned to preform magic and are physically unimpressive. Though, through generations of hardship, their willpower is almost boundless. Though they live a very short lifespan, they have the potential to shine just as bright as the other races– If they give it their all. There are even humans who have ascended their humanity and transformed into Magicians or even Youkai with enough practice, though that feat might be out of reach if one would try to accomplish the task within only the 10 years here.
  22. Common Youkai (50 CP) – Traditionally creatures of the night, you are naturally adept in darkness. Magic comes very natural to you as well, but you must regularly feast on human flesh in order to survive. People tend to fear you unless you climb up the social ladder and earn your respect.
  23. Lunarian (100 CP) - Military experience and ESP, good teamwork and leadership. Strong mental fortitude and psychic powers.
  24. Ghost (100 CP) – Strong magic all around, strong spirituality, but must protect own corpse while never truly observe or interact with it much in order to not move on. Human in every other way though.
  25. Kappa (100 CP) – Smart and driven. Literal geniuses with better grips on science than any human in either Gensokyo or Earth. Good terms with humans and youkai. Magic does not come naturally.
  26. Tengu (300 CP) – Very strong magic all around, high speed and agility, fast learners, animal traits.
  27. Oni (300 CP) – Strong magic, incredible physical feats. Held back by a vice.
  28. Vampire (300 CP) - Very strong magic all around, access to dark magic, smart, vampire strengths and weaknesses.
  30. -Basic Abilities-
  31. Touhou Soundtrack (free) – Catchy Touhou music will play in the background, appropriate to the situation. But instead of the cheap midi-trumpets ZUN uses, the songs you hear will be far more varied and unique, though still with ZUN’s iconic melodies. You may turn this on and off at will.
  32. Custom Theme (50 CP) – You want ZUN to compose a custom theme just for you? Consider it done.
  33. Flight (100 CP) - First purchase will give you a limit of Mach 0.5 movement. With each additional purchase, multiply your top speed by two. Limit of four purchases. (Free 2 purchases Tengu, free 1 purchase vampire and ghost.)
  34. Focus (300 CP) – 360 degree awareness, manipulate body easily to let projectiles harmlessly graze by.
  36. -Special Abilities-
  37. The first purchased ability here will be at the listed price, but every purchase afterwards will be at 200% the listed price. If purchased, you may select one to be your focus – It will be your strongest by far.
  38. Boundary Manipulation (9999 CP, your dignity) – Teleporting with portals are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your awesome power! Travelling across different universes and dimensions are child’s play for you! You can even alter the boundaries of concepts, such as “the limit of one’s maximum power” or “the limit of Jump-chan’s patience for your bullshit”! Hell, if you’re creative, you can even manipulate the boundaries of existence, allowing you to destroy or create anything you want! Yippie-ki-yay, motherfuckers!
  40. -Items-
  41. Spell Cards (free) – A set of personalized spell cards, essential to Danmaku battles. They are non-lethal here in Gensokyo, but that restriction can be lifted outside of here.
  42. Bombs (free) – An extremely powerful and destructive spell card that can overpower and cancel out other spells on top of dealing massive damage. You can only have so many at a time, so please don’t be careless and Master Spark at the first sign of danger. You may get more by defeating enemies, however. Can be lethal outside of Gensokyo if you wish.
  45. -Companions-
  46. Fated Encounter (200 CP) – Fate will be twisted so that you will cross paths with a major character of choice again and again throughout your time here. Becoming allies is assured, becoming friends is likely, and even becoming lovers is possible, if you play your cards right. At the end of 10 years, they will become your companion. (Discount based on starting location. For example, you will get a discount for Reimu if your starting location is human settlement.)
  47. Companion Import (200 CP) – One of your companions gain 600 CP to spend for perks.
  48. Group Import (600 CP) – All your companions gain 600 CP to spend for perks.
  50. -Drawbacks-
  51. Secondary Scum (+0 CP) – Canon Touhou lore can get kind of dark and depressing if you think about it. Luckily, you don’t give two hoots. Sakuya pads, Tenshi’s a masochist, and Youmu’s ribbon has a white stripe through it. Have fun in wonderland, Jumper.
  53. Dirt-Poor (+100 CP) – All your economic endeavors in Genokyo will almost always lead to failure and disappointment. You must rely on begging, donations, and even theft to keep yourself afloat.
  54. Xenophobe (+100 CP) – You become much less tolerant to any race other than your own, save for whoever you selected with Fated Encounter. You racist.
  56. Silly Hat (+200 CP) – Your wardrobe will now be replaced with nothing but frilly doll dresses and silly hats, and you cannot wear anything else. Being without your hat or hair accessory for extended periods of time will make your head explode.
  57. Grudge (+200 CP) – Go to and roll 1d118. That character will now be antagonistic towards you throughout the 10 years you are here. If you happened to roll to someone you had selected for Fated Encounter, roll again.
  59. Lunatic 1CC (+300 CP) – Danmaku battles are now much more intense, making the act of successfully evading the wall of projectiles almost impossible without superhuman agility and reflexes. On top of all that, getting hit by one too many spell cards will actually count as a Jumpchain loss.
  60. Reimu’s Replacement (+300 CP) –Whenever shit hits the fan, people will always expect you to resolve whatever issues are at hand, even if you had no part in whatever world-ending calamity they had caused in the first place. People will still contribute, either to the problem or the solution, but without your intervention, things will only become worse and worse.
  62. Heart-Throbbing Adventure (+600 CP) – One the day of your arrival, Komeiji Koishi will decide to go fishing. But without a fishing rod, she would have to ask others for one to borrow. May Jump-chan have mercy on your poor, pathetic soul.
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