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  1. The goblin lies strewn across the ground upon her stomach, exhausted from the battle. Her plump legs are unintentionally spread open while her ass pokes up into the air, giving you a clear view of her wet pussy as she tries to get herself off. It seems as if the green-skinned slut has already forgotten about you - too many fruitless encounters might’ve caused her to give up hope on finding a virile specimen to pump her full of cum.
  3. Luckily for her, you have every intention of changing that.
  5. You begin to fondle your cock as you walk towards the unsuspecting goblin girl, taking in the sight of her perfectly round cheeks as they jiggle against her hurried movements, her soft thighs clenched against the eager hand between them. Bending down, you quickly grab the goblin’s ample hips, causing the girl to squeak in surprise as she turns around to catch the sight of your erect length.
  7. “W-woah! Hey stud, whaddya think you’re doing back there?” she yelps, more surprised than scared at your sudden appearance. Instead of answering, you decide to grab your cock and slap it against the bare flesh of her ass, whilst your victim anxiously awaits your next move. You take your time massaging the goblin’s slutty ass with your bare hands before sliding your short member in between her soft cheeks. Your horny victim appears impatient, attempting to grind against you as she spreads her moist lips open, enthusiastic that she’s found someone willing to mate with her. You slap her ass firmly as you quicken your thrusting - seconds before finally plunging your dick inside of the panting whore, pushing her forwards violently as you enter her tight snatch.
  9. You roughly pound against the goblin girl, maintaining a firm grip on her hips while she squeals with delight. The sound of your groin slapping against her echoes throughout the area, followed by your grunting and the goblin’s moans of ecstasy. Your victim struggles to lift herself up by her arms, only to collapse back down from the feeling of you invading her insides.
  11. Eventually you begin to feel yourself coming to a climax, your movements getting faster and faster as you build up to your release. The goblin below you has already lost herself to the pleasure of your slender human pecker, her eyes rolled upwards and her tongue drooling out of her mouth while her slutty face rubs against the ground you’re currently pounding her on. With a final thrust, your hips lurch forward as you paint her insides with your thick spunk, relishing in the feeling of your ejaculate filling her up to the brim and plugging her entrance. You slowly release yourself from her tight body, finishing off by covering her curved back and pert rump with the rest of your seed.
  13. You pick yourself back up, jerking yourself slowly as cum dribbles from your humanoid penis onto the collapsed body of the goblin. It’ll be awhile before she comes back to consciousness, but you’re certain she’ll have a better appreciation for sex when she does.
  15. You grab 6 gems and 17 XP from your victory.
  16. There is a flagon of potent goblin ale on your defeated opponent. You place a flagon of potent goblin ale in your second pouch, giving you 3 of them.
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